View Full Version : Need help for adding 1200 x 800 background

17-11-16, 11:47 PM
Hello ,im new in this forum, i have problem instaling single background. I download from megapack ,copied to picture folder and still my cm 0102 is opened with standard 800 x600 standard background. How can i add only 1 background for everything? i download latest patch and .exe for 1200x 800 . btw forum is great ((:

18-11-16, 12:21 AM
Change the .rgn file you want to use to default_pic.rgn and add to Data folder (not pictures folder). Then when you load the game Settings > Background Changes > Off

18-11-16, 03:02 AM
still nothing, i have 800x600 standard background :( someone to send me background 1200 x 800, maybe this one is not compatible with latest update