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    I didn't know if I should put this in "music" or maybe "rock" so I just went and started a new thread instead.

    Hello everyone. I have not been on this site for a very, very long time. I was playing a game, and writing a story, and unfortunately due to the fact that I am quite mentally unstable, I get very involved with writing it. When my game crashed, and I was unable to continue. I lost any enthusiasm for the game. I did try to pick it up again recently, but lost the first eight games in a row, so quit again.
    Anyway, I have made a fair few comments about the music I listen to, so this is all about that. There will absolutely no mentions of autism, break-downs of marriage, losing my home, being signed off from work with depression, at all.

    So, what I have tried to do here is pick one good song for every year. That's about it really. I thought that I would try to avoid songs that are really mainstream so that hopefully, loads on here is stuff you are unfamiliar with. Also, I also thought I would try to only do one song from each artist/group, to avoid simply filling up years with them, also an extra challenge for me.

    The other thing to mention is that no matter how much music I have, I never seem to have remotely enough. I often can't believe how very, very little I have. The amount that I buy (and I always buy the CDs) I would have thought I bought everything ever done by now! But there are hundreds and hundred of albums I still want.

    So, if I missed out anything you thought I shouldn't it could be because it was A) too obvious, B) I already used that artist or C) I don't have it

    what else, oh the "year" is the year I have in my catalogue, which is usually when the song was recorded, that may not be when it was released.

    If you disagree with my music history, I don't care, I made it all up anyway.


    So, I have some tracks going back to the 20's but I don't have anything I actually like until 1945, so it's hard for me to comment on the styles and stuff, but this track begins my list.
    1945 – Chicago Breakdown – Big Maceo
    the rest of the 40's there are some bearable tracks from the two main scenes, Blues and Country, but "bearable" is not "good" so let's skip them.

    By the 50's Blues and Country were increasingly influencing each other, Blues had got faster, and was now on electric guitar, it was now more than bearable, so here's the next track
    1951- Dust My Broom – Elmore James

    Having reached this point, music seems to have got stuck there for a few years, until finally, about 1954 after several years of being parallel to each other someone thought about mixing country and blues together. Rock and Roll was born. This however did not kill either Blues or Country. Indeed it only seemed to push Blues to go even further. Here is such a track
    1954 – Space Guitar – Young Johnny Watson (who renamed himself to Guitar Watson after this)

    The thing about Rock and Roll was that if often sacrificed the music for the vocals, then watered down the vocals into puke-worthy pop. But here is a song that focuses on the vocals and is still good, and there's absolutely nothing personal in the message here at all.
    1955 – I Can't Believe You Want To Leave – Little Richard

    The explosion of Rock and Roll was so big, that within just two years, it was a fully established genre. So many tracks from this point are incredibly well known. But despite this, there were still decent alternative takes on it such as this.
    1956 – I Put A Spell On You – Screamin' Jay Hawkins

    By the end of the 50's Rock and Roll was so established, that it gets very staid. So many of the big tracks and artists didn't have an edge at all. Buddy Holly and Elvis yawnarama abounded, but this track is decent, if at first it doesn't appear it will
    1957 – Susie Q – Dale Hawkins

    The end of the 50's I'm struggling. 58 was just 57 but worse, and I do not have a single good track. For 59, there is FINALLY a decent Rock and Roll musician (Eddie Cochran) but he's too mainstream. So instead, lets go back to someone who has been around for years, He's still doing blues and this track is AWESOME
    1959 – How Many More Years – Howlin' Wolf

