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CMSG Ltd (Championship Manager Sports Group Limited) is a sports based international investment fund. It works similar to the well known MSI group where the company owns rights to certain players and sells those rights on to interested sports clubs. Most famously they loaned Carlos Tevez to Manchester United over a 2 years period spanning 2007-09 where he helped United win an array of trophies including the English Premier League and the Champions League.

CMSG Ltd owns the rights to an array of managerial talent that are waiting in the wings to prove themselves to prospective employers. Previously, CMSG Ltd had been given the permission to take the reigns at Notts County with a wide range of managers taking to the helm of the oldest football club in the world that transformed form them from League Two minnows to Champions of Europe in a matter of 8 seasons.

Backed by unknown investments from across the globe, rumours are rife that CMSG Ltd corperation will be venturing back into the football world with media speculating that the group will pop up in the lower echelons of the Italian leagues.

It works like this

A game will be set-up of CM 01/02 March Update 2009 (Untapanified) consisting of the 5 main European leagues England, Italy, Holland, Germany and Spain.
Normal database will be used to reduce the game size as well as the miniumum storage for matches (5000).
Various forum members who have signed up will take control of the teams, one at a time.
Each participant has a week (7) days at most to complete one season only. If they haven't completed it by that time, the next guy inline will pick up the save game from the previous participant
When the season is effectively over (last game of the season or end of May works well), the person in the hot seat must save and upload it for the next player.
If CMSG Ltd are sacked whoever is responsible has to own up to their inadequacy post their progress, and the next person takes over at that point, until the end of the NEXT season. Therefore they will be playing for longer than 12 months and applies to domestic jobs only.

Players must read and stick to the rules set out below.

Thanks to Shaun for the logo

by Rossinho

21-04-12, 02:15 PM

Rules for playing the game

When it’s your turn:

Each player will control the club for a maximum of one season at a time.
Your season should be completed within 7 days, but everyone is encouraged to be as quick as they can. This thread requires a good momentum to keep the story going.
You must use compressed saving. This reduces the size of the file, hence upload/download times.
Please use auto save. It’s disappointing when people lose their game and have to replay or give up.
You must be using the latest available patch (3.9.68) and an untapanified version of your game.
Everyone has other commitments. If you feel you can’t complete the season, please let us know so we can work out how best to progress. You will most likely go back of the list
When you’re finished:
The game must be saved after the final game of the season, and no later than May 31.
The save game file must then be uploaded for the next player (using filefront, megaupload or similar)
You DON'T have to stay with the one side, you are free to switch clubs if so desired.
You takeover as the existing manager in the game. Edit the nickname to your username for correct identification

Signing players:

Each manager has a free reign over signings. However, be sensitive in regards to players that other participants have said they like, or who've been at the club a while...be courteous and engage in some conversation before making anything that looks like a big decision. Following the story should identify such players to you as well as PM’s with previous managers if possible.
Please try and cut down your shortlist by the end of the season and only leave players on there that you feel are relevant to the club on your departure. Otherwise, we will be building up pages and pages of possibly useless players.
The next manager is not obliged to sign any bosman signings negotiated by the previous manager and hence has the power to cancel any signings that does not figure in their plans. Remember to check the future transfers page out first!

What’s considered cheating:

No external utilities such as CMScout can be used. This is for fun, the game can be easy enough as it is so there I s no need to flaw the game. Remember that you’re messing it up for others if you use these.
Please do not exploit flaws in the game by offering players who wouldn’t realistically join the club month to month contracts or hijacking bids for any players who may be on loan to your club.
Downloaded tactics may not be used. Each player should create their own tactics for their team. It's not meant to be easy and does of course give you greater bragging rights when you do well.

Rules of the thread

This is an interactive thread for dedicated forum members who take a keen interest in the ups and downs of CMSG Ltd. Therefore if you're taking part:

One post per season. You can make this post as long as you like but try to refrain from a complete match-to-match review. Make it a summary and highlight key players, runs, transfers, league positions, cup runs and games if you wish. Anything you think is relevant...and try to back up with some screenshots. Using one post means that I can edit the post below so that readers can navigate themselves to relevant seasons more easily once the story starts to take shape.
At the start of the season, try to provide at least the following: the board's expectations; your OWN expectations; player predictions and players to look out for.
At the end of the season, provide a summary of the season, with screenshots. Also provide some feedback to the next person, with a discussion of which players to keep, sell, and potential signings. Also provide the squad print outs that include Transfers, Fixtures and squad details. The print button for these can be found in the top right corner of the squad screen.

If you want to take part
Just post your interest in the thread. Please head to post #651 (page 22) so I know you've read this far at least.

We are now in the second round of managers 'Passing the Parcel' please read the thread if you want to continue to participate.

How to Post a Screenshot
While in CM, press 'Alt + Prt Sc' buttons (Prt Sc is usually next to F12 on your keyboard).
Open an image editing program such as Paint and paste the image, delete any white bits around the edge
Save the file as a JPEG
Upload the image to an image hosting website such as Photobucket or Imageshack or Tiny Pic.
Post the direct Url to the image here with IMG tags around.

There are a couple of menubars available to use in game should you wish
Shaun's Menubars (http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?3504-CMSG-Ltd-Pass-the-Parcel&p=183798#post183798)
Rossinho's Menubars (http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?3504-CMSG-Ltd-Pass-the-Parcel&p=183798#post183824)

by Rossinho

21-04-12, 02:16 PM
I emailed my CV to CMSG lets see how it goes and also made a few menubars people may like to use when they play

http://img198.imageshack.us/img198/8775/94517544.png http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/8752/81072165.png http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/2108/21348884.png http://img571.imageshack.us/img571/3012/16116782.png http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/5881/69665340.png http://img100.imageshack.us/img100/4797/55493858.png http://img26.imageshack.us/img26/1774/69523695.png http://img534.imageshack.us/img534/908/46033940.png

by Shaun

21-04-12, 02:16 PM
Rumour has it your CV has been accepted Shaun. Nice to have you on board. Great work on the menubars too! Also got a version of my own I'd like to add, will link posts to first post too, good work mate!

http://i44.tinypic.com/2aaee0z.jpg http://i40.tinypic.com/1qmkqc.jpg

by Rossinho

21-04-12, 02:17 PM
Honour Role

2001/02 Rossinho - Pergocrema - 2nd Serie C2A (Promotion via Playoffs) (http://www.champman0102.co.uk/forum/showpost.php?p=59234&postcount=25)
2002/03 Mark - Pergocrema - 5th Serie C1/A (Promotion via Playoffs) (http://www.champman0102.co.uk/forum/showpost.php?p=66503&postcount=58)
2003/04 Noods - Pergocrema - 2nd Serie B (Automatic Promotion) (http://www.champman0102.co.uk/forum/showpost.php?p=68584&postcount=68)
2004/05 Croman - Pergocrema - 18th Serie A (Relegation) (http://www.champman0102.co.uk/forum/showpost.php?p=72129&postcount=76)
2005/06 The Eejit - Pergocrema - 1st Serie B (Champions) (http://www.champman0102.co.uk/forum/showpost.php?p=74985&postcount=104)
2006/07 Jesus - Hereford United - 1st Second Division (Champions); Vans Trophy Runners-Up (http://www.champman0102.co.uk/forum/showpost.php?p=81335&postcount=157)
2007/08 Toon - Hereford United - 12th First Division (http://www.champman0102.co.uk/forum/showpost.php?p=84260&postcount=179)
2008/09 cafcjgreen - Hereford United - 1st First Division (Champions); League Cup Runners-Up (http://www.champman0102.co.uk/forum/showpost.php?p=87000&postcount=204)
2009/10 Churky - Hereford United - 4th Premiership (Champions League Qualification) (http://www.champman0102.co.uk/forum/showpost.php?p=89074&postcount=227)
2010/11 CMAdventurer - Hereford United - 6th Premiership (UEFA Cup Qualification) (http://www.champman0102.co.uk/forum/showpost.php?p=91396&postcount=245)
2011/12 m0ri - Hereford United - 1st Premiership (Champions), UEFA Cup Champions, F.A. Cup Champions (http://www.champman0102.co.uk/forum/showpost.php?p=92603&postcount=283)
2012/13 Mark - SS Lazio - 2nd Serie A (Runners-up); European Cup Champions (http://www.champman0102.co.uk/forum/showpost.php?p=116104&postcount=361)
2013/14 The Eejit - SC Cambuur Leeuwarden - 1st First Division (Champions) (http://www.champman0102.co.uk/forum/showpost.php?p=119328&postcount=376)
2014/15 CMAdventurer - SC Cambuur Leeuwarden - 10th First Division (http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/showpost.php?p=153917&postcount=441)
2015/16 m0ri - SC Cambuur Leeuwarden - 1st First Division (Champions) (http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/showpost.php?p=155224&postcount=452)
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CMSG Ltd's Manager Waiting List

Round 2 managers shortlist

1. Rossinho
2. bugg1887
3. Kenny Dalglish's Smile
4. Merkezekrem
5. highflyingdwarf
6. cafcjgreen
7. Shaun
8. emanon
9. DAB1
10. AMC
11. Toon

From time to time, the game corrupts for a variety of reasons. It can be inexplainable and a complete pain in the arse as some seasons will unfortunately not be included in the CMSG Ltd career. However, the work that was carried out will never be forgotten and honourable mentions will be left here.

2012/13 ZanSnake - ADO Den Haag - 1st Dutch First Division (Champions) (http://www.champman0102.co.uk/forum/showpost.php?p=93136&postcount=312)
2023/24 highflyingdwarf - Ternana - 6th Serie A; European Super Cup Winners; Intercontinental Cup Winners; Italian Cup Runners-Up (http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?3504-CMSG-Ltd-Pass-the-Parcel&p=182923#post182923)

21-04-12, 02:17 PM
Honour Role

2001/02 Rossinho - Pergocrema - 2nd Serie C2A (Promotion via Playoffs)
2002/03 Mark - Pergocrema - 5th Serie C1/A (Promotion via Playoffs)
2003/04 Noods - Pergocrema - 2nd Serie B (Automatic Promotion)
2004/05 Croman - Pergocrema - 18th Serie A (Relegation)
2005/06 The Eejit - Pergocrema - 1st Serie B (Champions)
2006/07 Jesus - Hereford United - 1st Second Division (Champions); Vans Trophy Runners-Up
2007/08 Toon - Hereford United - 12th First Division
2008/09 cafcjgreen - Hereford United - 1st First Division (Champions); League Cup Runners-Up
2009/10 Churky - Hereford United - 4th Premiership (Champions League Qualification)
2010/11 CMAdventurer - Hereford United - 6th Premiership (UEFA Cup Qualification)
2011/12 m0ri - Hereford United - 1st Premiership (Champions), UEFA Cup Champions, F.A. Cup Champions
2012/13 Mark - SS Lazio - 2nd Serie A (Runners-up); European Cup Champions
2013/14 The Eejit - SC Cambuur Leeuwarden - 1st First Division (Champions)
2014/15 CMAdventurer - SC Cambuur Leeuwarden - 10th First Division
2015/16 m0ri - SC Cambuur Leeuwarden - 1st First Division (Champions)
2016/17 BigBadBaz - SC Cambuur Leeuwarden - 10th First Division
2017/18 Rossinho - SC Cambuur Leeuwarden - 1st First Division (Champions)
2018/19 ZanSnake - Ternana - 1st Serie C1/B (Champions)
2019/20 Red9 - Ternana - 10th Serie B
2020/21 Buggy1887 - Ternana - 1st Serie B (Champions)
2021/22 Merkezekrem - Ternana - 4th Serie A (Champions League Qualification)
2022/23 Kenny Dalglish's Smile - Ternana - 2nd Serie A (Runners-Up); European Cup Champions
2023/24 DAB1 - Ternana - 1st Serie A (Champions); Italian Cup Runners-Up; European Super Cup Champions; Intercontinental Cup Champions
2024/25 Mark - Hereford United - 2nd Premiership (Champions League Qualification)
2025/26 The Eejit - Hereford United/Holland - 1st Premiership (Champions); FA Cup Champions/World Cup Qualification
2026/27 CMAdventurer - Hereford United/Holland/Brazil - 2nd Premiership (Runners-Up)/World Cup Quarter Finalists (Holland)
2027/28 Buggy1887 - Hereford United/Brazil - 1st Premiership (Champions); Copa America Champions
2028/29 Kenny Dalglish's Smile - Hertha Berlin/Brazil - 1st German Second Division (Champions); German Cup Champions; World Cup Qualification
2029/30 Merkezekrem - Hertha Berlin/Brazil - 1st German First Division (Champions); UEFA Cup Champions; German Cup Champions; German League Cup Champions; Copa America Runners-Up
2030/31 AMC - Hertha Berlin/Brazil - 1st German First Division (Champions); European Cup Champions; German League Cup Runners-Up; World Cup Champions

From time to time, the game corrupts for a variety of reasons. It can be inexplainable and a complete pain in the arse as some seasons will unfortunately not be included in the CMSG Ltd career. However, the work that was carried out will never be forgotten and honourable mentions will be left here.

2012/13 ZanSnake - ADO Den Haag - 1st Dutch First Division (Champions)
2023/24 highflyingdwarf - Ternana - 6th Serie A; European Super Cup Winners; Intercontinental Cup Winners; Italian Cup Runners-Up

21-04-12, 02:19 PM
Season One - Pergocrema

It had finally been announced. CMSG Ltd were going to be employed by Italian minnows Pergocrema. They had paid the company a rather large amount of money for the initial year ahead which had pretty much crippled the team’s finances. I wasn’t aware on the exact amount that had been paid to CMSG, but what I could see from the notes in front of me was that the club was £133k in debt. I estimated it was probably in the region of £200k, but it was hard to tell. It must have been more than the £30k I was getting. Still I wasn’t complaining, I had been out of the game for a while now and CMSG had offered me a different route back into the managerial community.

When I looked at my job background notes, there wasn’t much description on the town I’d be staying in except that I would be staying in Cremona, of which Pergocrema was a suburb of. I must admit, I was very impressed with the scenery and the apartment I was in over looked the beautiful town centre.


Established in 1932, the football club had a capacity of 3,700, more than enough for Serie C/2A which they were in, and boasted of previous legends that had donned their colours Dario Hubner and Attilo Lombardo. The stadium was falling apart a little, but you couldn’t fault the fans who had given me a great introduction as I was unveiled as the first face of CMSG Ltd.
I wasn’t sure If our fans wore clothes usually, but nonetheless i appreciated the turn out.

Predictions & Expectations
Having paid a rather large amount for CMSG’s services, I was expecting the board to tell me that they expected a title at the very least, but this wasn’t the case. They understood it may take time and urged me to obtain a playoff place. Looking at the squad I wasn't so sure, but I was quietly confident I could atleast gain a 5th place. And so my career at Pergocrema commenced.


With some help from the solitary scout at my disposal and some searching myself, I managed to bring in seven players that were unattached – Pugliese, Doardo, Ceballos, Picard, Espejo, Pinto and Iglesias. They weren’t anything special, but then again, neither was the team I had at my disposal.

There really wasn’t a great deal of talent in the Pergocrema side, but there were a couple of players who I thought may help us through this coming season. Massimo Brambilla, a veteran of Italian football and at the club on arrival looked like the man that could hold my midfield. Even if it could only be 60 minutes, I had felt that his presence would be worthy in this team. The other man was new Luxembourger signing Yves Picard. At 36 and going on 37 he possessed some qualities that I felt might be good enough to see at least one more season out.

http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/6274/brambilla.th.jpg (http://img5.imageshack.us/i/brambilla.jpg/)http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/7051/picarde.th.jpg (http://img29.imageshack.us/i/picarde.jpg/)
Brambilla & Pericard

The Season
I opted for a 4132 formation (non wib/wob http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/tongue.gif) with the Serie C Cup my first games in charge as manager. We won the first 2 games after defeating Pro Sesto (2-1) and then Monza (2-0) before losing to Lumezzane (1-2) and being demolished by Cremonese (2-4). This was going to be a long hard season.

Saying that, we managed to pick up points in our first 4 games before our first loss in the league. Lumezzane undoing us again (2-4). But that was the only loss we incurred in our first 10 games and despite a few draws by the 10 game mark we were sitting in 4th and very much in contention for not only a playoff spot but a Champions spot. During this time, several members of the original squad had become disgruntled that they weren’t getting regular first team football and found themselves transfer listed before being promptly sold. I managed to make £825k out of the player sales and had a approximately £500k at my disposal for reinforcing the side. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anyone good enough interested in playing C2A football that warrented any decent transfer money. Magnani (SC) however did join for £5k from Rieti to bolster my striking options.

http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/781/table10games.th.jpg (http://img6.imageshack.us/i/table10games.jpg/)

We continued our good run of form winning 8 and drawing 2 of next 10 games. We were lucky in some games, but it didn’t matter, we were consistently picking up points and had found ourselves topping the league with a 3 point lead as we passed the half way point of the season.

By this time, January had been and gone and we had some new arrivals at Pergocrema as I finally spent some of the cash I had received a few months back. First in was a Spanish striker, Jordi Tarres, costing a whopping £9k. I know, I was really breaking the bank. But this man had turned out be a steal, repaying me with 2 goals on his debut and a MoM performance. More of him later. The big signing was bringing in Federico Viviani, a solid DC from Pisa. I forked out £190k for this guy and he was instant hit with fans and teammates.

http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/3328/table20games.th.jpg (http://img6.imageshack.us/i/table20games.jpg/)

Tarres continued to show why I he was worth every penny of his massive £9k price tag as he continued to light up Serie C2A with his prolific goalscoring. He scored braces in his first 4 games and had earned himself 5 MoM awards in his first 5 games too. Incredible. But despite this valiant effort from the Spaniard, the team as a whole was struggling. Perhaps it was age. The first 11 averaged 30 with four players the ages of 36, 37, 37 and 39. Either way, we slipped up – 5 times. Como were simply unbeatable as they continued to brush past teams and before long they had found themselves not only top of the league, but also had a nice margin on us too. With 4 games to go Como had secured a playoff place and had a 9 point lead, the title race was over. However, a playoff place was almost a certainty to be on the cards for us as we only need 1 more win from our remaining 4 games.

http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/466/table30games.th.jpg (http://img193.imageshack.us/i/table30games.jpg/)

And that win came, along with 2 more and a draw as we qualified for the playoffs. Mission accomplished. Well, almost still had the playoffs to play.

http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/8808/tablefinal.th.jpg (http://img193.imageshack.us/i/tablefinal.jpg/)

We were drawn against Olbia who we had beaten 4-2 and 2-1 earlier on in the campaign. We only won the first leg by a goal, but came guns blazing in the second and wrapped up a 4-1 win to send us to the final. Could we make it?

http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/4277/playoffsemileg1.th.jpg (http://img38.imageshack.us/i/playoffsemileg1.jpg/)http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/4462/playoffsemileg2.th.jpg (http://img38.imageshack.us/i/playoffsemileg2.jpg/)

We faced Lecco in the final. We had yet to beat Lecco this season having drawn 1-1 away and lost 2-1 at home. Could we beat them in the playoff finals? The first leg at home ended 1-1. Tarres scoring in the first half before Lecco equalised in the second. In the second leg, on loan striker and recently named Serie C2A Player of the Season Tarallo was sent off after 5 minutes. It wasn’t a good start. We now faced Lecco with 10 men for the remaining 85 minutes. 36 minutes in and Tarres had stunned the Lecco crowd, it was 1-0 to Pergocrema! With only 10 men we had the lead. Orders were sent out to sit back and defend which worked well up until the 55th minute when they grabbed an equaliser. We still held tight, counter attacking when possible but playing by new rule “if in doubt, kick it out”. After 90 minutes of full time and 30 minutes of extra time, the game came to a close at 2-2 on aggregate. Our players started celebrating, I was confused. No penalties? Then the fourth official walked over to me and let me know that there was no penalties, the higher seeded team gets promotion! In a moment of madness I planted a kiss on the official’s head proceeded to the mass player pile up that followed the final whistle.

http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/460/playofffinalleg1.th.jpg (http://img18.imageshack.us/i/playofffinalleg1.jpg/)http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/8216/playofffinalleg2.th.jpg (http://img193.imageshack.us/i/playofffinalleg2.jpg/)

That was it, the end of my year contract with Pergocrema with CMSG Ltd. I packed my suitcase in my flat, said goodbye to the staff and fans and headed for the aiport. Whilst waiting for my flight back to England, I mulled the incredible past year over in my head:

“For the majority of the season I had only been working with 22 players and was thankful that there was no major injuries or a mass plague that affected my team. As not predicted, Brambilla and Picard were not major players in my squad. In fact, loan signings Tarallo who bagged 17 goals, and Bonaventure who gained 13 assists were instrumental throughout the season. It would be good to try and get these guys back on loan. Tarres was the coup of the season. At only £9k, he chipped in with 20 goals in his 22 appearances averaging an impressive 8.36.

Viviani and Tarres are perhaps the only 2 players that I would hold onto from the squad that would merit any playing time next season in Serie C1. I haven’t renewed any contracts and several players can therefore be let go for nothing should the next manager not require them. There are no future signings in the pipeline either as there were none that I considered worthy. It won’t be easy for the next guy, as he will now be in a harder division with pretty much the same squad I had – the only difference being that he has £250k plus TV rights money to play with. Best of luck to him."

by Rossinho

21-04-12, 02:20 PM
Season Two - Pergocrema


It was a wet and windy day in the West Midlands in England, despite it being the beginning of summer. Forecasts has predicted that it would be the hottest summer for years in the UK, but boy, were they wrong!

I'd spent last night cycling around the local town, trying to improve my fitness for the upcoming Sunday League season. I was soaked and this morning, I was feeling the effects of cycling up a particularly steep bank! Muscles aching, I decided to check my emails and the newest email that had arrived in my inbox at 11.34 last night caught my attention. The contact was listed as CMSG Ltd, I recalled writing an application for a management job at their firm sometime last year, but they had appointed a man who goes by the name of Rossinho to the job. Opening the email, I discovered that Rossinho had now completed his year-long appointment with success and that CMSG Ltd had offered me the job for the forthcoming year! The contract was currently tied to Pergocrema, a team in obscurity in the lower leagues of Italian football, but a team that Rossinho had lead to promotion from Serie C1/B. I thought sod it, I'm gonna go to Italy!


I arrived in Crema, home of Pergocrema and was introduced to the current squad. Before long, I realised that Rossinho had worked wonders to achieve promotion with these bunch of 'footballers'. There were some decent players but there were many old fogeys who I didn't think would have much to offer the club in a new league. I appointed Claudio Ferrante as a coach and we both set about reviewing the squad.

Transfer Activity

To start off with, Massimo Brambilla left to join Lecce on a Bosman, as arranged before the end of the previous season. I also transfer listed Luca Magnani, Jordi Tarres, Luca Giorgetti, Alvaro Ceballos, Piero Pugliese and Luigi Crisopulli. I also chose not to renew Yves Picard's contract and released him. Jordi Tarres was the only one of these players who was a regular last year, having scored 20 goals in 22 appearances but I didn't think he would cut the mustard at a higher level. The loan players (Danilo Russo, Michele Tarallo and Giacomo Bonaventura) also returned to their clubs. There wasn't much by way of finances, but I was happy to accept a £20k bid from Rovigo for Luca Magnani and a £40k bid from Marcianise for Jordi Tarres.

I then set about strengthening a considerably small squad. In came Bas van Herk (GK - Roda JC - £10k), Javier Oliva (GK - Castellon - £50k), Stefan Ferrario (DC - Ravenna - £28k), Marco Zaninelli (DC - Treviso - £50k), Mattia Serafini (DRC - AlbinoLeffe - £80k), Davide Landolfi (SC - Felsina - £9k), Guiseppe Ciaramitaro (SC - Vittoria - £14k), Marco Pelliccia (FRC - Gualdo - £20k), Teto (SC - Binefar - £12k) and Marco Perotta (AMC - Brera - Free). I also explored the loan market to bring in Nicola Donato (DRC - Sassuolo), Ciro Sirignano (DL - Avellino), Nicolas Gorobsov (Vicenza - AMRL) and Manuel Scaglione (Sanremese - DMC). Unfortunately, after 4 games for us, Sirignano was snapped up by Spezia so I then drafted in Nino Marcantonio (FLC - San Gimignano).

A number of players also came through the youth system. These were Alessandro De Rosa (MC), Denis Ferri (AMC), Carlo Zito (MC), Pierpaolo De Paola (AM/FC) and Bruno Mantovani (SC).

That gave me 34 players to call upon for the season with virtually no money left in the bank!

Serie C - The Road To...

We had to kick off the season with the Serie C Cup, having been drawn into Group H along with Castelnuovo, Lumezzane, Sassuolo and Spezia. A team that included 7 of Rossinho's players (40 year old goalkeeper Pierluigi Brivio, defenders Paolo Doardo, Federico Viviani, Andrea Federici and Jonathan Espejo, midfielder Andrea Marconi and forward Roberto Bonazzi) beat Castelnuovo 2-1 (Pelliccia and Zito) and helped to finished 1st in the group after beating Lumezzane 3-0 (Marconi, Bonazzi and Pelliccia), Sassuolo 2-0 (Marconi and Zaninelli) and lastly drawing 0-0 to Spezia.

We then went on a remarkable run:

2nd Round Leg 1 vs Ivrea - 4-1 win (Bonazzi, Zaninelli, Teto x2)
2nd Round Leg 2 vs Ivrea - 3-1 win (De Paola, Pelliccia x2)
3rd Round Leg 1 vs Foggia - 4-1 win (Gorobsov, Zaninelli, Pelliccia, De Rosa)
3rd Round Leg 2 vs Foggia - 3-2 win (Zito, Marcantonio, Viviani)
Qtr Final Leg 1 vs Cremonese - 0-0 draw
Qtr Final Leg 2 vs Cremonese - 2-1 win (Baldini og, Pelliccia)
Semi Final Leg 1 vs Cesena - 1-1 draw (De Rosa)
Semi Final Leg 2 vs Cesena - 2-0 lost

So close to the final! I was pleased with the result against Foggia and Cremonese though, but Cesena just proved to be too much for us. In fact, Cesena turned out to be something of a bogey side for us.

Consolidation is the Key...

Before the season started, I asked myself what my target was for the season. Having assembled the squad, I felt mid-table was probably the best we could hope for but in fact, the lowest we had fallen during the entire season was 10th! We started off remarkably well with a 5-1 win over Lucchese (De Paola x2, Marconi, Pelliccia, De Rosa), but suffered a 3-1 defeat to Perugia before going unbeaten in the next 3 games and then losing to Verona. This was very much the theme of the season with us having a great start to the season, which saw us flirting with the top 6 before losing form a little and dropping down towards mid-table. However, towards the end of the season, results started to pick up and we eventually secured a play-off place in the last game of the season!




We were to face Cremonese in the semi-final of the playoffs, but our preparations were hit by an injury to top scorer Marco Pelliccia who would miss both legs and the final if we progressed. We would also be missing Andrea Federici but he wasn't as key as Pelliccia was.



Cremonese were a team we'd played 5 times this season and we'd managed to beat them twice, drew once but also lost twice.

The first leg was at home. Cremonese had an early goal disallowed and their main midfield man was stretchered off injured. But the game erupted into life on the 45th minute. Marcantonio struck to give us a 1-0 lead, but Coly equalised for the visitors. De Rosa then bagged a goal right before the half-time whistle to restore the lead. We then lost a man in the 2nd half as Viviani was stretchered off and Gorobsov wrapped the win up with a 90th minute penalty. That was 3-1 in the first leg to us...

Armed with a 2 goal advantage, we travelled to Cremona with the news that Viviani would be joining Federici and Pelliccia on the sidelines. Jonathan Espejo was drafted into the line-up to help get us into the final and he did his job! Nicolas Gorobsov scored again as we won 1-0 and progressed into the final with a 4-1 aggregate win!

Gorobsov makes it 8 goals for the season with the only goal at Cremonese

The first leg of the final was to be played at Ravenna's ground and we were playing Ravenna, a team we had failed to beat in two attempts so far this season (drew 2-2 and lost 4-3 in the league). But to give us a timely boost, Andrea Federici and Marco Pelliccia both passed fitness tests and were named in the starting eleven to help us try and make it 3rd time lucky against Ravenna...


Things couldn't have started any better! Marco Pelliccia proved why he was valuable to us this season by scoring on the 17th minute. Then Morganella was sent off two minutes later for Ravenna after holding back Pelliccia. However, we were then reduced to 10 men after De Rosa decided to push Polo over! Fortunately, we didn't lose our lead as De Paola made it 2-0 to us and we won despite a late goal from Gasparini which will give Ravenna hope for the 2nd leg.



This was it... Our hopes of promotion to Serie B (!) was in our own hands as we welcomed Ravenna to our home turf for the 2nd leg of the final. A win or even a draw here would see us go up. The starting line-up was forced to be changed as De Rosa was suspended after his red card, that meant 18 year old Carlo Zito replaced him at the heart of midfield.

Once again, we took the lead as De Paolo scored again to make it 1-0 after just 4 minutes. But the nerves flared up again as Jose Garro equalised for Ravenna just before half-time. Gorobsov gave us back the lead on the 65th minute but once again Ravenna equalised as Gasparini scored in the 75th minute.

But... That was enough for us to go up! With a 4-3 aggregate win, we were promoted!



After the celebrations ceased some days later, I had to go home and hand over the reigns to another budding manager. On the plane home, I thought about the squad that the new manager will inherit. Unfortunately, the club was around £200k in debt after the money had dried up last summer. Hopefully being in Serie B will mean a handsome sum in TV revenue for the new manager whilst there were several players who the new boss could also sell to make a profit. I had rejected bids of up to £200k for Jonathan Espejo who I had wanted to keep to ensure promotion instead of clearing the debt. Pierluigi Brivio had also showed no sign of his old age (41!) to be named first choice goalkeeper in the team of the year award! I have the feeling that the new boss will do the same as I did and try and go for a complete overhaul of the squad to compete in Serie B. And fair play to him if so!

by Mark

21-04-12, 02:21 PM

CMSG turn to 2.0

CMSG Ltd have confirmed Noods 2.0 as manager of Pergocrema for the 2003/04 season.

2.0 will take over for a year, after previous managers Rossinho, and Mark, lead the side to back to back promotions.

Fans' expectations will be high for the new season, but 2.0 remains unfazed about the challenge that lies ahead.

He said: "I'm delighted to have been given the chance to play my part in an exciting new era for the club..


The board expected us to battle bravely against relegation, so I set about building a team that could compete in Serie B. Looking at the squad, it was clear that we needed to strengthen if we were to avoid a season of struggle.

Roberto Bonazzi, Luigi Crisopulli, Andrea Federici, and Lauro Florean were all allowed to leave on free transfers, whilst Jaime Pinto completed a pre-arranged move to Nastic. I then managed to raise £200k worth of transfer funds by offloading Mattia Serafini, Andrea Marconi, Lucas Iglesias, Paolo Doardo and Luca Becchetti.

Now armed with a budget of £600k in total, I began rebuilding the side.

Marco Turati (£35k), Paolo Bravo (£24k), Andoni Andres (£30k), Luca Rea (£30k) and Marco Giordano were brought in to solidify a weak-looking defence. I then added some steel to the midfield by snapping up Maurizio Anastasi (£35k) and Cristian Brocchi (£170k). Wingers Rogerio (£45k), Maicol Panno (£45k), and Nicola Iachement (£55k) added some creativity to the attack, whilst I identified Joaquin Larrivey (£170k) as the striker to lead my 4-5-1 formation.

A new season begins...

Our season began with the Italian Cup, in which we found ourselves grouped with Brescia, Frosinone, and Reggiana. I was simply hoping that the tournament would provide a chance for the players to gel and get in some match practice, although I wouldn't have minded a cup run. In the end, a draw, a win, and a defeat was only only enough for 2nd place in the group, meaning that we were free to concentrate on the League for the rest of the campaign.

The highlight for me was naturally my first win as manager, a 3-1 sucess against Frosinone, in which Panno, Brocchi, and Rogerio got the goals. It was an inconsistent set of results, but I was encouraged by the performances as we prepared to start our Serie B adventure.

That began away to Reggiana, the team who four days earlier had beat us 1-0 to end our Italian Cup hopes. We made no mistake this time though, as an early goal from Anastasi got us off to a winning start. Three more wins, two draws, and two defeats followed, leaving us in the top four after eight games.


Last minute heroes...

I was pleased with how the team had gelled and taken to my style of play. Big centre back Marco Turati in particular was looking like an inspired signing, and had already weighed in with three goals, two coming in the same match!

I was also impressed with the amount of late goals we were scoring. Andoni Andres grabbed an 85th minute winner in a 2-1 victory over Pescara, whilst backup striker Davide Landolfi wrapped up a 2-0 win away to Bari with two minutes on the clock, before resucing a 1-1 draw at home to Mantova with ten minutes remaining.

As the transfer window prepared to close, I made two more additions to the squad. Defenders Cesar Caneda (£170k) and Manuel Pablo (£100k) joined the revolution, as I tried to generate some competition for places.

We continued our trend of scoring late goals in the next two games, Joaquin Larrivey scored an 89th minute equaliser in another 1-1 draw at home to Catania, before tucking away an 81st minute penalty to give us a 1-0 win at Chievo.

However, we then hit something of a sticky patch, winning only once in six games. That dreadful run came to an end at home to Pisa, where after dominating a match against ten men, it looked as though we'd have to settle for a 1-1 draw, only for Joaquin Larrivey to head in an injury-time winner. Despite recent problems, I was confident that this would give us the boost we needed to revitalise our promotion challenge.


Back to winning ways...

Slowly but surely, our form returned. After disappointing 1-1 draws against Ternana and Nascoli in which we lost the lead, we embarked upon a four match winning run to put us back in the top four. The highlight for me was another late winner, this time at Cesena, where a sweet half-volley from Joaquin Larrivey earned us a vital three points. We then faced fellow promotion hopefuls Brescia at home. They took the lead early on in the second half, but Nicola Iachemet soon levelled to secure a draw which kept us on track for Serie A.

During this period, I bolstered my attack by snapping up the out of contract Craig Beattie on a free transfer. Aside from Larrivey, I wasn't convinced by the other strikers in the squad, so I signed Craig in the hope that he would make a solid backup to chip in with a few goals from the bench now and then.


Crunch time...

With fourteen games left in the season, the promotion race was heating up. We comfortabley dispatched of Pescara and Bari, before a confidence-sapping defeat away to Mantova. They scored with their only two shots on target, to leave us in an uncertain frame of mind ahead of our fixture against Serie B leaders Catania. They dominated us, putting on a show for their home fans and taking all three points in a 2-0 defeat. For our next match, at home to Chievo, I pushed Larrivey back into midfield and gave Craig Beattie his first start up front. The ploy worked, as both players got in the scoresheet in a 2-0 win, with Larrivey taking home the MOTM award. That was just the boost we needed ahead of another top of the table clash away to Modena. Rogerio ran the show in the first half, opening the scoring with a low shot from distance, before doubling our lead with a superb free kick. They pulled one back in the second half, but it wasn't enough, as we consolidated our place in the top four.


The final push...

We were getting close to promotion now, it was just a case of holding our nerve throughout our remaining fixtures. Novara and Salernitina were beaten easily enough enough, before we entertained another team at the top, Empoli. In an open match, Maicol Panno fired us into the lead right on half-time, before the visitors equalised soon after the break. Two minutes later and they were in front, and when Joaquin Larrivey missed a penalty with twenty minutes left, it looked like that was it. I was forgetting about our team spirit though, and with seven minutes left, centre back Cesar Caneda blasted in a half-volley to save us a point. However, we then stumbled 3-1 at Reggina, before recovering to beat Piacenza by the same scoreline. That meant that with three games left, we could confirm promotion in our next match, away to Pisa...


My work here is done...

So, to Pisa. We were on the brink now. Brescia had to win to stay in touch with us. It was just as well, as we chose this match to put in probably our worst performance of the season. We were well beaten 2-0, but it didn't matter! Brescia could only draw in their match, meaning that promotion to Serie A had been secured!

There was a party atmosphere inside the stadium for our last home match of the season, against Ternana, in which a Brocchi header and a Larrivey penalty gave us a 2-0 win. It was a perfect end to a perfect season.

Going into the final game, we still had a chance of winning the title, but a 3-1 defeat at Ascoli meant we'd have to be content with a runners up spot, six points behind deserved champions Catania.


Season Review

It's been a great season, and I'm delighted to have achevied promotion. Now it's time for me to step down, and give a new manager the challenge of managing this club in Serie A. We recieved prize money of £1.3million for finishing second, so it looks like that manager will have the funds to build his own team for next year.

As for my team though, special mentions go to Javier Olivia, the goalkeeper who proved himself a worthy first choice after failing to do so under the previous manager, my rocks at the back; Luca Rea, Paolo Bravo, Andoni Andres, Marco Turati, and Cesar Caneda, now club record league apperance maker Jonathan Espejo, first choice midfielder Maurizio Anastasi, wingers Rogerio, Nicola Iachement and Maicol Panno, and top scorer and star striker, Joaquin Larrivey.

Some of these players will no doubt move on, but their contribution to the club will not be forgotten. In all honesty, most of them probably won't make the grade in the top flight, but Larrivey is a class act, and I hope that the new manager keeps hold of him.

My star man...


by Noods 2.0

21-04-12, 02:23 PM
OK guys I'm done. Sorry for didn't do good work like Noods, Mark and Rossinho.
Here are few screenies:

I was at the end of season 18 like you see. Start wasn't so bad but I couldn't get to the end.


My tactic was defensive but I couldn't do a thing against "big" clubs.


And for end my transfers. Didn't got help with Voronin and other great players to survive in the league.


by Croman

21-04-12, 02:25 PM

The start of my story

Stoke City were safely back in the Premier League after a gap of 18 years that had seen them drop down to League 2. Three promotions in 4 years had rocketed them back up the divisions and put into my gun sight the ultimate goal … winning the Italian, French, Spanish, German and English leagues with teams of only their home nationality. A big ask, but then Churky is full of big asks. Before I could start to plot the downfall of Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and the others, I received an unexpected e-mail. It was from my old mate Pirovatis who I had last heard of a few weeks ago when he was invited to take over the hot seat at Pergocrema. Apparently he had run into difficulties after accepting his contract with some dodgy umbrella company CMSG ltd. To cut a long story short, “Piro” wanted me to drop Stoke and take over at Pergocrema, just for a season. The shadowy figure of AK16 would be in position for next year.

My year in Lombardy started with a refresher on what had happened at the G. Voltini stadium since CMSG ltd had taken over. Rossinho had been the first manager and took them from Serie C/2 to C/1 with an excellent second place. Mark had then managed them for a season that saw further success, beating Ravenna 4-3 in a promotion playoff after a 5th place finish in the league. Noods was next to have a crack and despite the rapid rise, was able to guide Pergocrema to 2nd place in Serie B and a 3rd consecutive promotion before handing over to Croman. It was a massive challenge just to survive and sadly CMSG ltd had their first setback as Pergocrema finished rock bottom with just 17 points from 34 games. It was here that I took over and I was desperate to get going. Would Pergocrema have bouncebackabilty and how would the fallen stars from the Serie A reason react to relegation.

Before meeting my staff and players, I wanted to know what the directors expected. The directors of this shadowy organisation turned out to be 2 men. Massimilliano Aschedamini, who called himself Chairman (but was known behind his back as Mad Max) and Tarcisio Cantoni who claimed the title of Director of Football, but I saw little evidence of any direction or of any football from him, however I wasn’t going to argue with a man nicknamed “The Neutraliser”. I think I caught them at a bad time as, judging by the violin cases they carried, they were off to a string quartet recital. “Just get us a respectable league position” was the only direction that they gave.


A busy summer

I was shocked. This was not the professional Serie A outfit that I was expecting. For a start, the ground was tiny, cramming in just 3,700 when full. The training facilities were in need of major investment and the atmosphere was that of a small town club with small time ambitions.

View of the G. Voltini stadium

That view was confirmed when I met with my staff, Claudio Ferrante who was the one and only coach and Giampaulo Soldati, the physio. I asked them both for reports on every player, then sacked them both. I wanted my own men and was immediately on the phone to agents to sound out who would be interested.

It was time to check out the players and I was in no mood to be messed about by premadonnas who had failed to deliver. The defence had conceded 81 goals in the league, and I new that changes would be required, but I wasn’t prepared for the scale of the problem.

Keepers, I had 2. Abbiatti was 1st choice abut the 35 year old and had a bad season. He may be OK as backup. Oliva was also 35, and was simply not good enough. He would be allowed to stay until a new keeper is found. Van Herk has transfer arranged that I wont be cancelling

Defenders were my nightmare. Maniero, Pugliese, Del Grande and Cebalos are not good enough. Chester is the pick of the centre backs but has an injury history and stamina of 8. He would be allowed to go. Andreas, Giordano and Turati are OK as backup. Rea is my only fullback (right sided) and would be considered as backup at best. I need a complete defence !

