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29-12-17, 03:45 PM
champman0102.co.uk Awards - 2017

Oh, yes! It's that time of the year again!

Please put forward your nominations for each category via Private Message. Please only cast just ONE vote PER category by way of a Private Message.

Please send your ONE vote PER category to me via Private Message!

The voting will run up to 8th January and then I will tally up the votes and announce the results!

As last year, each winner of a category will win a one year subscription to all VIP privileges!.

The categories ARE:

Most Blatant Post Booster
Most Improved Poster
Best Thread
Best Thread Starter
Most Intelligent
Best Newbie
Funniest Poster
Member Of The Year
Best Staff
Best Foreigner
Post Of The Year
Moment Of The Year
Best Story

I will also choose the 'Hall of Fame Inductee' where the winner will be a permanent VIP!

Good luck to you all!


03-01-18, 06:01 PM

Don't forget to send me your votes if you haven't already done so! Deadline is the 8th January.

05-01-18, 01:48 PM

Still haven't had many PMs with votes for the awards, 3 days to go guys!

05-01-18, 02:25 PM
Worth banging on social media?

Unlikely maybe if they are not already on the site but may help bring a few more votes in?

09-01-18, 11:06 AM

I've extended the deadline to Friday as I've only had 9 members submitting their votes.

09-01-18, 11:07 AM
Worth banging on social media?

Unlikely maybe if they are not already on the site but may help bring a few more votes in?

Nah, I don't think it's worth putting this on social media itself given it's about the community.

09-01-18, 12:53 PM

That's outrageous.

Come on lads...Pull your fingers out!!

I've got the disappointment of missing out in every category riding on this!! :pound:

09-01-18, 01:48 PM
Assume if people are unsure who to vote for in "x" they should still send you who they would like to vote in others anyway? Maybe a few people are holding back because of that?

09-01-18, 03:02 PM
a "vote for whatever category you want" message might indeed help. Good call.

09-01-18, 06:36 PM
Assume if people are unsure who to vote for in "x" they should still send you who they would like to vote in others anyway? Maybe a few people are holding back because of that?

This is why I havenít. Iíve tried to post more, especially in the scouting and I started a story but I donít have enough exposure to vote on all categories

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Craig Forrest
09-01-18, 09:21 PM
Hell, I've been here since the beginning and I didn't vote in all categories either.... just vote where you can :ok:

10-01-18, 01:38 PM
Hell, I've been here since the beginning and I didn't vote in all categories either.... just vote where you can :ok:

That's it. Just vote for me and be done!

12-01-18, 11:49 AM
champman0102.co.uk Awards - 2017

The time has come at long last... The www.champman0102.co.uk Awards for 2017!

First of all, thanks to all those who took the time to cast their votes for each category. We didn't get a great response at first but after extending the deadline, the submissions started to trickle in. Thanks too to those who simply voted for themselves or their own threads in some of the categories :rolleyes: Needless to say, they have been discounted!

As always, our community here has been absolutely fantastic and I'm delighted to see that we're still going strong despite the advance of social media. Statistically, we've dropped from attracting 2475 new members in 2016 to 2352 which isn't a massive difference (-123) whilst the count of new posts has also gone down from 46,652 in 2016 to 40,909 in 2017. However, the number of new threads created in 2017 (592) has increased from 539 created in 2016. Interestingly, we also set a new record for the most amount of members online on the 12th December when 2219 accounts were logged into the site.

Without further ado, let's crack on and find out who has won our categories for the champman0102.co.uk awards - 2017!

Category 1 - Most Blatant Post Booster
Previous Winners: info0, Fods (x3), m0ri, Champman01/02, BeezerCeltic1967.

We kick off with the 'Most Blatant Post Booster' award which is perhaps a tag that nobody truly wants to achieve! We've certainly had plenty of votes here with nominations being put forth for 316sregen, azmaster, GFRay, PedroM, Redknapp69 and samsami. But the winner is a member who has won this category before and it's the YouTube music man, info0!

Category 2 - Most Improved Poster
Previous Winners: BobMem, Fabbs, Jesus, Dermotron, Lee, Brian, Fods (x2).

Here we are, a category that you definitely wouldn't mind winning! The 'Most Improved Poster' signifies someone who has certainly played their part in keeping the community alive having previously been either slightly annoying or just inactive. Some names have cropped up with AJ, Andrea71, pyromyst and samsami receiving nominations. evesham was also a contender for the award but it goes deservedly goes to GFRay!