    The end of the 50's led to a massive recession in music. Rock and Roll was over, and while a few guys continued to release Rock and Roll or Blues tracks for the next few years, nothing really had an EDGE. Indeed the early 60's saw an explosion in Skiffle in the UK. Then the Beatles came along, but to begin with all their stuff was muted and pop and crap too. It's not until 1964 I get my next decent track. Now actually the best tracks for this year were by The Kinks, but because everything else was so crap, you know those already. I think this track is much more suitable. Even though it isn't as good, it perfectly shows that despite the diluted mainstream drivel everyone was churning out, just under the surface, there was something good trying to get out. This track doesn't go all the way, but it really wants to
    1964 – Someone to love [Part 2] – The Yardbirds
    actually, it makes more sense if you endure the tedious part 1 first

    1965 & 1966 is very much the same frustration, the same groups knocking on the door, but they just can't open it. Here is something alternative instead
    1966 – Pass The Hatchet – Roger And The Gypsies

    1967, finally, someone opens the door. Jimi Hendrix (and his group, he was not a solo act to begin with and they certainly contributed) is here. Acclaimed by many to be the greatest guitar player ever, he may well have been. Problem was, poor Jimi couldn't sit down and write a song to save his life. The public and record labels would like an album, with maybe two or three tracks as singles to play on the radio, but Jimi would be busy doing his 20th take of the same 15-minute-long guitar solo, just to get it right. Some of his most accessible work is therefore his covers. I already put a link to “Driving South” in the Rock page, that is just guitar, so here is a different track, with vocals.
    1967 – Foxy Lady – The Jimi Hendrix Experience

    with that out of the way, we are free! Free to play music without being held back, free to ignore Rock and Roll entirely, and go back to blues tracks, and Rock 'em up, Creating Blues Rock, which dominated the decent music in late 60's UK.
    I also realise I said “Free” several times there, that was actually not deliberate
    1968 - The Hunter – Free

    The track I wanted for 1969 is not available due to copyright or something, so instead here is something similar that you probably have heard of. Originally called “The New Yardbirds” Led Zeppelin were what that groups always wanted to be.
    1969 – Heartbreaker – Led Zeppelin

    And so begins the 70's. Everyone wanted MORE, but were not fixed on what that MORE should be. Some went for more intricate, with songs getting longer
    Some went for more heavy, with songs louder, but slower
    Some went for more loud, with songs short and faster, but the image and look of the group as important as the sound.
    I have chosen a long song, with 36 million plays, it may not be alternative...
    1970 – Child In Time – Deep Purple

    The long, intricate sound seems to have been the biggest of the three paths to begin with. As I have several for the next year, and they are more polished and better than the others. So here is another.
    1971 – Morning Dew – Nazareth

    The next year, is very similar, anyone still playing Blues rock is dropping away fast now, and while the Heavy and Glamorous sounds are building up, this year seems very much of a mix, so instead here is one of my favourite songs ever.
    1972 – Guardian of the Universe [unreleased alternate mix] – Free

    The next year is a change, the shorter, faster, glamorous sound has had some time to find its feet and now there are tons of great songs out there from the likes of Queen, T.Rex, Sweet, Roxy Music, Slade, Status Quo Focus and Bowie. Thing is, they're all so mainstream all of a sudden that I won't pick them. I should have done for the previous year, but I cheated and played I song I liked (even though I had used that group). So instead here's a song that sounds nothing like anything else that year (sounds more like Hendrix from 5 years earlier)
    1973 – Rock Me Baby – Johnny Winter

    Ok for the next year I am picking a fast, glamorous song, mainstream or not
    1974 – Brighton Rock – Queen

    The next year and that Glam sound is still big, this was the year of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. But what's that third path, the slow and heavy sound doing? Well, not that much really, it's having a hard time establishing itself, the better tracks are very much mixed with the long and intricate sound. Tracks such as this.
    1975 – Tarot Woman – Rainbow

    the next year, and it's the beginning of another musical recession. All the same groups playing their same stuff. Some people have taken that glam sound, and removed the glam, keeping the fast pace and outrageous attitude, but stripping the music back more and more, until it is JUST attitude, but that's not here yet. Here therefore is (again) something out of nowhere
    1976 – Fire – Mother's Finest “the good bit” is about 1.30+

