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19-01-18, 03:34 PM
To what extent does the Creativity/Vision attribute affect a player's performance? Is it only good for creating chances for his teammates and getting assists, or is it a more general thing?

I have always assumed it's only good for passing, but recently I noticed my MC was scoring numerous easy goals because he was always there for the rebound. I looked him up in Graeme Kelly's editor and his Vision was through the roof (90 now). Maybe there's a connection.

Kenny Dalglish's Smile
23-01-18, 01:58 PM
See my post in the Natural Born Freaks thread. I think it depends on what other stats he has so you can get different profiles of high creativity players. I also think where you play them has a big implication for their output. I mentioned in that thread that I would expect a player with that profile to make a lot of attempted passes, but in my experience this becomes much more likely if you play them at DMC instead of MC. Probably passing style for the team affects that also.

My assumption has been that MCs who score a lot tend to have a high off-the-ball score but your idea about creativity is interesting.