Midfield was more promising with Espejo the pick of the DMs. I had been told that he has a recurring injury so will be sending him for 2 months rehab. He should be back before the new season. Andreas would be OK as backup. Neither can play midfield but both could cover at DC. Anastasi is too old and Alliotta not good enough. Leto looks to be a very good on left wing, while Sivakov is good on right, although he may be better in central midfield. Iachemet can provide cover on either flank Vailatti and D’Agostino are strong central partnership that I am looking forward to see in action. I am expecting goals from Vailatti’s stunning free kicks. De Rosa could stand in at central midfield in an emergency, however Pugliese, Ferri, Guerra, De Paula, Zito and Perotta not good enough and transfer listed. Overall, I have the basis of a good midfield.

Attack and Pozzi was an immediate standout. There are goals in him for sure. Calabro and Larrivey should be good enough to support. There was also Andriy Voronin, a player that I dislike intensely. I don’t care how good he may look or what reputation he carries, he can GTF out of my team. 8 goals in 34 games didn’t help his lost cause !

Alexiy reacts to being axed by The Eejit

Craig Beatie is backup at best, as is Colak. Landolfi is not good enough at this level.

Before the first league game, 16 players had departed, mostly for free, however Voronin brought in £1m and James Chester £190k. The board had obviously had a very good recital with their quartet as they invested nearly £1m and that took us out of the red and gave me a modest transfer budget. It was added to by £300k for Espejo who came back from rehab still injured. First call though was the free transfers where I picked up most of the players I was looking for


A couple to highlight are Pakistani international DRC Mattie Earnshaw, Aussie internationals Rhys Williams and Adrian Madaschi, Solomon Islands international striker Lance Morrell and Hungarian international keeper Peter Gulacsi. There are also a couple of youngsters in Santaelena and Izzo who I will be following with future managers.

By now, I also had a full set of coaches, led by my assistant Mark Byrne and a full set of scouts who had been sent to find the best talent available. I had also settled on a 3-1-4-1-1 formation primarily because I had not found any fullbacks.

http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/3963/formationp.jpg http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/6671/squad1.jpg

The big story of the summer, was the persistent rumours that Francisco Totti might be heading for Pergocrema after leaving Roma. In the end it didn’t happen but we did get within £2K per week of his wage demands. Although 35 his stamina was still good so even if he could only last an hour, he would have made mincemeat of this league. He ended up as a coach at Napoli.

One that got away

Out of the blocks

The season started out with the Italian cup and we had drawn Frosinone, Piacenza and Triestina. With 2 games at home it was a group I thought we should win. An opening draw and 2 wins was easily enough and we would entertain Serie A Modena in the home leg of the first round proper. The league started with a visit from Bologna and it was a furious opening that saw 3 goals in the 1st 8 minutes D’Agostino and Madaschi for us sandwiching one from Osvaldo. Mudingayi equalised before Pozzi and Castellazzi put us 4-3 up with just 35 mins on the clock. Bizarrely that was the end of the scoring ! Further wins over Rimini and Ravenna followed before Triestina took revenge for the cup exit. Wins over Reggiana, Brescia (Pozzi hat-trick) and Verona with draws against Ascoli and Empoli completed a very successful opening that took us top although Salernitana and Bologna have games in hand.


Modena had won both games in Serie A, but this was a very different Pergocrema that faced them in the cup. De Rosa scored the only goal of the first leg and the tie was safe when we awarded an 8th minute penalty in the second leg that saw Modena reduced to 10 men. Rudea added another for good measure. It was tense watching the draw as the big teams now joined in, and even Mad Max managed a smile when we were picked alongside Juventus, with the second leg at home.

Striker crisis ? What striker crisis ?

It had started a few weeks earlier. While Pozzi was banging in the goals as predicted, none of his strike partners were showing much sign of scoring. Larrivey, Colak and Morrell had all been tried, as had AMCs Sivakov and Rudea but none gave me any confidence. Despite the £1.1M transfer of Craig Beatie to Stoke (NO WAY !) my £1m transfer kitty had been almost wiped out in wages (Note to future managers - Spend the money when you can) so I brought in Guido Marilungo on loan from Sampdoria with instant results. However 2 goals in 2 games brought him to attention of the Serie A scouts and with the transfer window closing I needed a backup. My scouts had uncovered Rafaele Volpi who had rattled in 51 goals in 54 starts for Orvieto. My scouts had unsettled him and when his transfer request was granted, I bid my maximum £250K which was accepted.

The inevitable bid for Marilungo came in, from Napoli, but with 1 day before the window closed, West Ham came in for Volpi. The window closed and my transfer was cancelled, I tried to rebid, but my budget was now just £190K and it was rejected. To cap it all, Pozzi would be out for 2 weeks with a training injury.

Pozzi Injured

There was further transfer activity to report with Abbiati, Oliva and Turati all departing while Paoloni arrived from Frosinone as backup keeper and Dutch DMC Kees Kwakman came, partly for his name, but mainly to shore up the midfield. I picked up a couple of usefull youngsters and a few loan signings to bolster the squad.

Despite being reduced to 3 fit strikers, none of whom could score, the midfield of Leto, D’Agostino, Vailatti and Sivakov new where the net was, and set us on a 7 game winning run that took us clear at the top. This run included a shock12th minute Sivakov penalty win at Stadio Olimpico in Turin. It may not have been the Juventus 1st team, but it was a stunning result. Before the return leg, we travelled to Catania who appeared to have an extra player, dressed in black we competed 12 v 11, but when it became 12 v 10 after just 14 minutes our winning run was over. I expected nothing less when travelling to Sicily, however Mad Max and The Neutraliser were very upset and took their violins to another recital to de-stress.
Juventus came to Crema looking for their second string to repair the damage, and Brienza levelled the tie in the first half. A goal each side of the interval for Sivakov put us firmly in control and despite a late equaliser to set up a nail biting finish, it was enough for Pergocrema to go through 3-2 on aggregate. The reward being a 2 leg quarter final against Inter. Despite young striker Izzo opening his account with an 80th minute equaliser, Inter had enough in the tank to secure a 2-1 win and it looks like an uphill struggle for the return in Milan.

Further league wins over Salernitana, Lecce, Marsala (5-0) and Genoa followed by a 3-3 draw at Chievo saw us move clear at the top of the league, and Serie A is looking ever closer.



http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/1589/letoz.jpg http://img268.imageshack.us/img268/7241/dagostino.jpg http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/9835/vailatti.jpg http://img188.imageshack.us/img188/276/sivakov.jpg
The midfield from left Leto, D’Agostino, Vailatti and Sivakov

Hanging on

With the transfer window reopened, I was able to bolster the squad, particularly the attack which was relying heavily on Nicolla Pozzi. With no money to spend, I was once again looking at the free signings and set up a deal with the old Morroccan war horse Nabil Baha. He was to pay an immediate dividend with 4 goals in 4 games while Pozzi had another injury. Allesio Stamilla was brought in to challenge Leto for the left wing position while 2 further loan signings ensured there was now competition for every position.

It was an indifferent start to the year as we struggled to beat Genoa before dropping points to Chievo, Bologna and Ravenna. Bologna closed to within 5 points at one stage as our form dipped badly. We did have the glamour tie at the San Siro where we were far from outplayed although goals from Ribery and Ibrahimovic sealed the win for Inter. The gate receipts of over £100k put us back in the black, and I used the funds to secure new contracts for Pozzi, D’Agostino and Vailatti. Scouts had been sniffing and offers were getting close to their Min Fee clauses.
The turning point for our form came in the home game against Bresica. This is probably the best opening I have ever made to a match !


Pozzi and his goals returned, and with Kwakman snuffing out all attacks, a 6 game winning run extended the lead to 10 points with 10 games to play and only 8 points away from promotion.


Points win prizes

3 games later and promotion back to Serie A was confirmed. A win against 2nd placed Catania and a draw with Mantova set up a home game with Bari. A Pozzi brace was enough to win the game and when news came through that Rimini had only managed a draw with Verona the mathematics were over and AK16 could look forward to plotting his assault on Serie A. 2 games later and the title was also decided. Vailatti and Pozzi scored in the first 8 minutes to send the Cremaschi into rapture.

Supporters celebrate at the final whistle

After the game a spokesperson for the supporters stuck 2 fingers up at Rossinho, Mark, Noods and Croman


I think this was harsh on 4 excellet managers, but I decided to invite her back to my flat in town to discuss positions, tactics and stamina.


The final 5 games were played out without any incident and finished with a 3-1 win against Chievo with Pozzi and Vailatti scoring in injury time. The final table showed a new points and goal scoring record for Serie B


Thoughts on the future

Although this was a very successful season and I fulfilled the aim of returning to Serie A, it does to an extent mask over some big problems. If we can hold onto D’Agostino, Vailatti, Kwakman and Pozzi then we have the foundations of surviving in Serie A. Although they have a couple of years to run on their contracts, Kwakman has a £3.5M release clause and the others have £10M clauses. Already though the scouts are sniffing and I have had to reject £2M for Vailatti who is now upset and wanting to leave. Also need to watch Pozzi’s fitness as he had 3 injuries that saw him mis 9 league games.

The defence and keepers are a big concern. I think that Gulacsi just edges Paoloni for the gloves, but it is close, and Gulacsi is prone to the occasional 4 or 5 rating. Young Santaelena is the standout defender with an average of 7.54 from 22 starts. None of the others stoodout, and Rhys Williams was a disappointment. Work will need to be done and there may be an early Christmas present in the Future Transfers. I doubt that a 3 man defence will be robust enough in Serie A, so I would be looking for full backs as a priority.

Of the other players the wingers Stamilla, Leto and Sivakov should easily cope with the step up and Madaschi never let me down when coming off the bench. Izzo, Antonini and Pellizaro are all young and I’ll be watching how they progress.
The big problem is the finances. I made a profit of £3.5M on transfer fees and we still made an overall loss of over £500K. The 3700 seats are simply not enough to support a team at this level and without selling all of the star players, there is never going to be the funds to add additional capacity. I did manage to have the training facilities upgraded to Awful ! Assuming that Mad Max and The Neutraliser don’t raid the local bank, I have applied for the vacant job at Juventus. We are ranked 4th in Italy, so you never know (although I don't know what our nationality is).

Finally, my player of the season has to be Kees Kwakman. It is not easy to get good ratings at DMC, but the Dutchman quietly went about his business and stifled attacks before they reached the defence.

Managers player of the year

by The Eejit

21-04-12, 07:40 PM

Sunlight filtered through the small opening between my curtains. The bright light splashed upon my face, forcing me awake. I squinted and cursed myself for hastily closing the curtains the night before; I was having such a good sleep too. Yawning, I pushed myself out of my somewhat comfortable bed and perched on the side. My head suddenly began to spin and my stomach felt all fizzy. I got up and ran to the bathroom. Several minutes later, I went back to where I was previously sat. Groaning, I rubbed my eyes and reached for my phone.

“Lets see what we’ve got here then..” I checked my sentbox to see if I had drunkenly sent a text to someone the night before. “Hmm. ‘I gate zou so mubh’ sent to.. whoops.. better text Lee and apologise for that.. I’m sure he knows he’s my cutie pie..”

After I’d finished my ritual of sending apologetic messages to anyone I might have offended the night before, I moved onto my inbox. “Huh? What’s this? I don’t recognise this number..”


Dear Mr. Christ, You have been chosen. A car will arrive at 1400 later today. We have your wife and kids.

I laughed. “Probably number_25 again. He’s pretty good at this bullshitting thing. I don’t even have a wife or any kid either. Maybe I should give Obama a call and see if he should get involved?”. Deleting the message, I pushed myself upright, my head somewhat stable, and checked my alarm clock. The big red numbers told me it was only 9:45.

“I need a cold shower and some aspirin” I mumbled to myself.

The Eejit

I lapped up the last of the beans on toast and sat back feeling content. I leaned against the back of the chair, head pointing towards the ceiling and closed my eyes. “How I hate this ‘morning after’ feeling..”.

My eyes snapped open as I heard a light knocking at my front door. “Who could that be?” I wondered as I made my way gingerly towards the noise. I listened again. The same light knocking came from the door in front of me. I opened the door to see a rather simple looking man staring back at me.

“Err.. oh yeah.. Mr. Christ I presume?” the man said in a rather boring tone.

“Yes I am. What can I do for you?“

“I’m best known as ‘The Eejit’ and I’m afraid you have to come with me.” With that, he advanced towards me rather athletically and pushed a wet rag over my mouth. My vision went blurry and I struggled to regain consciousness. My limbs wouldn’t function and my eyelids began to shut out all light..

The Beginning

I opened my eyes, dazed and confused, and stared into the dark expanse before me. “HELLO!?” I cried out hoping that someone would return my call. A light flickered on and off above me causing my headache to worsen. Suddenly a large click echoed from somewhere in front of me and the generator started up in the distance. Bright lights flashed on, illuminating the hall and banishing the darkness that had once occupied it. The lights were blinding and I tried to shield my eyes. However, my hands were tightly bound behind my back and I could only press my chin into my chest and hope for the pain to go away. A manic laughter reverberated around me and fear welled up inside me. I began to shout at the top of my voice, trying to rid the laughter from my ears. I just wanted it to end!

The laughter died down and the sound of footsteps came towards me. I tried to lift my head up and see who it was but the bright lights enveloped the person before me, causing them to be almost angel like.

“Mr. Christ. As I stated quite clearly in the text message, you have been chosen. I am part of CMSG Ltd - a sports based international investment fund. It works similar to the well-known MSI group where the company owns rights to certain players and sells those rights on to interested sports clubs. CMSG Ltd owns the rights to an array of managerial talent that are waiting in the wings to prove themselves to prospective employers. And we believe that you’re a prospective employee”.

“Me? Wha-? I don’t understand. Why me of all people.. I applied for the project years ago. Why now?”

“Well Mr. Chirst, we had to do it on a first come, first serve basis and unfortunately you were a bit late on your application. There were 5 other applicants before yourself. However, the time has come to pass the responsibility on to you. We want you to undertake a one-year career at the club of our choice. Do you accept?”

“Uh.. Well.. I..” I couldn’t help but stutter; everything was moving so quickly. “Sure. I mean.. Well.. Can you at least untie me first? Oh and where will I be managing? I don’t really like pasta.. or pizza. I heard the previous managers had done well for a small Serie C club”.

There was no reply. Suddenly, the lights went out and pain exploded across my forehead. Reality began to fade once again and let myself drift into a state of bliss..

The Appointment


It’s been almost a year now since I remember that piece of news becoming a breaking story on Sky Sports News. After all, Hereford had just finished 3rd in the Third Division with 78 points and were celebrating promotion. However, sources close to the club had revealed that there had been trouble between the previous manager and the chairman which had resulted in the manager finding a new job. The chairman had also struck a deal with a sports based international investment fund known as CMSG Ltd and had let the new company decide the next manager.

That’s where I came into the picture.

During a brief meeting with the chairman I was handed a small note with my name scribbled on the front. I decided to wait until the meeting had concluded before having a look what was written on it. The chairmen had told me we had adequate funds in kitty for a few transfers and that if I needed anything, he would try his best to provide it. I thanked him, bided him farewell and left for my office. Upon reaching my office I opened the small note I had been handed.


Dear Mr. Christ. Welcome to your new club. Enjoy your stay. Oh and we expect you to battle bravery against relegation this season
With a massive sigh of relief, I went to meet my backroom staff and to access the squad that I had inherited. The backroom staff consisted of my assistant manager, John Trewick, 1 coach, 2 scouts and a physiotherapist. I decided that the coach wasn’t good enough to remain at Hereford and sent him on his way. I also did the same with one of the scouts. However I decided to keep the remaining scout, Ron Jukes, as he looked like a useful addition to my staff.

Wheeling and Dealing

After a comprehensive list of my players health from the remaining physio Neil Evans, I decided to send Stephen O'Leary for physiotherapy after it was reported that he was carrying a groin strain which could affect him later on in the upcoming season. Consequently, this put him out of action for two weeks. It wasn’t a major blow as the 05/06 season had just concluded and I knew he would be back in time for our pre-season friendlies.

Next I moved onto my squad and asked John Trewick to file reports on all the squads progress. After reading through the notes that Trewick had compiled I decided to cut the wage bill and transfer the following players: Andy Logan (DLC), James Marsh (DC), Matt Mills (DC), Luke Hickie (MC), Mark Baker (AMRC), Paul Reid (AM/FL), Michael Barnes (AMRL), Tom Pope (SC), Ander Lekue (MC) and Jack MacLeod (MR). All players left on free transfers to numerous clubs. I also released Marvin McCoy (MC) and James Miller (SC) as I believed they would not feature in my plans for the future.

With the squad pruned, I went about searching for some bargains. The step up to Second Division would be a shock for most players and I didn’t think we had enough talent to survive. John Trewick and I had already identified that we needed a backup keeper as we only had Michael Jordan and he looked unstable. Eventually I signed Jamie Speare from Accrington as a backup for £7,000. He had also agreed to help coach the squad and so became a valuable asset. In addition, I signed Ben Smith from Brighton for £140,000 and Joe Murphy from Conventry for a whopping £625,000. I decided that Joe Murphy would be my number one keeper for the season and would share the gloves with Ben Smith.

The defence was surprisingly good and the only signing I made was Richard Rose from Leyton Orient for £75,000. Rose could play anywhere across the back and I believed he would play an important role for Hereford.

The midfield was my biggest problem. We lacked creativity on both wings and the only quality we possessed in midfield was in the form of Toumani Diagouraga. As a result I brought in a total of 4 players to bolster the midfield and form some healthy competition for places. In came Adnan Ahmed from Tranmere for just £14,000 (MC), Francesco Carratta from Blackpool for £350,000 (MC), Jason Moxon from Scunthorpe for only £14,000 (AML) and Max Gradel from Crewe for an expensive £425,000 (AMR).

To help strengthen the strike force I managed to attract Aala Kubail. He joined on a free transfer and I knew he would play an important role in the upcoming season. I also managed to sign Warren Feeney from Tranmere for just £90,000. He would be my backup striker. To add a bit of versatility to both my midfield and strike force I snapped up Nathan Woolfe from Bristol Rovers (FLC) on a loan deal. Later on in the season, Woolfe became a permanent member of the Hereford squad and signed for £120,000.

The biggest signing of the summer came in the form of ex-England international Paul Scholes. He joined Hereford on a free, accepting a 3-year-deal and just £900 p/w. He also agreed to help with coaching the team. However, Scholes decided that it was time to hang up his boots a few weeks before the season kicked off and so never stepped on the pitch in Hereford colours.

Pre-Season Problems

We had two friendlies arranged for the pre-season: a home fixture against Bury and an away fixture at Oxford. After deciding I would go for a 4-5-1 formation, we were up against Bury first. A disappointing performance saw us get demolished 3-1 with new signing Carratta getting on the scoresheet. Deciding that my 4-5-1 formation wasn’t good enough I developed a new 4-2-4 with an attacking midfielder on the left and the right. The change of tactic seemed to do the trick and we managed to come away winners at the Kassam Stadium with a 2-1 victory.

Here We Go..

We began our new life in Division Two with a trip to Mansfield. Sticking with my 4-2-4, we left the changing rooms brimming with confidence. However, Mansfield notched two early goals (2’ and 9’) and we were left winded. We were given a ray of hope when Simon Johnson made it 2-1 in the 57’ but we just couldn’t find the final goal to seal us a point. A new start to my career and already we had a loss.

However, the squad soon gelled together and we went on to beat Swansea (2-1), Bristol Rovers (1-0), Stockport (2-1) and Woking (3-2) before dropping 2 points to Swindon (1-1). Our streak continued as we beat Burnley (2-1), demolished Shrewsbury (3-0) and had an entertaining 3-3 draw against Wycombe. I was delighted at the way the team was performing and the good performances kept pouring in. A 2-1 win at Grimsby followed by a 0-0 draw with Charlton meant that we were sitting in 2nd position, just behind Swansea. We then went on to demolish Macclesfield 3-0.



12 games into my new career and we were sitting on top of the table. I could not believe it. We continued our winning ways and squeezed 3 points out of Aldershot (1-0), managed a draw with Southend (2-2), another draw at home to Leyton Orient (0-0), a 2-1 victory against Peterborough and a battering of Cardiff (3-0).

Our streak finally ended after Tranmere beat us 2-1.

The team did not seem phased that we had lost our unbeaten streak and bounced back to seal 3 points at Plymouth (2-1) and record the seasons biggest with against Carlisle (4-1). Unfortunately, just as we had got the ball rolling, Swansea managed to steal 3 points off us with a 1-0 win. To round off the year, we beat Bristol Rovers (2-1), Northampton (3-0) and were hammered by Mansfield who had already beat us once before (0-3).

Bye, Bye Ben

Before our defeat to Mansfield, Crewe poached our main striker Benjamin Hutchinson. Hutchinson had been voted the ‘Fans Player of the Year’ last year and was forced to leave due to a minimum fee release clause in his contract. Hutchinson appeared 28 times scoring 10 goals, chipping in with 2 assists and receiving 3 Man of the Match awards. He averaged 7.54 and left for £450,000.

Welsh Worries

After New Year, we faced Stockport, Walsall and Burnley. It was clear that ‘new year syndrome’ had taken effect after we were outplayed and beaten 2-1 by Stockport. We then went on to draw away at Walsall (0-0) before finally picking up 3 points against Burnley in an exciting 4-2 victory.


Swansea had pulled ahead of us and had been in contention for first place all season. Then again, we had a game in hand over them and I was hopeful that we would be able to take advantage of this and put a bit of daylight between us. We managed to pick up six points after we beat Shrewsbury 3-0 and Derby 3-1. However, we were unlucky against Woking and a superb performance from the goalkeeper caused us to suffer a humiliating 3-0 defeat.

We managed to rescue a point away to Swindon after going behind twice, notched wins against Wycombe (3-1), Macclesfield (2-1) and Grimsby (1-0) and drew to Aldershot (1-1).


By now, we had leapfrogged Swansea and still had a game in hand. Peterborough were next to face us and were bulldozed 3-1. We also picked up 3 points at home to Southend in a 2-1 win. However, we lost 6 valuable points in two consecutive matches: a 2-0 defeat away to Derby and a 2-1 defeat against Leyton Orient. Thankfully, we came back strong in the next match against Plymouth and ran out 3-0 victors.


Swansea had surprisingly slipped down to 4th place on goal difference and the top 6 had become quite tight. Only 4 points separated 2nd from 6th. In addition, we now had a 4 point lead over 2nd place and a game in hand. A win away at Charlton would seal a playoff place for us.

The Final Countdown

7 games left and everything to play for. We travelled to Charlton, spirits high and confidence soaring. It took just 14 minutes before Nathan Woolfe put us ahead with a superb shot that almost ripped through the back of the net. Charlton fought hard to get a goal back and panic began to set in. Samuel Oji got himself sent off in the 20th minute after pushing Adam Barrett in the chest and Richard Jackson, our captain, got his second yellow card of the match 3 minutes before half time. This meant we would have to play another 45 minutes with a tiring 9-man team. I went ballistic at the two players who had got themselves sent off and sent my suffering team out onto the pitch. Amazingly, they managed to hold on for another 45 minutes and we sealed three points. After the match, news came in that both Derby and Tranmere had lost and Swansea could only manage a draw at Walsall. This meant we were in the playoffs!


We stretched our run of wins to 5 after beating Cardiff (4-2), Tranmere (2-0) and Carlisle (2-1). After the Carlisle match the fans exploded onto the pitch. I stood there at the sideline dazed and confused as people slapped me on the back and ruffled my hair. What was going on?




I couldn’t believe it. We’d done it! We’d managed not only to survive in a new division, but also win it with 2 games to go! My team paraded around Edgar Street with smiles of extreme pleasure and my vision started to become blurry with tears as I heard my name being chanted around the ground. I wanted this moment to last forever.

However, we still had two games to play and I decided to let my first team have a well deserved break for the remaining two games. The reserve team ended up losing the next match against Walsall (2-1) but responded brilliantly in the last game of the season to clinch a 3-1 victory over Northhampton.



Oh, I Almost Forgot

I bet you wondered when I would mention how we did in the cups.

The League Cup

The first round saw us drawn against Charlton at home. Charlton went 1-0 up within 33 minutes and help on until half time. However, new signing Hubail managed to pull one back in the 66th minute to level the scores and go into extra time. In extra time, Hutchinson put us in the lead with a shot in the 96th minute but McLeod levelled the scores with just 6 minutes to go. The match went to penalties and a tense affair saw us net all 5 penalties whilst Charlton could only manage 4. We were through to the second round.

We had managed to draw Stoke in the second round and would be playing at their ground. Stoke had managed to survive in the Premier League for 5 seasons and still possessed a strong team. Beattie managed to put Stoke in the lead after scoring from a corner. Half time and we were losing. The team went out and continued to work hard. Hutchinson managed to save us once more and scored in the 68th minute. The match went to penalties and the pressure got to the team – we missed three of our five penalties and we crashed out.

The FA Cup

Unlike the League Cup, we were a bit more successful in the FA cup. We beat Walsall in the first round (3-1), Colchester in the second round (4-1), Peterborough in the third round (2-1) and Barnsley in the fourth (2-1). The 5th round saw us drawn against Reading – another Premiership side. Things got off to an explosive start as Nicky Hunt got himself sent off in the 6th minute giving us the advantage. Unfortunately, we could not capitalise and Fernández González put Reading ahead in the 32nd minute.

However, after half time, Diagouraga and Rose managed to put two past Almunia and we progressed to the quarterfinals! I watched the draw with butterflies and hoped we didn’t get another Premiership team. Luck wasn’t on my side and Newcastle were pulled out of the hat first, followed by Hereford which meant we didn’t have the home advantage. To add to our worries, Newcastle were sitting comfortably on top of the Premiership.

Things started well and we managed to keep Newcastle from scoring for a whole 45 minutes. However it was clear that they had worked hard on maintaining high levels of fitness and I could only watch as my players got tired over the course of the game. The deadlock was broken when Sychev played a cleaver one-two and blasted the ball into the roof of the goal. Things got worse after we lost possession from the kick off and Sychev found his way into our box again and made it 2-0 to Newcastle. I sat there, my head in my hands and hoped we could find something to get us back in it. However, Newcastle increased their lead in the 72nd minute and it was all over. We’d done well to get to the quarterfinals but we just didn’t have enough talent.

Vans Trophy

Southern Section:

We kicked things off with wins against Charlton (AGAIN! (3-1)), Wycombe (1-1, won on penalties) and Brentford (1-0) to secure a place in the Southern Section Final. We faced Torquay over two legs with the first leg giving us an away advantage. We managed to win the first leg 1-0 and the second leg 2-1. We’d managed to get another final.

The Final:

The final saw us playing against a strong Derby team. However, I wish we had never got here in the first place. Derby opened the floodgates within 6 minutes and continued to put the ball in the back of our net. Goals in the 9’, 28’, 34’ and 45’ meant that Derby had already won the trophy by half time. I pulled out a bottle of vodka cleverly disguised in a hip flask and drank it within 3 long gulps. I don’t remember much of the second half but all I know is that we managed to get a consolation goal. I left Wembley Stadium feeling deflated and embarrassed. I just wish we’d got another piece of silverware before the end of the season.


Well after a VERY long post, I must first apologise. The team did superbly and I’ve added a few presents on the ‘future transfers’ list. Good luck to the next manager and lets hope you can lead Hereford to glory once more!

by Jesus

21-04-12, 07:43 PM
Sorry for the lack of screenshots, I didn't think to take some as the season was progressing. I got into a real obessive bout of CMing palying this one. http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/lol.gif

Toon with the Bulls

As the fans bid farewell to Jesus Christ as he faded into the heavens on a golden suitcase it was time for a new manager to take the reigns. Step forward Steven 'Toon' Hadlow, could he continue to lead the club onwards and upwards as they began life in the First Division?

The Board were expecting a respectable position this season. I can't deny that as I looked around the facilities and finances of the club I didn't see much more ambition beyond that but I hoped we could at least challenge for a play-off spot and, if nothing else, improve the squad for next years Division One challenge.

Making a mark on the squad
I am something of a control freak when it comes to taking over clubs, I always like to stamp my mark in the transfer market. This is no disrespect to Jesus but rather I just like to make my own signings (and then at least it's my fault when it all goes wrong!). The club had some decent resources and I began to use them. My first signing was that of Getuilo Vaca on a free tranfer. The 30 year old was (is) a Bolivian international and I felt he would add some useful depth. I did cancel a number of incoming transfers but a couple that were still completed were the moves of Tamas Kadar and Robert Snodgrass from Newcastle and Leeds.

My next capture came as something of a surprise to the fans as I managed to capture 33 year old Robbie Keane following his release by Spurs. Also coming in on a free was 23 year old ex Arsenal and current France striker Gilles Sunu, something of a coup I thought. I'd also sent the scouts out to look for new players. In Southern Europe they found a 26 year old Turk named Ahmet Erdogan.This lad had good stats and thanks to his part English nationality I was able to complete a £50,000 signing.

Inevitably with all these incomings there was quite a few outgoing also as Jimmy Phillips, Stephen O'Leary, Shane Clarke, Andrew Byrne, Samuel Oji, Robbie Threlfall, Liam Shepherd, Simon Johnson and Dean Beckwith all made moves away from Edgar Street. Midfield was an area that was concerning me. Going some way to easing my squad worries was the addition of 34 year old veteran midfielder Yossi Benayoun after he left Arsenal. A somewhat more expensive signing was Danish international winger Lasse Schone. The midfielder joined the club from Dutch giants PSV for £700,000. Irish international defender Brendan Moloney and former French Under 21 Damien Plessis also made free transfer moves. My scouts had also uncovered another gem, this time in Scandinavia. Kelwin Igwe is a defender with 4 caps for Nigeria. For only £60,000 I was able to sign this promising 26 year old from Danish semi-professional side LFA. I felt I now had a good squad to progress into the season with. Former Arsenal man midfielder Nacer Barazite also joined us on loan until October.

A flying start!
After a strong pre-season we began with a home game against potential title challengers Southhampton. Two goals from Robbie Keane were enough to give us a promising opening day win as we claimed a 2-1 win. My modified 3-5-2 system looking like a good bet. Our second game was also eventful. We travelled to the Riverside Stadium to play a dangerous looking Middlesbrough side. We started well as Sunu netted his first goal for the club after only ten minutes. However it all went pear shaped four minutes later as 'keeper Joe Murphy gave away a penalty and was sent off after brining down Afonso Alves. Digard netted the spot kick and it was looking bleak. However Keane, now the lone striker managed to scramble home a goal to give us the lead and through dogged defending we held onto that goal for the rest of the match!

We went on to an establish a five game winning run with impressive 2-1 away wins at Bradford, Leicester as well as Division three side Hartlepool in the Carling Cup. Run-away early leaders MK Dons finally put an end to the run as a single goal was enough to see them claim a 1-0 win at Stadium MK, a Richard Rose sending off was inconsequential. Keane was the star as he had started the season with 5 goals in 6 games.

http://i601.photobucket.com/albums/tt91/SRH87/1-1.jpg http://i601.photobucket.com/albums/tt91/SRH87/2-1.jpg http://i601.photobucket.com/albums/tt91/SRH87/3-1.jpg

Getting jittery?
Unfortuantely that defeat signalled the end of our dominating run. A poor 1-1 draw at Barnsley was a dissapointing result. This was quickly followed by a defeat away at Reading which brought our Carling Cup endeavours to an aprubt halt. We managed to scrape a pair of 2-1 home wins against Bolton and Tranmere in the league mainly thanks to the efforts of Benayoun and Keane. A 1-1 draw at home to QPR left me fuming as 90th minute equaliser destroyed all our hard work. However, yet another 2-1 win at home to Sunderland was a morale booster as North Eastern side had a very strong team on the park.

http://i601.photobucket.com/albums/tt91/SRH87/10-1.jpg http://i601.photobucket.com/albums/tt91/SRH87/11-1.jpg http://i601.photobucket.com/albums/tt91/SRH87/12-1.jpg

Away day blues
So our home form was not too bad, but our away performances were spiralling downwards despite all my best efforts. Part of the problem was our keepers inexplicably letting in everything that was thrown at them. Both keepers Ben Smith and Joe Murphy performing with infuriating inconcistency. The arrival of 32 year old Swedish veteran Emil Malmqvist did little to help as he fell into the same malaise!

By now we were drifting out of the automatic spots and into the playoff scrap as a ridiculous 4-2 reverse at Blackpol (despite having 17 shots to their 7 which saw our keeper Malmqvist get a 3!) as well as harsh 1-2, 0-1 defeats at Doncaster and Wigan left us rueing what might have been. Our form at home was still impressive however as a 4-1 win against Fulham, 5-1 rout of Coventry and 4-0 defeat of Leeds left the home crowd delighted. I was at a loss to correct the problem.

http://i601.photobucket.com/albums/tt91/SRH87/20-1.jpg http://i601.photobucket.com/albums/tt91/SRH87/21-1.jpg http://i601.photobucket.com/albums/tt91/SRH87/22-1.jpg

Christmas is overrated
It wasn't the way I'd wanted to come into the extremely busy festive period but here we were. We started in the worst possible manner as we sunk to a depressing 0-3 home defeat at the hands of Bristol City. It was a crushing result as our keeper got a 6 and yellow card whilst theirs claimed an 8. As it turned out that result was to set the stage for what was to be a very gloomy Christmas in Hereford.

Between the 2nd and 29th of December we proceeded to take a truly dismal 6 points from a possible 18. It wasn't promotion form and we plummeted out of the top six for the first time. Surely 2008 would see better days?

New Years resolutions
Thankfully 2008 began well as a single goal from Ivory Coast winger Max Gradel saw us defeat Bradford 1-0 at home. Our campaign in the FA Cup began at St.James Park (no, not that one!) as we faced division three side Exeter City. What a pulsating game! Typically we started the game with a butter fingers in goals as Murphy let in two quick goals in the 17th and 20th minute to cancel out Sunu's third minute opener. However a goal from Plessis drew us level only for Exeter to managed a third goal with their third shot! It was looking bleak but two great goals from rising star Ahmet Erdogan were enough to see us through 4-3!

It was back to business as usual in the league, however. A Nathan Woolfe goal looked to have secured us the three points during the visit of Leicester in a game we had completely dominated. However with only second shot on target of the entire game they were able to steal a point with a Taylor goal. It wasn't good, and we continued to struggle with super-keeper syndrome for most of January as the affliction saw us lose points. We were six points off 6th place and were losing ground with every game we saw stuffed up unfairly.

http://i601.photobucket.com/albums/tt91/SRH87/30-1.jpg http://i601.photobucket.com/albums/tt91/SRH87/31-1.jpg http://i601.photobucket.com/albums/tt91/SRH87/32-1.jpg

Dawns and Giant Killings
It's often said that the cup competitions over-ride form, and we certainly proved that. The visit of Premiership Wolves was looking like an extremely unwelcome side show as we continued to stumble in the league. However on the day we put on a performance which belied our league status against a side 12th in the division above as goals from Robbie Keane and Ahmet Erdogan saw us through despite a late reply from Darren Bent. We would face Division Two leaders Swansea in the next round.

Thing finally began to look up a little in the league. A 6-2 win at Prenton Pak over Tranmere was the highlight of our season so far as Schone, Keane and Vaca all scored along with a hat-trick for Woolfe. A solid 1-1 draw at home to MK Dons and 2-1 win against Blackpool were positive. A 1-3 defeat Sunderland was a cruel result as we held the leagues top side 1-1 until the last minute when Ben Smith decided to go missing and give the home side two late goals. However, it was still a much improved performance with my new tweaked tactic and, although we still weren;t in the playoff spots, we were holding 8th position only six points behind sixth place as we approached March.

In the FA Cup tie against Swansea we endured another slogging match. In the end we were lucky to win 3-2 thanks largely to two Robbie Keane penalties as well as a Schone goal. Our opponents in the quarter final would be the Premiership leaders, Man Utd at Edgar Street!

http://i601.photobucket.com/albums/tt91/SRH87/40-1.jpg http://i601.photobucket.com/albums/tt91/SRH87/41-1.jpg http://i601.photobucket.com/albums/tt91/SRH87/42-1.jpg

Cup Distractions and Defensive Failings
The visit of Man Utd to our tiny little ground was something that really had the local area buzzing and whilst I was looking forward to it I was concerned about the impact the game would have on my side in the long term, would they be able to still raise themselves for league games? The game itself came and went like a blurr. We were without Robbie Keane due to a suspension however I was secretly pleased to have him rested. A full strength Man Utd side was able to walk all over us as Metzelder, Rooney and Anderson all scored. A Carratta goal was at least some consolation. An injury which was to leave the talismatic Erdogan out for the rest of the season was an unwelcome consequence of the game.

My fears appeared to be confirmed as our first league game, a trip to Elland Road saw my defence fall to pieces as Leeds managed to net four. We managed to score three of our own but that wasn;t enough. Unfortunately it seemed my lads had adopted a Keegan mind-set as we continued to find the net regularly only to concede more. I tried various defensive mixes but nothing worked.

A 2-2 draw at home to Ipswich dealt our fading playoff hopes a huge blow as yet again we gave away a 90th minute equaliser in a game we were on course to win after taking the lead in the 84th minute. Our playoff challenge was all but dead as we succumbed 2-1 to Fulham at Craven Cottage (despite being the stronger side) and an astonishingly awful 4-3 reverse at home to Wigan after we had been leading 2-1 at half-time.

http://i601.photobucket.com/albums/tt91/SRH87/50-1.jpg http://i601.photobucket.com/albums/tt91/SRH87/51-1.jpg http://i601.photobucket.com/albums/tt91/SRH87/52-1.jpg

Ending the season on a low note
By now we had fallen to a miserable twelfth and were nine points away from sixth, it was over bar a miracle. A 2-1 win at Coventry at least restored some pride before a 2-0 win in the visit of Huddersfield left us with a faint hope of catching Wigan who were now only six points away in sixth. That hope was soon extinguished however. I was left shattered after yet another horrific goalkeeping display saw us destroyed at Ashton Gate by run-away champions Bristol City. I tok Murphy in goal off after 10 minutes saw him let in the two first shots by the home side only for his replacement Smith to let in another three.

The season ended poorly as we were beaten 2-1 at Reading in yet another game that saw us have twice as many shots as our opposition. A 2-1 home win against Porsmouth was at least a slight morale booster but we ended the season in typical fashion as (once again!) we equalled our visitors Millwall on shots only to be beaten 4-2 and we slipped all the way down to 12th which is where we finished.

http://i601.photobucket.com/albums/tt91/SRH87/60.jpg http://i601.photobucket.com/albums/tt91/SRH87/61.jpg http://i601.photobucket.com/albums/tt91/SRH87/62.jpg

Leaving without a trace
Amazingly, the board had been delighted with my performance all season, but then, I had acheived what we had set out for. I would have been happy with this at the start of the season, but the manner in which we ended up acheiving it left me bitter. We could have easily acheived a play-off spot but in the end a baffling loss of all defensive and goalkeeping clue cost us dearly.

I feel that we do have a decent squad and perhaps a more tactically minded manager will be able to make it work next season. Kelwin Igwe was our only fully reliable defender with a AVr of 7.37. He also played for Nigeria at the African Cup of Nations. In midfield I was left a little disheartened. Potential star Lasse Schone occasionaly played well but was far too inconsitent. Yossi Beanyoun was solid given his age. Ahmet Erdogan was a real success however. 10 goals and 8 assists is a superb return for £50,000! Elsewhere it was a mixed bag, and the next manager can analyse stats and attributes for form his opinions. Up front Robbie Keane was reliable 23 goals from 44 games. This is perhaps the best area in the squad with promising younger players Woolfe and Sunu both looking positive. Italian striker Robert Acquafresca is also due to sign from Torino, should the new manager wish to let that deal continue. My main piece of advice to my succesor would be to sign a whole new set of goalkeepers as all three were totally unreliable for me.

In the end my time with CMSG Ltd was a let-down as I claimed the second-worst record. I was pleased with many of the squad had assembled but in the end I was let down by my tactical naiveity and the ever troublesome super keeper vs butter fingers issue. We scored the most goals in the league and conceeded more than any other team bar the second bottom side! Ah well, live and learn!


by Toon

21-04-12, 07:45 PM
The Beginning


CMSG replace Toon with unknown youngster. In a shocking announcement the CMSG group who run Hereford United have installed Jamie Green as manager. The fans might have been expecting someone with more experience to attempt to lead them into the Premier Division.

As I threw the paper into the bin in disgust it hit me I have 1 year to turn this team into a league winning outfit. I have had plenty of experience on cm0102 and have learnt alot from the guys from the forums but this is going to take all my knowledge and more.


As I looked over the squad list I realised I needed to make many changes whilst Toon's squad was good I needed a side that could last all season. I decided the free transfer route was going to be my way of improving the squad.

I quickly bought in:

Dany N'Guessan - £875k
Kevin Kuryani - Bosman
Holmar Orn Eyjolfsson - Bosman
Sebastiano Bizzari - £275k
Robert Acquafresca - Bosman
Matteo Alberti - Bosman
Josh Gowling - Free
Andy Carroll - Bosman
Declan Byrne - Free

Whilst I was forced to release 3 players due to needing money for wages:

Yossi Benayoun - Free
Graham Livermore - Free
Tom Osborne - Free

I was sad to see them go but I thought we had adequate cover for all 3 of the players.

The Beginning

I had decided not too take part in any friendlys instead focusing on improving the squad.