    ...and that attitude appeared with Punk. Unfortunately most of it was crap, and it disappeared about as soon as it appeared. But the stripped back sound and attitude, now THAT would be a permanent impact. Here's a stripped back song from that year. (I can't find a non-live version, and this one is really quiet too, somewhat dampening the aggressive sound)
    1977 – Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be – AC/DC

    For the next year, I will have to go with something mainstream, it's a punky song.
    1978 – Teenage Kicks – The Undertones

    We are at the year of my birth (hooray!) Punk is dead already, but that slow, heavy sound that has been in the background the whole 70's? It's picked up the fast pace and attitude of punk and mixed it with its heavy sound. The Metal sound is now a bit faster and much more stripped back. It leads to a new wave of Heavy Metal from Britain, it is known as the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (again this recording is too damn quiet)
    1979 – Bomber – Motorhead (I can't be bothered with the umlauts)

    It's the 80's now, but let's keep with that sound from last year, I have to admit having a real shortage of tracks from the 80's. I have a lot on my wishlist, but don't actually own many.
    1980 – Am I Evil? - Diamond Head
    (I'm not sure where this recording is from, it is not quite the same as the album, but I don't care)

    no Change for the next year either
    1981 – Hot Rockin' – Judas Priest

    Not much change for the next year. The Metal sound was spreading and being adopted differently in various places. Much of Europe increased the speed, but reduced the aggression, apart from Northern Europe, that wasn't so fussed with the speed, and indeed liked it slow and really heavy (how it had begun really), America was just picking up on the fast/aggressive sound. Here's a track from Northern Europe
    1982 – Nuns have no Fun – Mercyful Fate

    As the New Wave of British Heavy Metal sound hit America, they had some catching up to do. So what was new to America was already 2-3 years old in Britain. That certainly wasn't the only sound in America, with the some musicians again taking the route where image was as important as sound, and that Glam approach led to the beginnings of Stadium Rock. I have virtually no stadium rock in my catalogue though, so here is an American Copy of NWOBHM, just a little bit faster again. Over there it was known as Thrash.
    1983 – Phantom Lord – Metallica

    The next year and the Glam/stadium rock sound is really building in popularity, so let's ignore it and play another Thrash Metal track. In a classic rock group dispute, this is from a guy kicked out of Metallica, they both released versions of this track.
    1984 – Mechanix – Megadeth

    Really struggling for the next year, I only have 20 songs for the entire year, I only like eight of those, and have used some of the groups already. Let's go with this
    1985 – Out In The Fields – Gary Moore & Phil Lynott

    For the next year, I still tried to avoid the Glam/Stadium stuff, and I thought the track I picked was not of that genre, it doesn't really sound like it, but then I saw some videos on Youtube...

    ….are they real?

    Here's one without a Video
    1986 – Yankee Rose – Dave Lee Roth

    Now we are at the year that Europe released “Final Countdown” so instead, here is a great song that combines the Glam look with a little bit of the aggression from thrash. Also, one of my favourite songs
    1987 – Rocket Queen – Guns N' Roses

    For the next year, there were some changes. Metallica released an album that was a lot heavier and slower than anything they had done before. And the Glam scene had grown so big, and so over the top that (like punk before it) a backlash was building, with some musicians doing everything the opposite, with a unglam, unstadium sound. It was rough, loud and suited to tiny sweaty clubs. But I have done Metallica already, and that new sound was too small and crap so instead here is something from Europe to see what they were up to (they liked it fast, technical but friendly remember)
    1988 – Rising Force - Yngwie Malmsteen

    The last year of the 80's and two massive MASSIVE releases this year. Both are completly different to anything that has come before them (apart from all the things that influenced them) and also very different to each other. One takes the Electro sound from the 80's and takes it underground to not be underground 80's (that had been done) but a hard-edged sound, that isn't smooth and synthy, it's functual, like an factory, it is an Industrial sound. The other tries to be as unglamerous as possible, it is a miserable, sweaty club sound and the word grunge describes it. Which one to play...
    I'll go with grunge becuse I love this track more than any I have played so far
    1989 – School – Nirvana

