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Thread: King of the Mountain 2017

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    King of the Mountain 2017

    King of the Mountain 2017

    Winner at the end of the year gets 1 year VIP access!

    Previous winners: zionmaster (2016), AtomicAnt (2015), kikivampy (2014), Redknapp69 (2013, 2012), Hamilton (2011)

    To be eligible you must have completed a challenge and posted the results in the Results Thread in the 2017 calendar year. If you have previously completed a challenge, your new score needs to be higher than your previous score to qualify.

    This year there is a slight change to the points given however, as although we will continue with 10 pts for 1st, 9 pts for 2nd etc, multiple season challenges will carry more points

    Whereas in the past both a 1 season challenge and a 20+ season challenge would carry the same amount of KOTM points, this year however many scoring seasons are in a challenge, your position will be multiplied that many seasons, i.e. top score on a 5 season challenge would mean 10 pts x 5 scoring season = 50 pts, top score on a 10 season challenge would be 10 pts x 10 seasons = 100 pts.

    Who will be crowned the 2017 King of the Mountain Champion and bag themselves a year's free VIP access?!

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