We started the season well winning the 1st 2 games 1-0 with Kevin Kuranyi scoring the goals. Brighton were the opponents in the 1st round of the league cup and we progessed with a lucky 1-0 victory thanks to Andy Carroll. The next 2 games were somewhat dissapointing after our good beginning with us drawing 1-1 against both Stoke and Barnsley. With Kevin Kuryani being the star of the show with 3 goals from 6 games.


Mixed Results

We followed up our good start with wins over Brentford and Bradford in the league. It was time for our 2nd league cup match against Coventry and we progressed with ease defeating them 2-0 with goals from Gradel and Schone.
This cup match seemed to take a lot out of the men with us drawing 1-1 in the league once again to Coventry and then in a dissapointing result losing 0-1 at home to Tranmere. We quickly recovered from this loss with just 1 loss from the next 6 games adding 10 points to our tally.


Lead up to December

We once again progressed through the league cup reaching the 4th round with a 0-1 victory over Bristol.This victory seemed to spur the team on with us winning the next 7 games including the league cup 4th round against Chesterfield.


Start of something special?

We started December with a 2-1 league cup quarter final victory over Everton with Kuranyi and Carroll grabbing the goals. We then earnt 10 points from 5 league games being victorious in 3 of these games. It had been a dream season so far for the Hereford fans reaching the League Cup semi final's and sitting top of the table but I knew the job was far from over.


New Years

We started the new year badly losing 2-3 in the 3rd round of the F.A cup. However we then went the next 4 league games unbeaten. This led us to the semi finals of the league cup, We drew the 1st leg 2-2 away against Huddersfield. But goals from Kuranyi and Byrne secured our spot against chelsea in the final. After reaching the final we won only once out of the next 5 games gaining just 6 points. Things would need to improve greatly if we were to hold onto the top spot.


The dream becomes a nightmare

With just 1 game remaining until the League cup final it was vital we returned to winning ways. With Doncaster our opponents we ended up winning 3-0 with goals from N'Guessan,Carroll and Kuranyi.

League Cup Final


The cup final couldn't have had a worse effect on the lads it shows just how much these games can knock a players confidence. We went on to lose our next 5 league games conceding 11 goals and scoring just 3.


The final hurdle

I cant believe it we have thrown it away we was clear at the top then we lose 5 in a row. It is however my job to turn our fortunes around and it was Sunderland who took part in quite possibly our most important game of the season.

We went on to win this game 4-1 with goals from Schone,Gowling,Kuranyi and Keane but with 2 games left this season was far from over


2 Games left

The penultimate game of the season was away against West Ham and it was a game we should have won. With us dominatiing the game but that counted for nothing as we left london with a 1-1 draw.


Final Game

I cant believe it 1 game left and we could still finish in a playoff spot.




Yes we've done it my job is done I have got Hereford into the premier league and while I wont be managing them there I will take some pride in knowing it was me and my squad who achieved it.

As I walked out of the CMSG office having rejected a job in the boardroom I realised it was well and truly over.

by Cafcjgreen

21-04-12, 07:46 PM
So, here we go. I'm not in the mood for a fancy write-up so don't expect one http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif
Upon the arrival, I took a quick look at the squad...Very good team for the Championship, but I immediately realized I needed a few really good assets if I was to survive in the EPL...
First of all, I signed two more coaches with the high relevant atts.
Second of all, we had 4 Bosmans lined-up...I cancelled 2 of them, leaving Nacer Barazite and Gary Madine.
I noticed a serious lack of left fullbacks, with only Kadar capable of playing on that position. Generally, speaking, I figured we needed 2-3 central midfielders to provide some depth for the legendary http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif wine'n'coke formation I was planning to employ.
I transfer-listed a few players. Danny N’Guessan left to Toulouse for 1m pounds, while Max Gradel joined Sunderland for 140k.

Oh, almost forgot...Congratulations, Cafc http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif

http://img132.imageshack.us/img132/9273/cafcs.jpg (http://img132.imageshack.us/i/cafcs.jpg/)

The Pre-Season begins
TV money...mmm...some of the money left for the costs of the new seats, but we have more than enough...let the games begin...

http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/9081/stadionc.jpg (http://img30.imageshack.us/i/stadionc.jpg/)

http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/2450/pare.png (http://img15.imageshack.us/i/pare.png/)

15th July

Pardon my French, but trying to get someone to sign for a newly promoted side is fucking hard...The money doesn't help and I've tried many players, from young prospects to experienced, unhappy players from mediocre European clubs...
Everything is not that gloomy though...The scout report arrived with some excellent findings and I jumped at a chance to sign them. A young defender by the name of Angelo De Santis joined us from Atletico Catania for 250k. A promising striker from Potenza, Eugenio Di Corcia, joined for 275k, while we arranged the same fee for the arrival of right fullback Francesco Castellano from Cremonese.
No sign of a left-back, let alone those 2-3 mids I was dreaming about.
It's still early days, though...
In other news, Gilles Sunu (1.3m) and Kevin Kuranyi (600k) left the club and joined Swansea and Borussia M.

22nd August

It's a match day, and I can look back on our transfer windows activity really pleased, after all...Sala, Godinho, Hugo, and Fattori are all the players who joined Hereford from Italian and Portuguese clubs for a combined fee of 560k pounds. However, I'm the proudest of the signing of Francisco Manuel Cabrero. This defensive midfielder only got 7 games in the last two seasons at Almeria and thus was thrilled to sign for us. 550k went the other way.
We tried to sign a young Spaniard from Bolton, namely Juan Jose Soler, but the attacking midfielder was not available for sale. Instead, we loaned him until the end of the season.

2nd November

After the opening win against West Bromwich (2-0) and loss against Birmingham away (0-1), we faced the mighty Arsenal, who spent 24m pounds in the last transfer window. In a brave performance, we grabbed a point (1-1)!
We lost the following game in a typical CM fashion..Don't you just love when something like this happens?

http://img200.imageshack.us/img200/583/hernew.jpg (http://img200.imageshack.us/i/hernew.jpg/)

We showed our fury a few days later, beating Blackburn at Ewood 3-0.
In the following game against Rushden in the League Cup I fielded a team consisting mostly of backup players. We won 3-0 with a hattrick by Acquafresca.
After beating Middlesbrough 2-0, another disaster struck, this time at Goodison Park:

http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/9446/everher.jpg (http://img193.imageshack.us/i/everher.jpg/)

Luckily, we pulled ourselves together and won the following three away games: Forest, Wolves, and Blackburn (League Cup 3rd round).
Just today we lost to City. We were in the lead until the 80th minute when Michael Johnson levelled the score. 7 minutes later he scored again and bye-bye points for Hereford.

http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/7823/1stperiod.jpg (http://img193.imageshack.us/i/1stperiod.jpg/)

All in all, I'd say this was a very good opening. This is a good position to wait the games against Chelsea, Man Utd, and Liverpool from.
Also, 2 more transfers came through. We signed a Spanish defender from Toledo for 1.2m. Francisco Nunez will be used mainly on central positions, but he can cover the left flank as well. On the other hand, Jamie Hooper joined Aberdeen for 575k.

2nd January

Amazing run of 4 wins followed the defeat against City: Aston Villa 2-1, Crewe 3-1 (League Cup 4th round), Bristol City 1-0, and Doncaster 1-0.
The following game was exactly was I expected : one big nothing for us. We lost to Chelsea 1-2, with De Santis scoring in the 88th minute only to cushion the blow.
That was followed by a disappointing defeat at the hands of Newcastle in the League Cup quarterfinals (0-1).
However, that was just a minor setback before our following 3 wins in a row (Southampton, Tottenham, and Norwich).
Guess who stopped us this time?

http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/4908/herbirgh.jpg (http://img30.imageshack.us/i/herbirgh.jpg/)

...followed by...

http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/635/westbromher.jpg (http://img7.imageshack.us/i/westbromher.jpg/)

I guess the postponed match against Liverpool affected my players so they couldn’t focus on playing the fairly weaker teams before the big clash. However, there was no time to waste. Another giant was awaiting us...

http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/2185/manutdher.jpg (http://img29.imageshack.us/i/manutdher.jpg/)

...and that appeared to be our best game that far!

http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/8387/2ndperiod.jpg (http://img193.imageshack.us/i/2ndperiod.jpg/)

Fan-bloody-tastic! Halfway through the season and we're sitting on the CL spot!

21st March

Our great form continued...In the following 10 league games, we lost only to Arsenal and Everton! We faced Arsenal just 3 days after Man Utd and I knew that would be too much to handle for my boys...We beat Liverpool along the way, 2-0. To be fair, they had been in serious problems throughout the season (Benitez eventually resigned), but a win is a win.
Unfortunately, after beating Preston, we lost to Tottenham in the FA Cup 4th round (1-2).

http://img36.imageshack.us/img36/8302/2rdperiod.jpg (http://img36.imageshack.us/i/2rdperiod.jpg/)

The big three are unreachable in any case so my primary goal is to keep pushing to prevent Everton from catching us.

23rd May

From the last 8 games, we needed only 4 to mess up everything. Only 2 points from 4 games and Everton closed the gap between us!
Things got worse when I drew against 19th placed Southampton while Everton beat Forest at home...
We SOMEHOW managed to win the following match against Norwich...but Everton finally lost (to Newcastle)! That cheered me up all right, but not for long...Our fixtures schedule said Liverpool (A) and Man Utd (H), while Everton's showed Middlesbrough (A) and Southampton (H).

We started with an early goal by Godinho in the 10th minute...Landon Donovan scored quickly two minutes after, just that Acquafresca could bring us back in the lead 4 minutes later...However, Donovan just wouldn't let go and scored another one a minute later!
By the half time Middlesbrough were still holding a draw against Everton. I was literally trembling in my chair...
60th minute: Baines scored for Everton...
79th minute: Everton scored another one...
Just when I started to swear, Acquafresca scored for 3-2! Later on, he scored another one and we won!

So, there we were, one game to go...With the minor difference that they had to play already relegated Southampton, while we were about to face 3rd placed Man Utd...
The games were about to kick-off when I spotted something weird...Man Utd line-up was full of fringe players! I checked their schedule and it finally dawned on me: they were saving their first teamers for the CL final 3 days later!
This was their usual line-up...

http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/3286/manorig.jpg (http://img225.imageshack.us/i/manorig.jpg/)

...and this is what they confronted us with...

http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/1175/manprotivmene.jpg (http://img225.imageshack.us/i/manprotivmene.jpg/)

I got excited as I knew that was an enormous chance for us.
I was right as we were confident, grabbing the lead early on, just to score another one before the half time...Everton were struggling to score against Southampton and I saw the CL on the horizon...
The frosting on the cake was a goal in the dying seconds of the game by Di Corcia...It didn't matter to us anymore, but Everton drew 0-0...

http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/566/finaltable.jpg (http://img3.imageshack.us/i/finaltable.jpg/)

Our best player ( most goals and highest average rating)

http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/745/bestplayerf.jpg (http://img38.imageshack.us/i/bestplayerf.jpg/)

Best assistant with a mere 7 assists

http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/1526/bestassist.jpg (http://img171.imageshack.us/i/bestassist.jpg/)

Best defender (a combination of tackles per game and average rating)

http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/8074/bestdef.jpg (http://img30.imageshack.us/i/bestdef.jpg/)

Final thoughts

First of all, I must say I enjoyed every minute of playing this save game. I was always wondering what was it like to build on someone else's selection of players.
I'm surprised with the overall achievement, but we were indeed lucky with the injuries and suspensions. Very few of them enabled us to play the best XI most of the time. I think I could have achieved more in the FA Cup, but maybe it's better this way...We lack depth, but I left a decent basis for CM Adventurer to build on. Good luck in the CL!

All in all, this was a splendid season...After all...

http://img200.imageshack.us/img200/111/tacticalgenius.jpg (http://img200.imageshack.us/i/tacticalgenius.jpg/)

Can't argue with that, can you? http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif

by Churky

21-04-12, 07:48 PM
Hereford United season 2010/11

Stepping in to my new challenge
So Hereford United were about to appoint their sixth manager in as many seasons. People say that stability is key to success but CMSG Ltd seem to be defying that theory. Let's hope it would continue for their latest manager who goes by the name of CMAdventurer. As I arrived at Edgar Street for my first day in charge, I caught sight of my predecessor churky who drove away from the ground in his quite beautiful car. That guy achieved 4th place with a supposedly small club so I've got a lot to live up to. It was time to see what sort of challenge I would be taking on during the following 12 months.

First impressions
Of course I met the squad which managed to do the business under churky. I had a good look at them and thought I had a decent mid table side but how they finished 4th last season I'll never know. Could it be down to churky? He never came over as a genius to me http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif. Maybe I was wrong. It was an ageing squad which consisted of many nationalities such as English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. I never associated a multi-national side with Hereford United Football Club but how times have changed since CMSG Ltd took over four years ago. There were some good players in the squad but there would have to be changes if we wanted to push on from an excellent 2009/10 season. Time to meet the Hereford board.

Meeting the board
I was stunned to find out that the board would have been content just to retain our Premier League status. WHAThttp://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/eek.gifhttp://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/eek.gifhttp://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/eek.gif? This club had come such a long way in such a short space of time and the board had such low ambitions! Well I thought the club should be competing at the right end of the table with a bit of wheeling and deeling. I had a healthy transfer budget of just under £20 million (never thought I'd get that with a club like Hereford) so I thought I'd spend it wisely. If churky can guide Hereford to 4th place in the Premier League then so could I http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif. Upon my arrival, I had noticed that the training facilities were still non league standard so they would have to improve if the club was to become a force both domestically and in Europe. Here was the board's response:

Transfer activity
There were a couple of departures before any arrivals. Goalkeeper Ben Smith was released as he had fallen out of favour at the club and he was certainly not in my plans. Then came a huge blow when we lost last season's top scorer Robert Acquafresca. The Italian was still part of my plans but Manchester United came in and made an offer of £2 million. I thought the bid was a joke but then I realised that he had a minimum fee release clause of £2 million so I had to accept rather reluctantly. He accepted the contract offer of course and now I was forced to look for a replacement.

Thanfully I managed to attempt a few additions to the squad as we signed three players on 1st July. These were veteran defender Martin Skrtel, goalkeeper Colin Reeve and right winger Sotiris Ninis from Panathinaikos. Ninis and Skrtel both had unprotected contracts so I still had to pay their clubs compensation for the transfers. Meanwhile, Reeve was signed for a bargain £950k from Villa. He was only 24 at the time of the signing so I had high hopes for him. This signing didn't look good for previous number one Oscar Jansson, who had done an excellent job for the club.

On the same day as those three arrivals, strikers Euginio di Corca and veteran Robbie Keane left to leave us with a striker shortage. Di Corca went to Lazio for £6 million as I thought the offer was too good to turn down. Keane left on the Bosman Ruling as he couldn't agree a new contract. I wasn't that bothered about losing him as he was 36 but we now had only two strikers.

We did manage to replace the strikers as young Dutch duo Jordy van Putten and Kees Bijl signed on 4th July. I was especially impressed with van Putten and I would like to praise whichever previous manager shortlisted him http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/thumb.gif. We got him cheap at £4.2 million from FC Utrecht as that was his minimum fee release clause. A few days later, winger Joaquin Garmendia was signed from Sevilla as I wanted him to play on the left wing. I sold Michele Fattori and Jose Hugo to raise cash as they were full backs and were not required for the tactics I would be using. Here are the attributes of our signings:


I was happy with the squad for the forthcoming season so it was time to get down to business on the pitch.

I almost forgot to mention that I made a few alterations to my staff. I sacked a few coaches and brought a few in. Long serving assistant John Trewick was demoted to coach while former Ipswich forward Pablo Counago was to be my number two. Quite good stats if you ask me.

Pre season
A tour of Greece was arranged for our pre-season. We cruised to a 5-0 win over Koropi in the first game and followed that up with victory over Ionikos. A defeat to AEK Athens followed but we bounced back to win our final match of the tour against Larisa.

Champions League Qualifying
The draw was very kind to us as we were drawn to face Austrian outfit Red Bull Salzburg. We cruised to a 4-0 win in Austria to all but secure our place in the group stages. The second leg at Edgar Street ended 1-1 as we safely booked our place in the next round. This was the draw we were given:

Not a bad draw at all.

Mixed start
Our Premier League campaign started off reasonably. Our first game saw us claw back a 2-goal deficit to draw against Birmingham despite an iffy performance. Wins over Bristol City and Leeds followed but we suffered our first defeat of the season at Stamford Bridge.

Our Champions League campaign got off to an absolute flyer with convincing wins against Porto (3-1) and Panathinaikos (2-0) to leave us in a strong position.

September to November
We had a few good results in the league. Most notably there were 4-1 wins against Liverpool (away) and Aston Villa (home). There were one or two disappointments though such as a 2-0 defeat at Arsenal and a last gasp defeat at Ewood Park.
Our two matches against Bordeaux saw us lose in France but beat them at Edgar Street with both matches finishing 1-0. We should have at least drawn the away match but the return resulted in a deserved victory leaving us still on course for qualification.

Slight frustration during festive period
We welcomed league leaders Man Utd to Edgar Street in early December and put up a brave performance and lost narrowly by a goal to nil. We responded by thumping Norwich 5-0 in our next game. However, the frustration came after Christmas as we drew three consecutive away games. This is how the table looked at the halfway point:

Champions League phase 1 final countdown
Matchday 5 saw Porto arrive at Edgar Street. The game finished goaless. Bordeaux drew with Panathinaikos to leave us as firm favourites to reach the next group stage.

The match in Greece was a tense affair. We would qualify and win the group with a draw. We would go out if we lost, Bordeaux beat Porto and there was a four goal swing in goal difference. It started badly for us as Panathinaikos took the lead from the spot in the 7th minute. It remained 1-0 until half time but Bordeaux took the lead in Portugal to leave qualification on a knife edge.

Porto equalised in the second half but moments later, qualification was dealt another blow as we fell further behind. Jordy van Putten pulled one back to give us breathing space but Bordeaux soon restored their lead against Porto. No more goals were scored in either game as we scraped into the next group stage.

This is what we were up against in the next round:

Cup runs
We cruised into the semi finals of the Carling Cup as we beat both Bristol teams and Swansea to set up a semi final clash against Premier League strugglers Tranmere.

We took the lead in the away leg and then capitulated to lose 4-1 and leave us with a mountain to climb in the return match.

The first half of the second leg was goaless. Strikes from Nunez and Godinho gave us real hope but Tranmere held on to reach the final.

Meanwhile in the FA Cup, we faced real embarrassment at home to Weymouth in the 3rd round as they took the lead totally against the run of play on the stroke of half time. Their keeper continued to frustrate us and I eventually sent on van Putten who scored a hattrick while another sub Lasse Schone completed the scoring. We crashed out in the next round with a 3-2 defeat at Old Trafford. http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/frown.gif

Champions League
We managed a respectable draw at Benfica in our first game only to lose against Milan in our second to leave us with work to do. We then faced two crucial games against Getafe.

We lost the first game 1-0 in Spain and were way below par to leave our chances of reaching the last 8 hanging by an absolute thread.

We gave ourselves a glimmer of hope by beating them 1-0 at home and deservedly so.

January to March
We had some good home wins in this period against third place Chelsea and Liverpool (both 2-1). New signing Nathan McGregor scored the winner against Liverpool. McGregor is a young central defender who I would say has potential. Here are his stats:

However, during that time, we lost 3-2 to West Brom. That really had me kicking myself because:

http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/doh.gif. Another frustrating game was the 0-0 draw at Villa Park where we totally dominated but couldn't finish off our chances. Our inconsistency meant that it looked like we would have to settle for the UEFA Cup as 4th place looked out of reach.

Champions League fate
Our fifth match saw us entertain Benfica in another must-win match. We won 3-1 with goals from van Putten (2, 1 pen) and Plessis. We had to wait until the last minute to seal the win but we should've had it wrapped up much earlier. However, there was bad news as Getafe beat Milan which meant that we would travel to the San Siro in our final game needing a win to progress. Big ask but not impossible if you ask me.

Result against Milan:

We gave it a good go. We were under severe pressure early on but we eventually asserted ourselves. Nacer Barazite had our best chance with a second half header which was save. So we went out of Europe with our heads held high.

The run-in
After exiting Europe we finally put a winning streak together as we won five in a row. The run took us to within 3 points of Everton in 4th with us meeting on the final day at Edgar Street. The winning run included a good victory against Newcastle and two 3-0 wins.

However, in game 36, disaster struck. Everton lost against Villa which meant that we would leapfrog them with a victory against Spurs. We didn't really turn up as a late goal secured a 1-0 win for the visitors. We had to go to Old Trafford and win to stand any chance of CL qualification but unfortunately lost 3-0 which meant that we had to settle for the UEFA Cup.

Season review
Despite us dropping down a couple of places in the league, I was pleased with how the season went. The Champions League probably had a lot to do with it as we looked a bit tired at times. We certainly had a very promising debut season in the Champions League as we showed that we can compete on the European stage. However, there were a few frustrating things, such as the number of forced substitutions I had to make due to injuries during the match. Martin Skrtel also got sent off three times including twice in a row at the business end of the season. Perhaps making him captain was a bad decision. Finally I would like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed working for CMSG Ltd and I would have stayed for 100 years if they let me. I begged them to let me stay but they reminded me of their policy of having a new manager every season. They had a young Dutch manager named m0ri lined up to replace me. His track record was not great as he has previously endured a difficult season with lower league Spanish club Antequera. So I said goodbye to the players and the board and drove off in my car which was a little more elegant than churky's car, trust me. Soon after, the new manager arrived. What could he achieve with the club during his season in the hotseat? Good luck to m0ri! http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/thumb.gif

by CMAdventurer

21-04-12, 07:50 PM
I just thought I'd show you how Pergocrema have been doing since CMSG left them. In fact, they have since suffered two more relegations from Serie A to become a real example of a yo-yo team http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/tongue.gif.

by CMAdventurer

21-04-12, 07:52 PM
I’m terribly sorry, but expect no fancy write-up from my side.

My reign as manager started on 28 May. The previous manager, CMAdventurer, informed me of the scheduled departure of Adam Carroll, back to Newcastle United.

I saw there was 8m Euros available for transfers, and I was sure there would be plenty more, coming from TV rights in a month or so. Unfortunately, I was given the message that the stadium needed expanding, and the youth facilities needed improvement. Which meant there was no money left at that moment. Shortly after, 12M Euros became available due to the tv-rights. I began looking for good, but most of all, cheap players.

There were a few players in the squad I felt would make some money, so I decided to put no less than 12 players on the transfer list, unfortunately, hardly any player attracted any interest, so the only ones I managed to sell were:

Samuele Giovannetti – DC – sold to Rushden and Diamonds – 650k Euros
Brendan Moloney – D/M RC – free, contract was running out, and he wasn’t good enough for a spot on my team
Nacer Barazite – AMC – sold to HSV – 2.7m Euros
Daley Blind – D/DMC – sold to Sporting Gijon – 4.1m Euros
Sotiris Ninis – AMR – sold to Atalanta – 7.25m Euros
Angelo de Santis – DC – sold to Kashima Antlers – 5.25m Euros

Diego Godinho (AM RC) had his contract unprotected, and since he wasn’t going to feature in the side this season, I let clubs approach him, and eventually he accepted a contract from Liverpool, and he would be leaving for 4.9m in December.

With 7 players out I still had a big enough squad, but I had money to spend now, and I didn’t feel the squad was anywhere near pushing for European spots, not with Ninis, Barazite and Godinho leaving.

So, I went for some good old manual scouting, and found the following players willing to join..

Patrice Evra, 37 years old, coming on a Bosman from Southampton, he still looks like he can keep up at this level, and DL is a position where we only have one decent option, so I decided to bring him in.

Mark Beevers, the 28 year old defender could be a useful addition as he is sure to play a part in the league campaign this season, brought in from Rangers, for a mere 3.8M.


Another Bosman signing, 35 year old Franck Ribery joins from Atletico de Madrid.


There were a few DMC’s at the club, but I felt they weren’t good enough, so I decided to bring my own, Tiziano Merlo came over from Internazionale, for a mere 3.2m Euros.


Georginio Wijnaldum was available for only 1.6M due to his contract being unprotected, he joins from Panathinaikos.

In the same construction, Marko Arnautovic was available for only 3.3M at FC Twente.


Goalgetter Marcus Berg joins for 240k Euros from Sheffield United.


Raul Lopez Gimenez is a young defender with potential, managed to snap him up for 375k Euros from Brescia, Italy.


Aurel Voicu, a 30 year old F LC (who is obviously Adrian Mutu’s regen), joins from Romanian side Unirea, for a mere 325k Euros.


Paulo Francisco is an attacking midfielder who was playing for Vitoria de Guimaraes in Portugal. I’ve no idea why he hasn’t been snapped up by a bigger side before, as he is truly amazing. Signed him for 300k Euros.


When looking through Portugal, I found another great addition to the squad. Porto’s strong DC Filipe Coelho joins for 2M Euros.


Coelho’s teammate at Porto, D/DMC Claudio Miguel, meets up with Coelho at Hereford for Herefords most expensive transfer this season; 4.2M Euros.


Scott Sinclair will prove to be a useful addition to the side filling in the gap on the left wing, the F LC joins for 2.5M from Aston Villa.


Last signing of the summer, Oscar Nunez, 21 year old Spanish F RC, joins for 3.9M from Nottingham Forest. He’s one for the future, this kid.


So, with the transfers done, the season got underway. I was planning to use the tactic I am using for the Dream Team League, modified it with wibwob (as that isn’t allowed in DTL), and some other settings.
We got off to a great start, winning 6 games from our first 7 matches, beating the likes of Newcastle and Liverpool , but defeated by Middlesbrough on the second day of the season. We then went through a difficult period, where Chelsea beat us at home, and Aston Villa held us to a goalless draw (Superkeepered ffs)

Then Ipswich knocked us out of the league cup, beating us 1-0 at their turf. After that, somehow, we got our shit together, and managed to string back to back wins together, and halfway through the season, we were in a good position. We had just drawn 0-0 at home versus Arsenal, 2-2 at home versus Liverpool, and we won 1-0 against Man Utd, and after these three matches, things were looking promising.


Meanwhile, we had proceeded to the 4th round of the UEFA Cup for which we were qualified. We beat OSC Lille in the first round (1-0 and 2-0), then beat AEK Athens in the second round (2-0 and 3-0), and we then drew CFR Cluj (0-0 and 3-0) but they too didn’t even manage to score against us.

In the fourth round, we beat FC Moscow (2-0 and 3-0), and the quarter finals had drawn us against Vitesse (1-0 and 4-0), and we still had yet to concede for a first time this European campaign. Meanwhile, we were unbeaten in the league since the winter-break, and in good position, Arsenal were the only ones who could keep up, albeit 5 points from us.

In the FA Cup, we were handed some easy draws, the third round Swansea (2-0), the fourth round Wolves (3-0) and the fifth round Newcastle, though they’re meant to be tough opposition, they weren’t on that day (3-0).

In the semis of both the FA Cup and the UEFA Cup, things got a bit tougher. In Europe we were facing Valencia. At home, we beat them 3-1, which would mean they needed 2 goals at the Mestalla to send us home. Unfortunately, we beat them 3-0 at their turf.
The FA cup semi against Man Utd proved to be a lot more difficult.


Anyway, we were in the finals. We had a difficult run-in, facing both Man Utd and Arsenal in the last 5 matches, Arsenal was even the final match of the season!.
However, they were already 8 points behind by now. We drew Bristol City 2-2, which meant an end to our 21 match winning streak.
6 points clear, 3 matches to go. Our goal difference was lots better, so when we beat Coventry with 2 matches to go, things were still open for Arsenal on paper, but they needed to win the next two matches by 10 goals each, and we had to lose twice. We hadn’t lost in 35 games by then. So when we won against Birmingham, Arsenal had already given up, drawing West Ham 1-1, and we were champions!! For the first time ever, Hereford had won the title!


We were not done yet though, we still had two finals to play.
The first was against Chelsea, the FA Cup Final. Not a very exciting match, we beat them 5-1.


The other one, the UEFA Cup final, saw us facing Arsenal, who proved to be more of a competition to us. The match was very even, but in the end we were lucky to win by 3-2, grabbing the treble.


http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/finaltable.png (http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/finaltable.png%5b/IMG)





by m0ri

21-04-12, 07:53 PM
Whipped this up for a bit of fun to add to the story. Briefly covers the 'to stay at Hereford or not' discussion. Which I'm glad has gone on as it shows that there's a few dedicated subscribers to this thread that have an interest in where this story will go.


CMSG Ltd have come to light in recent weeks for their more than interesting way of management. Assitants and coaching staff aside, until just over a decade ago managers worked on a solo basis being employed by clubs around the world who required their services. If expectations were met, their job was safe, exceeded and they were heroes but when failed they quickly found themselves jobless. That was until CMSG Ltd entered the frame.

The managerial sports group made small headline news as they encountered their first dip into the football with a lowly ranked Italian team, Pergocrema. Speculation outlined that Pergocrema had spent some hundred thousands of pounds for this group to turn Pergocrema into a more successful side than it was. Working on a principle of interchangeable managers over 12 month periods, CMSG Ltd began it's career in the managerial world of football.

Pergocrema advanced to the cream of Italian within three straight seasons. It was no doubt a great achievement for the sports group, but so far there was still no silverware to bare to the CMSG name. The first season in Serie A witnessed a hard dose of reality as the cash straped Italian side fell below par of the standards to compete at the highest levels. Finally CMSG tasted their first piece of silverware, a whole 5 years since setting up, finally lifting the Serie B title.

Media attention had started to pick-up on this managerial 'revelation' and had started to become an attractive employment opportunity to several clubs across Europe. "It was great that we were finally getting some decent publicity in the footballing world, we were no longer a 'joke'." explained a director of CMSG who wished not to be named. But the attention wasn't from fallen giants or teams with a rich footballing past, "The bigger clubs still laughed at our project, they believed it wasn't going anywhere and that CMSG had ridden through the Italian leagues on luck" the director explained. But some teams were prepared to gamble on that luck, which is were Hereford United came in.

"We left Pergocrema on amicable terms. It wasn't easy, but we had an opportunity." And my CMSG took that opportunity. Within 3 seasons CMSG had directed Hereford into the Premiership, with Division One and Division Two titles to add to the bag. Within the next 2 years they made instant waves in the premiership and tasted European football for the first time. And then last season, Hereford's most successful yet, as CMSG could proudly add their most lucrative honours to date to a growing cabinet of trophies - the Premiership, FA Cup and UEFA Cup.

Hereford's new found success has been nothing but jubilent for fans with even the most hardened and pesimistic groups finding it difficult not to fully embrace the quick and successful changes that have taken place since CMSG's dramatic entrance 6 years ago. However, the talk of a restless board room has become a focal point at the club.

"Everyone has thoughts and opinions on how CMSG Ltd should be run." explained the director, "and whilst the next manager that is appointed by CMSG Ltd should take into account the thoughts and advice of his predecessors, it is ultimately their decision in how they chose to run the course of their 12 month tenure."

A possible hint of a change to come in the winding path that is CMSG Ltd? But wait, there's more...

"All managers want to put their own stamp on things when they take charge which is perfectly fine but are asked to be sympathetic to certain signings, youngsters and fan favourites that have made an impact. This is also applies to the team that CMSG is currently employed by, however some times may occur and from time to time we may all need to brace ourselves for change."

Is this a hint that CMSG may go a different way in the future of football or is it simply a reiteration of the very rules that CMSG has performed to over the past 11 years?

Whether CMSG remain at Hereford United for another season or not appears to remain in the balance with ZanSnake the reported next manager, however what is certain is that the CMSG story will continue to entertain the world of football.

by Rossinho

21-04-12, 07:55 PM
I grand day it was. The sun was out, blazing down, a record breaking hot day. And there I was, sitting inside my house, watching Sky Sports News. With a glass of cold milk in my hand, I sat and watched as breaking news erupted down the bottom of the screen.

“Some shocking breaking news coming through, CMSG Ltd has announced the announcement that they will be leaving Hereford after nearly 6 years since taken over the club. It was under CMSG Ltd that saw Hereford come from a second division struggling side to become one of the biggest teams in Europe. With the company’s tradition of having a new manager every season, it showed that this unorthodox maneuver was a successful” Said the News anchor.

“I can’t believe it! I thought that they would at least want one more season finding European success before leaving the club. I guess they wanted a new challenge, but the biggest question is, who is going to be the new manager of the next club they will invest in,” said a stupid random guy who thinks he knows everything.

“Well, a CMSG representative has been quoted as saying:

‘The Hereford project has become a great achievement, bringing in more profit for the club and more acknowledgements to our company. After six years in England, everyone in the company has decided it’s time to move on; we have won the biggest title, the biggest cup in England, now we want to go elsewhere and make our mark once again. And I want to say thank you to all the Hereford fans that have been coming to the club, if it wasn’t without them then we wouldn’t have had such a great journey. But this is an endless journey, as long as there are still competitions and cups that have eluded us, we will fight until we won. Hell, maybe one day we may comeback to our roots in Italy or here in England. The future is always ahead, and with that we will look forward, giving young managers their chance to make their mark in the sport of football.’

Stay tuned for further details.”

I turned the TV, gob smacked. How can they just leave like that? But I guess great managers like m0ri, Jesus, CMAdventeur and many more won’t be forgotten. I guess I will go back onto Championship Manager 01/02.

But later that day….

“Super Zan to the rescue,” I shouted, standing on my bed with underwear ontop of my trousers. “Man, I should stop smoking m0ri secret stash,” I said walking down from the bed. Then the doorbell rang. I ran down the hallway (a bungalow was cheaper for my nan) and answered the door, facing a man with blonde stylish hair and a black suit.

“Erm….. This is for you,” he said, giving me the letter. Obiviously, this guy isn’t the smartest around the block. I grabbed the letter and read it:


Dear Mr ZanSuper, I am an important man at CMSG Ltd, and I am happy to say you Have won the lottery that earns you to become the new manager Of the next selected CMSG Ltd football club. We will know kidnap you and take you to the club’s destination, Please do not reframe to struggle. Love, Some Guy from CMSG Ltd
“Damn, and I thought I was called Super Zan, ZanSuper? Wtf!” I said to myself as the big blonde man came closer with something big and wooden in his hand, then all I could remember was darkness and thud against my head.

I then awoke in what seemed a total different country (about 20 minutes of failed Q+A with passers by) I found out I was in Holland. How? The ‘odd’ cafés that are around.

I then came across another mysterious man, this time his accent seemed more Northern Ireland and was able to say a whole sentence.

“Mister Snake, I presume?” He said. “Welcome, you are going to manager local side, ADO Den Haag.”

"I am the replacement of m0ri? I am the next one in line? I am the new face of CMSG?" I said, trying to acknowledge the facts.

"No! You will be the face for a season, nothing more. If you fail, you will be sacked, if you succeed then your name shall be marked into history." Said the silly little Irish man.

It suddenly comeback to me, the people that has also done this job. From Pergocerma to Hereford, there has been good times and there has been bad. There have been highs and there has been lows. And now, it's my time. It's my time to try and shine.

"Okay," i said, "I accept your job, and i will try to do my best."

"Well, good. But you were going to do the job anyway, i mean your in frigging Holland, your about a couple of thousands miles away from Nottinghamshire," he said back, but i Ignored him, thinking to what the future may hold.

The Summer Start



Are you having a laugh? To me, this makes this a challenge, a war for a better season. If that is the clubs expectation, then mine is to reach the final of the Dutch Cup Final (or win it) and to win the league, bring in more gold for CMSG. But I guess getting promoted and reaching the Semis or Quarters is good enough for me as a more realistic target.


Amieva, 22, Mc

Young talent that has ton of potential, and also a whiz at free-kicks. A good one for the future, and also, with the lack of MC a great team player.

Jimmy Barlow, 20, DC

Young defender, has still a great future ahead. A great back-up for my other defenders.
Dino Cantoni, 24, FC

I guess I was a little hasty on this one. But seems like a great back-up in case my first and/or second choices and injured/banned.

Geoffrey Schut, 20, FC

Yet again, another great back-up, and has a lot of potential for future. He is a determined finisher, someone that could be helpful in certain scenearios. But I don’t see many matches for him this season.

Carlitos, 32, FC

Another hasty buy, but an experienced player who could come on as sub and do some good stuff (hopefully!).

Arjan de Roo, 24, FC

One of the best players I have ever seen. A young talented forward who could easily score a few here and there when in top form.

Marco Joordens, 26, DMC/R

A player I hope to help the lack of midfielders I have. I hope he can score and create a few goals in that midfield.

Said Van den Berg, 23, DMC/R

Another young talent, someone defiantly to keep hold on to for the future.

Pietro De Vita, 27, DMC

A good little player, who can help in defensive midfield. Great back-up for the central midfield role.


Cor Reiziger, 21, D/DML

A player I brought in not knowing my future tactic, I was going to either choose my Attacking Midfeild formation or the Forward March Z, in the end I choose the on with three Centre-backs, as so his existence wasn’t really needed. K

Dennis van Schijndel, 24, D/DMC/R

A great talent, such a great talent I later bought him when he requested to leave his parent club. A lad who will sit in defensive midfield for me, and will be used as a back-up in defence if needed.


I went with my own (for obvious reasons), so I went for Attack Midfielder (name will change) that looks like:



I started a little competition (CMSG Ltd Cup) with a three randomly selected teams, consisting with: Adelaide Cobras, Osasuna B, and Catanzaro. Each from another country: Austria, Spain and Italy.

Our first match was Adelaide Cobras, which we saw we were beaten 1-0. For the next game, I decided a different approach by replacing one striker. Our next game was Osasuna B, which we easily won 2-0, goals from Barlow and Di Lallo. Our third and final game was against Catanzaro, which was harder but we able to stretch for a 1-0 thanks to an Amieva strike. We finished second as Adelaide took the cup, next time I am sure we will win that back, or will we?


First Month

Our first couple of games was the Dutch Cup Qualifering group stages for the second round. As I am against a few non-league teams, I was expectating some easy wins. And that’s what is got as we won Ijsselmeervogels by an amazing 3-0 (Linssen, van Schijndel, Amieva). We then beat Oranje Nassau by an astonishing 4-0 (Linssen, de Roo 2, Joordens). After being qualified from our group, the league debut was next.

This performance was then followed by dull draws against AGOVV, the final Group stage game, and against Excelsior. The last game of the month, we were able to score one goal against Omniworld thanks to Joordens. The month ended with us not conceding any goals.

Second Month

The second month started out well with a 3-0 thrashing of Den Bosch (de Roo, Linssen, Amieva). The second game, we lost 0-1 against an average Roda JC side. The third game, we were able to salvage a 1-1 draw against Veendam (Amieva). Then, the second round match against Feyenoord came up, which ended 1-1 and we won on Penalties.

But we couldn’t celebrate for long as our next match against AGOVV came, and even though we came back, it ended in their favour in a 3-2 (Linssen, Gyasi) loss for us. Our second month wasn’t such a success as the last month, but we could only hope the next month will come to be better.

Third Month

The third month since the start of the season, and the third challenge ahead. Our first challenge was Telstar which we ended in a 2-2 draw (Gyasi, Linssen). We actually got a win against Helmond Sport as beat them 2-1 (de Roo, De Vita). But we could only slavage a point as we faced Cambuur which ended 1-1 (de Roo). Our next match we Fortuna Sittard but lost 1-2 (John). Next we faced RKC who we would face later on in the third round of the Dutch cup, we won the first meeting 1-0 (Joordens). In the second facing against RKC we completely looked like a total different team as we thrashed them 3-0 (Amieva 2, Joordens) to go on to the third round. We may have had a iffy month in the league, but in the cup we were rolling harder then a rolling machine.

Fourth Month

We started the fourth month off with a bang, as we thrashed Emmen 3-0 (John, Amieva, Joordens). The next match was against Willem II, we thrashed that 4-1 (de Roo 2, John, Joordens). We next faced Volendam, we was decided 1-0 in our favour (John Pen). We ended the month undeafted, and favourites for competing for the first division title, but I still want to wait one more month.

Fifth Month

We started the month with a 0-0 draw against PSV. The next crucial game was against De Graafschap as we thrashed them 4-1 (de Roo, Linssen, Alberg, Maruanaya og). Our next result was against Excelsior in a 2-1 ( Linssen 2). The last game of the month was against Zwolle which we beat 2-0 (Amieva, John). We had a great month, and with just one game next month I think the players should have a well deserved break.

Sixth Month

The one and only game of the month was our match was the third round match against Volendam which we won 2-0 (de Roo, Moreno Freire). Now we are in the quarter finals.

Seventh Month

The first game was against Omniworld which we lost 1-2 (de Roo). We then faced Fortuna Sittard in the Dutch Cup Quarter Finals, which we won 1-0 (de Roo). Our next game was against Den Bosch which we won 2-1 (de Roo, Linssen). Then, in our next match against Roda JC which we lost 2-1 (de Roo), this was followed by a 2-2 draw against Veendam (John, de Roo). Another mix month, I am hoping for a successful month next.

Eighth Month

The first game of the month we faced Telstar which we won 2-0 (Amieva, Linssen). The second game we thrashed 4-0 (Joordens, John pen, de Roo, Linssen) against Helmond Sport. Third game, Fortuna Sittard who we beaten 2-0 (Linssen 2). For the fourth game, we thrashed AGOVV 4-0 (Linssen, de Roo, Alberg, Amieva). The last game of the month was a 3-0 (Di Lallo, Linssen 2) thrashing Cambuur.

