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  1. Tutorial: Editing a CMScout shortlist for use in-game
  2. Tutorial - Running JohnLocke's Software Without the List
  3. Video Tutorial - Changing Player Restrictions
  4. Video Tutorial - System Memory Error
  5. Tutorial: How to take a screenshot
  6. Tutorial - How to update the game on your MAC
  7. Tutorial: Finding the hidden CM folder on Vista and Windows 7
  8. Tutorial: Speeding Up Championship Manager Without Using The Tapani Patch
  9. Tutorial: Manual Promotion & Relegation
  10. Tutorial : Installing CM01/02 on a Mac
  11. Tutorial: How to enable compatibility
  12. Tutorial: How to add B Teams
  13. Tutorial: New League Replacement Guide
  14. Tutorial: Inserting Player Histories
  15. Tutorial: Players and staff inserting tool
  16. Tutorial - Editing the Pundit-file
  17. Tutorial: how to swap in-game icons
  18. Tutorial: Running CM on Ubuntu/Xubuntu
  19. Tutorial - taking screenshots, resizing images and uploading images
  20. Tutorial - Installing CM0102 on Windows 8
  21. Tutorial - How To Patch Your Exe Using Flex 2
  22. Tutorial: Competition renaming
  23. Video Tutorial - Install and update CM0102 without disc
  24. Tutorial - How to get set up to play network games
  25. Sharing Tactics/Save Games to use in Network Games
  26. Tutorial - Windows 10 User Account Controls
  27. Tutorial - How to install Saturn's patch step by step
  28. Tutorial - How to convert AI Tactics
  29. Tutorial: Changing League Structures (with DDraw.dll)
  30. Tutorial - How to install CM0102 on Android (posted 15/09/19)
  31. Tutorial: Unable to Initialise the Graphics in Windowed Mode (Fix)
  32. How to install and run the game (for dummies)