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31-12-16, 12:12 PM
Now that the year 2016 is coming to an end, I thought it would be fitting to see it off with some personal notes.

2016 was a bad, bad year but it had some highlights. Most upside for me was Feyenoord winning the national Cup, because oh boy did we need that. We're a big, big club but we've had some bad years. We even lost 7 games in a row last season, plans for our new stadium keep falling through and good players always leave and get replaced with mediocrity. So, when we won the Cup, there was a massive celebration here at the stadium and downtown.

Also, we are nr1 in the league at the moment and done fine. Beating Man Utd in the UEFA was good, especially since we had all our colleagues from the Man Utd Foundation over :).

More ups were rediscovering the cinema. Watched James Bond and Rogue One with my buddies and loved every minute of it.

Being part of this community has also been a very good thing, as it has for years. Thanks guys, love you!

Now, the not-so-hot happenings in 2016...Well, I got divorced and moved out. I miss my kids like mad, even though I see them 4 days a week. Thinking drinking heavily every night might solve my depression also wasnt too brilliant. All in all, this year was a personal low. Having lost both my parents in the year before this one, that is saying a lot.

2017 has GOT to be a better year, right? Here's what I am wishing myself and you peeps:

-I wish Feyenoord will be crowned champions. It's been too long. I'll say the same for Liverpool.
-I wish my son is gonna finish his therapy and feel better mentally.
-I wish for the strength to make better and healthier choices.
-I wish that Fodsie isnt going to get banned this year
-I wish we had two Marks.
-I wish the CML will finally run a season
-I seriously wish my DTL team to win the title, as I think it's the only thing I never have won.
-I wish more people would donate to the Chape fundraiser we've got going on (shameless plug)
-Above all I wish all you guys, my friends, newbs and even those who do not like me, all the strength, health, love and success in the upcoming year. Let's make it a good one, shall we?

How about you?

31-12-16, 12:23 PM
Humble wishes:

-I wish that Israel gets their asses kicked finally by someone. Time to end the terror of Palestine people.
-I wish that there won't be as many terrorist attacks in Europe as in ending year.
-I wish that Russia ends the war in Syria. They are the only ones who can do it as USA won't.
-I wish we all have good health and get to live another year. Hopefully in peace of mind.
-I wish you all get better jobs (if you're willing to change the current job) / more money.

All in all I wish you all a Happy New Year.

31-12-16, 12:49 PM
I hope IS will be wiped out.
I hope the refugees can return to their country.

I hope this site will continue for many years and with more followers.

I hope Feyenoord will win the title for the first time since 1999.

31-12-16, 03:19 PM
Nice one AJ, i hope you get it all.

I hope that the new year brings more opportunities for us all, there were some pretty siesmic political realisations in 2016 but 2017 is when we get to find out what happens next. I am hopeful of an upturn in our jobs and economy and looking forward to watching the Brexit squad and the Trump administration roll their sleeves up and get on with it.

Trump and Putin the contenders for time man of 2016, i reckon Putin definitely deserves the title this year

02-01-17, 02:03 PM
Just seen this, nice one AJ :ok:

Got to look forwards now and hope that 2017 brings you better fortune and happiness.

Happy New Year everyone!

02-01-17, 02:21 PM
Yes - wishing all a Healthy & Happy New 2017 for whatever your hopes and dreams may be!

Craig Forrest
05-01-17, 07:39 PM
I wish AJ would recognize that I did run the CML for a full season.... and then offered to hand it off to someone else and there were no takers :P

I wish for peace and prosperity for all. The world needs more coming together rather than more drifting apart :ok: