View Full Version : How to play with Messi?

08-07-18, 04:42 PM
Hello everyone, I didn't know where to post that so I decided to create a topic (if it's a bad move sorry).

I had the chance to sign Messi on a free transfer (34 years old but won the most recent Ballon d'Or with a brilliant season) but I'm having troube playing with him. I'm with Schalke 04 and I'm doing fine with them both in League and Champions League so I don't have any issues "in general". However, Messi isn't shinning at all. I usually play in 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 and I've been trying him everywhere (AMC, FW, Right Wing...)...

For the stats:

Do you have any advice about his natural position/ tactics/ strategy I should follow to make him more efficient?


08-07-18, 05:00 PM
Up front on his own. Perhaps just run with ball and forward runs.

08-07-18, 05:33 PM
Ask Misses Messi.