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09-12-18, 08:36 AM
Hello everyone, I'm starting this project to make the biggest imagedatabase in the history of the page. Each team takes two hours to complete and check, there are several tutorials in the forum to create backgrounds. If someone wants to collaborate, be welcome.

I accept contributions from the English Premier League. I will leave ahead with a sample of the work with 33 Liverpool players.

The main idea is that this becomes a forum project, where we all participate, and thus achieve in a short time complete the game.

https://www.mediafire.com/file/9mvz4m608pj10r7/Liverpool2018.zip/file (Liverpool 2018)

Manchester United


10-12-18, 01:03 AM

Manchester City 2018


12-03-19, 04:48 AM
Just got around to reading this,tried the pic file of the Man.City players(works well)....I've been updating/improving my own Pictures folder for years(done a lot of the European countries,some South American and almost all the british teams)...I've never been interested in the players pics in all honesty as I'm more of a stadium/trophy/team badge or logo kind of guy!...If I can be of help with this let me know.....:drum::drum::drum:

04-05-19, 05:13 PM
Hope to see more background from you :pizza:

05-05-19, 06:30 PM
Ya no me encuentro con tiempo para actualizar, la verdad el que no haya feedback hizo que desestime el proyecto, ya que era una tarea colosal para una sola persona.


I no longer have time to update, the truth is that there is no feedback made to dismiss the project, as it was a colossal task for one person.