Ninth Month

The first game of the second-to-last month was against RKC which we beat 2-1 (de Roo, John). Second game was the Dutch Cup Semi-Final against Premier side NAC, which we lost 3-1 (Linssen). The next game, we beat Willem II 3-0 (Linssen, de Roo, Etxarri). With that win, it meant we only needed one more win and we would clinch the First Division title. So, the next game was a must win against Voledam, but we weren’t able to win as we lost 1-0 meaning the tension for the next game was even more bigger. Next game was against a team that once was the biggest club in Holland, PSV and now this small team beat them 2-0 (de Roo, Linssen), meaning we won the First Division.



Tenth and Final Month

With us winning the title already, I wasn’t really bothered if we won the next couple of matches or not. The second to last game was against Emmem which we won 2-0 (Alberg, Gyasi pen). And as for the last game against Zwollewe were beaten 2-3 (Alberg 2).

Overall Thoughts

I am kind of disappointed not to have reached the final of the Dutch Cup or even winning it. The lack of players for defense and midfield may have been the main problem. To the next manager I say good luck in the premiership, and I hope the best for the future.

by ZanSnake

21-04-12, 07:56 PM
Alright guys,

Sorry for letting the thread go a little stale. You're entitled to an update, so this is what's happened. Basically the save that ZanSnake had passed on to me had corrupted. I couldn't even load the game due to an error that according to Cmela, had pretty much made the game non-playable. So, hoping that ZanSnake may have already had copies saved before he played, I was hoping he might be able to replay his season and then try and make the 'pass' again. However, I haven't been to contact him unfortunately. Time is ticking, so tonight I have emailed m0ri in the hope that he still has his finished season saved that he can then forward on to me. Unfortunately this might mean a season lost, but it's better than a career going down the pan right? I hope you can bare with me for a little while longer and hopefully we can get this resolved and get the ball rolling again with this. Everyone has done a fantastic job keeping this story going.

Thanks again for your patience,


PS - Good news! m0ri still has the link. Downloading the save now.

by Rossinho

21-04-12, 07:57 PM

Mark: Zzz.
Mark: Zzz.
Mark: Huh? Oh, f**k off, it's 3 in the morning!
Mark: *Mutters obscenities* - Hello? Do you know what time it is?
Caller: Mark? It's m0ri. Sorry about the time, but this is an emergency. You've got to come at meet me as soon as you can.
Mark: m0ri? What are you phoning me for?
m0ri: It's urgent. I'm in Hereford. Come and meet me as soon as you can.

With that, m0ri hung up the phone. "Hereford? What the f**k does he want me to go Hereford for. I'm going back to sleep!".

But curiosity got the better of me and within an hour, I had showered, dressed and took some Relentless into the car with me as I prepared to drive to Hereford. At least it was only two hours away from Stoke-on-Trent! Before long, I arrived at Hereford headed for Edgar Street as I knew that would be where m0ri would be as he was in fact the Manager of Hereford and had just won the English Premiership! I pulled up outside the stadium of the English Champions and straight away a chap came striding towards my car. I got out to greet him:

m0ri: Mark? Fantastic. I knew you'd come.
Mark: What's going on? Why the urgency for me to come here?
m0ri: I'll explain to you inside. Come on...

We went inside the ground and m0ri took me to an office which was undoubtlessly his. I spotted the recently acquired medals of the EPL, UEFA Cup and FA Cup pinned up on the wall.

m0ri: Mark, as an ex-employee of CMSG Ltd, you already know the rules that the company has. Each manager that is appointed by CMSG Ltd is only allowed a year in the job before somebody else takes over. Which means my time at Hereford has come to an end.
Mark: Right...
m0ri: CMSG Ltd then appointed a guy called ZanSnake to take over from me. He told the directors that he felt that he couldn't live up to what I had already achieved at the club and informed them that he would look to take CMSG Ltd to untried territory. Within a week, he was appointed as the manager at ADO Den Haag in Holland. However, there has been a few complications since then...
Mark: Tell me more...
m0ri:You have to promise me that not a word of this is spoken to anybody else. There are legal implications if you do so...
Mark:Okay, yes. Whatever. Spill!
m0ri: Well. ZanSnake arrived in Holland and shall we say, went on the 'waccy baccy' almost straight away. But there were journalists around who spotted him doing some rather discriminating stuff. He was reported to the police and found with copious amount of substances in his body as well as in his possessions. He spent the night in the cells and the story goes that he was babbling on about being the manager of ADO Den Haag and winning the title there, but not winning the Dutch Cup. The police were rightfully quite concerned about his state of mind and a doctor was called who then advised that the ZanSnake was not fit to manage the club after all. Therefore, he has returned to England on orders to undergo a rehabiliations process. He is due to return to the country tomorrow.
Mark: Corr Blimey...!
m0ri: Indeed, now that brings me to my next and final thing. CMSG Ltd had contacted me and they have insisted that you are the man to take over from me now and that you are in fact, the manager of Hereford so you may choose to remain here or like ZanSnake, go elsewhere. It's entirely up to you. But just avoid getting yourself into trouble! Right. I'm going to return home now with my medals so I will wish you the best of luck. Goodbye, Mark.

With that, he walked out of the room and I never saw him again for more than a year. Goodness me, what has ZanSnake got himself into?! What a drama...!

Over the course of the few days, I had a good think and also decided that I couldn't match up to m0ri's achievements at Hereford. As a result, my future would lie elsewhere. While I awaited news of my job applications, I decided to take a trip to Italy in order to see how my old side Pergocrema were getting on. They were doing alright by all acounts having established themselves as a solid Serie B side, finishing 10th in the season just gone. The players I had managed had long since moved on which is hardly surprising since it was 9 years ago that I had managed them. In fact, I wasn't even recognised as I walked around the stadium! Charming!

I had another reason to be in Italy though. With a years experience in management, winning promotion with Pergocrema all those years ago as well as CMSG Ltd's reputation for appointing managers who had a talent in the game, I applied for several jobs and was pleased to be offered a return to football management in Italy. The team in question had just finished a lofty 3rd in Serie A and their manager had retired from the game with grace. I was proud to be the newest manager of...


S.S. Lazio!


With a new job, I had to give my old friend and assistant manager at Pergocrema, Claudio Ferrante a call:

Mark: Claudio! Are you still an ugly b*****d?
Claudio: Mark?! Is that you? Where have you been?!
Mark: Ah, wasting my life doing naff all! Have you heard? I'm the Lazio manager now!
Claudio: Si? Wow, that is craziness!
Mark: I'll give you crazy, you c**t! How about coming down here and working with me again?
Claudio: Excellente! I be there!

With that, I was re-united with Claudio and armed with a £25,000,000 transfer budget. It was time to get to work! Although the club wasn't short of money, I still sold 14 players for a total fee of £4.3M, with a few listed and left to rot in the reserves for the season. There were a couple of decent players in the squad already including Nazzareno Giampaolo, Attila Filkor, Alessio Cerci, James Milner and £6M signing from Hereford two years ago Eugenio Di Corcia. I set about signing 21 players, strengthening the goalkeeper and defensive options in particular. Main signings from those 21 were Igor Akinfeev (£2.8M), Davide Santon (£1.9M), Micah Richards (£6M), Kermit Erasmus (£1.7M), Iago Falque (£6M), Maourane Fellaini (£1.6M) and Nani (£8M). I also signed five players from Hereford! These were Adam Milner (GK - free), Francisco Nunez (DLC - £1.5M), Scott Sinclair (FLC - £2.7M), Francisco Manuel Cabrero (DMC - £1.3M) and Nathan McGregor (£1.2M).

The season got underway and we kicked off in style with a 1-0 win over Parma, but our form in the league left a lot to be desired. We were very inconsistent but then managed to get our season back on track thanks largely to the form of a striker who was spotted completely by luck by my scouts and signed for just £250k from Canon Yaounde!



We beat Hajduk Split on penalties, with a rare occasion taking place as all 5 penalty takers scored for us! That then took us into the first group phase against Sevilla, Anorthosi and none other than Hereford themselves! Representatives of CMSG Ltd were invited back to Hereford in the first of two meetings as we played and...


Lost http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/frown.gif


We then faced them again in the final game of Phase 1 and needed a win in order to qualify...


... And we won! Meaning we then overtook them into 2nd place to qualify for Phase 2!



Phase 2 pitted us against Chelsea, Heerenveen and Olympiakos which we found tough going at first, but once again managed to sneak into the knockout stages thanks to the last 3 games after failing to record a win in the first 3!



What of the Italian Cup, I hear some of you ask? Well, after beating Torino, we were then knocked out by Milan at the Quarter-Final stage - Nothing more to say!

After putting in a series of inconsistent performances in Europe, we managed to get our act together in order to beat Arsenal 2-1 in the Quarter-Finals and then Chelsea 3-0 in the Semi-Finals to face Milan in the final! Is revenge on the cards for the Italian Cup knockout?

Meanwhile, back in the league, our form had been so good, we actually reach the summit of Serie A and even built up a 7 point lead until the last few games of the season cost us our place. We found ourselves slipping to 2nd place with one game left to play. Our cause was not helped by injuries and suspensions to key players either (Fellaini was given a 7 match ban for headbutting...!) our last match was to be against Fiorentina, the very team who had overtaken us into 1st place!

And so began the last two games of the season which would determine the success of my year at Lazio!


First we had to play Fiorentina. I was without Fellaini and Giampaolo for a match that we simply HAD to win. Luckily, we were at home which hopefully gave us an advantage...


... It didn't http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/frown.gif We lost 2-0 to goals from Eder Mendes and Pietro Mollica and finished 2nd in the league. A very bitter pill for me and Claudio to take http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/frown.gif


But we had a chance to make amends in the Champions League Final against Milan at Copenhagen and this time, I had a full team available...




What a season. I practically built a brand new squad and although we didn't conquer the league in the end, I was pleased to pick up a Champions League medal. The success was largely down to three players in particular who were all signed by me:



by Mark

21-04-12, 07:58 PM
22nd May 2013, Parken Stadium, Copenhagen, Denmark

The match had finished, the medals awarded, the cup presented and the victory celebrated with the fans. Lazio had beaten AC Millan 1-0 in an all Itallian Champions League final. To be honest, it wasn’t a great game, typically Italian with defences on top, but on reflection, Lazio just about deserved it. I was lucky enough to have an all areas pass and used it to congratulate Lazio manager Mark on his success.

Mark: Cheers Eejit. It’s been quite some season. Glad it’s over, I’ll tell you
Eejit: Come off it, Champions League and 2nd in Serie A, must have enjoyed that
Mark: It had it’s moments. What are you upto ?
Eejit: Nothing much. Trying to remember my alphabet, but can’t get past “D”
Mark: Great. In that case, I’ve got something for you.

He pulled from his pocket a Ferrari key ring.

Eejit: Ha ! That wont turn your Punto or Multipla into anything decent !
Mark: Keys fit the red F430 Coupe out in the car park. Drive carefully, only 5,000 on the clock.
Eejit: WHAT !
Mark: Car comes with the job. Big key there is for my, sorry your office at The Olimpico
Eejit: Come again …. Am I missing something ?
Mark: Didn’t CMSG Ltd tell you ? You are taking over from me.
Eejit: But Mark ….. I ****ing hate Lazio
Mark: Not my problem mate. Take it up with CMSG Ltd. I’m off to Le Havre

29th May 2013 – The Board Room, CMSG Ltd, CMSG Towers – New York, USA


Eejit: Rossinho, there is no way I am going any where near Lazio.
Rossinho: But we have our contractual obligations ….
Eejit: Well un-contractually obligate then.
Rossinho: What’s up with Lazio anyway ?
Eejit: Nazi salutes for one, Gascoigne for another, just never liked them.
Rossinho: Lets assume we can get out of this mess, is there any other club you don’t like
Eejit: Airdie obviously. Everyone hates Airdrie. Clyde, Rangers, Celtic, Inverness, Hearts, Hibs, Chelsea, Millwall, England of course, I’m not that keen on Liverpool, Leeds or Necastle. Couldn’t stand Palace when I lived in Croydon. Fiorentina, Metz, Celta Vigo, BATE who always beat me, and I’m sure there are a few others.
Rossinho: Christ man, there’s a lot of hate in you dude ! You need to chill a bit
Eejit: I’ll add people who tell me to chill to the list !
Rossinho: Here’s what we’re going to do. There is a map of Europe there. Put this blindfold on and make a mark. We’ve got some funds and will take over the closest club. I’ll wory about Lazio later.


Eejit: http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/censored.gifing hell. Middle of the http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/censored.gifing North Sea ! Who are we going to manage ? Marine ?
Rossinho: You’re not making this easy. We’ll be in touch.

4th August 2013, My Home, Manchester, UK

The e-mail arrived


Where the hell is Cambuur ? It isn’t on any map that I can find. The mystery was resolved by a phone call from Rossinho minutes later, telling me to shift my arse to Leeuwarden in North East Holland. I got there as soon as I could and founs a sorry state of affairs. I had 16 players, 1 was injured and I had a cup game with Oranje Nassau in 3 days time. I couldn’t even fill the bench, and even the free transfer market would take too long. I had no option but to use loan signings, and immediately made 10 offers. 8 players arrived in time for the opening cup game, a 6-0 thrashing of the non-league minnows, with 4 goals coming from the loan signings. We were off and running and followed up with a 3-0 win over Achilles 29 and a 90th minute winner from loan striker Danny Vos to beat NEC 2-1 and progress from our cup group.

30th October 2013, The Tunnel, Mandemakers Stadion, Waalwijk, Netherlands

Interviewer: Congratulations Eejit on making the playoffs
Eejit: Thanks. It’s been a great start to the season and the lads have deserved that for the effort they have put in on training. It was a good game today, and RKC are a very good side. I’m sure they will be in the mix for the playoffs come the end of the season too. They pushed us hard today, but I think we just about deserved it and got the luck when we needed it.
Interviewer: You said you got the luck today, are you referring to the freekick that led to the goal ?
Eejit: To be honest, I didn’t see the incident, but it was a great freekick from Thijs Brunswijk right where Rene Seedorf wanted it. We’ve been practicing that one in training, and I was pleased to see it come off. As for the Frank de Ridder incident, I will be looking at the tapes and if he did something wrong then we will take that up within the club. Fortunately there was only seconds to hold out after the red card, but I don’t tolerate misconduct from my own players, let alone those on loan
Interviewer: You are currently unbeaten after 12 games, what is your secret
Eejit: Like I said, hard work. We have signed 10 players and a further 9 on loan, so it has not been easy to integrate, but I have to say there is real teamwork and a great team spirit. I had 7 players under 20 out there today and I think they are showing a hunger having been passed by at previous clubs. It is my job to focus that hunger on a Saturday.
Interviewer: Danny Vos is attracting a lot of attention do you think you can hold onto him ?
Eejit: Danny has been sensational. 17 goals in 17 games, you can’t ask for more, but this is not a one man team. His partner Nol Vonk will also be missed when the both return to FC Uttrecht at the end of the year. Andres Pedrosa is a huge talent and I think he will play for Brazil one day. But I have to say that from 1 to 11 each game I have not been disappointed in the performance. I know Danny will go onto better things one day, but like the rest of the squad, he tells me that he is happy to be playing and scoring every week.
Interviewer: Thankyou Eejit and congratulations again

8th November 2013, KNVB Offices, Amsterdam Netherlands


Comment from The Eejit: This is a great draw for Cambuur and a real chance for us to show what we are made of on the big stage. I am under no illusions that we will be underdogs, but we fear no one and Ajax had better show us respect or they may be sorry. I hope this will also be a spur to league performance too as all of our players will be wanting to play in Amsterdam in February.

1st February 2014, Amsterdam ArenA, Amsterdam, Netherlands


I’m really pleased with the lads today. There is no disgrace in loosing to a side like Ajax and we pushed them all the way. Only a couple of weeks ago NAC came here and shipped 4 goals. The lads totally deserved the standing ovation from both sets of supporters at the end. We learned a lot today, especially about taking chances in a game of few openings, and should we be promoted, I am certain we will come back stronger from today

5th April 2014, De Vliert, Den Bosch, Netherlands


What can I say. The lads were as fantastic today as they have been all season. I am especially pleased for Fabio (Cosenza) who has had to play second fiddle to Danny (Vos) but he has really shown what he is capable of since Danny suffered his injury. The lad is only 19, but he has shown a maturity beyond his years. This though is a team performance, all 26 players that were involved over the season should feel very proud this evening. To win the league with 5 games to spare and unbeaten all season is an amazing performance. I have no doubts that the Premier League will be a tougher challenge, but with these lads, anything is possible.

11th May 2014, Cambuur Stadion, Leeuwarden, Netherlands


I had tidied up all the paperwork, left some scouting notes for my successor. Left details of the bosman signings that he may or may not want and was locking the door to what was my office when Managing Director Alex Pama approached.

Pama: Thanks again for an excellent season, both on the field and off. We have over £400K in the bank now. Is there no way that we can encourage you to stay ?
Eejit: That isn’t the way CMSG Ltd works. The manager stays for 1 year then moves on.
Pama: So where will you be off to next ?
Eejit: All will be revealed, but not here and not now.
Pama: Who in the name of the son of god is going to replace you ?
Eejit: Funny you should mention the son of god …….

by The Eejit

21-04-12, 07:59 PM
http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/misc/quote_icon.png Originally Posted by The Eejit http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/buttons/viewpost-right.png (http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?p=119329#post119329)
Sorry guys, second half was a bit rushed. Realy pushed at work, so hope it is OK. I have PM'd Jesus with the link to the save, so over to the man to take the story on.
The write-up was great Eejit http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/thumb.gif don't worry if you were rushed, you've been busy anyway so it's just nice that you've managed to get this season and continue the ball rolling. Excellent work on winning the league, will update the first page accordingly.

As a message to all, if possible at the end of the season could there be more of a 'review' of the season...
http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/misc/quote_icon.png Originally Posted by Rossinho http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/buttons/viewpost-right.png (http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?p=58238#post58238)

At the end of the season, provide a summary of the season, with screenshots. Also provide some feedback to the next person, with a discussion of which players to keep, sell, and potential signings. Also provide the squad print outs that include Transfers, Fixtures and squad details. The print button for these can be found in the top right corner of the squad screen.

It's getting to that point in the game where it's mainly regens, and it's always nice to get attached to a player or 2, maybe even find a CMSG legend. Sorry if it's pedantic! http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/rolleyes.gif

ALSO, this story is still free to anyone and everyone who wants to join in and give it a good crack http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/thumb.gif

AND good luck Jesus http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif

by Rossinho

21-04-12, 08:00 PM
Details of all the squad follows. The key issues will be finding a couple of strikers. Cosenza is good, but there is no backup and I doubt he is up to being first choice in the Premier League. If you can get hold of Vos and Vonk (currently on loan) they are brilliant together with Vos as loan striker and Vonk in the hole. The other problem is between the sticks, however there are a couple of keepers lined up in the Bosmans that should do the job.

Star players were the wingers Pedrosa and Recoba. I have also rejected a £1m offer for midfielder Fraile, however that is getting close to his min fee clause. There are a few others on min fees that you might want to review. Brunswijk hits a fantastic freekick and is worth having him in the starting 11 just for that reason. You probably wont want all of the defenders lined up on Bosmans.

by The Eejit

21-04-12, 08:02 PM
SC Cambuur
season 2014/15

The phone call
It had been just three years since I left Hereford United. During the 2010/11 season, I worked for CMSG Ltd and guided the club to what I feel was a very good sixth place finish. I had been out of work since then as CMSG Ltd had a policy of changing managers every season. I wondered whether I would get another chance with the company and shortly after that, the phone rang.

Me: Hello? Who's speaking please?
Caller: This is The Eejit. I would like to invite you to work for CMSG Ltd again. We were all very impressed with the job you did at Edgar Street last time and we think that you deserve another chance.
CMA: Wow, cheers. I thought cafcjgreen was supposed to be replacing you.
Eejit: Yes, but he does not seem very committed to the job, always offering crappy excuses. You're more reliable than he is, that's for sure.
CMA: Well in that case, I would love to take over again. When do I start?
Eejit: Today.
CMA: Woooooohooooooo!!!!!!

During the three years I had been out of work, CMSG had moved clubs twice. My successor m0ri remained at Edgar Street and made me look like a complete arsehole as he won the league, FA Cup and UEFA Cup. His successor Mark felt that he could not take the club any further so he decided to move to Italian club Lazio. The company's success continued as Mark led Lazio to second place in Serie A but more impressively, managed them to a Champions League triumph, beating AC Milan 1-0 in the final. Then The Eejit took over and moved to less fashionable Dutch club SC Cambuur Leeuwarden and led them to the First Division title and more importantly, promotion the the Eredivisie. It was my job to keep them there.

A familiar feeling
It was much the same as four years ago, driving to the club's car park and saying goodbye to the previous manager who on this occasion happened to be The Eejit. He drove off in his fiat, which looked very similar to my predecessor at Hereford, churky's. Spoiler:

I went to meet the board and then the players, pretty much the same procedure as my first day at Hereford.

A less familiar feeling
Like at Hereford, I went to meet the players. However, my old club actually had a decent squad when I arrived, unlike the crap I saw at this unknown Dutch club. It was nowhere near the standard I saw at Hereford and with the current squad, we would be extremely lucky to avoid relegation. Now I know how the Eejit felt when he took over at Italian minnows Juve Stabia. How he got this crap promoted, I will never know. It shows that either he is a brilliant manager or the Dutch First Division is a load of crap, more likely the latter. http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif Changes would have to be made. I looked in my office and discovered that Eejit had arranged about five thousand Bosman deals who were probably just as crap as this lot as I had never heard of any of them. I cancelled about half of them. Finding players for this club was not going to be easy.

Wheeling and dealing
Of the Bosman deals organised by my predecessor, only a handful went through. These were Candido Cortes, Cor Reiziger, Bernardo Sierra and Christian Cannata. I inevitably brought in some of my own signings as well. These were German striker Andre Steegamann from Regensburg for £240k, goalie Yann Bertand (£24k from Nice), full backs Jerome Aerts (£450k) and Ronald Metgod (£275k), both from FC Groningen, strikers Ivano Tulli (£240k from Treviso) and Stefan Niljand (£210k from Vitesse), defensive midfielder Dimitar Pavlov (£70k from Belasitsa) and defender Carmine Giovanardi (£600k from Catania). We also managed to get in a couple of players on season long loan deals. These were right winger Ger Goosens and centre back Arno Kooistra. Here are the attributes for some of the signings:





There were a few departures as Jan Cordero was released on a free transfer. Four more players were sold for a combined fee of £293k. These were winger Jan Nielsen and defenders Piet Trustfull, Edwin van Barneveld and Rene Seedorf. I noticed that there were a fair few players on loan but most of them were deemed not good enough to be signed on a permanent basis. I felt that with the newly assembled squad, we had a great chance of staying in the Eredivisie, which was what the board expected of us.


First half of the season

Confidence was high but it soon took a knock as we lost all three friendlies and suffered an early exit from the Dutch Cup. I didn't think that it was a bad thing as we could concentrate on the league. It didn't help though as we lost our first three league games 2-0 against NEC, AZ (both away) and Sparta at home. It looked like a long hard season for us so I abandoned by own 4-4-2 formation as I decided that I was no good at creating tactics. I decided to play the system that worked well at Hereford, 3-5-2 with attacking wingers. Things started to improve as we ended our losing streak in style by beating fellow strugglers Go Ahead Eagles 4-2. Soon after that, we recorded a tremendous and deserved 2-1 victory against Ajax at the Amsterdam Arena. Things were looking up but two games later, we undeservedly lost 1-0 at home to Feyenoord thanks to a last minute strike from one of my signings at Hereford, Kees Bijl He was in fact the second player I had at Hereford to score against us this season as Nacer Barazite previously scored for Vitesse. We won our next game emphatically as we dispatched Volendam 4-1 on their own patch and FC Utrecht at home a few games later by the same scoreline. Our most impressive win of the season so far was at league leaders Heerenveen thanks to an Ivano Tulli strike. A 2-2 draw at high flying FC Twente ensured that we got to the halfway stage on 21 points in 12th place and well on course for survival.


I was also offered the job at Championship side Norwich City without even applying for it. After giving it some thought, I turned it down as I felt that I still had a job to do at Cambuur.


I also noticed that my best signing from my Hereford days had left Edgar Street for a supposedly bigger club.


Second half

A crucial 2-0 victory against bottom club Top Oss gave us breathing space but in our following game, we lost 3-2 at Feyenoord, with Bijl scoring twice to make it a hattrick of goals against his former boss this season. Our next match saw us fight back from 2-0 and 3-2 down to claim a deserved draw at high flying Sparta but then followed a period of inconsistency. We had some good wins against Volendam and VV Venlo and a battling draw at Vitesse but also suffered heavy home defeats against Twente and Heerenveen. Our first away win for three and a half months followed at Utrecht to all but secure top flight status for another season with five games remaining.


In our last five games, we completed a league double against Ajax by beating them 4-2 at home, beat FC Groningen away (3-1), sufferd an unlucky defeat against Willem II, thrashed Top Oss 4-1 and finished the season in style by thrashing PSV Eindhoven 4-0.

Final table






League progress


Gaffer's thoughts on the season

In the end I was very happy with finishing tenth, a huge improvement on our shaky start. We scored plenty of goals but our defence could've been better. Discipline was also a problem as we picked up seven red cards, more than any other side in the league. I'm sure the next manager will be able to take the club even further based on the performances of the team this season.

Star performers

Ivano Tulli was the club's top scorer with 15 goals in all competitions. Juan Antonio Fraile and Gustavo Recoba also had a good season.

Key matches







Best of luck m0ri. http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/thumb.gif

by CMAdventurer

21-04-12, 08:03 PM
Don't expect a story-ish tale from me, just going through the facts.

All right, when I took over at Cambuur, the situation was stable. They avoided the drop which was good, and the finances were about 1.5mil in the black.


The squad was quite bad though, Pedrosa (who’s Mancini’s regen I think), was the only good player, but he was unhappy. Unfortunately he didn’t fit into my plans, as he’s a winger, so I started to retrain him to centre. (At the end of the season, he achieved it, and he could play centre from then on! Too bad he’s leaving on a Bosman, since he has been unhappy all season)

Fraille was an MC, also quite usable, but I only had room for one attacking-wise midfielder, so I was afraid Pedrosa would take that spot, as he had better attributes. Aerts, a DR, and Metgod, a DL would be useful as well.

But fuck sake, other than that, the centre backs were fucking horrible, and the strikers didn’t seem to good either. The goalkeepers were aging except for a GK in the reserves, but he didn’t look ready for first team football yet.

I sent my scouts to Eastern Europe (Croatia and such http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif), and South America, also to other countries, but these were the most important regions, as there are obviously great players which haven’t been discovered yet (due to the lacking game engine). For only 1.2 million Pounds I managed to lure 15 players to the club. Over the season I also managed to get rid of 11 players I considered to be dead wood, and 2 squad players which I could sell for considerable profit.



This was the tactic I was planning on using, filled in with the players I used the most.


I easily steamed through the Cup rounds, beating all 3 other teams, achieving a goal difference of 10 to 0. Then League winners Heerenveen was on the schedule for the first match of the season. Jose Favalli managed to get a red card within 2 minutes of playing his very first game for Cambuur Leeuwarden, in the local derby as well!

So the season started off in dramatic fashion in what proved to be one of the best clubs of the league! I figured we could do a bit better than that though.

In the cup, we managed to get to the Semis after beating Heracles, ADO Den Haag, PSV, Heerenveen, to be homosexually knocked out of the cup by NAC. Before that, we had only conceded 2 goals against Heracles, winning 3-2, and had accumulated a total amount of goals of 23, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be, as the game cheated on me. http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif


Cups suck anyway, my main focus was always on the league. I think we did a reasonably good job, though we could’ve done a bit better if results had gone our way, when the opposition score from their only shot.



And here some screens of the players!! Players in bold were already at the club, the others I bought. Baciu and Metgod got sold, but did play their parts this season.

Took me an awful lot of time so please, watch them, ffs! http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/lol.gif

1. Zdravko Babic (http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/ptp/1.jpg)
2. Jeroen Aerts (http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/ptp/2.jpg)
6. Cristian Vargas (http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/ptp/6.jpg)
7. Candido Cortes (http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/ptp/7.jpg)
8. Juan Antonio Fraile (http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/ptp/8.jpg)
9. Ruben Brailovsky (http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/ptp/9.jpg)
10. Jorge Algafeme (http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/ptp/10.jpg)
11. Andres Pedrosa (http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/ptp/11.jpg)
12. Fernando da Silva Rosa (http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/ptp/12.jpg)
13. Vladimir Gavrilovic (http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/ptp/13.jpg)
14. Zoran Trajkovic (http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/ptp/14.jpg)
15. Emerson de Mello (http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/ptp/15.jpg)
16. Vinicius Azevedo (http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/ptp/16.jpg)
17. Armando Notari (http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/ptp/17.jpg)
18. Raul Gomez (http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/ptp/18.jpg)
19. Jose Favalli (http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/ptp/19.jpg)
20. Juan Carlos Pavone (http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/ptp/20.jpg)
21. Fabio Cosenza (http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/ptp/21.jpg)
22. Carmine Giovanardi (http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/ptp/22.jpg)
23. Bosko Micovic (http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/ptp/23.jpg)
24. René van den Heuvel (http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/ptp/24.jpg)
25. Rachid Bahloul (http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/ptp/25.jpg)
26. Nick Esajas (http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/ptp/26.jpg)
Ronald Metgod (http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/ptp/metgod.jpg)
Adrian Baciu (http://i585.photobucket.com/albums/ss299/m0rii/ptp/baciu.jpg)

I quit playing at 24 April, so BigBadBaz has some room to find his own players, or look for another job.

by m0ri

21-04-12, 08:08 PM
24th April 2016

As I was helping develop the FA of Mongolia I received a call on my Mobile

Person: Goodafternoon is this BigBadBaz
Me: It is indeed who wants to know
Person: Its m0ri from CMSG ltd just wanted to let you know it is time.
Call Ended 10 seconds

I decided to call HR of CMSG ltd.
HR: Hello human resources how may I help you.
Me: Hi this is BigBadBaz
HR: Ah Bazil were expecting you in the Netherlands why is the call ID saying Mongolia
Me: Netherlands what you talking about?
HR: Your next in line of the Pass The Parcel system please meet us at Cambuur Stadion within the next 24 hours we will cover your travel expenses.
Me:Ok I will be there.

As I was on the Plane to the Netherlands I was thinking to myself. I have not been in management since managing Shandong in the Peoples Republic of China nearly 7 years ago I hope I am not too rusty.

I was greeting by the Companies Executives and previous manager m0ri at Amsterdam Airport where the company picked me up in their Limo. As we were on our way to Cambuur Stadion we had our discussions on the club.
M0ri: Alright Baz the executives don't really speak they see themselves as too wealthy so I will be speaking on behalf of them.
Me: Thats fine.
M0ri: this is what the executives wanted me to present you here is the Companies Expectations
Me: Ok thats fairly realistic
M0ri: Whats your expectations
Me: Realistically after what you have done I would love top 6 spot.
M0ri: Sounds great and how about with players.
Me: Well I saw some people on my travels I may bring them to the club however this will be a suprise.
M0ri: And leaving as some will be looking to retire.
Me: Well can't stop them they can leave and realistically if you don't want to be at the club then you wont be at the club.
M0ri: Sounds great we will meet you at the end of the domestic season to have a end of season review.
Me:Will do.

14th May 2009
CMSG show at Cambuur Stadion.
CMSG: Baz we have been very reserve this season and now we would like to discuss your views on the season.
Me: Sure well you ask the questions and I'll give you the answers.
CMSG: Great well first thing would be tactic used most of the season
CMSG: Not really imaginative and did not really get us far did it.
Me:Sorry boss been out of the game so long that I have been a tad rusty.
CMSG: Ok then next what would you say were the best parts of the season.
Me: Definantly Europe was such a shame that we missed out on the second phase due to goal difference.
CMSG: Indeed it was sadly getting knocked out of the UEFA Cup, Dutch Cup and the Super Cup means no cup glory for the club does it.
Me: Sadly not
CMSG: and your view on the league
Me: Not good enough 10th Means we were in the bottom half of the table
CMSG:Indeed it does never mind you met our expectations by not getting relegated and leaving the financial status of the club quite well.
Me: Yeah that went pretty sweet.
CMSG: What about for future managers they will obviously need to know who to keep and who to scrap.
Me: Pavone is by far the player of the season for me and should definantly be kept.
Me: We need to keep this Brazillian animal looks like one for the future and for now.
CMSG: What about to scrap.
Me: Brailovsky is a bad influence on the club and should be sold ASAP.
CMSG:Well I do hope the next manager makes better investments than you did Baz no offence.
Me: None taken now I am on my way back to Mongolia to finish off what I started Give me a call in the future. I hope it would be at a different club by the time I am back.


************************************************** **********************************************
SC Cambuur Leeuwarden - Sunday 14th May 2017
************************************************** **********************************************

================================================== ==============================================
================================================== ==============================================

No Name Position(s) Nat Born Age Caps Gls Wages Expires Value
2 Aerts, Jeroen D R NED 12.9.89 27 - - £2.1K 26.6.20 £500K
24 Antonijevic, Zeljko D/AM R SRB 8.9.86 30 1 - £4.8K 26.6.21 £800K
16 Azevedo, Vinícius D RC BRA 1.1.88 29 - - £825 19.6.20 £350K
25 Bahloul, Rachid DM C ALG 17.12.84 32 68 6 £1.8K 22.6.18 £350K
9 Brailovsky, Rubén S C ARG 6.4.88 29 - - £3.1K 6.6.18 £750K
- Bresciani, Ciro D/DM C ITA 16.5.99 17 - - £120 11.6.19 £85K
30 Cabrera, Yessu F RLC COL 21.9.83 33 50 7 £4.6K 20.6.19 £220K
7 Cortés, Cándido AM LC ESP 4.11.89 27 - - £975 4.6.18 £500K
21 Cosenza, Fabio S C ITA 19.1.96 21 - - £425 6.6.19 £500K
26 Esajas, Nick D L NED 2.5.94 23 - - £475 6.6.20 £30K
19 Favalli, José F C ARG 17.2.90 27 - - £2.4K 8.6.21 £1.5M
31 Fogli, Claudio D RC ITA 30.1.87 30 - - £3.4K 21.5.20 £375K
8 Fraile, Juan Antonio M C ESP 26.7.87 29 - - £1.6K 23.6.18 £2.5M
13 Gavrilovic, Vladimir D LC SRB 18.3.88 29 12 - £2.9K 28.6.18 £375K
22 Giovanardi, Carmine D C ITA 12.5.91 26 - - £1.8K 22.6.17 £475K
3 Jiménez, Marcos D LC ARG 20.10.95 21 - - £525 28.5.17 £22K
14 López, Saúl D C ESP 28.5.96 20 - - £100 24.6.18 £65K
18 Martínez Martínez, Luis M D C ESP 28.12.94 22 - - £210 10.6.19 £110K
23 Micovic, Bosko D C SRB 13.4.91 26 15 - £1.8K 19.6.18 £550K
17 Notari, Armando D LC ITA 8.5.94 23 - - £475 23.6.19 £550K
5 Ouattara, Youssouf D C CIV 4.1.82 35 44 - £1.8K 4.6.19 £55K
11 Palomino, David S C ESP 27.8.88 28 - - £2.1K 28.6.22 £1.3M
20 Pavone, Juan Carlos AM RLC ARG 26.11.86 30 - - £3.4K 11.6.21 £1.3M
33 Recoba, Gustavo AM/F L URU 6.5.85 32 - - £1.8K 7.6.18 £200K
29 Sierra, Bernardo D R ESP 27.10.92 24 - - £230 28.6.17 £14K
28 Trajkovic, Zoran GK SRB 24.3.82 35 - - £850 18.6.20 £150K
15 Trustfull, Tim AM/F L NED 28.2.98 19 - - £190 Rolling £24K
6 Vargas, Cristian DM C ARG 30.4.96 21 - - £1.1K 28.6.18 £575K
12 da Silva Rosa, Fernando DM C BRA 19.6.86 30 - - £2K 10.6.18 £6.75M
27 de Mello, Emerson DM C BRA 3.7.87 29 - - £1.8K 21.6.21 £400K
32 dos Santos Ferreira, Dani GK BRA 25.1.94 23 - - £2.2K 11.6.19 £325K

************************************************** **********************************************
SC Cambuur Leeuwarden - Sunday 14th May 2017
************************************************** **********************************************

================================================== ==============================================
2016/7 Fixtures
================================================== ==============================================

Date Opposition Ven Competition Res Attend Scorers
7.8.16 NAC N Super Cup 0:1 26973
13.8.16 Willem II H Premier Division 0:2 7496
21.8.16 Ajax A Premier Division 1:1 44635 Palomino
26.8.16 Volendam H Premier Division 3:1 8474 Pavone, Brailovsky, Palomino
11.9.16 AZ A Premier Division 0:2 18146
14.9.16 Frankfurt GER A Champions Cup Ph.1 Grp E 3:1 45636 Pavone, Palomino 2
17.9.16 TOP Oss H Premier Division 1:1 6738 Gavrilovic
20.9.16 Sporting Gijón ESP H Champions Cup Ph.1 Grp E 1:3 8571 Esajas
27.9.16 Dinamo Bucuresti ROM A Champions Cup Ph.1 Grp E 0:0 11551
2.10.16 NAC A Premier Division 0:1 12029
16.10.16 FC Utrecht A Premier Division 0:1 21718
19.10.16 Dinamo Bucuresti ROM H Champions Cup Ph.1 Grp E 0:0 8553
22.10.16 FC Twente H Premier Division 0:0 8570
25.10.16 Frankfurt GER H Champions Cup Ph.1 Grp E 0:1 8540
2.11.16 Dordrecht A Premier Division 2:0 4067 Palomino, Favalli
6.11.16 Feyenoord H Premier Division 1:2 6493 Alfageme
9.11.16 Sporting Gijón ESP A Champions Cup Ph.1 Grp E 2:0 17823 Pavone 2
19.11.16 Den Bosch A Premier Division 5:2 7554 Alfageme, Palomino 3, Cabrera
24.11.16 Anderlecht BEL A UEFA Cup 3rd Rnd Leg 1 1:3 25811 Bahloul
27.11.16 Vitesse H Premier Division 0:0 7647
4.12.16 NEC A Premier Division 2:1 11008 Cabrera, Notari
8.12.16 Anderlecht BEL H UEFA Cup 3rd Rnd Leg 2 2:1 8575 Favalli pen, Brailovsky
11.12.16 Willem II A Premier Division 2:1 13039 Favalli 2
14.12.16 Sparta A Premier Division 0:0 10788
17.12.16 Ajax H Premier Division 1:2 7360 Palomino
21.12.16 PSV H Premier Division 1:1 7489 Cortés
28.12.16 Heerenveen A Premier Division 0:4 25874
4.1.17 Veendam H Premier Division -3:-1 -----
11.1.17 Veendam H Premier Division P-P -----
18.1.17 Veendam H Premier Division 1:1 7451 Palomino
28.1.17 Ajax H Dutch Cup 3rd Rnd 1:2 5192 Pavone
5.2.17 Volendam A Premier Division 0:1 5996
15.2.17 AZ H Premier Division 3:1 7369 Bahloul, Palomino, Antonijevic
17.2.17 Sparta H Premier Division 2:0 8983 Antonijevic 2
25.2.17 TOP Oss A Premier Division 0:3 4678
3.3.17 Dordrecht H Premier Division 1:0 6415 Palomino
11.3.17 Veendam A Premier Division 0:1 6998
17.3.17 NAC H Premier Division 2:1 8976 Jiménez 2 pens
31.3.17 FC Utrecht H Premier Division 1:1 8979 Antonijevic
5.4.17 PSV A Premier Division 0:2 24265
9.4.17 FC Twente A Premier Division 1:3 19726 Pavone
14.4.17 NEC H Premier Division 1:0 8969 Cortés
23.4.17 Vitesse A Premier Division 2:1 20689 Palomino, Brailovsky
29.4.17 Den Bosch H Premier Division 0:0 7497
7.5.17 Feyenoord A Premier Division 2:2 26761 Cortés, Favalli
14.5.17 Heerenveen H Premier Division 0:2 9967

************************************************** **********************************************
SC Cambuur Leeuwarden - Sunday 14th May 2017
************************************************** **********************************************

================================================== ==============================================
2016/7 Transfers
================================================== ==============================================

Date Player In From Fee
15.7.16 Ciro Bresciani Free Transfer Free
31.7.16 David Palomino Sparta £600K
1.8.16 Marcos Jiménez AZ Loan
21.10.16 Yessu Cabrera Real Sociedad £250K
23.10.16 Claudio Fogli Napoli £550K
10.12.16 Daniel dos Santos Ferreir Ponte Preta Bos
28.1.17 Zeljko Antonijevic Zeta Exch

Date Player Out To Fee
4.6.16 Andrés Pedrosa Released Free
13.6.16 Raúl Gómez Sparta £1.4M
5.7.16 Dirk Gellhaus Released Free
16.7.16 Hans van den Broek Released Free
28.10.16 Víctor Manuel Téllez Emmen £50K
26.11.16 Cristian Cannata Roda JC £250K
15.12.16 Jorge Alfageme Barcelona £300K
24.12.16 René van den Heuvel Vitesse £85K
28.1.17 Zdravko Babic Zeta £1.6M p/

Will PM Rossinho with the .sav when the uploader decides to start working.

by BigBadBaz

21-04-12, 08:10 PM
2017/18 - Cambuur


It had been a while since CMSG Ltd had first approached me with their venture into the football managing world. Still 16 years on from then and the football world was still finding the whole scenario strange. If anything, the annual anouncement of the management change at CMSG was a date many journalists had jotted down in their diaries. Walking out of the press conference that had unveiled me as the manager of Cambuur for the forth coming season, I had an overwhelming feeling of comfort. It had been a while since I was involved in the football scene, and even longer since I managed. In fact, some journalists were even shocked to see me be unveiled as the manager as rumours had circulated that I wasn't going to ever come back into football or that I had dissappeared to Costa Rica again.

