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Thread: Network Game Queries

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    Hi all, hoping someone can help me. Same problem as a lot of people and Windows 8 could be to blame. My problem seems to be when I run the IP program it doesnt seem to do anything. When I check the ~net file the IP address mentioned is not the same as Hamachi says. Am I doing something obviously stupid?! Any help would be much appreciated....

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    Setup for Network Game

    Hi All,

    Was wondering if you could help.

    I've recently downloaded the October 2016 update from Dermotron and the latest patch from Saturn.

    One thing I have never been adventurous enough to do is to get myself setup for a network game - I see that there is a video tutorial but it seems to be relatively dated and I have no drop-down menu to change Compatibility Mode to Windows NT 4.0.

    Is there a video/process I can follow to get myself setup?

    Many thanks in advance and thanks again for your top work!


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