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    For a number of years, the 'Tactics' section of the website has always been part of a forum covering other aspects of Championship Manager 2001/2002 such as training, tips for the game and talents that you are recommended to sign. However, a decision has now been taken to create a section dedicated on its own to 'Tactics'.

    In addition to this, a system has now been set up where a member of our community may create their own tactics and then ask for their tactic to be added to our 'Downloads' section. Two categories have been created here, one for 'Individual Tactics' and one for 'Tactic Packs'. As ever, all tactic packs will be made available to the public but the idea is to bundle every 20 individually submitted tactics into a tactic pack of their own.

    All you need to do is to create a thread in the 'Tactics' forum with the name of your tactic, a description, a screenshot and a download link to your tactic (we advise that you use for this). Once you have created the thread, you can then visit the 'Add your Tactic to our Downloads' thread and submit your tactic there by sharing the link of your tactic thread. I will then personally upload your tactic to this website's Google Drive account which means that all links will remain online, avoiding any cases of broken links. You will then be informed in that thread when your tactic has been uploaded.

    As an example, Cafcjgreen's 'The Remix' is the first tactic to be uploaded to our Google Drive account.

    On the subject of tactics, I am delighted to announce that faz44 has agreed to take over as a moderator for the 'Tactics' section where he is also running the 'Open Tactic League', a place where your tactics can be tested against a benchmark game in order to assess just how good it really is!

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