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18-01-18, 11:16 PM
A few years ago I started collecting stadium pictures with the goal of having ALL playable teams in the game with a decent picture since I think it adds so much atmosphere and life to the game. I worked on and off on this and there is still many teams to go but despite being very picky I managed to collect a lot of stadiums pics, mostly high quality. They are all in this pack, merged with some player, stadiums and comp pics from milos brilliant 2015-2016 pack so all the credit for those pictures go to him. Also there is many other pics created by Kubz, Cam F and others I don't know in here, as well as many pics from the old series and other random pics I collected. I just copied my current pictures folder which contains all pictures I like and I'll post it here for anyone who might be interested since I myself don't really have time to complete this project any time soon.

It's not a complete pack by any means so if anyone wants to keep working on it and add more stadium pics to those teams which are without one then please go ahead and feel free to post it here or do whatever you want with it.

The pack works best with the latest update. Hope you enjoy it.


19-01-18, 12:31 PM
Great job,

In the package you've shared,
I noticed that there are some wallpapers missing from the entry "[NATIONS]"....
to complete this entry you can add the package I've previously created to this link:

I hope I've helped you