Hello all,

first off, I am playing the 3.9.68 version of the game.

Hopefully somebody will be able to help me as I really don't want to start over.
As you can likely guess from the title, my game straight up crashes on August 1st. It'll run through the fixtures, start something else, and then fail. I'm thinking it may be linked to D2 in Argentina as whenever I click on the 'average points' section on that page, the game will crash in a similar fashion. I've also read other threads of people suffering from a similar issue.

Does anybody have a solution to this so that I can continue with the game I am already playing? We all know how attached we get to our teams.
I read one suggestion that suggested messing with the save game editor so that all the teams in that D2 are marked at certain reserve leagues, but it was unclear and my monkeying around with it has yielded no results (on a side note, it's particularly irksome that there is mention of this league in the notes for the final si patch - seems they didn't fix it properly).