I was asked to attain a respectable league position, but I’m more ambitious and fancied myself to atleast obtain a top 4 finish and some sort of European qualification.


I checked out the squad during pre-season and read BigBadBaz's report on the team for the previous season. Argentinean midfielder Parone was clearly the most talented midfielder at hand whilst dos Santos Ferreira looked encouraging between the sticks. However the Serbian defenders of Gavrilovic and Micovic also particularly caught my eye and BigBadBaz’s bosman signing of defender Jimenez added to the depth that we had for our defensive cover. I only added where I felt necessary for the new season and signed in a new left back, Gilmar Florencio (£900k) , a back up goalkeeper, Federico Giaquinto (£100k) whilst snapping Pato on a free transfer, now 34. Andres Pedrosa, previously released from Cambuur in 2016, also added to the squad as did Italian striker Alfonso Gugliemi and St Lucian midfielder Gwynne Snowden. I also boosted the reserve team with a bunch of youngsters who I’d hope to see develop during the season.

Unfortunately we lost Micovic to FC Gronigen on a minimum fee release clause (£650k) whilst the disgruntled Brailovsky was shipped out for a discounted £500k to restore dressing room harmony.
So the season started with a 2-0 friendly victory to visiting Burnley. Nice. However the Cambuur fans were clearly unhappy that I was the next manager at the helm. Only way to win them over, and thats success on the pitch.

http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/1/jobinjeopardy.th.jpg (http://img11.imageshack.us/i/jobinjeopardy.jpg/)

The Season Begins

We then coasted through the Dutch Cup group stage by defeating Rheden (4-0), HVV Den Haag (4-0) and Naaldwijk (2-0). 4 Clean sheets and dos Santos Ferreira was already proving valuable. By the end of August we had added 3 league wins out of 3 to our stunning start yet my job was still under threat as it had been at the beginning of the month, it seems as if winning wasn’t even going to work.

10 games in and we were sitting pretty at the top of the table with only 1 loss to our name when we travelled to Amsterdam and were undone 1-0 by Ajax. We progressed past the Dutch Cup 2nd Round after beating De Graafschap 3-2 in a close fought game. We also set a new club record in the process.


http://img404.imageshack.us/img404/846/10games.th.jpg (http://img404.imageshack.us/i/10games.jpg/)

Our fortune looked to be running out. AZ taught us a lesson in a demoralising 4-0 defeat followed up by a 2-0 defeat to Feyenoord 2 games later. However we picked ourselves up, winning the next 4 on the bounce including a 3-0 away win at PSV in the Dutch Cup 3rd Round. FC Utrecht then brought us down to earth with a 3-1 loss, but we showed our bouncebackability as we knocked them out of the Dutch Cup Quarter Finals 6 days later, 2-0. Despite a rather inconsistent period, we were fortunate that other clubs below us were also suffering similar fates and by game week 20 we were enjoying a 9 point lead.

http://img260.imageshack.us/img260/8357/20games.th.jpg (http://img260.imageshack.us/i/20games.jpg/)

We carried on, with no European games we could solely concentrate on the league and I would be severely disappointed if we were going to walk away from this season empted handed. We continued our rich vein of form, with an away 3-1 loss to NEC the only blip on our decent run and included a respectable 2-2 draw away to PSV and a 3-0 battering of Ajax at home. The other teams around us continued to trip over each other and lose points, and by game week 30 we had landed the title. Now we had the double in our sights with FC Twente ahead of us in the semi-finals.

http://img242.imageshack.us/img242/6946/30games.th.jpg (http://img242.imageshack.us/i/30games.jpg/)

The Run In

We lost 2-1. And deservedly so. Twente dominated from start to finish and clearly wanted this more than our players. The double was over.

http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/6064/fctwente.th.jpg (http://img299.imageshack.us/i/fctwente.jpg/)

A combination of playing some of the youth players, some who had developed nicely, and a lack of motivation with nothing to play for, clearly showed in our remaining 5 games. 1 win, 1 draw and 3 losses on the bounce ended our season on a relative low, yet, Cambuur were back where they belonged. Top of the table, champions and with an European campaign to look forward to the following season.

http://img232.imageshack.us/img232/4838/38games.th.jpg (http://img232.imageshack.us/i/38games.jpg/)

Ah, it felt good to add another trophy to the CMSG Ltd resume. I should have made it 2 and will forever kick myself for not getting the tactics right for the semi-final, but such is life. Maybe my time will come again, who knows.

The Future

It seems a little irrelevant due to my lateness of the post (my bad), however I will proceed for the interest of the thread and in case other managers think about looking for these players.

Vladimir Gavrilovic – A fantastic centreback who obtained a brilliant 5.3 tackling rating and 7.86 average rating. Solid centre back and captain worth keeping hold of.
Andres Pedrosa – 12 goals and 14 assists from midfield makes me wonder why he was released in the first place, a regular starter and great attacking presence in the midfield.
Erwin Boekamp – Out of the youngsters, this left back looks like a promising individual who can get forward when needed
Heinrich Hofmann – Looks like he could turn into a handy player although have some doubts that he may have peaked already, keep a tab on him.
Dave Bos – My only future transfer in, at 17 this guy looks great already and could probably slip right into the midfield from September. Highly recommend keeping hold of him.

http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/8029/davebos.th.jpg (http://img442.imageshack.us/i/davebos.jpg/)

by Rossinho

21-04-12, 08:11 PM
The days have gotten colder. The light has seem to be further, and I can't just grasp it. Why? Why did I go and smoke all that crap oh so many years ago? Now I am locked in a prison cell because I 'raped' an old lady, please Wayne Rooney can do it and get away with it why not me?

Kind of stupid if you ask me.

These four walls have been my friends for so long, I wonder how long it has been?

“Oi, Snake-guy, come here!” Said I disturbingly handsome sounding guard. I followed his orders and crawled across the floor to the big metal door. He unlocked it, opening it wide to reveal the light from the ceiling. “You lucky, someone has paid bail for you, the whole £1 million.”

“What? Who would do such a thing?” I asked the handsome looking guard who pushed me out of the room and down the long corridor.

Soon I was face-to-face to my saviour.

“And you are?” I asked the strange man that stood infront of me with red eyes and a white and silver jacket.

“I am Rossinho, I work for CMSG Ltd. You know that thing you meant to do but got really high instead?”

“Yeah, I will never forget that.”

“Well, CMSG has since returned back to Holland, and we are willing to give you another go.”

“But I am not allowed to enter Holland, I am called a terrorist for dancing to YMCA to my now infamous 'weed' moment.”

“Well, go elesewhere!”

And so, my new chapter in life (which I hope doesn't fuck up again) starts.

The New Team

I applied everywhere I could, I guess having a 'terrorist' on your CV isn't good when your looking for a job, but eventually I found I job where CMSG first arose from: Italy, and a relegated serie B team Ternana.

The Expectation


Of course, when your team has just got relegated the first thing you want is promotion, but I want to excel so being champions is a must, and I would like to win the Serie C Cup aswell to add a little more gold to the cabinet.


Okay, First I started to use my tactic Forward March Z:


But after doing crap (which you will know later on) I changed it from the one I was meant to use at ADO, attacking midfielder which gave me more options in midfield.

Here's that tactic:



I signed some defenders thinking I would be using Forward March Z, which as you can see above uses five defenders and the team had already got only one or two decent central defenders:


I needed to sign a decent goal keeper in order to make sure the championship was an realistic target, so I signed Gregory Lawrence, who later turned out to be a very good signing!


I signed a midfeilder to help the attacking midfielder roles in FMZ by signing Turan, free from Parma, who also became a decent LM in AM which he played mostly all season except for the times he was injured or played in AMC role due to Mazzi's injury.


I also signed a Brazilian Striker named George Faria Pimenta who came in later in the season, 10th December to be exact. He has a lot of talent but was hardly used due to inform striker Biagioni but he is only 24/25 and has a lot of seasons left in him.


I then got two loanees in January due to out of from players and to add depth in the positions they played for. One of the loanees I would refer to the next manager to try and sign, Gatto is a brilliant defender and helped a lot for the last couple of months.


Friendlies and Group Stages of Italian Cup

I first started the whole friendly thing trying to get a Croatian tour or something but that failed die to not having been rejected constantly, so in the end I had to do a little cup thing with four teams. I had only to face two of the teams as I strolled to winning it: Alto Adidge anfd Barraca winning both games, 1-1 on penalties and 1-0.

I was then in Group 2 in the Italian Cup. First I faced Ascoli which we lost 2-3 with Biagioni scoring from a penalty and Masini making it equal in the dying minutes of the second half, but it wasn't enough and we lost. You can see all the results lower in the page, but it was after the 0-3 loss against Conseza that made me change the tactic.

Memorable Games

There was a few good games but ones that really came out to me was the first league game:

http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk311/Bogus_1_2008/FirstLeagueGame.jpg?t=1269376061 We completely dominated the game and showed a complete different stats to when I was playing with FMZ when compared to AM.

Another one was the 4-2 thrashing Faenza a couple of weeks later:


It stood out for me due to the fact that was the first brace from the midfielder Giorgini, who became a big part of the title hunt and the cup hunt.

Another game was the 4-1 thrashing of Perugia at home:

http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk311/Bogus_1_2008/ThrillingGame2.jpg?t=1269376074 Against of one the teams that were chasing for the title was good but the fact that 18 year old Mazzi scored a brace was outstanding especially as this was his first season.

And the last one has to be the comeback in the Serie C Cup which changed everything:


They were 1-0 up from the previous game and are a deivison above us, but we were still able to push on and get the win with a 3-4 aggregate.

Review of Season and Pointers

I think I made a decent squad for the purpose I needed them for and which I had done: to win the Serie C1/B title, but if the defense was a little tighter and I had a more deadly stiker then I could have won the Serie C Cup. I have future signings as in defenders and some midfeilders to help out for next season, and it is up to the next manager if wants to use them, but a recommendation would be to try and sign Christian Gatto as he was a brillant defender for me and my average tactic, and to keep Mazzi as he scored some important goals.

Oh and I am sorry for the lack of update about the season, it hard when you have the Italian police after you for calling the pope the devil.

Good luck Red9!

by Zansnake

21-04-12, 08:14 PM
Red9 - Ternana - Italian Serie B

CMSG Director: Welcome to your new job Mr Red9. Before you do anything else. Pick the team for today's C1 Super Cup Final against Lucchese.
Me: What! Talk about being thrown in at the deep end!
CMSG Director: Don't blame me. Blame ZanSnake! In the euphoria of winning the league he completely forgot that we still had the Cup final to play. He was last seen boarding a flight to Belgium - apparently someone was after him!
Me: O . . . K . . .

So, before anything else I picked the players for the last game of the season against Lucchese. I had no idea who to pick so I just went with my instincts. I played a 4132 formation, and lost my first game 1-0 to a 87th minute thunderbolt from the amazing Silvano Mazzoni.

* * * * *

The next morning I was sitting in a comfy blue chair at a desk accross from a middle-aged, beady-eyed chubby man wearing a pink suit.
CMSG Director: Once again, welcome to your new job Mr Red9.
Me: Thank you. No surprises this time I hope! By the way, you can just call me Red9
CMSG Director: OK Mr Red9, My name is Mist E Ryus let me tell you what we hope to achieve. ZanSnake did amazingly well (despite going AWOL) last season to get us promoted. This season we don't expect to even survive in Serie B, Just make sure we go down respectfully.
Me: Ok then. At least your expectations are low. Actually, I think I can do better than that - I'm going to give myself a target of finishing in the top 10

And with that, the man led me from his office into another one which had 'Mr Red9' printed on the door in red.

Me: I love the door sign.
CMSG Director: Yeah, me too. I chose it for you, son.
Me: Hmm, thanks?!
CMSG Director: Right, I'll leave you to it. You make yourself comfortable at your desk - you already have some mail I think.

Then he left me alone and went off humming some Italian song. At least he has the name to go with the personality!
I sat at my desk and looked at my mail. One attracted my attention more than the others. It was a brown A4 size envelope with the words 'Open with caution' on the front. Slightly puzzled, I opened the envelope and inside it had the following: Spoiler:

What the hell is this?! There was nothing else in the paper. That's very strange, I thought.
I put the paper to one side and looked through the rest of my mail. Most of it was junk so went straight into the bin.
Then I saw 2 unaddressed envelopes that just had the words 'Red9 Part 1' and 'Red9 Part 2' on the front - nothing else. True to my nature, I opened Part 2 first! Spoiler:

That's very nice I thought - I already have a secret admirer!
Then I opened Part 1 Spoiler:

What? Who the hell is Mikaeel Al-CM?! Anyway, I followed the instructions and re-read the first letter - 'I have your family. Play formation if you wish to see them again.'

What the?! Was this some sick joke or what? I looked at the screen of my PC and opened my first unread email - 'No Red9, this is NOT a joke'

What the?! I quickly phoned home - 'ring ring . . . ring ring . . . ring ring . . . ring ring . . . ring ring . . . ring ring . . . ring ring . . . ring ring . . . ring ring . . . ring ring . . . ring ring . . . please leave a message after the tone . . .'
Damn it! No answer!

* * * * *

I have tried to contact my wife and children back in Uzbekhistan more than 20 times since yesterday but no one has picked up http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/frown.gif
It looks as though I'm going to have to listen to the demands of Mikaeel if I ever want to see them again.
I hope I have the players for the task - I've told Mist E Ryus that I'm going to finish 10th!

* * * * *

The Squad
I inherited a nearly full squad with an additional 3 players already agreeing to join the club at the beginning of July. This meant I couldn't bring in lots of players. In the end I brought in a few left-sided midfielders and a couple of defenders - all on loan.

Italian Cup
I didn't start too well. a 1-1 against Savoia in the first game was followed up by a 4-0 thrashing by Juve and we were out of the cup.

The League
I played 4 league games in September. I wasn't doing too well with the weird formation the man from the dead was making me play. My record was Won 1, Drawn 1 and Lost 2 and I was languishing near the relegation zone.
In domestic news, I still hadn't had any contact with my family.

Then, on the morning of October 1st I found a familiar-looking envelope on my desk. I opened it Spoiler:

What the !@%# not another one! Was this supposed to be an 'M'?
I struggled to make any great impact on the league with this weird formation - I had no striker! I only one of the next 9 games to drop further into the relegation zone.

Pergocrema - Home
On December 1st I played our former team Pergocrema. They hadn't been doing well recently - in fact they had just won promotion from Serie C a year earlier than we did and they were with us in the relegation zone.
The game was a typical relegation battle with both teams trying to make the most of the weakness of the other. In the end we edged it ever so slightly:


The win against Pergocrema was only a false dawn as we went on to lose the remaining three fixtures of the year. This was the table at the winter break:


I received another surprise on the night of New Years Day: Spoiler:

Well, at least it seems more 'normal' than the other tactics, I thought. It's almost a 4-2-4. Hopefully I can improve the clubs fortunes with this new formation.

I was expecting to improve the teams fortunes but not this well! We went on a 15-game unbeaten run from the end of January winning 8 and drawing 7 games. This included wins over table-toppers Juventus, Treviso and Bologna. The run came to a crashing end with a 3-0 defeat to struggling Lucchese. But by this time we had already secured our Serie B status.

At the beginning of April I received what was to be my final formation. As expected it was in the shape of a 'G' - that's the complete set then (CMSG)! Spoiler:

Pergocrema - Home
We played struggling Pergocrema again - this time away. Unfortunately, it was evident why Pergocrema were struggling at the bottom. They played without any heart and it was a little sad to see our former club relegated at our own hands after a comfortable win:


The season finished on a respectable note with 3 wins and 2 draws from the last 6 games. This meant that we had reached my personal target of finishing in the top 10. I'm very pleased with that considering that we were languishing deep in the relegation zone mid-season.


* * * * *

I returned to my office the morning after the final game of the season to find another note Spoiler:

Very strange I thought. What the hell just happened?!?
Regardless of who this guy was and what he wanted I was just happy to know that my family was safe again and that I had achieved my goals at the club.

Season highs and lows Spoiler:

by Red9

21-04-12, 08:15 PM
Terni train station

It seemed that my Italy adventure is over. I was trying to find a job, going from one company to other, but there were no jobs available. So, I decided to go home, back to Bosnia. I was going by train. On the train-station in a little town Terni, I saw an odd looking fella, huging his family. It was souch a touching scene that I walked over to him and asked what is going on. He told me a story about CMSG Ltd., and what it represents, and the way it works. I've had nothing to loose(except my family, but they were miles away...) so I decided to give it a try.

Ternana Calcio S.p.A.

What I found there is a decent serie B squad, and the Board knew it to. They just wanted a safe mid-table finish, but I wanted more. But, “more” was a hard thing to do, especially with no budget. So I went on a search for players available for loan, and free players. And I found few real gems!

Asara, Altobeli, Milani, and others.

And then a board had made my day.
Ka-ching $$$

http://img186.imageshack.us/img186/5319/ohjoy.jpg (http://img186.imageshack.us/i/ohjoy.jpg/)

So I decided to spend most of it(No Merkezem, don't worry, there is plenty left).
I sent my scouts to south America and here is what they found.

Manuel Veira(30yo player with a football world at his feet, a bargain for 100K)
Manuel Luna( 75K brought at firs to play a position of left back, but was commanded in central defence after purchasing Raul Munoz(75K) from Olimpo)
Gabriel Ferreyra(65K Midfield playmaker, who did absoloutley great!!!)
German Godoy(50K right back, did OK)
Eduardo Riquelme(55K central defender, played quite good)
Ivan Muminovic(AMC from Bosnia brought for 120K, has done pretty well)

After that they went searching in Asia

Ali Njambari(Free, brought just to add depth to midfield)
Aptist Winothai(90K, a grat striker with an eye for goal)

And one of my own finds
Silviu Neagu(Romanian DMC, brought in on winter transfer period)

The season was well OK, fighting for promotion place all the time.
The Italian Cup went rather wrong, after going through the group stage, the team played against Lazio, and even though we played couple of good games we were out of the Cup.

Highlight of the season

http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/2518/triestina06.jpg (http://img202.imageshack.us/i/triestina06.jpg/)

Oh come on!

http://img100.imageshack.us/img100/5600/ohcomeon.jpg (http://img100.imageshack.us/i/ohcomeon.jpg/)

OK guys, the save will be sent to Mereky... Hope you like this

by Buggy1887

21-04-12, 08:17 PM
- Here’s the deal, you’ll be the manager of Ternana for a year.
- Or?
- Do you – 33 years old, never managed a club before, manager wanna be- need an “or”?
- Mm… Yeah, why not!
- Ok. You can start right away
- No, I meant… the or… ah whatever, give me that pen!

Well, can you believe it! Managing a club in Italy, Serie A! Yes, newly promoted, yes, expected to drop right back but HEY! I was happy that they gave me plane tickets as I have no idea where Ternana is, that is if it’s the Towns name after all.

The town is called Terni, I learned. Ternana must mean Ternian then eh. Whatever. There was a note for me from the previous manager; Buggy1887. He was advising me to keep Veira, Ferreyra, Naegu and Luna in the team. He says that I shall try to sign Djokic who reminds him of 2000’s Stankovic. Bugger - Djokic that is - loved Partizan so much, he didn't came to Italy.

I called the players that were coming to the end of their contracts. Ended up releasing 10 of them and when I got the money from Final Division Position and TV Rights, I spent it all on 10 players. Leonardo Torino, a 30 y.o defensive midfielder came from Juve for 1.1M. Giancarlo Vanin, a 27 y.o central defender came from Cosenza for 2M. Arilson Moreira, an attacking midfielder who can play in the center and right wing came from Coritiba for 1.1M at the age of 26. For the center of the midfield I bought Juan Carlos Cornejo, 27 years old once capped Argentinian from Velez for 1M and finally our big signing of the year, Martin Cronin 24 years old 6 times capped Irish left footed attacking midfielder came from Crystal Palace for 3.6M!
Than all of a sudden a Ruud van der Hoeven came to the club and started playing. I learned that he was signed by Mr.Buggy. “Well done Buggy!” I said looking up in the air “wherever you are.”

Also signed a Pakistani striker Southwick, aged 24, 6 times capped and scored 2, for free.

As Buggys good keeper decided to leave, I had to find a keeper. Bratta was good but I needed strong competition there, to withstand all those shoots those Seria A giants were going to shoot. 29 years old Welsh keeper John Lewis decided to sign for us instead of Chesterfield. Good for him!

I also signed some other youngsters for free or small fees and high hopes and a veteran defender Centofanti from Parma on Bosman rule.

That was it for now. I decided to keep Buggys tactic, just make some changes for player instructions and started using the offside trap. We won our friendlies easily. And the season started (tat a ta taaa!):

2 wins in the first 2 matches! Winothai started to make a good impression, scoring twice, assisting once. 2-0 to Piacenza, 2-1 to Palermo! A great start put us in the 3rd position.

A 1-1 away draw against amazing attack forced Fiorentina by a goal from Winothai and their keeper got 9, life was good!

Ascoli was easy, 3-0 another goal from Wiothai, man of the night. We were on top of the League! Viera was getting on my nerves, always needed to be subbed. I started looking for replacement.

0-0 agains Sampdoria away was a point gained, Lewis stopping 5 shots.

First loose of the season came from Inter, 0-1. We just couldn’t find the target. Well, normal result at Meazza. Isigned 24 years old Daniel Lobo, a F RC from Lanus for 475K to replace Veira

1-1 against Lazio at home put us at 6th position, a fast drop.

But we came back and boy we did it in fashion! 2-0 smashing of Juventus at Olimpico stadium was superb! Veira played great, fighting for his place.

A 1-1 draw with Udinese and beating 1-0 of Bologna and a goalless draw against Giulianova (who?) saw us get back to 4th place.

From then on, as the saying goes “Only way is up! Oh baybe”. Beating Treviso 1-0, Atalanta 1-0, Napoli 2-0 and Milan (oh yeah!) 2-1 got os on top of the league again!

Losing 2-1 to Roma didn’t bring us down but drawing 0-0 against Torino got us down to 2nd.
The first half of the season was over and we were over the moon!

The second half started with a win against Piacenza, 1-0.

In the next 6 matches we got 1 win against Sampdoria, 2 draws and 3 looses that got us to 6th position again.

Two 1-1 draw against Lazio and Juve followed by a 0-1 loose to Udinese got us to the lovest position of the season; 7th! If they asked me to accept 7th position I would have jumped without thinking but now we were sad. Life is strange.

But we were stranger, started a winning streak; 1-0 Guilianova (who again?) 3-0 Treviso, 2-1 Atalanta, 2-0 Napoli!!!!

Then we lost to Milan, again! 0-1

Then we smashed Roma, 3-0! And the final week of the season was next, here was the standings;


We could be 1st! We could be Champions!

We didn’t. Torino beat us 2-0. But still a Champions League position in our first year was good. Hell, it was a great season. Thanks to Winothai who finished as the goalscoring leader of the Serie A with (only) 14 goals!

Oh and we lost to Torino in our cup campaign in the second round. Cups are for loosers anyways.

Here's the final league position:

and the rest:


Good luck K.D.!

by merkezekrem

21-04-12, 08:21 PM
Winothai does indeed look a brilliant player. I had a look at Djokic, but his very low workrate for a central midfielder turned me off a bit.

A question to my fellow CMSG'ers...despite Merk's great effort there isn't much cash to go around and buy proven quality. Merk recommended me to have a look at Mauro Mazzocco, who is an AMRLC at Napoli (who have just been relegated). Right now we have a deal in place to bring him in for £5M, and he has chosen Ternana ahead of Manchester U and Bayern... but signing him would wipe out the transfer fund, and I'm not sure where his best position would be. I think central midfield is an area of the team which can definitely be improved so that seems likely where I'd try him out first, but short arses with high creativity are not always what is needed there - I like goals from that position too, and that's not Mazzocco's strong point.

http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/3107/mazzocco.jpg (http://img204.imageshack.us/i/mazzocco.jpg/)

On the other hand I can sign this guy for £1M which leaves me with some money if I need it elsewhere (although I've strengthened most areas and don't have enough money to buy any of the real quality DCs). I'd probably play him in central midfield, but sometimes on the left. He looks like more of a goal scorer this one, and his work rate is just about acceptable I think.

http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/5420/budimir.jpg (http://img231.imageshack.us/i/budimir.jpg/)


by Kenny Dalglish's Smile

21-04-12, 08:23 PM
http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/6818/imagesk.png (http://img72.imageshack.us/i/imagesk.png/)

TERNANA 2022/23

The creepy thing about CMSG is that it's never the same voice on the telephone...

In fact, I've never actually met anyone who claimed to be a full time employee of CMSG. Everyone I met, that is... Merkz (by phone), seemed to be in the same boat as me on this one. As my year as an employee of CMSG went by I caught myself constantly wondering things like 'are they a member of CMSG?' while looking at a passing stranger, or suspicious lurker, 'just how many of these guys are there?', 'why does the cleaner/secretary look like a porn star/topless model/pop singer?', 'why do I have such shit taste in cars?', 'where did zan hide his stash tin?', 'what if there aren't any CMSG'ers, and everytime the phone rings I'm talking to a random computer generated voice?'

As you can see, it was a funny old year, but let's start at the beginning, shall we?

The beginning was May 2022. Spring had finally sprung in fair Copenhagen, and I was relaxing with a wheat beer and a pack of camel lights outside a cafe in Christianshavn. Work had been pretty rough recently and I was mulling over a career change when my mobile rang - number withheld. I ignored it. Fuck it, I took this thing off the sales call list months back - who the hell could have got my number? The phone kept ringing. Shouldn't the mailbox have kicked in by now? On and on the thing went, until suddenly the ringing stopped and I could hear this tiny, tinny voice coming out of the handset - the thing had answered itself! Cautiously I lifted the handset to my ear.

"Kenny, what the hell mate? What took you so long? You don't know me... call me Merkz, it's easier that way. Listen mate, get your arse down to Italy, I gotta blow this place, I think they've rumbled me. Ternana, get here within 24 hours or you'll miss your own press conference!"

"Er... say...?"

"You're the new manager of Ternana, Kenny. The footie team. Don't ask questions, just get here any way you can. You'll get a bit of cash to spend, maybe get to shag loads of birds too, most managers do it seems. I gotta go. I transferred 1500 euro into your debit account for the ticket - go have a look, it's in there. Remember this: sign Mazzocco, and get Vanin on a new contract. Shit...."

The line went dead.

I did what we'd all do, and headed on down. After all, not much of a story otherwise, is it?

Seems the board at Ternana had been working with CMSG for a while now, and it was this shadowy organisation who had put my name forward - non-negotiable. Just as well I know a bit about the footie. I had a feeling I'd forgotten to tick the box that says 'Please don't pass on my details to relevant agencies' somewhere. Anyways, the board wanted a midtable finish, and looking at the squad I could see why. There was a lot of shite, and a couple of diamonds. Basically, Merkz had done a tremendous job getting Ternana into the CL last year with what was pretty much a decent Serie B team and a couple of cheapish additions of his own. Torino and Vanin looked good players, and Winothai was a quality SC. Merkz had had the team playing a 41311 formation, but I wanted to shake things up a bit there and play with wingers. The problem was... we didn't have any, and the general squad quality was poor. With £7m to spend I wouldn't be able to bring in 2 quality wide men, and besides, we needed reinforcements throughout the side. I took a look at this Mazzocco, a fine player indeed, but buying him would blow pretty much the whole budget, with teams like Manchester United and Bayern also lurking. In the end, lack of better options and a weird feeling that Merkz could be trusted led me to sign him anyway, and the rest of the spending went mostly on improving the defence (which needed it! ancient DCs and midgets didn't fill me with joy...). The day Mazzocco signed the fans gathered and partied like it was 1999 (apparently a big year in Ternani...). Nice one, Merkz http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/thumb.gif

Pre-season Transfers In: Flavio Raimondi (SC, IT, free - one of Merkz. Would be a decent prospect except... important first team player - wtf Merkz? http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif), Miguel Angel Mendez (FRLC, Argentina, 140k), Hector Farias (GK, Argentina, 90k, another from Merkz), Michael Amoah (DMC, Ghana, free), Claudinei Riberiro (D/DMR, Brazil, 2.2M), Sergio Maffei (DC, IT, free), Mauro Mazzocco (AMRLC, IT, 5M), Santi Aloisi (DC, IT, 28k). The day after the transfer window closed the board called me and gave me the great news - £12M cash injection. 'Why didn't you do this 10 days ago?' asked I. Justifiably, I think.

Pre-season Transfers Out: Biagioni (SC), Lombardi (MC), Luna (DRLC), Maffei (GK), Di Chiara (DC), Ricci (DMC) all left and generated £0 in income. I was glad to have them off the wage bill, and Luna, who was rated by previous managers, was a tosser and had to go.

Not bad... but I still felt we were lacking in quality in a few areas. Despite the board's aim of consolidation I wanted a crack at the title. After all, only here one year, aren't I? Who wants to go down as the 'consolidator'? I didn't fancy our chances in the CL, but of course we'd stick that out just for the money. It was the title I wanted, and it wouldn't be easy with all the great sides, and Fiorentina, the reigning champions and European Cup winners would be tough to beat. I'd be delighted with CL quarters and fuck the Italian Cup http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif

Oh yes, why was there only one scout? And who designed the kit? I can hardly read a thing... I thought of changing it... but didn't, in case it caused 'problems in the future'.

Early days

Besiktas were seen off 1-0 home and away to send us into the CL Groups stages for the first time with Lyon, Rosenborg and Anderlecht, all decent sides. Torino, the captain got the first goal of my time at Ternana, and I started the season playing a 4141 formation which some of you know can do a good job for little sides...

The side as it started the first match of my careerhttp://img714.imageshack.us/img714/9170/4141y.jpg (http://img714.imageshack.us/i/4141y.jpg/)

In the league meanwhile we had a cracking start, 14 games undefeated, yet we climbed no higher than 2nd until week 12 when we finally hauled in Fiorentina. No sooner had we hit top spot than we lost it again. Despite this great start we were drawing a lot of games, especially at home, and I started to think about a tactical shift. I'd like to try a 433 at home, yet we didn't really have the players for it, and my scouts were busy trying to find some options. I found a great looking argentine FLC, but try as we might we couldn't get a bid accepted. The great run of form took us all the way until January, when we finally suffered our first league defeat away at Juve, and with that our form went out the window, and we won just one league game between Jan 1 and Feb 11.

Meanwhile all was not well with the playing staff. AMRC Arilson Moreira was constantly missing training and unable to play with low conditioning. But a far bigger problem was with 2 of the best players. Winothai started the season on fire, 5 goals in 6 matches, and it all went to his head. He slapped in a transfer request and refused to budge on a new contract offer. I set his price to £9m and waited for the big fish to dive in. Inter made the move, and he'd leave in the January window. Not only that, I couldn't get Vanin, our great DC, to sign a new contract either, and having praised his performances to the press Lazio instantly met his release fee of £3.9M and he would be leaving in January also. I needed a new SC and to rebuild the defence mid-season. Great.

Our dismal run finally came to an end away at Ascoli, but as you can see, we had to work for it http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif

http://img685.imageshack.us/img685/9181/2reds.jpg (http://img685.imageshack.us/i/2reds.jpg/)

And we'd have to work hard to string a few wins together too when stuff like this keeps happening...

http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/6052/2penos.jpg (http://img641.imageshack.us/i/2penos.jpg/)

As I said, we needed to do some team reconstruction work in January what with losing some of our best players.

January transfers in: Mithun Duckworth (SC, Malawi, 85k - a massive gamble!), Rodrigo Zarate (SW/DC, Argentina, 7.5M!!), Alessio Albertini (DC, IT, 8.5M!!!), Abdoulaye Dansoko (FRLC, Ivory Coast, 500k), John White (AMFLC, USA, 450k)

January transfers out: Apisit Winothai (SC - Inter Milan, 9M), Giancarlo Vanin (DC - Lazio, 3.9M), Pietro Monti (DMC - Messina, free).

I could now play the 433 formation I'd been wanting to try, to go more attacking at home.

http://img504.imageshack.us/img504/2226/433w.jpg (http://img504.imageshack.us/i/433w.jpg/)

2023, business end of the season

We'd been duelling with Fiorentina around the top of the league until Christmas, but our horror January saw us slip 8 points behind them, and the home league match between the 2 sides came just after we'd won 2 matches at the end of the poor form. I knew a win was essential to keep the title race open - an 11 point gap looked unsurmountable given how difficult it can be to score (goals!) in Serie A. And win we did, really kickstarting our stalling season, 3-1 with gaols from Ferrayra, Dansoko and Duckworth after Rossetti had given them a 9th minute lead. Game on!

I think luckily for us our bad run had come at a time when we didn't have any CL games, and despite losing our opening fixture of the second group phase away against Wolfsburg we actually went on to top the group with 10 points. We'd made the quarters, my target, and we'd play... Fiorentina http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif

Meanwhile in the league we continued to chip away at Fiorentina's lead, and eventually hit top spot in week 26 - 8 games to go and we were 2 points clear in first place! Once again though, we slipped back, and again it was home draws that did for us - 0-0 in 2 consecutive games against Lazio and Cagliari. Fiorentina hit top spot once again, and they just kept winning ... as did we, grinding out the 1-0s, but AGAIN! 0-0 at home to Salernitana left us needing 2 wins - home against Juve, away against Inter - meanwhile Fiorentina needed to slip up, really 3 points would be enough with their goal difference advantage, and a home defeat against Juve handed the title to Fiorentina without them needing to play. Close, very close. However, cigarless we remained. Our final league record P34 W21 D9 L4 GF 41 GA 19 Pts 72.

Meanwhile we weren't letting Fiorentina have it all their way. We were impressive in the first leg of the CL quarters in Florence, but failed to get the away goal despite dominating - 0-0. At home we knew it would be a nervy affair, and we'd likely need to score at least twice against Fiorentina's awesome defence. Ferreyra gave us the lead after 21 minutes after great work from DR Ribeiro down the wing, but Fiorentina wasted no time taking the lead on away goals through Perrego's fine header. Fiorentina pressed, another goal would probably win it for them, but there were chances at both ends, and we took the first, once again Ribeiro the genius creator, the DR nutmegging 2 players on his run from deep in our half before crossing for Duckworth to bury the header! Once again Fiorentina came on strong, and Lewis made a string of fine saves to keep us in it, before substitute White broke away on the counter and was brought down in the area by Fiorentina's keeper Ruggerio. Dive! said the referee, but the linesmen had the better view, and after a long consultation we DID get the penalty. White stepped up and buried it right in the top corner. Great penalty! The home fans were going crazy, the noise deafening. I pulled out my notebook - remember to buy milk. Just under this I scribbled - White, good penalty taker.

At this point we were still in the hunt for the league title, but suddenly the CL was looking maybe a more realistic shout. 2 wins could be enough to bring the title home to the least likely winners since.. well, since Hereford really.

Also through to the semis were AC Milan and Lazio, so I was very happy to avoid them and be drawn against German Champs Werder Bremen. We absolutely hammered them at their own place and came away 2-0 winners (White, peno, and Duckworth), and a routine 1-0 win at home courtesy of Muminovic's strike sent us through to the CL Final at Wembley at the first time of asking. Made up, to say the least.

Played out against the backdrop of the league slipping away, I started to look at keeping players fresh for the final, but disaster struck with the news that Mithun Duckworth would miss the rest of the season. Our lack of depth in attack was telling at the crucial moment,and I spent a long time puzzling over whether or not to start rookie striker Raimondi in the final. In the end I opted for more experience in the form of Miguel Angel Mendez. He'd not really impressed that much since signing at the start of the season, but he had occasionally shown glimpses of talent, and I'd never played him upfront as lone SC. Now he'd get the chance to deliver on the biggest stage of all.

The CL final team was as follows:


http://img443.imageshack.us/img443/6059/clfinalteam.jpg (http://img443.imageshack.us/i/clfinalteam.jpg/)

Despite the 4141 formation the mentality of the team was attacking. We came flying out of the blocks and peppered the AC Milan goal with shots, forcing Buonanno into a number of fine saves. Not for nothing is he Italy's number one keeper. Naturally they hit us on the break after 30 minutes, Venturini capping a swift move which cut us open with their first shot at goal. I kept the faith with the way we were playing, and we kept plugging away, but half time saw us 0-1 down despite being the better side.

I took a look around the dressing room. Sergio Maffei (DC) and Leonardo Torino (DMC) were both too badly injured to continue and were replaced by Santo Aloisi and Silviu Neagu. Neagu was a veteran of the Serie B days, an experienced campaigner, but not one who ever thought he'd feature in a CL final. Aloisi was a £24k 20 year old DC with a handful of appearances to his name. For want of anything better to say I told them to 'use the force'. What the hell, it might work...

The second half was tight, and chances were harder to come by for us, but we got the lucky break. Corona had come into the AC Milan midfield to tighten things up, but he was adjudged to have tripped Muminovic as he burst into the box. It looked harsh I must be honest, but the referee from Hungary saw it as a foul, and who was I to complain? Fairy tale stuff, Neagu stepped up to take the penalty and we were overall deservedly level with an hour gone, even if the goal itself was a bit fortunate! Relief was short lived, however, as I looked around the side to see what I might change in the hunt for a winner. Fully 3 of the team were carrying potentially bad knocks - Ribeiro at DR, Mazzocco at MR, and Ferreyra at ML, while Muminovic at MC hadn't played a full 90 for ages and wasn't in good condition to start with. One sub left - what to do? I left it. I didn't want to make a change and then be left down to 10 men with no subs left, and besides we were still playing alright. If you can't run through a bit of pain in the CL final, when can you?

90 minutes came with the scores still tied - Mazzocco forced a blinding save in the 90th minute - and we headed into extra time. Maybe the legs were getting heavy for my tired players, but we held on as Milan came more and more into the match. Ternana's shot at glory would be decided by the dreaded shoot out. Just before the referee signalled the 120 minutes as up I did make my final sub. John White, the penalty hero against Fiorentina came on to take one in the shoot out.


Neagu will take the first penalty for Ternana. The keeper has already seen him put one in the right of the goal, will he go the same way or change it up?

He goes the same way and buries it! 1-0 Ternana.

Corona steps up for Milan. It was his casual tackle that led to the equaliser. Can he make amends?

He blasts it over!!

White has only come on for the shoot out. Was that a gamble worth taking?

It was! Text book peno. 2-0 Ternana.


Mollica for Milan...

Scores! 2-1 now...

Mendez now for Ternana. Looks confident.

Is confident. Rolls it in the corner with the keeper going the wrong way.

Walton for Milan. Not missed a penalty all season...

And buries another! 3-2, 2 penalties left each.


Ferreyra will take the next one for Ternana. Short run up...

Scores! Milan can't miss one now...

Venturini with the pressure shot for AC. It was his goal that opened the scoring here tonight. He'll take this one right footed.

Steps up...


He's missed it! Wide of the left post! Ternana win the European Cup!!

Is that a year already?
What a strange scenario. Just moments after Venturini scuffed the last penalty I realised my time at Ternana was up. A text arrived with just a name and a number on it. I called the number immediately -

KDS: "Is that Mr. Dwarf? Mr. Highflyingdwarf? I take it you're watching the TV right now?"
HFDwarf: "Yes... who is this?"
KDS: "I'm waving to you on the screen... there's £25M to spend, plus whatever comes in over the summer, so you're well set here - good luck!"

The future

Well, despite the great CL result and some silverware in the CMSG trophy cabinet I notice we still haven't managed to win Serie A, and every time we've lost out to Fiorentina, so maybe there is some unfinished business in Italy yet... there's a ton of money to spend this time too (£25M more in the kitty than when I took over, plus next years TV and tickets to come... If the next manager sticks with Ternana you'll find a squad which is bloated by substandard older players which needs sorting. I didn't bother to offer new contracts to anyone I didn't think good enough, so quite a few will leave on frees in the summer. You have a good GK in Lewis, 4 top notch DCs, the best DR in the league, Torino, Amoah and Neagu are all good enough DMs, Mazzocco was a great signing, but really you need a DL and an SC at the very least. The forward you want is Guillermo Peralta at Independiente, IMO, and I've lined up a couple of cheap signing for you, Antonio Fiori, DLC from Pescara who played well this leatst year, and Abel Cluzy, a nice looking AM/FC from Gabon who I would have liked to play in midfield... but it's up to you if you fancy them!

