View Full Version : TOURNAMENT #107 - Mini Golf

18-06-18, 11:31 AM
As the winner of Tournament #106, Mark has opted to add a new game to the Classic Arcade for our next tournament.

Please register to participate in this tournament here (http://champman0102.co.uk/arcade.php?&do=viewtourney&tid=119).

Eight players are required and you will have three attempts to get the highest score.

The winner will then be able to select a game for the next tournament whether it be one of the existing games within the Arcade or a new one that will be added to our collection from this website: https://www.ibpdownloads.com/ipb/index.php?app=arcade.

The winner will also win 100 vCash added to their current stash for 0102Bet.

19-06-18, 11:00 AM
Sorry guys, I've just realised that I set up the wrong game for this tournament. It was iDots :lol:

I've created it again so you'll have to re-register if you had signed up to the original.

20-06-18, 09:18 AM
The 12th and 15th holes are a bitch!

20-06-18, 10:04 AM
17th killed me, 10 shots!! is high score or low score the winner :confused: :lol:

20-06-18, 10:23 AM
It's high score as it's worked out using arcade score rather than by your score card.

30-06-18, 01:32 PM
feck - DQ'd as I forgot and life got in the way - not sure I would have beaten Mark's score anyway