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Thread: A good sport "The story of Boa Esporte" from Brazil

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    S3 Former Wales internationals thoughts on the interview

    Dean Saunders:

    Fallon apologised we move forward together now for the good of Welsh football

    John Hartson and Robbie Savage wonder if the apology is enough?

    Ian Rush:

    OK a few eyebrows were raised because of this controversy

    But now it is time to get our eye back on the ball for Wales

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    S3 Sky Sports News Soccer Saturday's reaction to the Fallon interview

    Jeff Stelling:

    What about the Wales situation gents?

    Paul Merson:

    I 'av started learnin' Welsh mate

    Just in case

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    Nothing, England
    Awesome stuff man. Really burning those giggsy bhoys apart! Let's hope all the comments are backed up on the field. Some international recognition might help with board being birches!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZanSnake View Post
    Awesome stuff man. Really burning those giggsy bhoys apart! Let's hope all the comments are backed up on the field. Some international recognition might help with board being birches!
    Yeah the board are not the best.
    But that is a bit like most Brazilian football clubs.
    I found this recently when I was looking for information.
    A shambolic board even coupled with ant-hills on the pitch seem to be the norm apparently.

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    S3 December Review

    Fixture list review - 5th November - 26th November

    Boa had an unbeaten run stretching to eleven games in the Campeonato Brasileirao.

    Even though Boa's run was ended by 2-0 defeat to Fluminense.

    Despite this set back, Boa still qualified for the Campeonato Brasileirao play-offs with two games to spare.

    But due to experimentation following qualification it resulted in another loss.

    A second consecutive defeat which is concerning for the board - this time it was inflicted by Gremio (a)

    Even though it was an inexperienced side, the 3-0 defeat to Gremio (a) it was a very disappointing performance.

    Gremio were playing with nine men for much of the second half.

    League Table

    There is one final game of the Campeonato Brasileirao (Brazilian Championship) before the play-offs.

    There is only one place left in the knock out stages.

    Ponte Preta are favourites to take the fourth play off spot.

    Player performance

    Player form

    Young defender Peterson (DLC) is in superb form

    Peterson (DLC)

    Assistant Manger Marco Garavelli:

    Peterson (DLC) é mesmo dependa quando chamou na esquerda de uma parte de trás três.

    Ele pode não ser os jogadores mais rápido ou tecnicamente talentosos.

    Mas ele é um jogador físico forte com senso posicional bom.

    Peterson (DLC) is very consistent when called upon on the left of a back three.

    He may not be the fastest or technically gifted players.

    But he is a strong physical player with good positional sense.

    Peterson (DLC) attributes

    Player Average Rating

    Adilson (AM/FLC) tops the average rating of the whole squad

    Gerson (AMLC) is the best of the more regular/senior players

    Gerson (AMLC)

    Marco Garavelli:

    Adilson (AM / FLC) jogou bem quando ele era determinado uma chance contra lados mais fracos.

    Ele é melhor à esquerda apropriado de um dianteiro três.

    O que posso dizer eu sobre Gerson (AMLC) ?

    Ele é grande profissional, muito seguro.

    Não é nenhuma maravilha por que o chefe o joga tão regularmente.

    Adilson (AM/FLC) has played well when he was given a chance against weaker sides.

    He is best suited to the left of a front three.

    What can I say about Gerson (AMLC) ?

    He is great professional, very dependable.

    It is no wonder why the boss plays him so regularly.


    Managing Director – Armando Casagrande


    Perda pequena este mês.

    Finanças olham o OK

    Small loss this month.

    Finances look OK

    Finances overview

    Players out:

    Just one player De Abreerto (FLC) was released this month on a free transfer

    Silvio de Abreu 'De Abreerto' (FLC)

    Marco Garavelli:

    Silvio de Abreu 'De Abreerto' (FLC) has left our club on a free transfer.

    The boss has told me that he wishes him the best in his future career

    But unfortunately, he was not up to standard and does not merit a place in the squad.

    De Abreerto (FLC) attributes

    I think that De Abreerto (FLC) is fortunate to have played those two games for Boa Esporte.

    I am sure he will treasure his Boa Esporte jersey

    Board Confidence

    Presidente Moraes

    Marco você se encarrega da partida contra Atlético Paranaense

    Marco you take charge of the match against Atlético Paranaense

    Marco Garavelli:

    Eu seria honrado a Mr Presidente.

    Mas o que está acontecendo com o Chefe?

    Ele está voltando?

    I would be honoured to Mr Presidente.

    But what is happening with the Boss?

    Is he coming back?

    Presidente Moraes:

    Eu me encontrarei com Niguel quando ele voltar ao Brasil, para ter uma discussão sobre o futuro de Boa Esporte.

    I will meet with Niguel when he returns to Brazil, to have a discussion about the future of Boa Esporte.
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    S3 Final league game before play offs – Garavelli leads Boa

    S3 ND1 Match 27 Atlético Paranaense (h)

    Build up

    Boa have already qualified for the Campeonato Brasileirao (Brazilian Championship) play-offs so this is their last chance to experiment before that.

    But Boa have lost their last two games and would surely like to stop their bad run as it could impact their form in future.

    Atlético Paranaense look likely to be relegated from the Campeonato Brasileirao. But they are fighting for their lives to survive in the division. Paranaense have won their last two games and have gone unbeaten in their last four games in the Campeonato Brasileirao.

    In normal circumstances Boa would be considered favourites in the game but this is anything but normal circumstances.

    Due to Fallon's absence, because of his Wales International appointment, Assistant Manager Marco Garavelli takes charge of Boa for this game.

    Boa Assistant Manager Marco Garavelli:

    It is anyone's guess how all this upheaval will effect the Boa players.