Category 3 - Best Thread
Previous Winners: Screenshots, "Are you fuc@ing kidding me?", FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, BABES BABES BABES (x2), Albert Van Bevan and the great Nigerian scam, Auction Fantasy Football Premier League Discussion 2016/17.

Always a tough category to choose from given that there are just so many threads throughout the forums to choose from. The 'Screenshots' thread was mentioned as a nomination which won this category in the past whilst votes were also cast for 'The Great Comeback: A Dutch Football Story', 'Dream Team League', 'A good sport "The story of Boa Esporte" from Brazil' and 'In the absence of the shout box'. In the end, the winner was between two nominations with CM Vipers missing out in favour of 'The Alphabet Game #3 - April 2017 Data Update (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=9589)', a game for our community to play with the April 2017 Data Update which reached 41 pages!

Category 4 - Best Thread Starter
Previous Winners: Mark (x4), Bevchenko (x4).

Mark and Bevchenko have both shared the award for 'Best Thread Starter' in the past eight years, recognising their efforts in keeping the game alive with topics to evoke discussion. Indeed, both did receive nominations to win the award again this year along with ebfatz, GFRay and pyromyst. But the winner of the award this year goes to ZanSnake who has undoubtedly been awarded for his efforts in the Stories section as well as his postings in the shoutbox!

Category 5 - Most Intelligent
Previous Winners: JohnLocke (x3), Tapani, Alan (x2), saturn (x2).

A category of famous names at champman0102.co.uk and an honour to be recognised as intelligent by their peers. AJ, Andrea71, Craig Forrest, Mark and trunky have all been nominated for the award but one member has won this category by an absolute landslide and deservedly so. Winning the award for a third time in a row, saturn is recognised once again for his ground breaking efforts in following up Tapani's work in patching in releasing his own patches in 2017 to bring a sense of realism to the one and only game that we all love.

Category 6 - Best Newbie
Previous Winners: Nikolayov, wato20, Topofthekop, Royce Gracie, Ruben, faz44, Papalzru, PilgrimPete.

So who is the 'Best Newbie' in 2017. It's always a tough one given that we don't get too many members who burst on the scene and actually remain on the scene. There were some interesting nominations for Andrea71, baw, Felix, PedroM and The Porridge Flo; all worthy nominations indeed! But the winner was clear given that he hadn't been a prominent member of the forums in the past and has really thrown himself into the community. It can be none other than GFRay!

Category 7 - Funniest Poster
Previous Winners: ozRooster (x2), Haniel, GoofyZ, Lee, Alan, Fods, trunky (x2).

Humour is an integral part of our forums with plenty within the community capable of drawing a laugh and a chuckle with their posts. AJ, Bevchenko, Craig Forrest, info0, Redknapp69 and ZanSnake were all mooted for the award but can anyone see beyond trunky? Sometimes it seems his only ambition is to add a comedic element on the site and that's why he has won the award for a third time in a row!

Category 8 - Member of the Year
Previous Winners: Mark, Fods (x2), Craig Forrest, Beezer,Celtic1967, Dermotron, saturn, Redknapp69.

'Member of the Year', a fine achievement where plenty of popular names have picked up the award in the past. Who has been a key man in the community in 2017? There were certainly lots of potential names to consider and nominations were cast for And1, CMCZ, ebfatz and saturn but it was a close one between two members in particular. Denying GFRay three awards on the day is Redknapp69 and I have to personally say that it is hugely deserved. Not only does Redknapp69 get involved where he can but he also does a lot of work through our eBay account in dealing with our buyers there and it has always been appreciated so hopefully winning this award for a second time in a row shows that.

Category 9 - Best Staff
Previous Winners: Dermotron (x3), Fodster, Mark (x2), FranzFerdinand, milo.

Another honourable category as we look at who has been the best member of staff behind the scenes. It's actually a tough one to judge for the public given they can't always appreciate the hard work that goes on but they certainly do have a fair idea. Baz, CMCZ, Craig Forrest, ebfatz, Mark and Redknapp69 were all nominated but it was another award where there is a clear winner. It's the man who runs the update team and ensures things are ticking over nicely behind the scenes as the team continue their hard work as ever on our data updates. Congratulations Dermotron, you pick up this award for a fourth time!

