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Thread: How are you doing?

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    Pretty well. Trying to overthrow Man Utd and Man City with the new best club from Manch

    Current squad:
     FC United of Manchester - Wednesday 21st October 2020
    No  Name                       Position(s)  Nat  Born      Age  Caps Gls  Wages     Expires   Value
    -   Ball, Joe                  S C          ENG  26.9.04   16   -    -    £35K      11.5.23   £425K     
    24  Bohl, Daniel               M L          GER  9.6.94    26   -    -    £300K     2.6.26    £575K     
    1   Briceno, Kevin             GK           CRC  21.10.91  29   -    -    £100K     2.6.24    £950K     
    19  Cardozo, Derlis            F C          PAR  24.12.00  19   -    -    £300K     21.6.26   £1.2M     
    4   Castro, Gilberto           M RLC        POR  13.11.97  22   -    -    £750K     2.6.26    £1.5M     
    26  Córdoba, Diego             AM LC        COL  22.11.99  20   -    -    £500K     28.6.23   £1.5M     
    -   Diallo, Pape Assane        DM C         FRA  20.3.92   28   -    -    £90K      23.6.21   £170K     
    7   Foss, Patrick              M R          USA  2.10.94   26   -    -    £75K      23.6.21   £475K     
    9   García, Jorge              AM/F RC      URU  14.1.99   21   -    -    £825K     15.6.26   £1.2M     
    6   García, Pedro              D C          ECU  29.8.01   19   -    -    £90K      16.5.25   £750K     
    20  Gnapka, Modeste            D/DM C       CIV  17.10.88  32   -    -    £35K      1.6.21    £55K      
    25  Hill, Justin               M L          ATG  6.3.98    22   3    -    £75K      23.6.21   £240K     
    13  Jameson, Aaron             GK           ENG  7.11.89   30   -    -    £170K     14.6.22   £130K     
    2   Jiménez, Luis Fernando     D/DM RC      COL  19.9.00   20   -    -    £325K     21.5.26   £1M       
    27  Matip, Marvin              D/DM C       CMR  25.9.85   35   20   -    £400K     23.6.23   £325K     
    21  Mendy, Arnaud              M RC         GNB  10.2.90   30   10   -    £250K     1.6.22    £625K     
    15  Moone, Charlie             S C          ENG  14.11.88  31   -    -    £28K      9.6.21    £150K     
    22  O'Brien, Liam              GK           ENG  3.11.91   28   -    -    £9K       1.6.21    £95K      
    11  Peña, Juan                 AM LC        CHI  9.12.97   22   -    -    £500K     9.6.22    £475K     
    18  Piantoni, Gabriele         D/M RLC      ITA  11.9.88   32   -    -    £90K      3.6.22    £85K      
    14  Ramírez, Jorge Alberto     D C          ECU  24.10.01  18   -    -    £110K     1.6.23    £425K     
    3   Reynoso, Germán            D/DM LC      PER  21.8.99   21   -    -    £675K     4.6.23    £3.1M     
    17  Rowe, Dennis               DM C         ENG  2.10.99   21   -    -    £0        10.5.21   £450K     
    16  Singh, Pritam              S C          IND  1.4.93    27   -    -    £325K     6.6.26    £800K     
    12  Taitague, Nick             M C          USA  17.2.99   21   -    -    £625K     2.6.26    £2M       
    10  Thome, Ghislain            S C          CIV  15.10.99  21   -    -    £825K     21.5.23   £4.9M     
    5   Thurston, Adam             D C          ENG  27.3.95   25   -    -    £40K      3.6.21    £100K     
    23  Vera, Jorge                F C          PAR  20.1.99   21   -    -    £120K     3.5.25    £1M       
    8   Vormer, Ruud               DM RC        NED  11.5.88   32   -    -    £500K     12.6.23   £1.7M
    My stars are especially Ruud Vormer, German Reynoso and Ghislain Thome:

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    Just started a new save on the .68 original database as San Marino (club).

    Made a brilliant start and somehow managed to keep it going, even with Fiorentina in the divison! Serie C2/B. Ended up finishing 3rd and managed to get promotion via the play-offs, buzzing.

    Got a few quality players - Cristian Gasperoni and Raffaelle Moroni, who have both put in transfer requests wanting to leave bigger clubs. Have turned down bids of £1.4m for Gasperoni (worth 200k!) and £1m for Moroni. Desperate to keep hold of them as realistically they're my only hope of making it up the leagues.

    Hard to sign players, but have sold quite a few which balanced the books. Really excited about this save!

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    Boston UTD.

    Started with Boston Utd. in North. Premier which we won then followed the winning of Conference,Third division an the second division. we also won a Vans trophy and a Lower divisions FA cup.

    Curently we are strugling a bit with our form after losing the first game we won 9 games in a row then followed some ups and downs

    I'm following these rules:

    - only UK & Ireland players
    - the player must start his career at your club(eaither promoted from youth academy or a regen)
    - players that started their careers at your club can be bought/returned back
    - using only my tactics ''super tactics'' not allowed

    Using Oct. update 2016+ tapani patch 2.21
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    Haven't really touched the game for a long time, looking to get back into it, anyone recommend any fun saves?

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    Finished the 3rd season on my Caernarfon Town game, and after finishing 7th two seasons in a row this was to be our season, domestic league-wise anyways.

    I didn't expect this after the past two seasons' mid-table finishes, but I've spent three seasons scouring the British Isles (and elsewhere) for talent that wants to play in Wales, and I think I've assembled a squad that for this league is very strong. I've been using mostly the same lineup too, only 14 players have played more than 20 games. Ther're mostly young too, and my coaches are pretty good even if the facilities are shit, so I expect they'll only get better the coming seasons.

    In the two cups things weren't as easy as in the league, we lost in the quarter final in the League Cup and in the semi final in the Welsh Cup. The semi final against T.N. Solutions was a close game, going all the way to penalties where TNS beat us 4-3. The game for me, however, was most memorable because my centre halves showed how dominating it is possible to be in the air. Have a look at their heders vs the TNS attackers' headers:


    The best player of the season was forward Alan Carr, who has cemented a starting place up top alongside Leon Gierke, and this season he replaced the latter as top goalscorer.

    In addition to those two I have 3-4 more attackers who could (probably) go straight into the starting 11 and do a good job, though only one of them, a Maltese/Yugoslav named Daniel Bogdanovic has played any games this season. He has been very good and if I hadn't had two even better attackers he'd be a starter for sure.

    Here's the first team and the tactic overview:

    The stadium is small, the training facilities awful and the finances aren't very good, but the 180k prize money from winning the league gave us a positive balance for now at least. I'll probably sell a few players over the summer (if anyone want to buy them, at least), and I am planning on selling players if anyone comes with offers even if they are key players, as long as I get a sell-on clause. That's pretty much the only way I can get in any money at the moment, unless I manage to get far in the European Cup which we will be participating in for the first time next season. The goal is the 2nd qualification stage, but of course I dream of getting to the third and being guaranteed at least an UEFA Cup slot. Winning the Champions League, however, the ultimate goal of this save, is probably still decades away.

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