Top players

Rodrigo Zarate, SW/DC

http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/5222/zaratee.jpg (http://img19.imageshack.us/i/zaratee.jpg/)[/URL]

Mauro Mazzocco, AMRLC

http://img98.imageshack.us/img98/3107/mazzocco.jpg (http://img98.imageshack.us/i/mazzocco.jpg/)

Claudenei Ribeiro, D/DMR

http://img338.imageshack.us/img338/2390/ribeirox.jpg (http://img338.imageshack.us/i/ribeirox.jpg/)

Leonardo Torino, DMC, Captain

http://img243.imageshack.us/img243/6489/torinoz.jpg (http://img243.imageshack.us/i/torinoz.jpg/)

by Kenny Dalglish's Smile

21-04-12, 08:25 PM
TERNANA 2023/24

KDS: "Is that Mr. Dwarf? Mr. Highflyingdwarf? I take it you're watching the TV right now?"
HFDwarf: "Yes... who is this?"
KDS: "I'm waving to you on the screen... there's £25M to spend, plus whatever comes in over the summer, so you're well set here - good luck!"

The phone went dead…

What the f*** am I in to now?

I’d been watching CMSG for a number of years , I was a fan, I played the special version of Championship Manager which changed where they were every season, and I always dreamt of being a football manager, but never at such a illustrious company, and thrown in the deep end at such a great club.

I pondered for a while and knew what I had to do.

“Ternana, as long as we win the Serie A, I’ll be remembered…”

And so, I bought my first class ticket to Italy and headed on my way…

Preseason – 2023/2024
£19 Million Transfer Funds
Aim: European Qualification

Preseason Transfers

30.6.23 Giuseppe Basso Novara £160K
1.7.23 Ivanildo Guimarães Atlético Mineiro £1M
1.7.23 Franco Ambrosio Rimini Free
1.7.23 Antonio Fiori Pescara £325K
1.7.23 Abel Cluzy Levante £2.5M
6.8.23 Ramazan Halil Ibrahim Galatasaray £9.5M

19.6.23 Ruud van der Hoeven Released Free
22.6.23 Loris Beghetto Released Free
1.7.23 Raúl Muñoz Sampdoria Bos
1.7.23 Germán Godoy Catania £50K
1.7.23 Djalma Camargo Monterotondo £26K

The league season went disappointingly, we suffered from somewhat of a block and struggled to get a coherent winning streak together after the opening few games and were lucky to slip only to 6th, Lazio were unstoppable, beating us in the Italian Cup Final soundly by 3-1 on aggregate and also claiming the league. The Champions League saw us crash out in a tough tie with Chelsea 4-2 on aggregate in the Quarter Finals.

Mazzocco was as masterful as ever, and record signing Ibrahim tied for second in the Serie A top goalscorers.

I was disappointed to slip so heavily in the league, but at least we weren't trophyless, we won the European Super Cup and the Intercontinental Cup, so those were at least trophies for the cabinet http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif

I have a weird feeling that this could be the last season at Ternana, unless the next manager feels he is destined for Serie A glory, I certainly couldn't acheive it http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/frown.gif

by highflyingdwarf

21-04-12, 08:25 PM
Well done highflyingdwarf! Nice to see some new trophies in our cabinet!

Good luck DAB1, it's totally up to you how you want to take the story. You can create a new chapter in CMSG's history or go down in history as the first CMSG manager to conquer Serie A.

Manager list has been updated


Calling all managers!

Previous managers have already been contacted again by CMSG in regards to fronting their corporation for another season wherever that may be. Those who have accepted have notified the board by dropping CMSG in their posts. They have since been put in order of previous management and will commence management soon.

CMSG however are still looking for other talent that may help CMSG attain more silverware for their cabinet. If you'd also like a shot at this story then please reply with CMSG too. First come first serve basis and will be added to the current list.

by Rossinho

21-04-12, 08:27 PM
The High Flying Excuse

High Flying Dwarf, bleary eyed picks up his mobile, "Hey dad, you'll never believe what just happened!"

"What is it son?"

HFD, "Did you watch the game tonight, the Champions League final with Ternana up against Milan?"

"Yeah, exciting stuff! Never expected AC to be taken all the way to penalties and lose!"

HFD, "The craziest thing happened! You'll never believe it! Right after the penalty shoot-out I got a call. It was Kenny, the manager of Ternana! I could see him on the TV screen telling me I would be the new manager of Ternana!"

"Hahahaha, that's ridiculous!"

HFD, "No, seriously dad, that's what he said! So off I went to Italy, only to put in my worst managerial performance ever!"

"Are you on the wacky baccy or something son?"

HFD, "No, nothing like that- I just woke up. It was a nightmare. Couldn't believe how hard it was to score a goal in Serie A..."

"What? So you're telling me you fell asleep and dreamt you moved to Italy to manage the Champions of Europe? I think you've playing that stupid manager game on the pc too much son!"

HFD, "Yeah, that's what I was gonna say. During the dream there were these floating captions describing the action and when somebody scored everything would flash. It was like dreaming that I was actually in the game!"

"Hahaha! That's a good one. Let's hope that you'd do better if you ever get the chance in real life!"

HFD, "For sure! I wouldn't want that season going down on record! So dad, who turned out to be the next manager? I must've slept through it"

"You mean who've CMSG appointed after Kenny? They haven't announced anyone yet. Dunno if he'll stay with Ternana either. What would you do if you got a second chance?"

HFD, "Well, I did hear about this online application process the CMSG have.... maybe I ought to give it a try......"

TERNANA 2023/2024
http://img268.imageshack.us/img268/9407/cmsglogo.png (http://img268.imageshack.us/i/cmsglogo.png/)

The Background

It was early summer in Scotland and I was hard at work coaching a local kids football team. Well, hard at work is a bit of an exaggeration! I was actually pretty thankful for where I'd ended up in life, especially after such a turbulent past. As a young teen I played DMC in the reserves for a local team dwindling in a lower league in my home town. I made a name for myself pretty quickly as a tenacious player with good vision, sniping out attacks and building up play from the back. However, I also gained a reputation for inconsistency, regularly giving the ball away with sloppy passes or losing control of the ball moving forward. Even at a young age I had a very high level of professionalism and determination, so when I lost the ball carelessly I felt compelled to get it back. I'd often run completely out of position to achieve this... I would always get it back though (occasionally simply to lose it again!) This tenacious and determined attitude earned me the nickname 'CyberDAB', due to my robotic, persistent, 'Terminator' style of never giving up. The team I played for sent all their youngsters to college to study part time. I opted for a sports coaching course. After 18 months in the reserves I finally got my first team start and boy was it eventful- I think I may have even set a new record! An o.g. and an assist in the first half, followed by goal in the second from 20 yards out! It all ended in tragedy though, with a second o.g. quickly followed by a yellow card for a reckless tackle, then finally being stretchered off with torn ankle ligaments. A hat trick in my first game! I decided that professional football wasn't for me and retired after my first game at 20 years of age. The SFA took me on board as a youth coach and I've been working for them ever since.

The Introduction

So there I was, ten years later, a beautiful bright summers day in Scotland currently sitting 2-0 up with my under 15 team controlling from the front. I was stood amongst some of the players parents chatting with them about the big club scouts that had visited a few weeks previously. There's one guy I don't recognise though, introduces himself as Kenny and asks if we can talk in private.

"Hi DAB1, we've done the intros so let me get straight to the point. My one year tenure working for CMSG Ltd is over and you're being offered the position for the coming year", said Kenny.

"WOW! I'm stunned. I've certainly heard of CMSG and their exploits with the likes of Hereford, Lazio and Ternana. I don't think there's anyone working in the football world that hasn't! But I'm no manager, I coach kids. Besides, that application was sent in years ago and since then I've worked hard to get where I am now. I have no interest in management." I replied.

Kenny seemed to get anxious, "DAB1... I don't think you understand, that application wasn't an application. Did you not read the small print? Well, it wouldn't be like you're the first to send off the application not to realise that it's actually.... a legally binding contract! As soon as you signed the bottom line, CMSG has you by law and can call upon you at any time to occupy one of their management roles. You HAVE to take the position!".

"Well, I'm certainly not happy about this. I'll be making sure the SFA have their lawyers looking into this so-called-contract!" I barked.

"Do whatever you want, my year is up so it's time to pass the buck. Here you go...", and with that Kenny threw a folder on the desk and left. I took a quick look through the folder and found a series of files detailing Ternanas players. I'd seen them clinch the Champions League a couple of days earlier so was intrigued what I might find and began to read.

That was last week. I'm now in Italy ready to start my new job as manager of Ternana. It's only a temporary thing. My lawyers assure me that there's no way they can hold me to it for the full year. They just need some time to file the relevant injunction or whatever. Until then they think it's best I follow orders to the letter- apparently CMSG penalties can be quite harsh. Anyway, they'd better do their job in a hurry coz I've got to get back to Scotland. My team is playing in an important under 15 tournament in late November! I've only got between now and then to get them match ready to impress the visiting scouts! Back to the job at hand though and the magnitude of managing Ternana is beginning to dawn upon me. What have I got myself into!?!....

The Cull

....some kind of football retirement home.... that's what I've got myself into! Fifteen players out of the 49 man squad are over 30 and the average 1st team age is approaching 29!!! I have no idea what to do with these oldies. I work with youngsters, the hungry ones, the ones with potential and the world at their feet. These old geezers taking wage packets for past glory simply have to go!

Out with the old....

Emil Ganea free
German Godoy free
Cosimo Centofanti free
Eduardo Riquelme free
Simone Vitale free
Juan Carlos Cornejo 2.6M
Djalma Camargo 26K
Silviu Neagu 1.2M
John Lewis 2.6M
Ivan Muminovic free
Enrico Baratta 300K

....(and some of the not so old that simply can't cut it in Serie A)...

Patricio Rodriguez free
Loris Beghetto free
Alfio Mazzei free
Antonio Ocana free
Martin Cronin 1M
Raul Munoz Bos
Domenico Migliaccio free

....and in with the new

Abel Cluzy 2.5M - a 28yo AM/FC set up by the previous manager
Antonio Fiori 325K - a 22yo DLC set up by the previous manager
Marco Hooiveld free - Dutch 36yo veteran DRC is brought in for his awesome coaching skills
Alessio Bagnoll 6.0M - after stints at Inter & Sampdoria, the 26yo fills the Ternana DL gap
Guiseppe Lorenzini 2.5M - Sampdorias little played 25yo DMC looks like he'll shine in my tactic
Raffaele Goitre 2.5M - adaptable 28yo DRLC signed from cash strapped Livorno to cover def
Andres Higuain 350K - 24yo Argentinian FLC is disliked by staff but looks real quality
Carmelo Lombardi 900K - bargain gamble on short-listing when 20yo DC requests a transfer
Guillermo Aguirre 4.4M - 19yo Argentinian has stats way beyond his youth
Alessio Saccani free - 29yo DMC signed from Calgari to cover the taxing DMC position
Francisco Fernandez 2.4M - EPL runner ups Newcastle sell me their 28yo GK to replace Lewis
Gabriel Bianchi 750K - 24yo DRC signed before transfer window as backup to Ribiero

The Team & Season Opening

The starting eleven is now down to an average age of 26.8 and most of the oldies have been removed from the squad. A couple of stragglers are put in the reserves along with a few promising youngsters. Kenny had built an awesome base squad and if he hadn't had to do it mid-season he surely would've taken the title. The board wanted European qualification but with only one year to work with, the pressure was on me and the team to leave some kind of legacy and clinch the Serie A championship.

My nerves weren't helped when I received some fan mail from a guy called low-floating-midget (or something like that). He wrote about some dream he had with Ternana finishing out of the top five with a dismal run of form. Yeah, so given this was my first managerial job I was literally pooping my pants as the whistle blew for the first match. It was the European Super Cup against Sampdoria. We beat them 3-1 with goals from Duckworth and new signing Higuain. I was delighted! The first league game followed and we were home against Livorno, who had a strong squad. We smashed them 4-0 with previous managers signing Cluzy picking up a hat-trick! The bad news was Duckworth, my sole striker up front, was injured for over a month meaning youngster Guillermo Aguirre would have to mature fast.....
http://img339.imageshack.us/img339/9184/livorno.jpg (http://img339.imageshack.us/i/livorno.jpg/)

The Holiday Season

The first half of the season went well with Ternana sitting top of the Champions League 2nd round group by mid Jan. We were still in the Italian Cup and had picked up the Intercontinental Cup along the way. Progress in the league was also going well- unbeaten in eight games! However, leading the championship my thought began to return home, to Scotland and my team of youngsters about to play in their biggest competition of their life. I was enjoying managing Ternana yet felt compelled to see through my obligations with the SFA- I decided to take a holiday and return to Scotland to prepare the team for the competition in November. The journey home wasn't pleasant- I'm not the best flyer but the prospect of leaving Ternana in the hands of Gennaro Olivieri, Ternanas new Assistant Manager was filling me with worry. He's an excellent assistant but not exactly a tactical genius! His first game in charge was a league match away to Treviso. Despite my express instructions not to, he played with some crazy tactics-
http://img571.imageshack.us/img571/884/trevisotac.jpg (http://img571.imageshack.us/i/trevisotac.jpg/)

And this was the predictable result
http://img230.imageshack.us/img230/2406/treviso.jpg (http://img230.imageshack.us/i/treviso.jpg/)

I was on the phone for the next week and a half trying to explain to the board what I was doing, as well as convince Gennaro to use my exact instructions. It was a nightmare! I had to assure the Ternana board that I would be back by the end of November and that I would instruct the SFA lawyers to cease their attempted injunctions against CMSG- it seemed like the best option as the CMSG penalties for not adhering to contractual obligations were harsh to say the least. Gannarro took my tactics and applied then in the next two games (one European, one cup) and came up with two draws. I was beginning to lose my patience and I suspected the board were too. I hopped on a plane back to Italy after wishing my youngsters luck- I'd had three weeks with them and they were as ready as ever. Taking back the managerial reigns we picked up a couple of draws, a couple of losses and a couple of wins to see us sitting 5th, seven points behind leaders Torino(?). We still had a game in hand though and I was hoping the new year would bring some glory.

The New Year

News came back from Scotland that my youngsters had made it to the final, narrowly losing the title in a penalty shoot-out I wish I could've been there, the celebrations over the festive period would've been much more fun than analysing previous matches, devising tactics and searching for players that could lead Ternana to Serie A glory. I made a few dressing room changes as the Jan transfer window opened up and was expecting the new signings to make an immediate impact.


Thibault Coulibaly 1.8M - a good looking 25yo French AMRC
Lucas Gamarra 7.75M - young 25yo Argentinian brought in to replace the ageing Amoah
Antonio Gatti 1.8M - requested transfer from Juve wanting 1st team, signed him as backup!


Migual Angel Medex 1.9M
Manuel Viera 150K

We broke away from our inconsistant form in an astounding match against Catania, where we finished with only nine men on the pitch due to using up subs before an injury.
http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/2324/cataniau.jpg (http://img9.imageshack.us/i/cataniau.jpg/)

We had a renewal of form, clocking up win after win and began clawing away at Torinos lead, eventually reaching 2nd behind Juventus who had stolen the lead after Torinos form crashed. A draw and an unexpected loss against Sampdoria at home saw us drop away to 5th. We drew against Juventus next which saw Atalanta be the next team to throw down their challenge and lead Serie A. We done well to take seven points from the next three games against tough opposition. Atalanta still led but we held 3rd position, only three points adrift and a far superior goal difference. Nine league games to go...

The Italian Cup

The Italian Cup was a dream run dispatching Cosenza 3-1, Roma 4-0 and Torino 3-0 to reach the final against Atalanta, our league rivals. We lost the first leg away 1-0 despite playing well. The home game a couple of weeks later was a different story as we completely dominated them. We only managed to put away one goal in 120 minutes... taking the final to penalties...
http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/5522/italiancup.jpg (http://img3.imageshack.us/i/italiancup.jpg/)

The Champions League

The 2nd group phase of the Champions League turned out to be rather tough. Deportivo, Newcastle and Ajax were all keen to qualify for the elimination rounds. Sitting top after winning two games, we drew the next two matches leaving us sitting outside of qualification. The group was incredibly close with us only being edged out on goal difference. With goal difference coming into the equation a clear lead was gonna be needed to get through. We scraped a 1-0 win at home against Ajax, putting them out of contention in the process. The qualifying spots were left to be fought out in the final match since the three teams were only separated by 2 points! We were away to Newcastle as Deportivo travelled to face Ajax (and surely take three points). A draw or a win against Newcastle would see me through.... a loss would have my hopes riding on Ajax taking their first win as I'd lose out on goal difference if they drew. It was a terrible flying to England (it always is!). Ninety minutes past with a goal from each side, injury time was all that was left

We were drawn against Lazio in the QFs. The first leg was played away and we lost 1-0. The league was still our priority so I fielded my second team for the second leg. The quality wasn't quite there and we lost out 1-0. We had a good run losing out to team that was showing poor form in the league but on fire in Europe. Will Lazio turn out to be eventual winners of the Champions League? I dunno... I left Italy before the final was played and haven't seen the result yet.

Back to the League

... nine game left and sitting 3 points behind Atalanta. We won the next three games against Fiorentina, Treviso and Udinese. It wasn't enough though, Atalanta were matching our win rate and frankly, looked unbeatable! We drew our next match.... but so did Atalanta! We were still in with a shout. Home to Palermo and we demolished them
http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/6456/palermoq.jpg (http://img20.imageshack.us/i/palermoq.jpg/)

Atalanta had drawn again! We took the lead with only four games remaining. My team must've smelled victory because they went on to smash Torino 3-0, Lazio 1-0 then AC Milan 3-1! Atalanta must've lost heart after yielding to our pressure and lost their next two games meaning Ternana, for the first time in history, were the Serie A champions (and with a game in hand too!)
http://img153.imageshack.us/img153/505/serieax.jpg (http://img153.imageshack.us/i/serieax.jpg/)

The Handover

The final game was against Catania. As far as I was concerned I'd done my job so decided to return to Scotland. I got a call on the flight home, it was Gennarro, my assistant manager....

"Hey DAB, guess what? I won my first game! 3-0 against Catania! It was a great way to finish the season, shame you couldn't be here for the celebrations. All the boys thank you for your efforts and wish you luck with the youngsters back in Scotland"

"Cheers Gennarro, I had a great year- I'll miss you all." I hung up the phone when one of the flight attendants handed me an envelope. I looked inside. It was a CMSG business card with a note on the back and a phone number-

"Well done DAB. Your replacement: Mark, XXXX-XXXX-XXXX. Call him."
I immediately dialled the number.

"Hey Mark, it's DAB here. It's that time again. The CMSG are appointing you as their next manager"

Mark "Hi DA*1, s*rry* g*t a*rea*ly* ba* sign*l*ca* *ou r*pe*t wh*t y*u j*st*s**d?... ***psss*ssshh***hhht*****click*....bmmmmmmmmmm.... ..". Must've got cut off I thought.... oh well, not my problem now!

The Review

It was a fantastic season with the double narrowly missed through penalties and a decent Champions League shot let down by some conservative team selection. We also picked up some supplementary silverware in the shape of European and Intercontinental cups.
http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/6940/esupercup.jpg (http://img9.imageshack.us/i/esupercup.jpg/)

http://img266.imageshack.us/img266/9844/intercontcup.jpg (http://img266.imageshack.us/i/intercontcup.jpg/)

Ternana have undoubtedly the strongest first team in the league. I used my 4-2-3-1 tactic that I'd developed while playing the Burnley Challenge. I spent a week tweaking it using el_gringos Irkalis save until I was happy it could survive Serie A. It has shapes and element of el_gringos GameOver and the PrimeSuspect tactic running though WOB (WIB is pretty much my own)
http://img138.imageshack.us/img138/6760/teamlr.jpg (http://img138.imageshack.us/i/teamlr.jpg/)

However they lack quality cover in a couple of positions (AMR, RWB/LWB, although I've lined up an young AMRC to help). A large amount of red/yellow cards and injuries also cost a few games that could've been won otherwise. I'm delighted to have won Serie A but can't help but think there's more in the team.

I suspect the new manager will move on, however if he chooses to stay he will find the leagues finest back four in Ribeiro, Bagnoll, Gatti and Zarate collecting 12 tackles per games collectively, as well as producing 16 assists! With Jose Fernandez in goals completing the defensive line up, we only conceded 15 goals in the league all year! Lorenzini, Gamarra and Saccini are among the finest DMCs playing football anywhere. Cluzy was an inspired signing by the previous manager scoring 13 times from the AMC position and the occasional game alone up front. Mazzocco was plagued by injuries sitting out for a total of 3 months spread throughout the year. That didn't dent his spirit though as he put on awesome performances every time he graced the pitch. New signing Higiun lost his place to White midway through the season after hitting some poor form. He provided great cover though, putting away several crucial goals.

Finally onto the lone striker, Duckworth. I had read his bio and saw him as being the quality, proven goal scorer we needed. I didn't see the point on spending loads of cash on a new ST if we had one that fitted the bill already- so I played him up front from the start. Despite an early injury side-lining him to be replaced by hot prospect Guillermo Aguire, he regained his first team position fairly quickly. Unfortunately it wasn't quick enough for the £7M valued player that had been plucked from obscurity to ravage Serie A with his goal scoring prowess. He made a press release detailing how he'd like to make a move to a rival Serie A club! I wasn't ready to let him go and demanded he stay despite some team unrest. Stay he did and professional as ever, Duckworth managed to get along with the team just enough to keep his first team spot. The problem remains and he's still unhappy six months and fifteen goals later! It's not all bad news though as Guillermo Aguire is more than ready to take the reigns after scoring 12 times from 18 starts as well as gaining a 100% shots on target rating in the league.
http://img156.imageshack.us/img156/3815/statsfh.jpg (http://img156.imageshack.us/i/statsfh.jpg/)

None of the awards had been given out before I left, however I think the team is likely to sweep the board. The supporters player of the year will be interesting.... it would've been Duckworth for sure but his indiscretion will surely have cost him fans. Maybe the captain, Claudinei Ribeiro will take the award.... or new to Ternana, Cluzy? I'd like Mark to give me a call and let me know who it is when announced.



Italian Serie A - Sunday 12th May 2024
************************************************** **********************************************

================================================== ==============================================
2023/4 Table
================================================== ==============================================
Pos Team Pld Won Drn Lst For Ag Won Drn Lst For Ag Pts
1st C Ternana 34 14 1 2 28 2 7 8 2 21 13 72
2nd Atalanta 34 6 8 3 16 8 11 4 2 24 14 63
3rd Torino 34 9 3 5 21 21 7 7 3 16 10 58
4th Milan 34 8 5 4 19 13 8 4 5 17 9 57
5th Juventus 34 9 4 4 21 11 6 6 5 14 14 55
6th Lazio 34 7 9 1 13 5 5 6 6 11 10 51
7th Bologna 34 5 7 5 11 10 9 2 6 16 10 51
8th Fiorentina 34 9 5 3 15 7 3 8 6 13 15 49
9th Inter 34 6 5 6 15 14 7 5 5 19 17 49
10th Sampdoria 34 8 4 5 16 12 5 6 6 17 19 49
11th Palermo 34 6 4 7 13 13 7 5 5 9 10 48
12th Cagliari 34 3 9 5 9 13 4 7 6 6 10 37
13th Treviso 34 7 2 8 14 15 3 4 10 9 21 36
14th Catania 34 5 6 6 20 20 3 3 11 11 24 33
15th R Udinese 34 4 5 8 13 20 4 3 10 7 17 32
16th R Lecce 34 6 4 7 22 21 1 5 11 4 23 30
17th R Livorno 34 6 4 7 7 10 0 6 11 2 17 28
18th R Roma 34 3 8 6 9 12 2 4 11 11 29 27

================================================== ==============================================
2023/4 Goals
================================================== ==============================================
Pos Player Club Apps Gls
1st Jacopo Corona Milan 23 (7) 11
2nd Mario Viola Atalanta 34 11
3rd Guillermo Delfino Juventus 24 (6) 10
4th Apisit Winothai Inter 23 (6) 10
5th Mithun Duckworth Ternana 23 (2) 10
6th Orlando Alvares Castro Juventus 33 8
7th Luis Fernando Serna Fiorentina 26 (1) 8
8th Leonardo Sandrin Atalanta 20 (3) 8
9th Rubén Pitillas Lazio 32 (1) 7
10th Andrés Higuaín Ternana 22 (4) 7
11th Michael Leto Udinese 30 (2) 7
12th Emanuele Gentile Cagliari 22 (8) 7
13th Fabrizio Catalano Roma 31 (1) 7
14th Abel Cluzy Ternana 28 (1) 7
15th Giacomo Innocenti Bologna 31 7
16th Gonzalo Galarza Fiorentina 24 (5) 6
17th Gabriel Ferrer Udinese 34 6
18th Fabio Cozza Torino 30 6
19th Guillermo Aguirre Ternana 7 (2) 6
20th Franco De Falco Inter 28 (4) 6
21st Vincenzo Bonomi Milan 33 6
22nd Attilio Rosi Lecce 17 (4) 6
23rd Dennis Thijssen Torino 22 (1) 6
24th John White Ternana 13 (7) 5
25th Gianni Gandini Bologna 34 5
26th Pietro Mollica Milan 12 (11) 5
27th Alessio Cecconi Torino 24 (3) 5
28th Federico Coscia Sampdoria 21 (5) 5
29th Martín Iglesias Juventus 18 (4) 4
30th Benjamin Ziegler Catania 32 4

================================================== ==============================================
2023/4 Assists
================================================== ==============================================
Pos Player Club Apps Asts
1st Giuseppe Lorenzini Ternana 26 (2) 7
2nd Gianfranco Galletti Inter 29 (2) 7
3rd Mauro Mazzocco Ternana 21 (1) 6
4th Mario Viola Atalanta 34 6
5th Yuriy Gordon Bologna 31 (1) 5
6th Rubén Pitillas Lazio 32 (1) 5
7th Ken Boxhall Treviso 34 5
8th Emilio José Rodríguez Lecce 33 5
9th Andrés Higuaín Ternana 22 (4) 5
10th Gaetano Neri Atalanta 30 5
11th Raffaele Gabriele Sampdoria 23 (5) 5
12th Alessio Cecconi Torino 24 (3) 5
13th Claudinei Ribeiro Ternana 29 5
14th Paul Taylor Milan 24 (9) 5
15th Dennis Thijssen Torino 22 (1) 5
16th Mithun Duckworth Ternana 23 (2) 5
17th Martín Iglesias Juventus 18 (4) 4
18th Benjamin Ziegler Catania 32 4
19th Alessandro Marinelli Sampdoria 17 (6) 4
20th Juan Jesús Rico Juventus 21 (1) 4
21st Marcos Rogério Viana Fiorentina 31 4
22nd Enrico Petrone Treviso 24 4
23rd Vincenzo Bonomi Milan 33 4
24th Mattia Gagliardi Atalanta 28 4
25th Francesco Pellegrini Atalanta 30 4
26th Jacopo Corona Milan 23 (7) 4
27th Pierpaolo Asara Sampdoria 27 (3) 4
28th Nicolás Ferrari Atalanta 24 (3) 4
29th Rosario Asara Bologna 13 (5) 3
30th Vágner Magalhães Roma 21 (2) 3

================================================== ==============================================
2023/4 Average Rating
================================================== ==============================================
Pos Player Club Apps Av R
1st Nicola Bussi Atalanta 28 8.07
2nd Antonino Orlandi Cagliari 34 7.79
3rd Michele Sacchi Roma 29 7.76
4th Giuseppe Lorenzini Ternana 26 (2) 7.75
5th Mithun Duckworth Ternana 23 (2) 7.68
6th Piero Olivieri Lazio 32 7.66
7th Alessio Romano Inter 21 (2) 7.61
8th Claudinei Ribeiro Ternana 29 7.59
9th Marcos Rogério Viana Fiorentina 31 7.58
10th Pietro Di Maio Fiorentina 31 7.58
11th Federico Giampaolo Palermo 28 7.50
12th Orazio Cardini Inter 27 (1) 7.50
13th Massimiliano Di Stefano Lazio 26 7.50
14th Matteo Casini Treviso 32 7.50
15th Rosario Chiodi Torino 29 7.48
16th Dennis Thijssen Torino 22 (1) 7.48
17th Oscar Damiani Udinese 19 7.47
18th Andrea Tacconi Bologna 29 7.45
19th Giancarlo Vanin Lazio 23 (2) 7.44
20th Jacopo Corona Milan 23 (7) 7.40
21st Mariano Saldaño Juventus 30 7.40
22nd Michael Amoah Ternana 16 (2) 7.39
23rd Mario Viola Atalanta 34 7.38
24th Gonzalo Galarza Fiorentina 24 (5) 7.38
25th Mauro Mazzocco Ternana 21 (1) 7.36
26th Domenico Macrì Udinese 34 7.35
27th Gianfranco Gatto Fiorentina 32 7.34
28th Ferdinando Neri Atalanta 28 (2) 7.33
29th Davide Bartoli Inter 26 7.31
30th Orlando Alvares Castro Juventus 33 7.30

================================================== ==============================================
2023/4 Man of Match
================================================== ==============================================
Pos Player Club Apps MoM
1st Antonino Orlandi Cagliari 34 6
2nd Mario Viola Atalanta 34 6
3rd Nicola Bussi Atalanta 28 5
4th Giuseppe Lorenzini Ternana 26 (2) 5
5th Andrea Tacconi Bologna 29 5
6th Piero Olivieri Lazio 32 5
7th Matteo Casini Treviso 32 5
8th Marcos Rogério Viana Fiorentina 31 4
9th Alessandro Gallo Livorno 31 4
10th Ferdinando Neri Atalanta 28 (2) 4
11th Michele Sacchi Roma 29 4
12th Gonzalo Galarza Fiorentina 24 (5) 3
13th Benjamin Ziegler Catania 32 3
14th Jean-Paul Carrière Cagliari 33 3
15th Guillermo Delfino Juventus 24 (6) 3
16th Orlando Alvares Castro Juventus 33 3
17th Rubén Pitillas Lazio 32 (1) 3
18th Michael Leto Udinese 30 (2) 3
19th Vito Maglione Livorno 17 3
20th Fabio Cozza Torino 30 3
21st Guillermo Aguirre Ternana 7 (2) 3
22nd Roberto Berti Lazio 17 (13) 3
23rd Luis Fernando Serna Fiorentina 26 (1) 3
24th Matteo Basile Lecce 34 3
25th Massimiliano Chiodi Sampdoria 22 (3) 3
26th Alessio Cecconi Torino 24 (3) 3
27th Jacopo Corona Milan 23 (7) 3
28th Massimiliano Di Stefano Lazio 26 3
29th Fabio D'Antoni Palermo 20 (7) 3
30th Federico D'Amico Sampdoria 26 (1) 3


Ternana - Sunday 12th May 2024
************************************************** **********************************************

================================================== ==============================================
================================================== ==============================================
No Name Position(s) Nat Born Age Caps Gls Wages Expires Value
10 Aguirre, Guillermo S C ARG 22.6.04 19 - - £8.75K 3.6.29 £3.6M
16 Albertini, Alessio D C ITA 16.1.02 22 - - £13.25K 6.6.30 £2.1M
35 Alías, Juan Antonio GK ESP 9.8.05 18 - - £200 15.6.25 £90K
37 Aloisi, Santo D C ITA 23.1.03 21 - - £800 15.6.27 £1.9M
6 Amoah, Michael DM C GHA 5.10.90 33 67 8 £13K 19.6.26 £3.3M
3 Bagnoli, Alessio D LC ITA 3.1.97 27 7 - £29K 19.6.29 £4.9M
44 Baratta, Enrico GK ITA 11.3.90 34 - - £1.5K 5.6.24 £40K
32 Bertani, Dario F C ITA 21.3.05 19 - - £625 11.6.25 £650K
41 Bianchi, Gabriel D RC ARG 13.6.99 24 - - £6K 24.6.25 £1.5M
24 Cluzy, Abel AM/F C GAB 15.10.94 29 2 - £11K 25.6.29 £5.5M
31 Collins, Simon S C ENG 26.12.04 19 - - £1.3K 6.6.25 £925K
30 Coulibaly, Thibault AM RC FRA 31.3.98 26 17 1 £11K 28.6.28 £3.1M
7 Dansoko, Abdoulaye F RLC CIV 8.12.98 25 17 6 £12.5K 2.6.29 £4.7M
22 Duckworth, Mithun S C MWI 25.10.93 30 1 - £5.75K 17.6.27 £6.75M
28 Esajas, Bob S C NED 24.10.04 19 - - £375 19.6.24 £26K
12 Farías, Héctor GK ARG 2.3.95 29 - - £6K 15.4.26 £1.5M
1 Fernández García, Francis GK ESP 16.12.94 29 - - £11.5K 2.6.29 £2.1M
25 Ferreyra, Gabriel AM LC ARG 24.4.93 31 - - £2.9K 13.6.26 £2.2M
17 Fiori, Antonio D LC ITA 2.7.00 23 - - £2.5K 17.6.28 £2.3M
43 Gamarra, Lucas DM C ARG 24.11.98 25 3 1 £14.5K 22.6.28 £6M
42 Gatti, Antonio D LC ITA 24.7.98 25 - - £7.5K 25.6.27 £2.4M
14 Goitre, Raffaele D RLC ITA 21.2.95 29 - - £18K 28.6.28 £2.2M
11 Higuaín, Andrés F LC ARG 24.5.99 24 - - £5.5K 4.6.27 £3.2M
19 Hmidouche, Nicolas Gaël D/M L HAI 19.5.93 30 24 2 £4.1K 18.6.27 £2.3M
36 Hooiveld, Marco D RC NED 19.7.87 36 4 - £1.9K 24.6.26 £65K
27 Lobo, Daniel F RC ARG 24.2.97 27 - - £4.9K 1.6.26 £2M
18 Lombardi, Carmelo SW/D C ITA 2.12.02 21 - - £11.75K 2.6.28 £2M
8 Lorenzini, Giuseppe DM C ITA 23.1.98 26 - - £48K 5.6.29 £5.75M
5 Maffei, Sergio D C ITA 5.4.00 24 - - £7.5K 4.6.28 £3.2M
9 Mazzocco, Mauro AM RLC ITA 26.10.98 25 23 6 £40.5K 3.6.30 £8.5M
15 Merino, Pablo D R ESP 29.12.99 24 - - £725 17.6.25 £450K
34 Migliaccio, Fausto D/DM RC ITA 13.9.01 22 - - £3.7K 24.6.27 £1.1M
26 Moreira, Arílson AM RC BRA 28.10.94 29 31 6 £7K 26.6.27 £2.8M
39 Njambari, Ali AM RC SRI 10.6.94 29 - - £5.75K 7.6.26 £1.3M
40 Pereira, Juan Manuel DM C ESP 21.7.02 21 - - £325 7.6.25 £850K
29 Pesce, Gaetano F L ITA 29.8.05 18 - - £1.1K 24.6.25 £675K
33 Raimondi, Flavio S C ITA 25.8.02 21 - - £11K 28.6.27 £3.6M
2 Ribeiro, Claudinei D/DM R BRA 6.6.96 27 12 - £48K 11.6.29 £12.5M
21 Saccani, Alessio DM C ITA 14.3.94 30 - - £11.5K 9.6.26 £4.4M
38 Sánchez Sánchez, Jorge DM C ESP 10.12.00 23 - - £150 26.6.24 £28K
13 Southwick, Roberto S C PAK 13.3.97 27 6 2 £3.4K 1.6.26 £2.1M
20 Torino, Leonardo DM C ITA 14.2.91 33 - - £12K 23.6.25 £700K
23 White, John AM/F LC USA 1.8.93 30 29 7 £10.25K 2.6.26 £3.3M
4 Zárate, Rodrigo SW/D C ARG 9.9.93 30 55 4 £22.5K 21.6.26 £4.1M

================================================== ==============================================
2023/4 Senior Club Stats
================================================== ==============================================
No Name Apps Gls Con Pens Asts Yel Red MoM Av R
10 Aguirre, Guillermo 18 (3) 12 0 0 2 1 0 4 7.24
16 Albertini, Alessio 10 (12) 0 0 0 3 1 0 0 6.64
35 Alías, Juan Antonio - - - - - - - - ----
37 Aloisi, Santo 0 (2) 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 8.00
6 Amoah, Michael 29 (5) 1 0 0 3 4 0 2 7.53
3 Bagnoli, Alessio 43 0 0 0 5 7 0 3 7.28
44 Baratta, Enrico 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ----
32 Bertani, Dario - - - - - - - - ----
41 Bianchi, Gabriel 5 (3) 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 7.00
24 Cluzy, Abel 43 (4) 13 0 0 2 6 0 2 7.19
31 Collins, Simon 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ----
30 Coulibaly, Thibault 4 (9) 3 0 1 (1) 2 0 0 0 7.08
7 Dansoko, Abdoulaye 17 (13) 2 0 0 4 3 1 0 6.87
22 Duckworth, Mithun 33 (2) 15 0 0 6 1 0 4 7.66
28 Esajas, Bob - - - - - - - - ----
12 Farías, Héctor 13 (1) 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 7.43
1 Fernández García, Francis 45 0 21 0 0 0 0 0 7.16
25 Ferreyra, Gabriel 9 (2) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6.55
17 Fiori, Antonio 1 (1) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 7.50
43 Gamarra, Lucas 18 2 0 0 2 5 1 1 7.78
42 Gatti, Antonio 20 (1) 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 7.00
14 Goitre, Raffaele 17 (22) 1 0 0 3 0 0 0 6.97
11 Higuaín, Andrés 39 (7) 10 0 0 5 5 0 1 6.98
19 Hmidouche, Nicolas Gaël 9 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 6.78
36 Hooiveld, Marco 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6.00
27 Lobo, Daniel 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ----
18 Lombardi, Carmelo 7 (4) 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 6.82
8 Lorenzini, Giuseppe 37 (6) 2 0 0 7 8 0 6 7.72
5 Maffei, Sergio 33 (6) 0 0 0 2 5 0 0 7.10
9 Mazzocco, Mauro 36 (3) 5 0 0 9 1 0 5 7.54
15 Merino, Pablo 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 7.00
34 Migliaccio, Fausto 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ----
26 Moreira, Arílson 4 (2) 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 7.00
39 Njambari, Ali 3 (2) 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 7.00
40 Pereira, Juan Manuel 3 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 7.00
29 Pesce, Gaetano 1 (2) 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 7.33
33 Raimondi, Flavio 0 (1) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6.00
2 Ribeiro, Claudinei 43 (1) 3 0 0 9 8 0 4 7.57
21 Saccani, Alessio 26 (9) 2 0 0 2 0 1 4 7.54
38 Sánchez Sánchez, Jorge 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ----
13 Southwick, Roberto 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ----
20 Torino, Leonardo 7 (4) 0 0 0 1 2 0 1 7.27
23 White, John 21 (18) 7 0 3 (3) 1 0 0 2 7.05
4 Zárate, Rodrigo 41 (1) 0 0 0 1 7 0 1 7.33

================================================== ==============================================
2023/4 Transfers
================================================== ==============================================
Date Player In From Fee
29.6.23 Dario Lenzini Livorno £80K
29.6.23 Simone Meneghin Siena £50K
1.7.23 Abel Cluzy Levante £2.5M
1.7.23 Raffaele Goitre Livorno £2.5M
1.7.23 Antonio Fiori Pescara £325K
1.7.23 Marco Hooiveld Heracles Free
1.7.23 Alessio Bagnoli Sampdoria £5.5M
1.7.23 Giuseppe Lorenzini Sampdoria £2.1M
3.7.23 Carmelo Lombardi Pescara £900K
9.7.23 Andrés Higuaín Colón £350K
11.7.23 Francisco José Fernández Newcastle £1.6M
12.7.23 Guillermo Aguirre Estudiantes (LP) £2.4M
13.7.23 Alessio Saccani Cagliari Free
27.8.23 Giovanni Iacono Messina £18K
27.8.23 David Morley Brentwood Free
27.8.23 Francesco Colautti Perugia Free
26.10.23 Gabriel Bianchi Gimnasia (LP) £400K
15.12.23 Thibault Coulibaly Marseille £1.8M
2.1.24 Antonio Gatti Juventus £1.8M
2.1.24 Lucas Gamarra FC Twente £7.75M
Date Player Out To Fee
6.6.23 Antonio Ocaña Released Free
12.6.23 Fabrizio Grillo Released Free
15.6.23 Juan Carlos Cornejo Valencia £2.6M
15.6.23 Cosimo Centofanti Released Free
15.6.23 Patricio Rodríguez Martín Released Free
15.6.23 Eduardo Riquelme Released Free
15.6.23 Simone Vitale Released Free
19.6.23 Ruud van der Hoeven Released Free
28.6.23 Martin Cronin Fulham £1M
1.7.23 Raúl Muñoz Sampdoria Bos
1.7.23 Djalma Camargo Monterotondo £26K
7.7.23 Silviu Neagu AEK £1.2M
15.7.23 John Lewis Rangers £2.6M
31.7.23 Ivan Muminovic Released Free
2.8.23 Domenico Migliaccio Released Free
26.8.23 Gianfranco Rossi Released Free
26.8.23 Roberto Incontri Released Free
15.12.23 Miguel Angel Méndez Valladolid £1.9M
29.1.24 Manuel Veira Livorno £150K