    Welcome to the 1990's here is an Industrial track. I think Glam is dead now
    1990 – Get Down Make Love – Nine Inch Nails

    Within a couple of years, that grunge sound had already picked up a little bit of polish
    1991 – Jesus Christ Pose – Soundgarden

    Grunge wasn't the only alternative sound in the early 90's. Punk began as aggressive and stripped back as possible, so did grunge, but both soon lost their hard-edge. Well, here is another aggressive, stripped-back sound.
    1992 – Fistful Of Steel – Rage Against The Machine

    I just wrote all that in one go, and I need a break!

    ...and in 1993, the anti-sound of grunge and Rage against the machine actually managed to be so anti they killed rock anyway. That and everyone from the 1960's, 70's and 80's was still going! Everyone was so old, a new lot of artists are needed!

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    Not a single comment? Not even a TLDR?

    oh... I thought several people asked for this.

    Maybe you're all still listening to the songs and haven't had a chance to comment, or maybe you are just waiting for me to complete it.

    Yes, that must be what it is. I will ignore the possibility that no-one gives a flying fuck about me or what I listen to.

    So it's the early 90's and Grunge just killed music, thanks Kurdt. This was the year Guns n' Roses released the half-arsed "Spaghetti Incident". Metallica were no-where to be seen. The Beavis and Butthead film was out too, which might make it seem like a good year, but everything they listened to was old anyway. There really wasn't much good going on. Some people were taking the grunge sound into Metal for a rougher messy noise, but others were turning their back on it and playing softer, nicer tracks. In the US that was the beginnings of College rock and Skater rock and in the UK it was later called Britpop. I will lump them all together and called them Indie because I want to. But again, it was the beginnings and mostly tiny groups and crap songs.
    So for this year I will go with a favourite of mine. This group is from the UK (Bradford) they never made it really big, they began rather grungey and later became BY FAR THE BEST britpop group out there. This is off their first album, it's not very heavy, but the heavist they did.
    1993 – Urban Space Crime – Terrorvision

    By the next year, music still not sure what direction to follow, with loads of different paths being taken, all picking up a little bit of something that had gone before. A bit grungey, a bit punky, a bit rocky, a bit industrial. No-one was leading the way at all. So here is a song that has a mix of many things.
    1994 – Self-Esteem – The Offspring

    The worst musical recession ever continues. Things are so bad this year that some people have taken the worst aspects of grunge, metal and punk and put them together. It's as fast and noisy as possible with growled or screamed vocals. It is probably called Noise Metal and indeed it is just noise, not even a song. What a load of crap. The Indie scene is building, especially in the UK. Here is one track that's not so bad
    1995 – Supervixen – Garbage

    Well, it is the summer of Britpop, the Summer I sat my exams and left school, the summer I discovered what I complete load of shit the world really is, in which no-one and no thing will do anything for anyone else, and the rest of your life will be an endless and pointless toil of misery. So while the beig debate was Blur or Oasis, THIS is what I was listening to.
    1996 – 1996 – Marilyn Manson

    Still more Britpop, yes, well, it's the last time anything with a guitar will trouble the UK charts, so you'll miss it when it's gone. Here is something else alternative
    1997 – One Man Army – The Prodigy + Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine)

    In the next year, A new form of hard rock seems to have appeared in the US, it's very hard but certainly not Metal. Britpop is starting to show it's cracks as those from the summer of '96 all have jobs and start to grow up and the groups struggle with their next albums. So here is a song that I never heard at the time, but was a BIG inspiration behind my San Marino story.
    1998 – Do The Evolution – Pearl Jam

