View Full Version : Tactic tips

28-10-18, 05:57 PM
Any cheat tactic for CM 93??

Thanks for any answers

15-12-18, 07:29 PM
yes just play 3-4-3 and you will win nearly every game

16-12-18, 01:37 PM
sorry wrong info 3-3-1-3

01-07-19, 11:03 AM
Offensive tactics worked always better, I played in Italian league with 3-3-4 and scored far over 100 goals every season when being most conceding team too :D my scores were like 5-2 when other scores mostly 1-0 and 0-0.

19-04-20, 03:31 PM
3-3-1-3 with everyone central is the cheat tactic. You'll almost always get over 100 points in the league + will often win the european cup.

Oh and pick up Nick Barmby, Paul Warhurst, Don Hutchison, Nigel Clough if you can!