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Thread: Auction Format with Hints & Tips

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    Auction Format with Hints & Tips

    Persons in line chooses next players to go to auction (i'll do this by randomiser)- probably looking at 2 players per day. I will PM those people to pass me who they want to put up for auction

    The person that has nominated a player has an automatic starting bid on that player of 1m (so make sure its someone you would be happy with if nobody outbids you!)

    Anyone can bid at any time in next 24 hours

    1m MINIMUM increments on bids – e.g you could say 2m or if a “big” player or one you want to secure and scare people off just go bigger e.g 24m

    The last bid at 11pm (from the Champman clock time) will win the auction. Any bids at 11.01pm will NOT count. My decision is final on this (as I am not taking part)

    Hints & Tips (AKA where I teach you to "suck eggs")

    I would suggest not bidding on a player in the following circumstances………..

    1 - Your bid puts you over budget – not a clever game to play to push price up as if stuck with him you will get an overspending fine
    2 – You already have 2 players from that club – if you bid and end up with him and have 3 players from same club then you will encounter penalty points (50 points penalty for every extra player from a club chosen)
    3 – Your bid for a player may mean you have an invalid formation (check the players position from the website and ensure it can fit into a valid formation) - 442, 433, 352, 532, 343, 451 (50 point penalty)
    4 – Don’t bid for the sake of it unless you really want the player! We all know how crazy the bidding gets on eBay for things you do not really want
    5 – If you are bidding on a wildcard who doesn’t currently play in Prem league – make sure you are willing to take the risk as if he does not move to PL then you are stuck with him until January! (we'll have a transfer window in January)

    I would suggest bidding on a player who………..
    1 – May have European football and will get to play more games so potential to score more points
    2 – Is a “First team” player – i.e – maybe better off picking Troy Deeney rather than Wilfred Bony. Even though Bony is at a “bigger” club – his game time may well be limited. So – consistent playing/points might be a safer option to go for?
    3 – Club Captains? – Likely to play so always worth thinking of buying them
    4 – 1 “star” player. In January, you can pick a Captain who from January (after Jan transfer window date we will do) until end of season scores DOUBLE points - so - you may want to think of a high scoring player or someone playing in Europe who will have more games etc. This is sometimes the player that can make or break the 2nd part of the season!
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