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Thread: System Memory Error

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    System Memory Error

    P. "There is not enough memory to create the game" -> BEST SOLUTION.
    R. n/a
    S. (step by step instructions below):

    1. Download ACT5.0 from below:

    2. Install it.

    3. Run it.

    4. Right Click on New Database(1) [Untitled_1] and select Create New... -> Application Fix (Ctrl+P)

    5. New Window will pop up

    6. Fill it like this:

    PS. Under Program file location just click browse and select your cm0102.exe file

    7. Click next. Under Operating System Modes select Windows NT 4.0 and click next.

    8. In Compatibility Fixes select that one:


    and tick it.

    9. Click Next and Finish

    10. Next save database by clicking on Save button:

    11. New window will pop up with chose name for DB:

    12. Then save it under whatever name you like on your disk.

    13. Next is the final part. Right Click on "xxx" [C:\Program Files or Program Files (x86) on x64 Windows\Championship Manager 01-02\name of database you saved it under.sdb\] and click Install.

    14. Voila you are free to play without NOT ENOUGH MEMORY TO PLAY!

    by Cmela
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