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Thread: Windows 7, 8 & 10 Issues and Queries

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    at what point is it happening? when you are copying and attempting paste in the April '17 data files into the original CM data folder?

    You may want to check this out -

    Sounds like an issue with your PC rather to do with installing CM data update

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    Hello guys, I have a problem with loading a game. I don't know if this is the right thread to post (sorry if ti isn't)
    Anyway, I have Win 10 64 bit on my laptop. Yesterday I downloaded the April patch and installed the game like always.
    1. original game
    2. SI Games Patch 3.9.68
    3. Tapani 2.19.2
    4. April 2017 data update

    I played it normally for two days and everything was ok, and now I tried to open it and I get this error:

    "Unable to initialise the grapics in full screen mode - please ensure that DirectX has been installed correctly and that your graphics adaptor supports 800 x 600 pixel resolution in 16 bit colour."

    My resoulution is 1366x768 and I played it with tapani patch for years now without any problems. Please, can someone help me?

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