    The Boa Esporte board are rumoured to be concerned about recent defeats..

    Along with their recent form and Boa's upheaval Paranaense may never have a better chance to beat Boa Esporte.


    Formation and line up

    Boa played a 4-3-3 formation in their previous Campeonato Brasileirao (Brazilian Championship) game which result in a heavy 3-0 defeat.

    Garavelli has named a very attacking 3-4-3 formation for his first game in charge of Boa with mostly fringe their regular eleven.

    But an inexperienced side will be glad of the return of inspirational captain Gelmin Rivas (SC) and steady play of Willians (DMC)

    There are seven changes from their defeat against Gremio

    IN: Peterson (DLC), Caue (D/MC), Celiao (DC), Willians (DMC), Anderson Dim (AM/FR), Adilson (AM/FLC), Gelmin Rivas (SC)

    OUT: Claudio Luiz (DL), Ederson Portela (DR), Thiago Cionek (DC). Leandro Freire (DC), Apparecido Martaldo (DMC), Ramon Abila (SC), Leandrinho (AM/FRLC)



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    Boa Assistant Manager Marco Garavelli has taken charge of Boa's game against Atlético Paranaense.

    This is because Boa manager Fallon was away on international business with Wales.

    Although the game will not have any consequence to it for Boa, as they have already qualified for the play-offs of the Campeonato Brasileirao (Brazilian Championship) it is a significant moment.

    This has lead to further speculation among the local Mina Gerais media that the Italian Garavelli will be given the Boa Esporte job on a full time basis

    Hoje Em Dia broke the story with the headline:

    'Fallon deixará Boa Esporte permanentemente!?'

    'Fallon will leave Boa Esporte permanently!?'

    The Mina Gerais paper 'Hoje Em Dia' has questioned whether this has added an additional strain on the relationship between the Boa manager and his Presidente Rone Moraes.

    And even if Fallon wanted to continue with both jobs the commute between Wales and Ituiutaba would prove almost impossible to work effectively at either job.

    The other regional outlets also had eye catching headlines.

    'Marco Garavelli new Boa manager?'

    What next for Boa Esporte?

    With all the speculation in the media whoever takes charge of Boa faces a difficult task to keep the players focused.

    Especially with the crucial upcoming semi-final play-off in the Campeonato Brasileirao away to Ponte Preta, in Campinas, São Paulo.
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    S3 Journey Back to Brazil

    An over 2 hour drive from London back to Cardiff and Wales football association:

    Through the M4 tunnel back to Cardiff:

    Parked Griff's car at the Wales Football Association:

    President David Griffiths :

    Cracking interview Nigel!


    Cheers Griff

    Hows the wife and the family?

    President David Griffiths :

    The wife and Davey Junior are both very excited about this new era in Wales football

    Mrs Griffiths aka 'The Wife'

    Davey Junior

    Have a safe journey home Nigel!


    All 35 hours of it!?

    Counting the hours and flight miles back to Brazil

    Cardiff Airport

    Depart on Flybe to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport:

    Arrive at Charles de Gaulle Airport after over an hour's flight

    9 hours to Paris

    Change to Orly Airport Paris

    Depart on TAP plane to Lisbon

    Arrive at Lisbon Airport – nearly 2 and half hours flight

    12 hours to wait for my next flight in Lisbon....

    AZUL plane to Campinas in Sao Paulo where Ponte Preta is based

    I was picked up by Vivi in the team bus at Viracopos International Airport after another long haul flight (Over 10 hours) I finally landed on Brazilian soil again.

    There is only a short journey to from Viracopos Airport to Ponte Preta's stadium.

    A stadium where the Boa Squad have gathered to train on the pitch in preparation for the Semi Final 1st Leg play off of the Campeonato Brasileirao (Brazilian Championship) in a few days time:

    But first I had to had to go to a hotel near the stadium.....


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    S3 Fallon discusses future with the Brazilian media


    You have accepted the Wales international job

    What does this mean for your future with Boa Esporte?


    I plan to stay in both jobs

    The commute is a long journey.

    But in my absence, my assistant manager Marco Garavelli has shown he is more then capable of running the team, .

    Marco Garavelli

    Marco Garavelli attributes

    Marco knows my thoughts on football.

    He has has been at the club for well over two years and knows the squad well.

    I will also be bringing my coach David Noble as my Wales no2

    He will be of vital assistance to me on international duty with Wales.

    David Noble

    He certainly has the qualities to be a top class manager in the future.

    David Noble attributes

    Nobes will prove a valuable member of the Wales back-room staff

    Nobes was born in England and has played for Scotland at 'B' level in the past.

    So he knows British football well.

    Again he also knows my approach to football management


    But will this disrupt the Boa team?


    Not at all!

    The Boa squad is incredibly focused and professional.

    My remaining Boa back-room set up will make sure that this continues.

    Vitaliy Bulyga is a great technique based coach and is particularly good at motivating and coaching young players.

    Bulyga attributes

    Ronaldinho is a Brazilian legend who has no trouble in motivating players

    Ronaldinho attributes

    Teco is a good all-round coach able to deal with all types of players

    Teco attributes

    Xavi Tamarit is yet another good technical coach who is yet another solid coach.

    He particularly excels at motivating players and is a good tactician of the game.

    Tamarit attributes

    So why should I be worried?

    I have a top quality back-room team to assist me.


    Is the Boa Presidente happy with this arrangement?


    Yes, Presidente Moraes is pleased about the extra international profile Boa Esporte will get.

    I would also like to say that, the rumours of disagreements between myself and Presidente Moraes are completely untrue.

    Presidente Moraes has given me his full support.

    And we are both striving to improve the club and succeed at the highest level

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    S3 Local Devon media laud Noble's appointment as Wales assistant

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