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20-04-18, 06:39 PM
Hey guys! I'm new to the forum. Big Liverpool fan, and a long time lover of this game. I've currently got it as up to date as possible, and currently doing phases on the editor. Doing players like Phil Jones is fucking painful haha! Anyway, with the World Cup just around the corner now, I was wondering what your own starting 11's would look like, to see how much they differ from one and other? Taking for granted that Southgate is going to play the 5-3-2 formation of sorts he seems keen on, I'd go for something like this:





Rose and Wilshere's place in the team will depend on whether they can stay fit until the end of the season. If I was going with a front three I'd have Rashford in, but don't feel his form for United this season has exactly demanded a place in the 11. I like Harry Maguire and aren't too fussed at all between him and Dier, but as Dier has more experience I went with him, although as a defender and not a defensive midfielder. I've seen roadkill move quicker so for me that's not a bad thing! There isn't much in it between Rose or Bertrand really, though at his best Rose is the better of the two. Thoughts?

20-04-18, 08:16 PM

Good man being a Liverpool fan :ok:

Is this what my thoughts are on what England team should be or what I think Southgate will pick?

20-04-18, 08:48 PM
I'd have Maguire over Dier, and Rose hasn't played enough football to justify a starting position. I'd personally have Albrighton at left wing back, but Southgate would never call him up.

You have to have Henderson in that team.

Agree with the rest.

20-04-18, 09:16 PM
Pickford has had a shocking season but there's not much better out there to be fair.

Kyle Walker should be nowhere near playing as a centre back. Very attacking midfield three as well.

No idea who I would pick. The regulars or people you'd expect (Rose, Shaw, Cahill, Butland etc) are out of form currently.
Players like Loftus-Cheek, Abraham, Pope, Sessegnon, Alexander-Arnold haven't had enough games in the senior team and you don't know how they'd cope at a World Cup.

20-04-18, 09:56 PM
I hope you get to the final then lose - can't have England winning it again :)

He'll prob play 532 but I'll just give my thoughts on 442 formation

GK - you're fooked! Hart could be a good tourist but he can't be trusted now no matter how good he'd be with other GK's. I'm not convinced by Butland. Pickford has small hands - END OF. Forster could have got the spot locked down but can't even get on Saints bench which says it all! Pope?! No idea and I have no preference. Really not ideal you don't have any great options!

RB - Walker all day long - been on :flame: this season. Good options in reserve with Trippier (don't think he's top class though), Clyne short of game time but he's 7/10 if you want that. I'd love to see TAA called up as on form and versatile. If he plays, and plays well v Roma in CL S/F he could well get a spot on the plane

LB - Used to have a load of options but none on form! Rose best of the bunch now. I would have had Sessegnon in the squad by know though and see how he would have done in training and some friendlies

DC - Maguire done well for me this season and been assured when playing for England (not withstanding the "pen" he gave away). Would imagine Stones will get the other spot but again he doesn't really float my boat. Weird Smalling has been completely binned

MC - Hendo HAS to be in this team. Big difference when he plays for Pool. Keeps ball moving fast and doesn't get credit for the forward passes he does make. Against the shite teams then you can play a more attacking midfilelder hough. Shame Lallana had injury ravaged season as he was England's darling last year. Can't argue with Lingard this year who's done well and find great positions

DM - Dier if you want someone to sit there in bigger games. hendo will do the DM job against the shite easy enough for you though

MC/MR - Oxlade Chambo prob one of the men on form. Carries the ball really well, more confident having a pop now and cracking work rate. Wilshere has been very good when playing but can you trust him to be in your first XI with injury record?

ML - Sterling - all day long in the team wherever you put him. Has improved under Pep

FC - Kane is a stick on

FC - Depends who you are playing really. Vardy has been banging them in most of the season. Maybe Alli although he's not had that good a season. I like Rashford even though he's had feck all game time. Welbeck always does well for England!

MIght have missed a load of players but guess it depends on opposition really - few key areas you're lacking though (GK, CM, DC)

20-04-18, 10:25 PM
I'd probably plump for Trippier at right back. Plays very well for Spurs.
Very good going forward and a better crosser than Walker. Knows Kanes game and the runs he will make as well. Not bad defensively either which will be needed later on in the comp.

22-04-18, 06:03 PM
GK - Pickford - Form doesn't lie, Everton are doing better than Stoke and Butland not at 100%. Hart shouldn't have a chance whatsoever.
DR - Walker first choice, Tripper excellent understudy.
DL - Haven't a clue, who gets enough game time at the moment? Bertrand in a relegation team so got to be Rose? Cresswell should have been given a run too.
DC x2 - I like Maguire, think he has the edge over the likes of Tarkowski. Jones/Smalling not good enough imo, but if pushed I'd choose the latter. Stones not reliable enough in my book either. Tarkowski/Mawson too inexperienced. Cahill not had enough game time.
DMC x2 - Dier/Henderson. Should switch between these two imo, or possibly play both to offer more steel?
Midfield 3 - Sterling/Oxlade-Chamberlain are the two who should definitely start every game imo. Lingard/Alli to share duties between them. I think it's too late for Wilshere personally but Southgate will do a Hodgson and call him in.
Striker - Kane. I'd be playing Kane for an hour then bring Vardy on for the last 30 against tired legs.

I do think Southgate is doing a good job so far though, he's not afraid to make some big calls and he's tried to inject the team with more pace and movement than we've had in the past 5-10 years.

22-04-18, 08:46 PM
Tell you what - Ashley Young is a shout for LB?

Been rather good for Man U this season there?

Agree that Southgate has done well so far - speaks well in interviews also

22-04-18, 09:06 PM
If we are chucking Young in, Delph has to be considered for left back.

27-04-18, 08:45 AM
If we are chucking Young in, Delph has to be considered for left back.

Indeed. And as cover for other positions. Been very good in DM for us this season as well.

I would go with...

5-3-2 with wing backs






27-04-18, 09:55 AM
Chamberlain out of the World Cup. Gutted for him as I think he may have been a starter for England.

27-04-18, 10:58 AM
Yup, a bit of a blow. He's one of those who can't stay injury free for very long and therefore can't seem to fulfil his potential.