================================================== ==============================================
2023/4 Fixtures
================================================== ==============================================
Date Opposition Ven Competition Res Attend Scorers
9.8.23 Barletta H Friendly 4:0 8403 Dansoko, Mazzocco, Aguirre, Saccani
14.8.23 Numancia ESP H CM Cup 2:0 3168 Duckworth 2
15.8.23 Celtic SCO H CM Cup 3:0 7716 Cluzy, Duckworth, Mazzocco
16.8.23 Cagliari H CM Cup 2:0 3632 Duckworth, Cluzy
25.8.23 Sampdoria N Super Cup 3:1 4261 Higuaín, Duckworth 2
28.8.23 Livorno H Serie A 4:0 15420 Lorenzini, Cluzy 3
9.9.23 Lecce A Serie A 3:1 6431 Higuaín 2, Cluzy
12.9.23 Bochum GER H Champions Cup Ph.1 Grp D 1:1 16275 Cluzy
17.9.23 Bologna H Serie A 1:0 16294 Higuaín
20.9.23 Red Star SRB A Champions Cup Ph.1 Grp D 0:0 24936
24.9.23 Sampdoria A Serie A 0:0 2558
27.9.23 Olympiakos GRE H Champions Cup Ph.1 Grp D 3:0 16277 Mazzocco, Aguirre, White
1.10.23 Juventus H Serie A 1:0 16281 Aguirre
14.10.23 Inter H Serie A 2:0 16271 Duckworth, Higuaín
17.10.23 Olympiakos GRE A Champions Cup Ph.1 Grp D 2:0 33328 Duckworth, Cluzy
22.10.23 Atalanta A Serie A 1:1 24288 Cluzy
25.10.23 Bochum GER A Champions Cup Ph.1 Grp D 2:0 37897 Duckworth, Higuaín
29.10.23 Fiorentina H Serie A 2:0 16270 Ribeiro, Veira
4.11.23 Treviso A Serie A 0:3 3617
7.11.23 Red Star SRB H Champions Cup Ph.1 Grp D 1:1 16200 Cluzy
12.11.23 Cosenza H Italian Cup 2nd Rnd Leg 1 1:1 14419 Saccani
19.11.23 Udinese A Serie A 0:0 22241
22.11.23 Ajax NED A Champions Cup Ph.2 Grp C 2:0 51044 Aguirre, White
26.11.23 Cagliari H Serie A 0:0 16281
28.11.23 River ARG N Intercontinental Cup 4:1 52586 Cluzy 2, Saccani, Duckworth
2.12.23 Palermo A Serie A 1:0 34868 Higuaín
5.12.23 Newcastle ENG H Champions Cup Ph.2 Grp C 1:0 16248 Mazzocco
10.12.23 Torino H Serie A 0:1 16253
13.12.23 Cosenza A Italian Cup 2nd Rnd Leg 2 2:0 4886 Lorenzini, Mazzocco
17.12.23 Lazio A Serie A 0:1 62155
20.12.23 Roma H Italian Cup Qtr Final Leg 1 2:0 16269 Amoah, Mazzocco
3.1.24 Milan H Serie A 1:0 16251 Duckworth
10.1.24 Roma A Italian Cup Qtr Final Leg 2 2:0 73175 Aguirre, Dansoko
14.1.24 Catania A Serie A 3:1 2546 Aguirre 2, White
17.1.24 Roma A Serie A 0:0 72565
21.1.24 Livorno A Serie A 2:1 8528 Coulibaly, Higuaín
24.1.24 Torino H Italian Cup Semi Final Leg 1 1:0 16288 Aguirre
28.1.24 Lecce H Serie A 2:0 16107 Duckworth 2
4.2.24 Bologna A Serie A 1:1 19285 Pesce
7.2.24 Torino A Italian Cup Semi Final Leg 2 2:0 13405 Moreira, Higuaín
10.2.24 Sampdoria H Serie A 0:1 16250
13.2.24 Deportivo ESP H Champions Cup Ph.2 Grp C 0:0 16280
18.2.24 Juventus A Serie A 2:2 13371 Saldaño og, Gamarra
21.2.24 Deportivo ESP A Champions Cup Ph.2 Grp C 1:1 39970 Aguirre
25.2.24 Roma H Serie A 3:0 16278 Duckworth, Gamarra, Ribeiro
3.3.24 Inter A Serie A 0:0 72396
5.3.24 Ajax NED H Champions Cup Ph.2 Grp C 1:0 16274 A.Moreira
10.3.24 Atalanta H Serie A 2:0 16247 Duckworth, Coulibaly
13.3.24 Newcastle ENG A Champions Cup Ph.2 Grp C 3:1 52342 Mazzocco, Cluzy, Dansoko
17.3.24 Fiorentina A Serie A 1:0 42666 Duckworth
20.3.24 Atalanta A Italian Cup Final Leg 1 0:1 25323
24.3.24 Treviso H Serie A 2:0 14857 Duckworth, Ribeiro
31.3.24 Udinese H Serie A 1:0 16268 Higuaín
3.4.24 Lazio A Champions Cup Qtr Final Leg 1 0:1 66800
7.4.24 Cagliari A Serie A 1:1 19291 Coulibaly pen
14.4.24 Palermo H Serie A 3:0 16286 Duckworth 2, White pen
17.4.24 Lazio H Champions Cup Qtr Final Leg 2 0:1 16260
21.4.24 Torino A Serie A 3:0 13381 Hmidouche, Aguirre 2
28.4.24 Lazio H Serie A 1:0 16293 Aguirre
2.5.24 Atalanta H Italian Cup Final Leg 2 1:0 16287 Aguirre
4.5.24 Milan A Serie A 3:1 73009 Goitre, White, Cluzy
12.5.24 Catania H Serie A 3:0 15942 White 2 pens, Cluzy

And Finally

What's going to happen to Ternana? The only real challenge left is to take the historic and never been done before treble- the Serie A title, the Champions League and Italian Cup. Milan in 2006 and Roma in 1984 are the only Italian teams who have come close to the feat. Ternana have the ambition, the players and the determination.... will they have the right man to lead them though? Can the next manager rewrite the history books and pull off such a miraculous achievement?

Good luck whatever you choose Mark! http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif

by DAB1

21-04-12, 08:32 PM
"DAB1. "Honey, I'm just gonna finish checking my emails and I'll be down for tea"
The other half, "You'd better be!"

....tap...tap..tap.taptap....tap.tap.tap.tapv...ta ptap.... click-click! ...... "jeez, this new internet connection takes ages!" .....BEEP BEEP!.... "Finally, it's logged on... let me see.... fanmail, fanmail, congrats, well done, viagra, fanmail... URGENT CMSG... what's this?"


Dear DAB1,

We regret to inform you that you have, as yet, neglected to complete your contractual obligations. You must surrender the teams files to the next manager and also provide some details of any players/prospects that may come in useful in the future. If you do not complete this task we will be forced to take drastic action.


"Honey, I might be a bit late- just got an urgent email......"....there was no reply. "Honey you there?" I got up looked about the house and she was gone. No sign of any forced entry, car still in the drive. I immedietly thought the worst and ran back up stairs to the pc and starting hammering away on the keyboard in a panic...
To: Mark
From: DAB1
Sent: 01-06-24
Time: 16.44
Attachments: ***CONFIDENTIAL*** Terana Squad Bio 2024 ***CONFIDENTIAL***

Mark, here's everything you need to continue as manager.

CMSG, that's it, job done so gimme my Missus back!

Giuseppe Lorenzini, 26yo, DMC, 5.75M
Completed his first full season as a first team player with Ternana after moving from Sampdoria, who somehow overlooked his talent. Although relatively low on work rate everything else looks great. All season he played wonderfully and I'd tip him to recieve some high accolades at the end of the year- maybe even Supporters Player of the Year (though Mazzocco might take the title again if the fans think he played enough games). Lorenzini has more than a few years left in him... and will likely improve with considered training and the odd slap when appropriate http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif
http://img40.imageshack.us/img40/964/lorenzini.jpg (http://img40.imageshack.us/i/lorenzini.jpg/)

Lucas Gamarra, 25yo, DMC, 6M
Signed to Ternana midway through the season and recently called up to the Argentinian national squad, this quality player has all the right stats with room to improve. It's a shame we didn't get him at the start of the season as he has a very bright future.
http://img535.imageshack.us/img535/3723/gamarra.jpg (http://img535.imageshack.us/i/gamarra.jpg/)

Andres Higuain, 24yo, FLC, 3.2M
Although he lost his position to a more experinced AML in White, Higuain impressed by turning around the opinions of the coaches who all thought he was 'unfit to wear the teams colours' from the moment he was signed. There's some good performances left in this young attacker, but he doesn't look like he's gonna develop any further. I just like the way he proved everyone wrong- a proper underdog that would yield a tidy profit if sold.
http://img685.imageshack.us/img685/955/higuaing.jpg (http://img685.imageshack.us/i/higuaing.jpg/)

Guillermo Aguirre, 19yo, ST, 3.6M
Bought for 4.4M this young Argentinian has a massive future ahead of him. I dunno what his pedigree is but he's sure to develop further and has already shown that he can rub shoulders with the big boys... not bad for a kid of only 19! I'd recommend purchasing this player no matter where you end up Mark- he's the brightest hope I could find and I would've happily paid double, maybe even triple.
http://img443.imageshack.us/img443/3690/aguirre.jpg (http://img443.imageshack.us/i/aguirre.jpg/)

After the New Year signings I stopped scouting and bidding. I've lined up a good looking 25yo Brazilian FLRC by the name of Kleber Brandao for a mere 1.1M- I thought he'd be useful for cover and depending how well he implements his (20 rated) dribbles, possibly a first team player. There's only 2M in the bank, but with prize money, TV rights, tickets and European qualification money to come, along with 2.6M from the sale of Daniel Lobo, you should be sitting pretty. I also refused offers of 10.75M for Duckworth- only because the transfer window was closed and I didn't want him getting lazy during the run in. So there should be plenty of financial room to make some dressing room changes.

Ariel Bustamante of Deportivo was one of the players I really wanted at the start of the season. Funny thing is, he was actually signed by the new manager of Cambuur five years ago after ZanSnake moved to take over Ternana! Unfortunatly, depite offering around 7.75M they wouldn't budge. The fanmail I recieved telling me of the horendous nightmare where Ternana finished 5th also mentioned a young Argentinian FLC by the name of Guillermo Peralta. He looked good on paper but after scouting he didn't seem like such a good prospect. He actually put in a good performance playing for Independiente this season... maybe the big-soaring-munchkin wasnt wrong about everything....

I can't think of much else. Check out the shortlists yourself. There's 10 pages of players that previous managers have added and I've left the scout reports from around the world open to view.... there looks to have been quite a few decent finds although I didn't get around to investigating properly myself.

Good luck!


It was sent.... not a moment later I heard a voice at the door, "DAB1? DAB1, are you still on that bloody computer?!"

I ran to the door "OMG thank god you're ok. Where the hell have you been? I thought something had happened to you!"

"Why on earth would you think that!? You're so silly sometimes. There was just some little old man at the door. Said he needed some help with his car up the road. He'd managed to get his antique sword and spear collection stuck in the doorframe! It took a helluva effort to budge it.... just about managed to impale myself on one of them! Close one eh, hahaha!"....

by DAB1

21-04-12, 08:33 PM
Happy Birthday!

A large family were gathered around a couple of tables, all standing up and singing to an elderly man at the top of the table. "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Mark! Happy Birthday to you!"

It has been 11 years since I was the manager of Lazio where we'd won the Champions League, but failed to win the Serie A title. Since then, after learning that The Eejit had quit Lazio immediately after replacing me for some random team in Holland, I was outraged that he'd quit without giving Lazio a chance and after a period of non-stop drinking, began to fade away from the spotlight and returned to the life I lead before I had returned to Italy for a second time. Two years worth of management for CMSG Ltd had taken it's toll on me. Being a manager really was stressful business and now, on my 37th birthday, I was beginning to feel old. I blew out the 37 candles that were circled on my birthday cake and in the corner of my eye, spotted a familiar face walk into the restaurant in which we were celebrating.

"Oh no, not you!". Leaving the family shell-shocked, I ran out of the the building through the backdoor fire escape and attempted to run away as far as I possibly could with my creaking old knees. That familiar face was none other than Rossinho and he was accompanied by a man who I didn't recognise. But I knew what Rossinho must be doing here, it had to be something to do with CMSG Ltd but after the way things turned out after I left, I didn't feel particularly loyal towards the company anymore. I ran round a street corner and ran straight into somebody without looking. I fell to the floor and before I knew it, I had been picked up and bundled into a car!

The man I had ran into was Rossinho's companion. He was sat next to me at the back of the car and a glance at the passenger's seat revealed that Rossinho was there.

Rossinho: Mark! How is it going?
Mark: *Silence*
Rossinho: What is wrong? Hmm, why did you run away from your family like that?
Mark: Because of you! Because of CMSG Ltd! I know what you're doing here. But I won't play ball!
Rossinho: Mark, you know how this thing works. You signed a contract, you have to manage for us just for one year.
Mark: I don't want to! I'll take over a club and then the next thing you know, it'll all fall to pieces! I'm not going through that again
Rossinho: What are you talking about?!
Mark: You know! When I was at Lazio, that The Eejit took over from me and left my boys in the s**t! Lazio were never the same again after that.
Rossinho: Mark, it's not down to you what your successor does.
Mark: Whatever. I won't do it.
Rossinho: Mark, may I introduce you to DAB1? I'm sure you recognise him.
Mark: No and I don't give a toss.
Rossinho: You don't? He has just won three major titles with Ternana!
Mark: So what? I lost the love for football after what happened with Lazio.
Rossinho: Mark, you are going to take over from DAB1. If you don't... Well, his real job is a bounty hunter. We have no qualms in acquiring his services to find every single person who matters to you in life. We already have a few of your family from the restaurant...
Mark: What?! You harm one hair on their head...
Rossinho: Or what? Just do the job. One year and they will be fine. If not... Well, I don't need to tell you, do I.

With that, I was thrown out of the car and onto the street. A bag was also launched from the car and landed besides me. Scrambling to my feet, I picked up the bag and took a look inside it. In it was my passport and a flight ticket to England. Looks like I had no choice but to be a manager once again for a third time.



"Mark, Mark, Mark! Over here!"

It was the media who had picked up on the news that I was to return as a manager once again on behalf of CMSG Ltd.

"It's the first time you are trying your luck in England, who are you managing? Is it Man Utd?"

It was true that Man Utd had shortlisted me as a manager as had Chelsea. There was also interest from Cambuur, Real Madrid and Feyenoord. However, once I saw this particular job opportunity pop up, I couldn't resist.

"Well, I am the one who took CMSG Ltd away from this club and I know now how several people felt about my decision after what happened at Lazio. As a result, I feel that it is a case of unfinished business so here I am - Hereford."

Sensational Return

Well, well, well. 13 years ago, I chose not to follow up m0ri's successful treble of the league, FA Cup and UEFA Cup and upped roots to take over at Lazio. Now, I am back with a point to prove. Hereford fans may remember that I had masterminded a 3-0 victory over them with Lazio so I will have work to do to win them round. Of course, 13 years is a long time in football and quite expectedly, not one member of m0ri's fabulous squad remains at Hereford. In fact, the last member was released last year at 37 years of age and is now playing for Aston Villa and shows no sign of retiring - Colin Reeve. They do have a few decent players through including 66 capped Scottish defender Michael McLean and Portuguese international Andre Hugo.

Hereford have not won a single trophy since 2013 although they did manage to finish runners up in the Premiership in the same year I had narrowly failed to win the Serie A with Lazio. They have remained part of the Premiership though placing 10th, 5th, 2nd, 13th, 8th, 7th, 10th, 16th, 10th, 9th and recently finishing 13th. Quite the established Premiership side now but no longer reaching the heights that they enjoyed during CMSG Ltd's tenure. It was now my job to bring those days back to the club.

For the first time, I would not be working with Claudio Ferrante as my assistant manager as he had retired and disappeared off the face of the Earth long ago. Mike McMahon was to be my assistant as I brought him in from Stalybridge along with coaches Aitor Calvo on a free and Stevland Angus from Norwich as well as scout Russell Oliver from Northwich. The four of us would work on raising some cash by selling unwanted players to add to our existing transfer pot of £5,750,000. To start with, I decided to act on feedback received by the sinister looking DAB1 and made cash offers for Giuseppe Lorenzini, Andres Higuain, Lucas Gamarra, Mithun Duckworth and Guillermo Aguirre from Ternana. No harm in making offers! I also made bids for Ariel Bustamante and Guillermo Peralta to get me started in the market.

The cull began with the departures of 34 year old defender Richard Alexander (Brighton - Bosman), 20 year old goalkeeper Anthony McDonald (Released after contract expiry), 29 year old Argentinian right-back Roberto Vega (Lorca - £2M), 31 year old striker Matthew Higgs (Lorca - £1M), Portuguese international midfielder and player of the year Andre Hugo (Liverpool - £7M), veteran full back Dean Atherton (Brentford - £925k), 29 year old defender Nathan Gregory (Liverpool - £3.3M), 21 year old forward Neil Reid (Tranmere - £7M), 22 year old wingback Gaizka Manzano (Melbourne - £2.8M), 29 year old defender Phil Holden (Aberdeen - £500k), young Spanish defender Daniel Gonzalez Fernandez (Bromley - £400k), 21 year old Spanish midfielder Ricardo Riera (Sunderland - £2.5M), goalkeeper Les Woods (Paris-SG - £750k), striker Phil Chalmers (Stalybridge - £250k) and defender Ray Hardy (Tranmere - £2M).

The departures, coupled with the TV money and other sources of revenue left over £40,000,000 in the pot! The bids for the top players of Ternana failed to materialise due to various reasons. Forward Abdoulaye Dansoko also rejected the chance to link up with CMSG Ltd again as he opted to join Atalanta over Hereford whilst Andres Higuain was all set to join the club only for a work permit application to be denied, as did a bid for defender Gabriel Bianchi. But we did manage to prise away defenders Antonio Gatti (£1.3M), Nicolas Gael Hmidouche (£1.4M) and Antonio Fiori (£1.3M), defensive midfielders Alessio Saccani (£2.9M) and Juan Manuel Pereira (£500k). Mauro Mazzocco was Ternana's player of the year, but a bid of £8,750,000 was rejected.

Euro 2024 also yielded a few targets and we snapped up right-back Artur Ramos (Vit. Setubal - £500k) and midfielders Federico Campagna (Inter - £5M), Dick Klomp (Newcastle - £2.8M), Yuriy Gordon (Bologna - £2M) and Henrique Ricardo (Mallorca - £775k). The failure to sign Higuain resulted in the signature of forward Jason Parker from Chelsea for £2M and Brian Howard (Man City - £1.5M) whilst personal scouting missions meant the arrivals of midfielders Patrick Daly (Ipswich - £3M) and strikers Hans Wouters (FC Utrecht - £2.5M) and Lee Baverstock (Man City - £2.2M).

Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

Finally, the start of the season was upon us and we were ready to rock! With a squad of 34 players to choose from (and 3 of them transfer listed), we travelled to Grimsby where six of my 15 signings would start.


Gee, what a return for us as CMSG Ltd! The next match would see the first goal scored under my tenure and the first win as a 3-0 victory over Hull was recorded thanks to goals from Jose Cabrera, Brian Howard and Jason Parker. That was then followed up with a 3-1 win over Southampton (Pereira, Baverstock, Gardini), a 0-0 draw against Liverpool and another win as Arsenal were beaten 2-0 (Baverstock, Klomp) and Man Utd 2-0 (Baverstock, Fiori) which took us to the dizzy heights of 1st place. We then went on to draw against Newcastle and Reading and beat Millwall before Bristol City finally beat us after an unbeaten 11 match start to the season where we'd only conceded four times.

Results from that point onwards leading into the New Year were somewhat inconsistent. After losing to Bristol City, we also lost to Burnley, Man City, West Ham and Nottm Forest whilst drawing to Chelsea and Southampton. Of course, this meant we surrendered our top spot despite defeating Ipswich, Walsall, Reading, Everton and Grimsby.

More Transfers!

The wheels never stop in the transfer market in England thanks to no transfer windows until March. Five players joined the club:

Attacking midfielder Alvaro Teixeira from Maritimo for £750k.
Forward Fatmir Muca from Dinamo Tirana for £300k.
Attacking midfielder Felice Guastella from Inter for £1.7M.
Winger Angel Pozo from Arsenal for £2.8M.

We also raided Ternana once again to snap up John White for £1.4M and Raffaele Goitre for £1.3M to make them the 6th and 7th players brought over to England from our former club. We were also foiled in attempts to sign a further three players as Rodrigo Zarate (Atalanta - £7.25M), Abel Cluzy (Lazio - £10.25M) and Andres Higuain (Valencia - £1.7M) all chose to move elsewhere.

There was one player departing the club and that was Jose Cabrera who scored the first goal for me this season. He leaves in a £750k transfer to Chesterfield.

Fringe Players Shine

Although we had no European campaign to participate in, I made the Premiership title my number one priority and pledged to give the fringe players chances in the League and FA Cups.

League Cup
2nd Round: 3-0 vs Birmingham (Phillips, Alvarez Alvarez, Daly)
3rd Round: 2-1 vs Chelsea (Howard, Goitre)
4th Round: 4-2 vs Cheltenham (White x3, Blackburn)


FA Cup

The fringe players did well to get far in the League Cup but they failed to replicate it in the FA Cup, bowing out at the first stage of the competition to a Second Division team!


Back to the League

Things just seemed to go from bad to worse after the New Year as we were beaten by Hull in a match that saw a red card and two injuries to our players. Liverpool then came to Edgar Street and handed us a 3-1 beating which saw us slip to 7th in the table.

Beginning to lose faith in the squad, I decided to review the squad and ship out some of the so-called bad eggs even though they'd only been at the club for about six months. Striker Hans Wouters joined FC Bayern for £4.7M after a poor return of 2 goals in 12 games and his fellow strike partner Lee Baverstock went to Barnsley for £5.75M after scoring 3 times in 9 games. Federico Campagna had failed to settle into the country and was sold on to Lazio for £8M after a goal in 9 games. Man Utd also splashed out £6M on Alfonso Alvarez Alvarez who'd bagged five goals in 13 games for us from attacking midfield. Finally, 34 year old defender Michael McLean left for Ipswich in a £375k transfer.

Drafted in from none other than Ternana to help shore up a leaking defence, Carmelo Lombardi, Alessio Albertini and Sergio Maffei arrived for a combined transfer fee of £4.5M. Three more players arrived all for £1M each as right-back Claudio Verdi came from Man Utd, Millwall's left-back Jonathan McGhee and goalkeeper Chris Harper from Newcastle joined the club.

The first game after the departure of those players resulted in an impressive 1-0 victory at Arsenal and then Man Utd were defeated 1-0 on home turf. Victories were also chalked up against Newcastle, Millwall and Bristol City (revenge!) whilst also drawing to Ipswich and Burnley.

Meanwhile, something caught my eye after Man Utd sacked Louis Carey(!) as they were 19th and replaced him with:


Can Fergie Junior repeat his dad's success, saving his job first at the end of the season? With seven games left to play, we had an outside chance of finishing first after we'd pulled ourselves back into contention for the title following a seven match unbeaten run. Our next seven games will include Chelsea which will no doubt define the season.


A - Walsall.
A brace from Jason Parker and a goal from Dave Phillips wraps up an excellent 3-0 victory to keep us within 4 points off Chelsea.

H - Chelsea
Two penalties stupidly given away by first Antonio Fiori and then John Cronin gave Billy Abbott the chance to convert two goals either side of an own goal from Juan Jesus Criado. Does that mean our title chances are well and truly shattered?

A - Everton
Portuguese midfelder Alvaro Teixeira and Ukranian Yuriy Gordon seal a 2-0 win that puts us 2nd ahead of Southampton on goal difference. Remarkably, 19th placed Walsall defeat Chelsea 1-0 which leaves us 4 points behind again with four games left to play.

H - Tottenham
Two first half red cards given to Daly (Hereford) and Dorado (Spurs) threaten to spoil the game but Dick Klomp pops up from the bench to score a last minute winner! But unfortunately, Chelsea also win 1-0 against Burnley!

A - Man City
Jason Parker opens the scoring only for Norton Lawford to equalise in the second half. But sub Henrique Ricardo comes off the bench to score his first goal for the club in the dying minutes of the game! We remain 4 points behind Chelsea with two games left as they win again 1-0. Argh!

H - Nottm Forest
Before the match, we find out that Chelsea have drawn 0-0 against Tottenham meaning that we need to win this and our last game of the season (hoping Chelsea also lose as they have a better goal difference). Would the players bottle it under the pressure? No, they bloody well won't. Henrique Ricardo, Brian Howard and Dick Klomp all struck the target in a great 3-0 win. Now it really does go down to the wire.


Can you believe it? The three goals we scored against Nottm Forest actually puts our goal difference at +27, the same as Chelsea! So we now have a chance of winning the title on goal difference should we win and Chelsea even draw on the final game of the season. We are to play West Ham away whilst Chelsea also play away against Man City. We can do this!

A - West Ham
Within 8 minutes, Jason Parker scores his 8th goal of the season to put us in the lead. But over at the City of Manchester Stadium, Chelsea are already 1-0 up through Billy Abbott after Noel Doherty was sent off after just four minutes for Man City! On the 20th minute, Dick Klomp strikes his 5th of the season but his goal will prove useless unless somehow 10 man Man City can scrape a goal. At half-time, it looks as though our good performance so far will have been in vain as Riccardo Taddei makes it 2-0 to Chelsea. Nevertheless, the boys carry on playing and Henrique Ricardo makes it 3-0 full-time. Chelsea have ended up winning 4-0 and a quick chat with my coach tells me that Doherty had been booked for a sliding tackle but then given a red card for mouthing off at the referee - What an idiot!

So there we have it, we came oh so agonisingly close to the title. Had it not been for that blip halfway through the season, we'd have won it easily. Oh, and Fergie Jnr couldn't save Man Utd from relegation!


But it's not all bad. We've brought Champions League football back to Edgar Street for next season which will make it 10 years since the club participated in the tournament. It is entirely up to the new manager of course whether he wants to make a success story out of Hereford once again or perhaps try our luck for the first time in Spain or Germany.

But if he chooses to stay at Hereford - There'll be over £25M in the bank by the time the club receives its TV money for next season along with money from the impending departures of Brian Howard, Felice Guastella and John Cronin whilst I have left no fewer than 13 players on the transfer list from my review a few months ago! If the new manager chooses to stay at the club, I would advise that a right-winger is to be a top priority (as I only had Howard to call upon after Cabrera was sold, often using Phillips as a AMR until Pozo was signed) and definitely a quality goal poacher as not one player managed to break into double figures for the season!

There are a few decent players in the squad but due to my selection policy being entirely on form, there weren't many players who played constantly.

Dave Phillips was probably my prefered choice as a striker. He was keen, hard working and never gave up the chase for the ball, which was more than can be said of some of those I ended up shipping out midway through the season!


Jason Parker was actually transfer listed during my little review of the squad, but it has to be noted that the £2M signing ended the season on top form which made him the top scorer for the season with a whopping 8 goals. I did say nobody managed to break into double figures!


Still only 24, Dick Klomp was superb at the back end of the season once he finally settled into life at the club, scoring some crucial goals.


Fiori is also transfer listed at the moment, but he was probably the best performer of the season with an average rating of 7.32. He is probably the best signing I made from the bunch of players that we stole from Ternana. He was also the only player who made it into the Premiership Select for the season.


Alessio Saccani was vital in his role as our defensive midfielder. I had to fend off bids from Italian teams all season despite only just signing him from Ternana. He is finally settled at the club and the bids have dried up.


By far the best goalkeeper at the club, Jimmy Edwards only managed to play 16 games thanks to a broken foot he sustained. But to concede just five goals in those 16 games, what a record. No wonder the team dipped in form without him as we tried to find a suitable replacement between the sticks. Cronin, Crowley and Roberts do not hold a candle to him.


As I walked out of Edgar Street, I spotted the sociable DAB1 outside the ground. Approaching him, he handed me a note without a word and then vanished out of signt. The simply said:


Once again, my time was up.

by Mark

21-04-12, 08:38 PM
18th May 2025 – BBC News at Six – Presenter Kate Silverton


Sports news, and CMSG Ltd have announced that Hereford manager Mark Henderson will be stepping down from his role as club manager. In his first year incharge, Henderson (38) guided The Bulls to 2nd in the Premiership, their best season since CMSG Ltd were last in charge at Edgar Street 12 years ago. In parting, Henderson has said that he wants to spend more time with his family and gardening, although he has said that he still dreams of managing Manchester United one day.


Taking over the hot seat at Hereford will be The Eejit (ageless), who has worked for CMSG Ltd before at Pergocrema and Cambuur. The Scot who is known as a serial (and sometimes parallel) womaniser, was presented to the Edgar Street faithful in his trademark pink suit, prior to a press conference.


I managed to catch a short interview with the new Bulls boss after the conference

Kate: The Eejit, may I grab a short word for the BBC please
Eejit: Kate, you may grab anything you like babe, but I can assure you it ain’t short.
Kate: What are your plans for the season ahead ?
Eejit: You know me Kate. Babes are my only plan
Kate: With European football coming this season for the first time since the 20/21 season, do you have any players in mind to strengthen the squad
Eejit: Babe, I ain’t even met the squad yet, let alone the WAGs. I’ll obviously have to deal with them before bringing in anyone else.
Kate: Anything you’d like to add ?
Eejit: Kate, you got my digits honey. Just let your fingers slide over your phone and you know where to find me any time you want some, you know, “inside information”.
Kate: Phew ! Where the hell is that mobile phone ?

25th May 2025 – Channel 5 News – Presenter Natasha Kaplinsky


Sports news and fresh controversy surrounds the transfer dealings of Hereford United. It is alleged that previous manager Mark Henderson had “tapped up” several of the Ternana players before he left to join Hereford. Certainly there is suspicion around Antonio Fiori, Antonio Gatti and Juan Manuel Pereira who all joined Hereford within weeks of Henderson moving to Edgar St.

FIFA have taken immediate action, banning Hereford from signing any players for 12 months while they investigate Henderson’s dealings. This includes cancellation of the proposed transfers of Peter Duris from Koln, Mickey Crossley from Arsenal, Mark Gibbons from Q.P.R. and Ernesto Musumeci from Empoli. Channel 5 do understand that the transfers of Brian Howard, Felice Guastella and John Cronin out of Edgar Street have been sanctioned by FIFA. Further action could still be taken in the form of fines or points deduction, however it is understood that no retrospective action can be taken on last seasons fixtures. FIFA lawyers have not yet been decided on the legality of the contracts of the 9 players that Henderson took with him to Hereford from Ternana.

Henderson was unavailable for comment and it is believed that CMSG Ltd have sent him on “gardening leave”. A CMSG Ltd spokesman, known to us as Rossinho, issued the following statement.


“We don’t know much down in Hereford, but one thing you can’t teach us is the smell of bull. And that is just what this is. What happened between Mr.Henderson and Ternana is not the responsibility of CMSG Ltd, and we will fight any penalties against the club and any slur on the good character of CMSG Ltd. What ever the outcome, we have the utmost faith in The Eejit”

Elsewhere, Darren Fergusson has been sacked by Manchester United only 3 months after taking the Old Trafford hot seat. He was unable to save the club from relegation and it has been suggested that he only got the job because of who his father is. It is believed that ex Hereford boss Mark Henderson will be very interested in taking over amid claims that he has been a secret fan for many years. Time will tell if the Hereford transfer dealings will spoil his chances.

It appears that CMSG Ltd and their managers can’t keep out of the news. In a dramatic turn of events, CMSG Ltd have signed a deal with KNVB to take over management of the Dutch National side. It is thought to be first time that management of a national football side has been outsourced to a private company. Current Hereford manager The Eejit will be in charge for the remaining World Cup qualifying games, where the Dutch are in pole position in Group 1.


In an orange suit made specially for the occasion and the customary girl hanging on his arm, The Eejit arrived in Amsterdam himself to sign the deal. After the formalities I caught up with the new Dutch boss.


Natasha: The Eejit, what does it mean to you to be a national team manager ?
Eejit: You know me Natasha, more babes.
Natasha: The Dutch have high expectations for their national side. Do you think that you can qualify for the World Cup finals in Argentina ?
Eejit: You joking ? We will be there. Have you seen some of those Argentine cheerleaders ? No way I am missing that …. or letting them miss me !
Natasha: Do you know much about Dutch football ?
Eejit: Sure. I spent a year with Cambuuuuuuuuuur and got to know the place and the babes, quite well
Natasha: One last question. Dinner tonight. Your place or mine ? I’ll bring the Nutella.

15th August 2025 – BBC News at Ten – Presenter Fiona Bruce


….. And on to sports news. On the eve of the new Premier League season, the FIFA disciplinary committee have released there findings on the Hereford-gate transfer scandal. The decision favours Ternana who were alleging that 9 of their players had been tapped up by previous manager Mark Henderson before he moved to Hereford at the start of the 2024/25 season. While FIFA can’t enforce penalties on domestic competitions, They have deamed that the 9 players involved, Albertini, Fiori, Gatti, Goitre, Hmidouche, Lombardi, Maffei and White will not be eligible for any FIFA or UEFA club competitions for this season. Further, Hereford will not be allowed to make any transfers until June 2026.

Mark Henderson who has been at the centre of the controversy, has also been banned from football for 10 years, ending his chances of landing his dream job at Manchester United. With Henderson unavailable, United have instead appointed Chester City boss Matthew Connolly to guide them back into the Premier League.

I caught up with current Hereford boss, The Eejit, to gauge his reaction to the news.

Fiona: Eejit, what is your initial reaction to the decision of FIFA ?
Eejit: You may be getting on a bit Fiona, but you’ve still got it babe ! To answer the question, disappointment
Fiona: For who, the club, the players, the support, yourself ?
Eejit: No ! For all the foreign babes who won’t get to meet me on scouting trips.
Fiona: Will it not cause you problems by not being able to recruit new players ?
Eejit: I don’t think so. 36 players, 1 assistant, 5 coaches, 2 scouts and 3 physios. That is plenty of WAGs to be getting on with, and there are all the Dutch WAGs. There were over 50 players in my initial pool. I’m sure I’ll find plenty to entertain me, especially if you are free Fiona.
Fiona: But what about Europe, your Champions League chances must be diminished by not being able to play the Ternana players ?
Eejit: With Espanyol, Panathinaikos and Spartak Moscow in our group there are plenty of babe opportunities in these cities. 7 of the players are defenders, so it may cause problems on the day, but who cares about the day when you’ve got all night to play ? Know what I mean Fiona ?
Fiona: Thankyou Eejit. One last thing before you go. Room 306 at The Marriott. I’ll be waiting.
Eejit: And I’ll have my rewards card ready !

12th October 2025 – BBC Breakfast News – Presenter Susanna Reid


Chaos reigned in Hereford yesterday as thousands of women flocked to Edgar Street to pay homage to their hero, The Eejit. The Bulls manager has been much in demand since guiding his new side to top spot in the Premier League, ahead of Chelsea and Tranmere Rovers. Yesterdays game, against Derby, was delayed for several hours while the police sorted the women of all ages into an orderly, numbered queue, many of them wearing pink tutus in respect to their idol.


It was a record attendance of 24,252 at the recently expanded Edgar Street ground who finally had the chance to rejoice when The Eejit appeared shortly before kickoff.


The game ended in a 2-1 home win, with goals from Hmidouche and Muca cancelling Holden’s early opener for Derby, however it was The Eejit who the fans had all come to see. There was further commotion after the game as Womens Rights groups flooded to the area

http://cache4.asset-cache.net/xc/89769997.jpg?v=1&c=IWSAsset&k=2&d=77BFBA49EF878921CC759DF4EBAC47D04C264E977D56BEBA 93990E8AC134AD862F13322721A21D39

A spokesperson for the group said. “It’s not on. We weren’t told about this and should have been given the choice to be first in the queue. I will be demanding a personal audience with The Eejit as compensation.”

I can however exclusively reveal that all of the women went home disappointed as The Eejit spent the night with me, as this photo will confirm.


29th December 2025 – BBC The One Show – Presenter Christine Bleakley


…. and we would like to hear from you if you have also seen any tits in your garden. Now, begorrah, many of you will have been watching the World Cup draw on Saturday, so lets remind you of how the home teams were drawn.


Clearly Scotland are going to have a tough time in Group E, no change there, but it is the England v Wales game that has drawn most attention in Group H and that is the one that most people, except us from Norn Ironed, will be looking forward to, bejavers.

We couldn’t get England Manager Bob Bent or Wales boss Wayne Hennessey as they are both trapped in Argentina following the draw. I’m pleased though to have Holland manager The Eejit on my sofa, in my dreams.


Christine: So, Eejit, it has been quite a season for you so far
Eejit: You know me Christine, I don’t mind a bit of hard graft, know what I mean.
Christine: It’s not the best draw that you could have been handed for your Holland side.
Eejit: I don’t know. The Senegal babes could be a bit exotic, and the Ukranian ones will be a bit of the unknown. At least I know where I am with the Italian babes. You never get a poor performance from the Italians.
Christine: What do you think of your chances of qualifying ?
Eejit: One way or the other, I’m sure I’ll end up on top. Know what I mean ?
Christine: Phew ! I’m sure I do, but you’ve also been busy with Hereford. It’s been quite a story there has it not
Eejit: Certainly has, and I’m carrying a picture of the league table to prove it.


Christine: Top of the table must be exceeding your expectations
Eejit: Top of the table, back of the sofa, against the washing machine. Makes no difference to me babe.
Christine: Your out of the League cup, but you are well placed in the league and have 4 points from your opening games in the Champions League 2nd groups. You must be dreaming of silverware come the end of the season.
Eejit: Christine, as you know, there are many babes to pass under many duvets before then. I’m just looking forward to the Barcelona, Lyon and Milan babes for now.
Christine: Thankyou, and I’ll see you later in the green room. Have a stiff one ready, and I don’t mean a whisky !

22nd February 2026 – World Superbikes Championship – Presenter Suzi Perry


The atmosphere here is electric on the grid here at Phillip Island for the 1st round of this years championship. The question on every ones lips is will Valentino Rossi win his 19th consecutive world title at the age of 47 ? Lets see which celebrities I can find. The Eejit, can you spare a minute ?

Eejit: For you Suzi, I’m sure it would be more than a minute. Know what I meen ?
Suzi: What brings you here with a big game for Hereford tomorrow ? Are you on a scouting trip ?
Eejit: With all of the talent here, I’d be a fool not to do some scouting. Babe-city !
Suzi: Are you a big bike fan ?
Eejit: Dyke’s no way ! Although I do have a couple of video’s of them at play if you want to come round to watch
Suzi: I see that Chelsea are closing in on you in the championship race. Are you feeling under pressure ?
Eejit: There’s more to being a football manager than just football Suzi. Me under pressure to perform, never ! We also have a game in hand, and I know who I want to play it with.
Suzi: How is your relationship with Pep Guardiola ?
Eejit: Relationship with Pep ! I deny any relationship. I'm not like that Pantani guy up at "Queer of the South." I have had a relationship with his wife though. Pep that is, not Pantani.
Suzi: Have you ever been round the track ? I could take you on my pillion
Eejit: Suzi, you could take me anywhere you like !

9th March 2026 – Cheltenham Festival – Presenter Claire Balding


Walking around the paddock, lets see which famous faces I can find. There is Hereford United manager, The Eejit. Do you have a word for the BBC ? I would be expecting you to be preparing for the Champions League showdown with Lyon.

Eejit: Fuck off Clare. I do have some standards !

Sunday 3rd May 2026 – ITV News – Presenter Katie Derham


Champagne corks will be popping all over the West Country tonight as Hereford United have been crowned English Premier League Champions. Although the club don’t play their penultimate league match until tomorrow, all eyes were on Stamford Bridge where Chelsea were taking on a Derby side deep in relegation trouble. In a one sided match, Pep Guardiola’s side failed to breach a suborn Derby defence and with his only chance of the game, Derby hitman Tommy Jones scored in the 57th minute to silence a packed stadium and send Hereford supporters into rapture. It is the Bulls’ first title since 2013 and they will face Chelsea next Saturday in the FA Cup final looking to secure their first double. I managed to speak to Bulls manager The Eejit.

Katie: The Eejit, congratulations on winning the title
Eejit: I’m delighted to get a reward at the end of a long hard season, and I meen hard Katie.
Katie: I’m sure you do. With you not playing, was it a strange way to get a result ?
Eejit: I’ve had many strange results in my time, but I’ve always been playing before. What about you ?
Katie: Will it be difficult to get the team up for the game with Grimsby tomorrow ?
Eejit: One thing about my teams, they never have any problem in getting it up. You should come down here to find out for your self.
Katie: I might just do that, and I’ve got just the thing to sort out your discipline problems !


9th May 2026 – FA Cup Final – Presenter Gabby Logan


Gabby: And I am down pitchside with The Eejit who is proudly wearing his winners medal. Eejit, no pink suit today, any reason ?
Eejit: I decided to go white today to respect the Hereford colours.


