View Full Version : Network Game Start Up

17-01-18, 02:26 PM
Hello to anyone interested,

I'm looking to get a regular network game going, I play with the latest Database and believe the only patches I have downloaded are Tapani 2.21.1 Patch and the Competition Renaming Patch 1.42.

I am very much a rookie but have played via hamachi a few times, would probably be better if a more experienced player could host but if not please join on my hamachi group ID 357-519-472 and the password is champ1.

Preferably no WibWob tactics, look forward to getting something going.


30-01-18, 05:30 PM
Myself and igorkrstovic have started a new network game with the October Update -

Me struggling just off relegation with Swansea & Igor sitting comfortably mid table with Newcastle.

We are currently in November in the first season so anyone interested in joining you are welcome.