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Thread: Star Wars League

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    Star Wars League

    Either I'm being really thick and can't see the blindingly obvious or there isn't one.
    I'm combining two of my favourite things to make one. It's in the early stages at the moment but when it's readyish who's up for some testing?!
    I'm taking over the MLS as I need fixed teams without promotions/relegations.
    The 'Far far away' league has equally popular and financed teams named after the most popular planets in the star wars films. Also in each team will be one 'star player' named after a major charater. Plus a load of other characters available as frees (yes. Even Jar Jar) . All of who will be 18/19 so they're around for a few years

    Eg - Dagobah Rovers - Central Midfielder Yoda will be pulling the strings.
    Death Star FC - Darth Vader will be the big old fasioned centre forward lump up front.

    Sound good?
    Any ideas welcome! Feel free to mock me too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Raptor View Post
    Feel free to mock me too.

    Na, too easy

    I'll say this is the most unique one i've seen in a while. Looking forward to a few screens.

    You could change the commentary as well, include the force being used by Jabba "superkeep" Hut

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    If you are going to do this start with the Empty Database -

    That way you have regenerate and newgen players with Star Wars first names and surnames e.g. Bobba Vader

    MLS is probably the worst league to do this with in one sense, since most of the club names can't be edited (they are required by the game). Korea and Australia also have no relegation.

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    Had a few family issues so this has been put on the back burner. Made a start tonight tho.
    Thanks for the info - empty database, other leagues. Been checking it all out.
    Love the idea of changeing the commentry.

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