Category 10 - Best Foreigner
Previous Winners: info0, ozRooster, Patinoz, merkezekrem, Craig Forrest (x3), Kubano1984, AJ.

You'd be amazed at how many people have decided to consider Irish member as 'foreign'. Is that Brexit's fault? :D Nominations were put forth for colml and Erkifino from the Emerald Isle but also for And1, CMCZ, Craig Forrest, Felix, and GFRay. The winner will be joining Craig Forrest with multiple awards and it's AJ who grabs it!

Category 11 - Post of the Year
Previous Winners: Insert Faces (Fods), Photoshopped Alan (Craig Forrest), Rant at Fods (Pasquale), Churky Makes Punishment (Pasquale), You may need some lube for that (colml), Gaffer's Alive (trunky), Patch 2.21.1+ v2 (saturn).

A tough category indeed as you need to think about which posts have been worthy of a mention, particularly if you actually made the effort to put forth a nomination for the award. We had seven nominations altogether with votes for The Great Comeback: A Dutch Football Story (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=10137&page=6) (AJ/GFRay/samsami), Ultimate Managers League (https://champman0102.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=314) (GFRay), Real Madrid Joke (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=364&page=76&p=341033#post341033) (CMCZ), October 2017 Data Update Release (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=10040&p=364184#post364184) (CM 01/02 Update Team), Patch +v4 (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=10079) (saturn), ABBA (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=9815&p=352318#post352318) (Erkifino) and Dutch News (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=10137&page=6&p=370855#post370855) (CMCZ).

Deciding a winner was incredibly tough but we've opted for Erkifino as we discussed the introduction of the new penalty system!

Category 12 - Moment of the Year
Previous Winners: Return of Mark as the owner, WelshRed taking over the website, the split of the CM 01/02 Update Team, the Michael Jackson debate, the Return of Tapani, Saturn's Jobs Abroad Fix, Tribute To Chapecoense/

Well, what's happened that has been significant to the website in the past 12 months? Five moments were discussed as votes were cast for saturn releasing v4 of his patch, the introduction of a Data Extractor, GFRay starting up the Ultimate Managers League and even Felix's 'overspending' of Martial in the Fantasy Football Draft! But one moment in particular certainly got the community talking as Fods was handed a permanent ban after one incident too many, an overwhelming vote for the award!

Category 13 - Best Story
Previous Winners: Are You The Next - Series 4 (wato20), Are You The Next - Series 3 (wato2), A to Z (The Eejit), 25 Years of Hurt or Glory (Mark), Are You The Next - Series 5 (wato20), It's Fergie Time (The Eejit), The Pozzo Model (loyal_royal1), His Last Bow (samsami).

As ever, we have been entertained by numerous stories over the past year and five stories in particular have been put forth to win this category:

Jack to a King? Ė A Swansea City Story (Redknapp69) (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=9866)
A good sport "The story of Boa Esporte" from Brazil (fry78) (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=8873)
Home is where the Hearts is (jdgmedia) (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=8420)
The Great Comeback: A Dutch Football Story (AJ/GFRay/samsami) (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=10137)

The winner is an author who has carried on his fantastic story writing from 2016 after completing 'His Last Bow'. samsami moved on to a story with Blackburn Rovers, titled 'The comeback of Samsami (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=9072)' which he has recently concluded having gone up to 104 pages!

2017 - Hall of Fame Inductee
Previous Winners: Dermotron, Tapani, Beezer,Celtic1967, JohnLocke, Kingsley.

Now we come to our final and most prestigious award, to be inducted into the 'Hall of Fame'. Only five members have earned the accolade over the years and we will now see a sixth member and a third who has completely changed the dynamics of Championship Manager 2001/2002 thanks to their efforts in programming. We have sorely missed Tapani over the years but saturn has worked incredibly hard to follow his original patches up with his own versions, introducing so many fixes and new features into the game that it has genuinely been like discovering CM 01/02 all over again. Congratulations saturn, it is hugely deserved and long may you continue to release your patches with each data update!

Thank you to those who voted, congratulations to those who have won an award this year and of course, a huge thank you to the rest of you who have been involved in some way at champman0102.co.uk in the past year. Here's to seeing what 2018 has in store for us!

12-01-18, 12:03 PM
congratulations to all the winners, deservedly so :first: But as Jimmy Bullard says "Football is the winner", great community spirit here guys and keeping this awesome game alive, I can't believe I still love this game after sooo many years, thank you all

12-01-18, 01:01 PM
Congrats to all of us!

