View Full Version : Who are/where peoples favourite CM3/CM 98/99 players?

26-02-18, 02:07 PM
Trip down memory lane/Current favourites from for anyone still playing like me! It could be sentimental players, players you always buy, players you play you keen playing even as they fade in stats and age.

I play lower down the leagues with Dover so my players are normally ones from the start.

-Stuart Irvine-Free transfer-AM/FC RC-
-Michael Duff-Cheltenham-DMR-
-Byron Glasgow-Free Transfer-AMRLC
-Stuart Brightwell-Free Transfer-AMR
-Scott Huckerby-Telford-AM/F LC
-Stuart Watkins-Cheltenham-SC
-Pablo Pinones-Arce-Swedish AM/F RLC
-Tommy Holmes-Free Transfer-D/RLC
-Gareth Graham-Free Transfer D/MC
-Kevin Mofid-Woking- DC

I had a soft spot for 41 year old Clive Walker AM/FC RLC free transfer

Later I would buy players like Dime Kuzev, Tonton, John Pelu, Marek Szmid, Matthew Etherington, Sigporrson, Andrew Mainwaring!

Cam F
04-03-18, 05:34 PM
Diego Maradona free transfer pa 200 and God like stats.

Marco negri
Roberto Baggio
Roberto mancini
Ally mccoist
Mo Johnston
Richard gough
Andy townsend
Paul Gascoigne
Paul mcgrath
Ian rush
Peter Beardsley
Matthias summer
Kael-heinz riedle

04-03-18, 11:20 PM
I can't remember which exact editions these players were brilliant on as it's been about 20 years since I last played it.

Daniel Montenegro averaged over 9 throughout a season for me playing in the hole for Marseille. Awesome player. Glen Larsen was a top striker. Scored bags of goals.

04-03-18, 11:22 PM
Marko Rehmer was a superb DC too.

05-03-18, 05:52 PM