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30-11-17, 11:14 AM
Can anyone help?
I use to play Champ manager 00/01 as well as 01/02 on my old laptop no problem until it broke. I now have a new laptop and although the game installed without a hitch.
As soon as i attempt to play the game or save it a message appears not enough memory. I've not connected to the Internet and nothing else is running on my laptop so I don't understand why the game won't play. Help please I'm lost without my CM fix lol.

30-11-17, 10:43 PM
Check the tech support section mate, it's a common problem for people on 01/02, and it'll be the same solution for 00/01.

01-12-17, 03:51 PM
Running it on compatibility mode for Windows XP and/or as Administrator?

Cam F
03-12-17, 09:15 AM

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Think this might be on the wrong thread, on the wrong forum, on the wrong planet. Do you have a problem with the memory error?

13-07-20, 12:34 PM
It's a bot mate, I've banned the account assumed it would have deleted the post as well so will do that now.