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Thread: General Patch Queries

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    Quote Originally Posted by trevorplatt View Post
    I have a few questions about patches, I did have a look through some threads but most of them seem to be by/for people who already know the basics (unless I'm being an idiot and completely missed it).

    Anyway, can patches be aplied to current games, or are they only applied from the start of a new game?

    It depends on the patch, but I would recommend starting a new game if you're going from a totally unpatched .68 exe to Tapani 2.21.1 or 2.21.1+ v3.

    Can patches be applied to the original game (.60)?

    I've just started a new game and was wondering if I could apply things like coloured attributes, correct number of subs, make it easier for human managers to manage abroard/international teams, change the resolution, correct the number of loans allowed etc.

    Is there an idiots guide for this kind of stuff?
    I would recommend starting a new game if you're going from a totally unpatched .68 exe to Tapani 2.21.1 (you'd definitely need a new game for 2.21.1+ v3). For individual patches, it depends on the patch itself. Most changes will affect a saved game (I think all of those you've mentioned would), but some others won't.

    Unless a patch has been specifically made for .60 then it will not work for that version. The location of things differ within the .60 - .68 exes, eg the address for English Premier League subs could be at 00500000 in .60 but at 00510000 in .68. Almost everything in this forum is intended to be used with the .68 exe.

    This is a good guide to use for making changes in Olly. It may seem daunting at first, but like anything becomes easier after you do it a few times.

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    Someone please, free to download the registration link for jobs abroad.patch !!!!!!!

    This link is broken.

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