    Last year of the Millennium, and indeed Millennium fever was everywhere. Britpop has crashed and burnt, with the last few survivors dying pitiful deaths. This summer everyone started listening to one of the paths of the US Indie scene – Skater Rock. The heaviest stuff about was really just that Hard Rock stuff, Loud, Slow, Heavy but not too Harsh, not too Nasty and not too original. Soon it would be the year 2000, it was going to be one lifelong party and everyone would live happily ever after!
    1999 – Everything Is Untrue – Amen

    Welcome to the year 2000! a new era! The Skater-rock Scene is now really big, and several other US Indie sounds appear too, sometimes lumped together, sometimes not. NuMetal, Desert Rock etc.
    Anyway, turns out that just changing the year on the calendar doesn't make anything better
    2000 - Maggie's Farm – Rage Against The Machine
    I try my best to be just like I am
    While everybody wants you
    to be just like them
    while they slave
    I just get bored

    So, onward we go, to catch up with today. The Nu sound dominated this year, so I suppose I will have to pick something that reflects it slightly. I have gone for something as alternative as possible while still being part of that sound.
    2001 – Toxicity – System Of A Down

    The next year is one like several before it, without a clear direction. Nu Metal died, and in doing so led to the second death of rock music. It completely disappeared from the mainstream. Bands now where either long established acts putting out to existing fans, or a myriad of Indie groups. This is actually the year I have more tracks for than any other (371) but nothing is outstanding in either quality or direction. I have therefore chosen a song that I have from a compilation. I know nothing about the group in the slightest, but it's ok, maybe sums up the okness of the year
    2002 – I Feel So – Box Car Racer

    Ok, this next year does have a direction. It's a bit whiney, and who wants to hear about people's problems? Not me. Also this was the year my (ex)wife's daughter was born, not that she talks to me any more. I was not able to connect to her due to my inability to connect with anyone.
    2003 – Synthesthesia – AFI

    The rise of the whine is put on hold for the next year, as Greenday bring out their album American Idiot. This is so much better than anything else done by Greenday, or indeed anyone else for so many years that is utterly dominates the entire year. So again, I am plucking something from a random compilation.
    2004 – Recovery – Funeral For A Friend

    Each of the music styles mentioned have never died. Once created, there will always be someone continuing it, no matter how small-scale. Even if those groups don't make it big enough to make their own sound, then they can still influence later acts. One such sound was punk. The most extreme form of punk, dating all the way back to its origins in miserable Britain of the 70's was to utterly strip the music back to nothing and pump the aggression up to maximum. That style had already been picked up by Heavy Metal of course, abandoning the slow and heavy sound it began with. But those Hardcore Punks kept going, there is of course, always some appeal in being the most extreme act out there. While Thrash had already been the result of taking this approach to metal, Thrash itself had long since stopped being the mainstream of rock, therefore there was a desire among some Metal bands to once again, look to take the aggression from Punk and revitalise their own genre. The result was Metalcore. Unfortunately it was also a load of crap, which any half-decent Metalcore band soon realised. Metal has always been more about the actual music, Punk the attitude. Those groups that slowed down and played better songs really were just doing the old Thrash thing again, instead however they pretended it was all-new and called it Melodic Metalcore. Which makes no sense.
    Here's a track that has nothing to do with that, instead it's a group that appeared with something new, but then broke up and vanished.
    2005 – Colossal – Wolfmother

    This next year was once again, utterly dominated by a single album. The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance was the only thing that existed all year. It was such a Magnum Opus that it killed the whiney EMO sound and indeed their own careers, nothing EMO would ever be this good again. But as it was so popular, I need to play an alternative. Here is one of those groups that started as Metalcore, but stopped being it
    2006 – Strength Of The World – Avenged Sevenfold