12-01-18, 01:04 PM
Whahahah. Permanent ban for Fods.

I should have nominated that as Moment of the Year as well.

The way he responds to some newbies could chase them away from this site.

12-01-18, 01:13 PM
The way he responded to some newbies could have chase them away from this site.



12-01-18, 02:35 PM
Well Done and congrats to all the winners.

And thank you to anyone who put my name forward for anything.

12-01-18, 02:45 PM
How could 316'sregen NOT win most blatant post booster? That is beyond me.

Again my name appears on the newbie one despite being here several years? :noidea:

Foreigner is a tough one as everyone is foreign to me, even you english people! and colml whom I voted for deffo is!

As for best moment, I feel glad I nominated Fods getting banned but thought you may have looked upon it as a joke. I think I nominated Nurishi's stir causing last year. :nod:
And overspending on Martial as moment of the year? You mean a player that has more points to his name than the likes of Eriksen, Gabriel Jesus, Morata, Vardy, Manť, Rooney, Lacazette, Pogba, Pedro, Zaha, Sanchez and Mata. :confused:

12-01-18, 03:45 PM
Us Irish are definitely foreigners, and don't think otherwise!

And you probably guess Felix, I voted for the Martial moment :P. It's ok tho coz I voted for you for best foreigner too :D

12-01-18, 03:58 PM
I know who I am voting for as newb of the year next season :)

12-01-18, 04:31 PM
Here's to seeing what 2017 has in store for us!

Do you mean 2018 Marko? :lol:

Nice one to all that voted :ok:

A big :high5: to all those that were deservedly nominated

Congrats to all those that "took home" an award :first:

Honoured to receive one myself :love: :yo: :humble: :)

What a cracking place this is :grouphug:

12-01-18, 04:51 PM
Indeed I do!

12-01-18, 07:10 PM
Took home 2 awards and nominated for some others. Thanks everyone who nominated and voted for me! :)

I'm grateful for the honours and like Redders already said: THIS COMMUNITY IS AMAZING! :grouphug:

And of course congratz to all the other winners!

Cheers! :ok:

12-01-18, 07:12 PM
Congrats to all the winners, thoroughly deserved.

12-01-18, 07:34 PM
Mega Congrats to all our Winners.
Top Blokes , all of you.

12-01-18, 08:10 PM
Sheee-it. Now I'm just embarrassed :redface: I didn't nominate or vote... I've been pretty absent these days. Barely a spare minute, but for good reasons. Thanks for the nominations and the votes. Will try to get on more in 2018.

Congrats to the nominees and winners, and commiserations to those who missed out!

12-01-18, 08:44 PM
Very harsh on info0, he hardly had 10 posts outside the rock music thread in 2017 :lol:

12-01-18, 10:49 PM
Sheee-it. Now I'm just embarrassed :redface: I didn't nominate or vote... I've been pretty absent these days. Barely a spare minute, but for good reasons. Thanks for the nominations and the votes. Will try to get on more in 2018.

Congrats to the nominees and winners, and commiserations to those who missed out!

But all your votes would have come my way though right?! ;)

13-01-18, 03:20 PM
But all your votes would have come my way though right?! ;)

Certainly buddy! :ok:

13-01-18, 03:44 PM
Very harsh on info0, he hardly had 10 posts outside the rock music thread in 2017 :lol:

I think his SB activity must have swung it :lol:

14-01-18, 01:16 PM
Congratulations to all winners (and a big thank you to everyone who nominated me)!

16-01-18, 07:06 AM
Great write-up Mark!

Thanks to all who voted for me and congrats to all the other winners.

21-01-18, 07:01 PM
I won an award :D

Cheers guys :P Hoping i can have a better '18 then '17 to see me around more :ok:

23-01-18, 11:02 PM
I, like Erk, didn't vote but I won't lie to you all and say it was because I have a really busy life what with the job, the car tax running out, the garden needing sorting, the missus constantly in my ear about that decorating I haven't done yet etc etc etc but will say I couldn't be bothered.

I have also gone through this years posts with a fine tooth comb, whatever that is, and I have found nothing of comedic value in any of my musings. Not a sausage.

It means that my serious posts were taken as a joke.

So thanks for that.

You bastards.

24-01-18, 09:17 PM
Also congrats to everyone else who won :D

And cheers for the other nomination too :ok: