View Full Version : Different screen resolutions within network game

11-03-18, 05:18 PM
I'm hoping someone somewhere can help. Since i've been on this site, I've always managed to get an answer somehow, whether it be scrolling through countless old threads, or be it a generous member taking their time and trouble to help.
Me and my friend have been playing online via Hamachi for years. Its our escape from the world and we spend a couple of hours each week playing. Recently we both got new windows 10 laptops, and after several months of playing around, finally got it to work on our own laptops, so we could play 1 player games. No problems at all with Hamachi, and have made sure we have the same settings, resolutions etc. using the various patches.
The problem is though, doesn't matter who is hosting, the others screen is completely seemingly zoomed in, making it impossible to play. I'm at a loss how to fix it as its obviously something to do with the screen setup, but how is this occurring if we have the same settings for everything??. Any ideas, anyone??
Thanks in advance

14-03-18, 12:01 PM
Moved this here as a Network Game aficionado might spot it and know the answer