    There had been a resurgence in appeal of old Rock music, led by the Guitar Hero (and Rock Band) games. It didn't lead to any new music, but it did lead to an increase of the appeal of older songs with more melodic tunes, something that had not been mainstream since the end of the 80's. Here is the Guitar Hero, in-house guitar guy showing how to do such melodic stuff.
    2007 – Devil Went Down To Georgia – Steve Ouimette

    This year saw the birth of my son, and it is a good job how EMO is dead as the last thing you all need to hear is how I only see him half a day a week at the moment, no, instead you want to hear how this led to the lead being taken by louder and harder-edged groups this year. Like this, possibly the only melodic metalcore song ever made. How does it manage to be such a contradiction? Easy, it completely changes style several times throughout the song.
    2008 – Shogun – Trivium

    You know how I kept going on about the American Hard Rock genre? Very Boomy I think is the best way to describe it. Loud, slow, can be very heavy, but certainly not Metal. Finally someone from that whole field did a song good enough to play
    2009 – Virgin Witch – Rob Zombie

    Another decade comes and goes, this year is dominated by the magnificent album Nightmare from Avenged Sevenfold. A tribute to their drummer who died it is just so good everyone worries they will do a “My Chemical Romance” and kill their genre and careers. But as I already played a song by them, here is something else.
    2010 – Nothing's Gonna be Alright – Murderdolls

    Nearly there now, here is a group who took the whole Guitar Hero thing and went to revive the 80's
    I'm still not sure that Dave Lee Roth thing was real or not. It was more stupid than this, and this is deliberate
    2011 – Tomorrow Night – Steel Panther

    Year of the London Olympics!
    There is nothing personal in this song choice at all!
    2012 – Why Having A Beard Is Better Than Having A Woman – The Beards

    For this year I am going to have to cheat/cop out. What I would really like to do is put a song from the Album “Charlemagne – The Omens of Death” but I can't because they are not on youtube. Instead I have linked to a video to a song from “Charlemagne – By the Sword And The Cross”. Both albums are by the same artist, and indeed “Omens of Death” simply takes the vocal tracks from “Sword and Cross” and puts them to new music. The thing is “Omens of Death” is a MILLION BILLION times better, and the music is FUCKING AWESOME, whereas “Sword and Cross” is very muted. Even the vocals sound different, just from the tone of the music they are put to. They really are hard to compare. So anyway is not the song I wanted, but it will have to do
    2013 – The Bloody Verdict Of Verden – Christopher Lee
    (and not “Massacre of the Saxons”)
    here's a preview of the better album

    So we get to the final year of my list, I have nothing for 2015. This is a song I heard in HMV (yes, a music shop! Not quite gone bust yet) I bought it there an then, I love it, sounds so organic. Very much like Wolfmother.
    2014 – Figure It Out – Royal Blood

    aw crap, I forgot to run the spellchecker before posting that

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    Don't worry, man. Lots of folk read it but it is a daunting task to find the right respons to such a magnificent post.

    It's quite the musical journey and I loved reading it. Wouldve picked a different turn here and there (go, Doors!) but still. Obviously we share a love for history, music and football.

    I'll drink one to your health and good fortune tonight, mate. A very special one. Slainthe!

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    Good stuff. A load of familiar bands in there... 80s to the early 2000s... I'm not gone on the later stuff myself, I find for me, music isn't evolving and a lot of stuff is a poor version of stuff that has been done.

    As for the time and effort you put into this, I dunno how you do it!

    Are you open to suggestions for bands/albums?

    Therapy? - Nurse
    Refused - Shape of Punk to Come
    Sick of it All - Scratch the Surface

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    yes, I am more than open to suggestions. As I said, no matter how much music I buy, I never seem to own anything at all. I have around 7000 tracks on my computer, nearly all are copied from CD, I do occasionally download if I have to. I would like to suggestions to listen to the tracks on Youtube, but despite all the links there, I almost never use streaming services, I just can't get with them. I do know I will have to, I am running out of space to put all my CDs. One of the things I do is often buy the entire back catalogue of artists I like (and I mean the entire catalogue, even the singles) I am trying to calm down on that, that bulks out my collection a fair bit, and is why I stuck to one track per artist above, to avoid just doing the same groups over and over

    I have nothing by the Doors

    My Schoolfriend Russell was a HUGE fan of Therapy? and I bought and quite liked Trubblegum, I later bought So Much For The 10 Year Plan. I always found them a bit odd, they seemed to be doing completely their own thing. As much I liked several of their tracks I never found them easy to get into, and some of the lyrics were just weird. The other problem was that Russell turned out to be a total prick who not only would I not swerve to avoid if he crossed the road in front of me, I would more likely speed up and ram him if he was still on the pavement. That tainted them as they were always "Russell's Group". But just this year I did borrow Nurse. It was rather as I expected and I did not like the album. I did like the track Disgracelands though, in fact I think it's the best by them I have.

    I own the song "Shape Of Punk To Come" by Refused. I have rated it as OK. I'm not a big fan of punk or screamed vocals though (I am also frequently a hippocrate though)

    I own nothing by Sick Of It All.
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    Sorry for not commenting sooner.. the length of the post was at first a little daunting, But I did read a bit then got distracted and never came back to finish reading.

    Nice insight to your music tastes, will read thoroughly when i get more of a chance with no distractions.

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    Shame about the negative association with Therapy?, Disgracelands is a great track. They definitely do their own thing! At least you've given them a listen.
    Have you ever listened to Tool? Aenima is great tune.
    But I'm gonna stop throwing suggestions out there... gonna go listen to Rage Against the Machine now.

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    I actually didn't read this at first ILSM after reading your first paragraph about depression etc, not sure if it was a cry for help, but to me that's the wrong way to go about it.

    Anyway, since other people have commented and I have had some time to sit down I have found it rather quite fascinating and its brought back some memories, so fair play to you

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    Offspring - Self Esteem -

    "Smash" is a Helluva album!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redknapp69 View Post
    Offspring - Self Esteem -

    "Smash" is a Helluva album!

    noooo. That gets boring real, real quick!

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    I just took a look at the names and cant listen now at work with phones coming in and interrupting. Will be a good nights drink and listen for me on a friday. Thanks

    As I look in the names, saw some of my favorite musicians / bands.

    Screaming Jay Hawkins, my favorite:

    What a man, what a voice, what a psycho! He was a boxer and no one knows how many kids he has. once they made a meeting of his children and some 70(?) people showed up, those that know of him

    Howling Wolf my favorite:

    Another amazing voice and another psycho

    Have you seen the movie "Cadillac Records"? He is (acted) in there with Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry and many many more, one of my favorite films. Have it in the PC and ocassionally watch this part and that. Beyonce singing amazing blues songs and moss def (sp?) as chuck berry Also have the LP. Just great.

    Havent seen any ska there, Skatalites and Prince Buster amongs some, great music with lots of influence to other kinds.

    I'll finish off with my all time favorite 3 bands:

    The Clash: from London Calling, the best album of all times

    Sublime: I have the Best of and 40oz. to Freedom LP. Sad early death of Bradley Nowell left me with few songs. My next tatoo will be the cover of 40oz

    Beastie Boys: This is a full enstrumental album of them. Shows lots about the boys

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    Always thought that Susie Q was written by the Creedence Clearwater Revival - it seems that it's just a cover

    Slowly going through your musical journey

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    Sir Christopher Lee died. R.ı.P

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    I never got a chance to write him a letter. I really was going to do it saying that despite everything he did on film, i hardly saw any of them, and that it was his album i knew him for, and that i really liked it and if he ever wondered, after all he had done, someone thought of him as a great musician too, then yes, i genuinely did.

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    Too long, did (!) read.

    While I don't share much of your music taste, I can relate to the obsession of buying cd's and running out of space to store them. I'm sure we could have blast going through hours and hours of music, listening and chatting.

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