Gabby: How does it feel to be a double winner ?
Eejit: I’ve done a double many times as I’m happy to show you. 5, 6 or 7 is when it gets interesting. Know what I meen ?
Gabby: You must think yourself a bit lucky. Chelsea were the better team for long periods.
Eejit: Lucky ? This game is all about scoring, and I’ve not scored with you yet.
Gabby: I’m sure you will later, but the turning point must have been the own goal.
Eejit: So many turning points and so little time. Muca scoring just before the interval to make it 2-0 was a big moment. Couldn’t score in a brothel with Henderson, so I must have taught him something.
Gabby: When Corral scored to make it 2-1, did Chelsea have you worried, especially when there was the penalty shout just after.
Eejit: I’m afraid I didn’t see the incident, I was in a store room with one of the babes who welcome us onto the pitch.
Gabby: Next stop the World Cup then ?
Eejit: Next stop my changing room. I’ve got some Champagne on ice waiting.

Season Summary

Having read through the above, I’m not sure that it tells the whole story. When I saw the squad that Mark had left me, it would have been easy to build a squad that could have competed on all fronts. Having dumped Mark’s team last time, I didn’t want to do that again, but with my own story I am getting used to pushing for honours in England, which is why I decided to make it more interesting, for me. Firstly, I couldn’t resist applying for the Dutch job and was a bit supprised to get it, so our reputation must be sky high. We thrashed everyone we played, even if we didn’t always get the goals. Looking forward to seeing how they play in the big one.

As for Hereford. I thought that it would be difficult to do well without any signings. The squad was good, but there was a lack of depth, and a lack of firepower up front. I had wanted to write about a mid table battle, but it didn’t quite work out. All season, there was a lack of major injuries or suspensions, so the small squad hung together quite well, which is why I got a little bored and went for an alternative write up.

In the league we got off to a flier, drawing just 1 of the opening 10 games. Along with Tranmere and Chelsea we broke away from the pack. Chelsea with Pep Guardiola in charge are incredibly good, and despite the start, they were the early leaders. We finally hit the top with a 2-1 win at Edgar St. after coming from behind in a game that Chelsea bossed. That game was crucial as it started a bad run for the blues and by Christmas, we had a decent lead, and Tranmere had dropped away. In the second half of the season, Chelsea kept chipping away at the lead and twice got to within 3 points, once when they beat us at the Bridge. Every time they got close, they always dropped points in the next game. Going into the last 3 games, we had a 9 point lead, and a very similar goal difference. When Chelsea lost to Derby in the second last game, that was it. 87 points and 52 goals is not often good enough to win the league, so I think that Chelsea lost it rather than Hereford winning it.


League Cup was a false start. We entered at the 3rd round and drew Liverpool at Anfield. Never easy, we lost to the only goal of the game. It may have bee a blessing as I doubt we could have coped with many more midweek fixtures.

Champions League was the oddest ever. With 3 wins and 3 draws we won our 1st group without conceding a goal. That is despite having 7 of the 1st team defenders not eligible. Highlight was the 5-0 spanking of Spartak Moscow away, which is probably as much comment as I need to give on the other 5 games !


With Milan, Barcelona and Lyon in the 2nd phase, we couldn’t have had a tougher draw. To have remained unbeaten is quite remarkable. To go out unbeaten is bizarre to say the least !

That left the FA cup and a series of draws that gave us a good run. Folkestone Invicta were no pushovers until they went down to 10 men. Southampton parked a bus in the goalmouth but Parker grabbed an 81st minute winner. Spurs were flattered by the 2-1 score that could have been 7 or 8. That left us playing Portsmouth in the quarter final and although we needed a replay, we dominated both games. Yuri Gordon’s 7th minute goal in the replay was enough for the semi final. We missed both Chelsea and Newcastle, drawing Sunderland and again an early goal (Muca) was all that it took.

Chelsea had been our contenders all season and saw it was in the final. Once again Chelsea thrashed us, but once again we got the goals. Teixeira headed a 19th minute opener from our first attack. Muca added a second in 1st half stoppage time. I thought that Chelsea would come back, and so they did, leaving me biting my nails for the last 18 minutes. With 10 of them left, an own goal sealed the win and I could relax.

Not the season that I had planned, but in the end successful and a platform for the next man to build on.

Footnote to the new manager

The Dutch side are awesome and should be contenders for the World Cup if you don’t decide to resign. There are World class players in every position, and I have included my “Holland” player search list. A few players to pick out would be Real Madrid striker Paul Taylor who was may nomination for World player of the year (let me know if he wins). Chelsea’s left winger Erik Westerhoff was also on the list. Also from Chelsea, defender Richard Heeren should be in every squad, while Liverpools Arjen de Groot is a very composed defensive midfielder.

Moving on to Hereford, I’m not sure where to start, so lets go with the good news. Keeper Jimmy Edwards is the stand out player, and the only one to make the Premier League select 1st IX. He conceded just 18 goals in 56 games and missed just 2 games all season. If he doesn’t get fans player of the year there will be no justice.

Up front, Muca and Parker made an excellent contribution with 22 and 13 goals respectively. I have to say though that I had little confidence in them as they both blew hot and cold all season. If they had taken just half of the chances they missed the league would have been over by Christmas. Dick Klomp was the only midfielder that caught my eye, but more as a Mr. Consistency. He played most of the games on the wing (due to a lack of alternatives), but his shortage of pace makes him more suited to a central role. Tiexiera, Saccani and Gordon were all passable. Pozo is infuriating. At best a world beater, but he does it rarely, and always needs to be subbed around the hour mark.

For a team that let is so few goals, the defence just annoyed me. McGee was the standout, but had a very poor second half to the season, While the Italians all looked good, but rarely delivered on the pitch.

I have made a few Bosmans that you may want to look at. I wouldn’t take them all, but you will find a couple of decent keepers. There are also a couple of forwards, including an Argentine F RLC and a Portuguese F RLC who are totally awesome. If you don’t stay with Hereford, plese cancel these deals and sign them for your new club, or tell me how they get on with Hereford.

Darren Fitzgerald and Henrique Ricardo will be retiring in the summer. Neither will be overly missed. There were 2 physios and a coach who were also retiring and I have already replaced them (I had to spend the money some how !). If the new gaffer is looking for new coaching staff, check some of the Hereford scouts, who I recruited based on their coaching skills ! I am very happy with the backroom, but obviously it is up to you.

The following players should never be allowed to wear the Hereford shirt again:

Aragon, Blackburn, Bryant, Daly, Mitchell, Pereira and White. All are bloody awful and only kept on due to lack of numbers. Against my better judgement I did reject a couple of offers for Daly, mainly to preserve squad numbers, but when Villa came in with a £3.2m bid after the transfer window had closed, I bit their hand off !

The new manager will need to do something to sort out a few players wanting new contracts. Top of the list is young Sheridan who has attracted some big offers. I am in 2 minds about him as he has huge potential, but the stamina of 11 and pace 7 have never improved and that would be a worry for me in a fullback. He did play a few Champions League games in central defence with very mixed results. Saccani and Klomp are the other player who have been much in demand. I have rejected a few offers, and raised the asking price to deter others. While both are happy enough, the agents have been shooting their mouths off and pissed off some of the other players.

A few other headaches for the new gaffer are Albertini, Blackburn, Goitre, Ramos, Sheridan, Teixeira and Verdi who have all missed training on at least one occasion and have been warned for their conduct. Yuri Gordon got sent off at the Nou Camp and was given a warning (no fine). He threw his toys out of the pram and put in 2 transfer requests. Also Albertini, Fiori, Maffei and Goitre always seem to pick up injuries after 20 minutes or so and while none have had serious injuries, they are a worry. Full details of player performances are with Scout 7 who has been watching all of Hereford’s games.

by The Eejit

21-04-12, 08:40 PM
Hereford United/Holland 2026/27
http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:rK2ReB6r_nvcBM:http://www.carlislelondonbranch.org/travel/venues/hereford_files/hereford.jpg (http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://www.carlislelondonbranch.org/travel/venues/hereford_files/hereford.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.carlislelondonbranch.org/travel/venues/hereford.html&usg=__qN4gPp4rKGDJ3-4uwVE6vtcwl7I=&h=193&w=200&sz=26&hl=en&start=1&um=1&itbs=1&tbnid=rK2ReB6r_nvcBM:&tbnh=100&tbnw=104&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dhereford%2Bunited%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den% 26safe%3Doff%26sa%3DN%26rlz%3D1R2ADBF_en-GB%26tbs%3Disch:1)http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:RN6ewhNIWbiR7M:http://www.marcoanddawn.com/DutchFlag.jpg (http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://www.marcoanddawn.com/DutchFlag.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.marcoanddawn.com/TravelingToHolland.html&usg=__zrH0FuxBaZ1ypiAshghLquoxWxE=&h=422&w=481&sz=58&hl=en&start=7&um=1&itbs=1&tbnid=RN6ewhNIWbiR7M:&tbnh=113&tbnw=129&prev=/images%3Fq%3Ddutch%2Bflag%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26saf e%3Doff%26rlz%3D1R2ADBF_en-GB%26tbs%3Disch:1)

My predecessor The Eejit left me a title winning side at Hereford and a World Cup in Argentina to contend with, where I would be managing the mighty Dutch. This was my third stint with CMSG Ltd and my second spell with Hereford United. I led the Edgar Street club to a sixth place finish in 2010/11 and the club have won a couple of titles since. Two of those came under CMSG Ltd, the first under my successor m0ri in 2012 and the second the following year, albeit without the guidance of CMSG. Their third title was won last season under The Eejit so I had a lot to live up to. First up was the small matter of the WC.

World Cup 2026
The draw placed the Dutch in the same group as 2014 winners Italy, Ukraine and Senegal. The first game against Senegal ended in a disappointing goalless draw which put more pressure on us for our clash with the Italians. We didn't let the pressure show as we won 2-0 thanks to goals from Paul Taylor and Arjan de Groot. A victory against Ukraine in the final game would secure top spot and we managed it, although somewhat convincingly in a 1-0 win. Our last 16 opponents would be Venezuela who had surprisingly beaten France in the group stage. They couldn't repeat their performance from that match as we ran out comfortable 2-0 winners. Our sternest test yet came in the quarter finals as we faced hosts Argentina in Buenos Aires. We started well with a stunning free kick from Paul Taylor giving us the lead. Argentina came back strongly and levelled on 26 minutes. However, a Rodrigo Zarate own goal handed the advantage back to us. The hosts levelled immediately after the break and the result after 90 minutes was 2-2. The game did not go to penalties as Roberto Berti scored the golden goal to send us packing and break Dutch hearts. The Dutch FA decided that I would keep my job but I had other ideas. One big name in international football came calling and I just couldn't refuse their offer.

The team had no competitive matches for the remainder of the season which is just as well considering we didn't do very well in the friendlies, failing to win in six.

Domestic Season
I didn't make too many changes to the squad as it was obviously quite good if The Eejit could make a title winning side out of it. The Eejit had arranged a few signings without informing me and three of those arrived in early June. These were Joao Rosa, Simon Hills and Mickey Crossley. Rosa was a forward with all the right attributes and at only £500k, he was one of the bargains of the century. Hills and Crossley were both defenders but nothing special. I cancelled the rest of Eejit's transfers as I doubted his credentials in the transfer market. I brought in two players of my own: striker Gonzalo Galarka from Fiorentina for £9 million and Turkish winger Hakan Varol for £2.8 million. Patrick Daly, Diego Gardini, Sergio Maffei and Jonathan McGhee were sold to cut down the squad size. Before the start of the league campaign, there was the small matter of the Charity Shield against Chelsea. We were beaten 2-0 in a very disappointing performance.

Premier League
We got off to a winning start at Grimsby but made a slow start to the season. Throwing away a two goal lead against Southampton was stupid but it was the start of five match winless streak. We improved in November and December, with the highlight being the 2-0 victory at Anfield in December, although our form dipped again after Christmas, firing blanks in four consecutive matches. After this blip, we finally found some title form, although Chelsea were running away with the league and the title was realistically out of reach. We won eight consecutive games before QPR ended that run. We won at West Ham and drew at home to Liverpool, meaning that second place would be secured with a victory at Spurs on the final day. It was a nervy performance but Alvaro Teixeira fired us into a 26th minute lead to send the travelling fans wild. Spurs equalised in the second half and second place was back on a knife edge. Hakan Varol restored the lead with nine minutes left and it remained 2-1. Third placed Walsall failed to beat ten man Hull so we would have finished second with a draw anyway. It was a shame that we couldn't win the title again but after a dodgy start, I would certainly have taken the runners up spot.

Champions League
The draw for the first group stage tied us with Hansa Rostock, Getafe and Shakhtar Donetsk. We won our first three games to put us in control of the group. Despite just one point from our next two games, we qualified for the next stage with a game to spare. A home victory against Shakhtar was good enough to win the group and we were drawn against Besiktas, Twente and Treviso. Qualification looked difficult after drawing in Turkey and losing at home to Twente. We had to beat Treviso and we did but lost the return in Italy. A must win game against Besiktas finished 1-0 to us and it was enough to move us ahead of our opponents. A victory at Twente on matchday six not only secured qualification but also meant that again we won our group despite a dodgy start. We were drawn against Paris St Germain in the quarters but lost the first leg 2-1. The tie was certainly recoverable but two early goals for the visitors in the return sent us crashing out of Europe in disappointing fashion.

Cup Competitions
Neither went well. Despite beating Chelsea on penalties in the Third Round of the League Cup, Hull knocked us out in the next round at Edgar Street. The FA Cup was no better, losing in the Fourth Round to Championship strugglers Southend.

Overall Summary
This is the third time I have worked for CMSG Ltd and almost certainly my last. This is the first time I have worked when the goals have dried up significantly and sadly, it made the game less enjoyable than my previous two seasons on this save. However, I must say that it has been an honour to take part in this story and having done three seasons, I am more than happy with that. Second place was not a disaster but I thought we could've achieved more in all competitions. You know the goals have dried up when the player with the highest average rating is a forward with just four goals all season (Joao Rosa). I wanted to get a job in either Spain or Germany sice CMSG have never worker there before but literally nothing came up all seasonhttp://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/frown.gif. I was also allowed to vote for world player of the year.

I will now pass the save on to BigBadBaz. I wish him and everyone else who participates in the future the best of luck and thank you to Rossinho for allowing me to work for CMSG Ltd.

by CMAdventurer

21-04-12, 08:41 PM
It' has been quiet five years in my life. Nothing at all was happening and I was still living on the old fame of bringing Ternana to Serie A. Cash was flowing in, and I had a good life.
The last manager, someone called CMAdventurer was in charge in Hereford in England, taking them to the second place in EPL.
Than I got an E-mail.

Dear Buggy,

It's my turn to take over Hereford Utd, but I absolutley have no time to do that so the first person that came to my mind was you. I hope that you'll take charge over there, or anywhere else and bring additional succes to CMSG Ltd.


I had no intention of taking charge of some time because last time, I was sacked, without any consideration, and just left on the street in Terni.
I replied to Rossinho that I will not take the job and that he should look for someone else.

I had no idea that next morning theese guys would show up at my door.

http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/5451/3752menwithguns.jpg (http://img256.imageshack.us/i/3752menwithguns.jpg/)

Well, it looked like I had to take the job.

When I came to England I imediatley, went to the stadium, and arranged for guys to have a training session to see what was this team all about. I saw a bunch of good footballers that didn't seem to want to work with eachother. The team wass a mess. Twenty players were unhappy about something. It had crossed my mind to just set formation and tell them what to do, but that way I couldn't do anything in such a stron league like EPL.
So I put all of the unhappy players on transfer list, to raise some cash for other players to come in. I had a decent scouting team in the club that was left by CMA, an I sent them all to scouting missions all over the world.
I also arranged some friendly matches just to see how the team is doing on the pitch.

The next day in my hotel room a ringing woke me up. I picked up the phone and there was some crazy portugese-speaking guy yelling at me, and I couldn't understand what the hell was he talking about. I hung up, without saying a word. Again the phone rang, and again I answered the phone. It was a girls voice.
G:Hello. This is G on the phone. Am I speaking to Mr. Buggy?
G: I am a representative of Brasilian Football association and we were wondering are you going to send the team list for the Copa America?
Me: What team list?
G: You know that you also Inherited a position of manager of the Brasilian footbal team.
Me: What?
G: Yes, and the deadline for the submition of the squad is today.
Me: OK, I'll get on to it and I'll send the team list today.

Why the hell didn't anyone tell me this.

I went to my office in Edgar Street, and tried to find some info about the Brasilian team. There was only lin up from the ls m,atch.
OK, if that was enough for CMA it has to be enough to me. I just called up 2-3 to fill the ranks.

Our first match on Copa AMerica was against a solid squad of Uruguay.
We had won confortably
The score was 4:0 with de Barros scoring the first, Faris second, and dos Sants Silva scoring two.

Second match was against Columbia.
The score was 3:1 with Valente opening the scoreline in 14. min. , and then Torres with an equaliser in 28. minute. In 53 min- Farias had missed the penalyty but Gomes Vieira and da Silva dos Santos scoring in 58. and 72. closing up the game.

Third game of the group stage was against Peru.
Peru held off our attacks till 72. min and than da Silva dos Santos scored followed by goals from Vital and Cardoso da Silva.
The score was 3:0

We were drawn to play Ecuador
It was a tough game that finished 1:0 for Brasil with Joao Ricardo Sousa scoring late, in 81. minute.

In the semis we would again play Columbia.
I was confident that it would be another match that we would odminate, but our condition was very low and i had to put out a mixed squad.
In the end we won by goals from the youngsters Sousa and da Silva dos Santos.

Mexico won in the other semi final.

Mexico put out a defensive 532 formation, and i had put out a 41311formation, with one DMC and one AMC.
We were all out attacking and through out the game most of play was in mexico half. First half ended withe the unpopular sore of 0:0.
I decided to send an unchanged squad to the pitch. It payed off in 64. miute when Marcelino Vital scored from an attractive play made by Souza and Gomes Vieira. the game took a similar course to the end and da Silva dos Santos banging in second in 74. minute.
The final score was 2:0 for Brasil.
http://img687.imageshack.us/img687/2683/copaamerica.jpg (http://img687.imageshack.us/i/copaamerica.jpg/)

Uploaded with ImageShack.us (http://imageshack.us/)
Back to Hereford

First off was to sell all them unhappy players, and to buy new players. I think that the best player in the squad now is Hugo Estrada, probably one of the best forwards in the world and I got him for just €1M. Also I think that the squad will need some more world class defenders, but I have to wait for the scout reports, because i can't be looking around on my own now. My goal for the season was to win the Chapions League trophy and win a Champions League qualification in EPL.

League fixtures started really good with three wins, and the team looked in good shape. But Our form declined and after ten rounds we were don to season low of 12th place. Just in how many games you conceede in 80+ minute. Well the game showed me that it can happen a lot. Not even rotating my defence and defensive midfielders around and finding ones that are on form couldn't help the team. I made few tweeks in the tactics of 41311 and not even then Hereford couldn't win. We were looking in to our worst season with CMSG Ltd.

We were drawn with Anorthosi, Oberhausen and Ascoli in Champions League. Champions League Campaign was going good, with the team cruising through the first Group stage with five wins and one loss. In the second Group Stage Hereford were drawn with Barcelona Marseille and Olympiacos. This stage started poorly with a loss against Olympiacos away and a sad draw against Barcelona on home turf.

I tied to buff up the defence with bringing in one of the best goalkeepers in the league Alfonso Sanz from Liverpool but not even that could help the team. I was just hoping to achive an European qualification by now. By January we were in 7th place with the goal difference of + 12, scoring 32(the biggest number in the league)and conceeding 20.

Biggest dissapointment was Ademilson Neto that was brought in for 37 M DM(around €17 M) and he only scored 2, and assisted 3 in 15 games with an average rating of 6,55!!!

The form started going up from our 3:0 win over Oxford in the FA Cup on January 8th. we were ona a 19 games unbeaten run in all competitions.

The Brazil squad didn't change a lot. I found that CMA had made the most of Brazilian squad and it needed no change. The only bad score with Brazil was a friendly defeat by Argentina 0:1. In the qualification the FA wanted the Brazil squad to qualify for World Cup which I thought will be no problem. Anyway I had only two games to play before passing on the parcel to another "lucky" guy

The game that ended our unbeaten run was also a FA cup game against West Ham. They had won 1:0 on our own pitch with Hereford shooting all over ending up with 16 shots and West Ham of course had 3...

One trophy out of the play!!!

On we had a good run of form in the league, going strong in the 1st place two points clear of 2nd placed Walsall, and Champions League trophy still in play even do we only managed a 3:2 victory over a very good side of Wolfsburg.
After a great victory of 4:0 away against Wolfsburg we were through to the semis. We were drawn to play all time record holders for most Champions League titles, Real Madrid.
First leg was played in England and we managed to get a goalless draw fighting off massive assault by Real Madrid. In the second leg played at Santiago Bernabeu we started off really good, bringing the play to Real Madrid half, attacking but it wasn't good enough because Real's rookie Albert de Andres scored on 69th minute, and we just couldn't get back into the game. So the final score after two games was
Real Madrid 1:0 Hereford Utd

damn it!!!

Even our EPL campaign was in a downward spiral because we had drawn two games. Against Liverpool away and Walsall home. Chelsea had caught up with us and we were on level terms with three games to play.
We had played our 36th fixture before Chelsea and won 1:0 against Barnsley
Chelsea had drawn with Hull.
We were up by two points
We played against Fulham in our 37th fixture. Rosa gave us lead in 73rd minute just before Taylor equalised from a non-existant penalty.
Luckily Chelsea failed to win against Grimsby. The scoreline in London was 0:0

In our final fixture of the season we played Tottenham, and Chelsea played against QPR.
The team was struggleing against a defensive 532 tactics, and just couldn't score. Chelsea on the other hand were leading three nil before the half time. It was obvious that Chelsea had already won three points, and it was up to us to score.
A sigh of relief was heared at Edgar Street when Rosa scored in 69th minute. But it was far from over. Tottenham had changed their tactis and were striking from all possible positions. But my signing from the winter transfer period Alfonso Sanz came through and bagged in a man of the match preformance bringing us the EPL trophy.

http://img805.imageshack.us/img805/8296/13811698.jpg (http://img805.imageshack.us/i/13811698.jpg/)
http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/5500/epltrophy.jpg (http://img148.imageshack.us/i/epltrophy.jpg/)

Meanwhile in Brasil, nothing much had happened. We won two of our games by identical scores of 2:1 against Chile and Peru.

The only interesting thing was Miss G. We celebrated Brasils second victory in a club in Rio de Jainero when things got really.. uhm you know... Well gentleman never kiss and tell... so it's up to you to imagine what happened.
http://img833.imageshack.us/img833/600/mrsg.jpg (http://img833.imageshack.us/i/mrsg.jpg/)

by Buggy1887

21-04-12, 08:43 PM
Wir spielen auf Deutschland!

http://img837.imageshack.us/img837/1301/cmsglogo.jpg (http://img837.imageshack.us/i/cmsglogo.jpg/)

Hertha Berlin/Brazil 2028-09

As ever it started in May with a call out of the blue. CMSGs profile was sky high with their very successful backing of Hereford United, and the general feeling in the press was that the following season would see the notorious sports management group add another Champion’s League title to their impressive list of honours. The Hereford side was packed full of world class players, and everything seemed set for them to go for a clean sweep of trophies next season, yet it wasn’t to be. The decision makers at CMSG were concerned that the lack of challenge represented by continuing involvement in Hereford would actually start to damage the brand, one which had risen of the back of achieving the seemingly impossible with the unlikeliest teams, and for that reason they had been putting out feelers for new, core product challenges, and they’d found one they liked the look of.

Hertha Berlin, serial underachievers of Germany, a huge stadium and fanbase, and a solid wedge of cash in the bank. Add to that an ambitious, untalented and largely useless chairman in Karsten Foerster and you have a recipe, all be it one either for success of disaster... Hr. Foerster had decided he wanted the shiny CL trophy sat on his mantelpiece to impress his golf club buddies, and he wanted it at the earliest opportunity... the only problem was, his shite team were currently sitting just above the relegation zone in the Bundesliga 2, so it would be a minimum of 3 seasons until he got his wish, and that was the terms of the deal he negotiated with the CMSG board – to win the CL within 3 seasons, or his money back. The next 3 managers would have to achieve:

1. Promotion to Bundesliga 1
2. Qualification for the CL
3. Win the CL

It would probably involve rebuilding the side every summer, and there were a few more catches. While it was clear that Hertha had A LOT of cash in the bank, there would be restrictions over transfers, in particular Hr. Foerster didn’t like the idea of managers meddling with transfers arranged in previous seasons, so managers would NOT be able to cancel transfers arranged by their predecessor, and for safety’s sake the first manager would not be allowed to spend more than £1.4m on any single player...http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/confused.gif

And that first manager was of course yours truly, CL specialist from my time at Ternana, and given the first leg of this 3 season relay. As if there weren’t enough restrictions, CMSG snuck a penalty clause into my contract which they paid my lawyer not to inform me about...

Clause 7.23c: should HERTHA BSC fail to win the CL within 3 seasons the cost to THE OWNER (Hr. K. Foerster) shall be repaid, in full, by the relevant managers from their own resources, and CMSG will assume no liability.


Meanwhile CMSG would permit me to continue as Brazil manager, a job they felt I should be able to “do with my eyes shut”, and indeed, I did that job with my eyes shut just to prove a point.

Back to Berlin then. Not too far from home, so I could easily nip back in around 45 minutes from Tempelhof, and if I was thirsty I could drink that weird beer they have with the green stuff in it... the not quite legendary ‘woodruff’.

http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/2844/woodruff.jpg (http://img155.imageshack.us/i/woodruff.jpg/)

After evaluating the team I felt rather sorry for the dedicated fans. They hadn’t had much to cheer about since those glory days when they could appreciate the silky creative skills of Andrej Voronin on loan from Liverpool. Quite frankly the squad was bobbins, absolutely bobbins, with a couple of exceptions.

My pre-season signings: Roland Braun (DC, 85k), Craig Thornton (ex. Liverpool and Arsenal AMR/L – free), Pedrag Milanovic (DC, 500k), Tolo Burnham (DL/C, 220k), Dusko Vasiljevic (AMR/C, 200k), Sascha Schippers (DMC, 80k), Alvaro Diaz (DMC – free), Anderson Silva e Sousa (GK, 600k and add ons), Yuri Yurkevich (AMRLC, 900k), Mithun Duckworth (SC – free), Karel Kadlec (GK, 200k), Andreas Martin (D/DMRLC, 170k), Juan Carlos Torres (DMRC, 1.3m)

Quite a lot of new blood there, including my old mate and discovery Mithun Duckworth who I’d brought into Ternana, now an aging forward with poor stamina, but he still had madskillz... and actually played well at MR when needed through injuries...

Added to this lot were the shite transfers arranged by the previous manager... Jerry Brackstone, a Samoan FLC, Andre Bungert, Germany’s third worst DL, Fabio Catano, a man so old he used considered potatoes some new fangled discovery, and Dirk Reuther, who was actually best described as ‘an alright MC’, possibly better at karaoke than football.

During the season I sold a load of rubbish players generating almost £9m from various suckers around the German leagues.

The football – Bundesliga 2

Yeah, pissed it really. After the hard core defensive strength of teams in Serie A this was a nice change of pace, and we scored quite a few goals while having the league’s best defence. Just as it should be, eh?

http://img801.imageshack.us/img801/5717/progress.jpg (http://img801.imageshack.us/i/progress.jpg/)

I played the same 4231 formation all season, and almost every game the board were thrilled with the result, even if we drew! We only lost once before being promoted, away against Leverkusen to a dodgy penalty/red card decision.

The opposition really varied the formations they played, so I was happy to see my basic shape could handle pretty much everything that was thrown at it. We saw various 532s, quite a bit of 4132 and some very attacking 424s used against us, and every now and again defensive counter attacking 4321 stuff.

Possible best 11

http://img840.imageshack.us/img840/5302/best18.jpg (http://img840.imageshack.us/i/best18.jpg/)

The football – Der Pokal

This one was where things got a bit more interesting. First of all, unlike the German league you can only have 3 non EU players in the cup games, and I also wanted to rest some first teamers wherever possible, and try out some youngsters like Silva e Souza in goal, so the team looked a bit different to the league dominating side, and nothing much was expected of them. As a seeded draw, we started off playing lower league sides from the regionals, Sportfreunde Siegen, before knocking out fellow B2 side Hannover 96 in round 2. From then on we had a succession of strong Bundesliga 1 sides, and I started to get used to seeing the words ‘shock victory’ in the press reports – 3-0 vs Werder Bremen, 4-0 vs Frankfurt in the quarters, a hard fought 1-0 over St Pauli in the semis... and once again I had an end of season cup final to look forward to!

The final is handily enough played in our own stadium so we didn’t have to go far, and the opposition Schalke would be our toughest yet, having finished as runners up in the Bundesliga 1. Their manager Armin Ndjeng was confident , and sent out his boys in an attacking, aggressive 4132 formation, while we lined up in our usual 4231, but with a slightly cautious approach, looking to control the ball and probe for weakness, rather than storm out of the blocks. The first half was tight, Schalke starting strongly, but we weathered the storm and just before the HT went ahead through a tidy finish from Kazakh SC Ravil Dubinskiy. The second half saw more Schalke pressure, but they foolishly left themselves open while chasing the equalizer, and we punished them twice on the break Rossow heading home before the best of the lot, a flowing team move ended with right midfielder Vasiljevic sweeping home an emphatic third. A trophy for fatboy Foerster at the first attempt... but not the one he wanted.

Anyway, I was pleased with that. Always nice to win the cup with a team from lower leagues.

Mission accomplished. Over to Merkz to build a squad capable of winning the CL and making sure he gets a top 4 finish into the bargain!

Top Performers

Ravil Dubinskiy, Kazakh SC – sorry, I sold him for £10m, but you can get better I am sure
http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/1130/dubinsky.jpg (http://img9.imageshack.us/i/dubinsky.jpg/)

Dusko Vasiljevic, Serbian AMRC
http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/7435/vasiljevic.jpg (http://img689.imageshack.us/i/vasiljevic.jpg/)

Yuiy Yurkevich, Belarussian AMRLC
http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/5619/yurk.jpg (http://img411.imageshack.us/i/yurk.jpg/)

Joerg Seidl, German D/DMR (captain)
http://img840.imageshack.us/img840/9457/seidl.jpg (http://img840.imageshack.us/i/seidl.jpg/)

Yegor Semerenko, Turkmenistani DMC – I am convinced this guy is gonna be a massive star! He is the finest Turkmenistani prospect in many years http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/thumb.gif Seriously though, check out that form and average...
http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/2868/semerenko.jpg (http://img291.imageshack.us/i/semerenko.jpg/)

Message to Merkz.

Core of a good side here mate. Besides the star performers above you’ve got some solid players throughout the side. Kadlec and Silva e Souza should see you alright in the GK department, Clarkson, the Anguillan DL is better than he looks, and Burnham is OK, Andreas Martin is a solid cover for a lot of positions, Milanovic and Balan are tidy enough DCs, Juan Torres should have made star performers really, but the list was getting a bit long. Stumpf, ML, he is young but performed better than expected in the cup, although maybe too inexperienced for the higher standard in Bundesliga 1. The forwards need some work. I couldn’t resist 10m for Dubinskiy, and I thought I’d found a bargain replacement in Melapkij. His stats are mental, jumping, heading, finishing, off the ball all 20 when i signed him, but he seems to have been painted with the same brush as Emile Heskey... maybe he’ll come on next season. Jose Rivera will be great in future I think, he’s only 18, but will he make it in time to complete the 3 year relay? There is a lot of money in the bank, fill your boots! The cap was just raised to £34m per player!

Oh yes, Brazil... like I say, I did that bit with my eyes shut http://champman0102.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif We played a bunch of WC qualifiers and won most of them. If you chose to stay on managing them you have the Copa America just around the corner.

by Kenny Dalglish's Smile

21-04-12, 08:44 PM
Dear Mr. Merkezekrem,
We were able to track you from the message you sent to KDS. The tracking devices are far better than you think.

We decrypted your uncrypted message for Kenny and decided to give you a job after he has done a good job. We also have to inform you that we signed a 3 year deal with Hertha BSC. The contract involves loosing everything you got (that we already don’t own) if you don’t get them a Champions League spot. We paid KDS’s lawyer to not to tell him this but since we own your non existing lawyer, and you can’t do nothing about it, we are just telling you this to make you feel bad.

KDS was last seen running away while crying and shouting “Don’t give him the job after me! He’s useless; he’ll just ruin everything I achieved! He can’t even make his own tactic! Nooo!”

Your job already started. Get your own plane ticket; you should know where Berlin is.

Ps: It’s in Germany.

I got up from my self made bamboo desk and crunched the letter and split on it and tore it into pieces and ate it. Then I couldn’t swallow it so split it into my self made bamboo wastebasket.

- That useless, team stealer KDS thinks I can’t do better then him. I’ll do it better then him with his own tactic!

Then I went to the local airport and rented a wind kite. I made it to the next island and rented a delta, went to the next island and took a plane to Germany thinking “I knew Berlin is in East Germany!”

The plane ride was bumpy and chickeny with best plane food I had; scrambled eggs.

When ı got to Hertha’s chairman’s room with my job contract and my self made bamboo shirt and shorts the fat guy seemed entertained. I bashed at him (I guess):
- Do you know Ternana!
- Yes?
- I made it!
- Hmm, then impress me!
- That’s all I will do!
- Good!
- Good!
- ...
- ...
- ...
- ...
- ...
- Can I have some money to buy clothes?

Next morning I woke up in my new flat without anything made of bamboo. Jumped into my car and asked the new driver to take me to my team. He took me to Brazil.

I didn’t know anyone in the team so I kept KDS’s team and got to the final of Copa America where we lost 1-0 to Argentina. Bah, I couldn’t care less.

I went back to Germany and started buying players for fun. Then the signings started to arrive. Apart from some youngsters, Marcos Rico, 3 times Spanish international central defender came from Almeria for £6.5M and Italian SW/D/DM LC Giulio Musumeci needed 3M to come from Palermo. Russian international D/DM R arrived for 500K from Amkar.

I arranged some friendlies just to cancel them. There was a weird cup in the beginning of the season and we were playing against Cottbus. Easy match ended 3-0. And we were in the final already! What an easy cup this is going to be, I thought but the match was not so easy. In the end we won after penalty shootout. The wingers Vasiljevic and Yurkevich looked like some lucky signings by KDS. Also the keeper “e Souza” got a MOM in the final.

At the end of the month our first big signing arrived: 6 times German international F RLC Timo Linke signed for us at the age of 23 for 14.5M from Cottbus.

Next big signing was just a day after, striker Ferry de Jong arrived from Ajax for 5.75M, for a back up for promising Meelakij.

The season started with a magnificent 4-1 hammering of Nürnberg and just went flying. Meelapkij got a red card in the 4th match a 2-0 win over Stuttgart. And the second Cottbus match of the season changed the life of him and de Jong. De Jong scored 5 goals and never left the first team again.

Another big signing arrived this month, Italian Danielle Senatore D/DM RLC from Real Sociedad for 7.75M.

We got our first point lose with a 0-0 match against Frankfurt in the 8th match of the league.

The final big signing came, for 10M from Stuttgart. F RC Klaus Hoffman.

Meanwhile the Uefa Cup was going good, first beating Rapid Wien 2-0 twice. German cup was easy too, cruising past Pirmasens and Ahlen was no problem.
Anderson Luis Silva e Souza conceded his first goal after the first match of the game in a fine match against Nurnberg, first goal after 9 games! Match ended 5-1. But he went and conceded again in the next match! It ended 4-1.
We cruised past everybody in the League, Cup (Mainz) and UEFA Cup; Kyapaz of Azeria and Gorica of Slovenia.

Our first League loose came from the team that got the first points from us; Frankfurt. 0-1, thanks to our 3rd choice keepers horrible performance. Another loose was quick to come, 1-2 to Rostock. The looses, I thought, came because we were keeping on going in the German cup and UEFA Cup, Wehen and Shalke was destroyed before going to the German Cup final and Djurgarden of Sweden and Mansfield of England and Racing Santander of Spain was hammered before going to the UEFA Cup final.

Just 4 matches before the end of the league Vasilijevic pushed the refree and got himself an 180 days of ban! We won the match3-0.
We didn’t loose any points after the last lost to Rostock. Finished the league with a record of 92 points. Ferry de Jong became the Torkönig (25) and highest average rated player (7,88).
We played the UEFA Cup final against Torino in Wembley, London. The match ended 1-0 with a goal from de Jong.
And the last match of the season was against our first opponent this season, Cottbus. The cup final ended with 3-1 for us.

Oh and Brazil qualified for the world cup but that goes to KDS in my opinion.

Sorry for the long time it took me.

by merkezekrem

21-04-12, 08:46 PM
“ 2 mins left of what has been a pulsating Champions League Final between Ipswich Town and Barcelona, which is finely balanced at 2-2. Walcott now, skips past the challenge of Ashley Cole, he swings in the cross, MBOKANI!!!”


“What is that?” I thought. “Are you coming down for breakfast or not?” my Mum shouted, reality had finally set in, I weren’t a football manager, in fact I was nothing, still looking for a job after graduating from University. I stomped down the stairs in disgust at my current predicament, which alerted my Mum, “what’s wrong with you she asked”, begrudgingly I answered, “I dreamt I was about to win the Champions League with Ipswich”, “who do you think you are?” she replied, “Sir Bobby Robson”, “well, yes actually I did” I answered.

After finishing my breakfast, I checked my emails, in the faint hope that one of my numerous job applications had been successful, and I was shocked to find an email entitled “CMSG Ltd – Offer you the position of manager.” From what I remembered, CMSG were a job agency I had signed up with nearly 6 months ago, who specialised in the football industry. I eagerly opened the email, expecting an invitation to travel to the U.S.A to coach kids at what they call soccer, but I was astonished with what I was about to read.

Dear AMC,

After having your details on our books for some time, we are pleased to have found a suitable job for you. If you read the small print (I hope you read the small print!), you will know this offer is non-negotiable, and we have already arranged your flights and accommodation to Berlin, Germany.

As a keen football fan, you will be aware of the great work both Kenny Dalglish’s Smile and merkezekrem have done with perennial underachievers Hertha Berlin, and now it is your turn to carry on that good work. After KDS took Hertha Berlin back to the Bundesliga as champions as well as the German Cup, merk made it back-to-back league wins as well as retaining the German Cup and adding the UEFA Cup to the trophy cabinet, but with CL qualification ensured, CMSG now want the Champions League, and they have targeted you as the man to deliver that.

You will be pleased to hear that the club is extremely rich, and you will have a transfer budget of £25m to work with, as well as whatever you can raise through players sales.

We wish you well with this assignment,


p.s. Please note this is a one year temporary contract, with no guarantee of a permanent position at the end of it.

Before I could take all this information in, there was a knock at the door. I opened the door to see these two men.


Then the lights went out.

I woke up in strange surroundings, an office overlooking the Olympiastadion, Berlin. On the desk in front of me was a file, labelled “Important Information – must read”, which merk must have left for his replacement, which contained a lowdown on the current squad. On the whole, I had a fantastic squad to work with, which won the Bundesliga with ease, as well as the UEFA Cup, German Cup and the German League cup, no pressure on me then. After running my eye over the squad report, there was a knock at the door, and a middle aged man entered the room. He introduced himself as Andre Buhler, my assistant manager, and he informed me that training was about to start and if I’d like to go down and watch the players at my disposal, and I jumped at the chance.

I left Buhler and the other coaches to carry out the training, still feeling the after effects of the bash to my head, and instead I watched. I also had a quick look at the 2nd team, known as Hertha Berlin (A), and one player stood head and shoulders above the rest, Romanian forward Nicolae Marin, and I instantly promoted him back to the main team.

On arriving back at my office, I began to drift back to sleep, when the phone rang.

AMC: Hello

Stranger: Where are you? You’re going to miss it?

AMC: Excuse me? Who is this? What are you on about?

Stranger: My name is Edmundo da Costa, head of the Brazilian FA, and the World Cup is about to start in France.

AMC: That’s nice, and what’s that to do with me?

Edmundo: What’s that to do with you?! You’re the Brazilian manager that’s what!

AMC: Is this you Gary? Were 24 now, I’ve grown out of all these practical jokes we’ve played on each other all our life.

Edmundo: I’m deadly serious, now get to France, our first game is in 17 days against Croatia!

Christ I thought, this time yesterday I was unemployed living at home, now I’m manager of the most successful Nation in world football, and one of the biggest clubs in Germany.

After deciding my 23 man squad for the World Cup I travelled to meet them at hotel. The morning of the game I announced the starting XI, and it was off to the stadium to face Croatia. We dominated the game, having nearly 3 times as many shots as the opposition, but Croatia stood resolute and we had to settle for a 0-0 draw, with an injury to midfielder Marcos dos Santos. With the injury to dos Santos, I changed tactic for the next game against Belgium, and it did the trick, as we ran out easy 4-0 winners. Our final group game was against Egypt which saw another easy win, this time 3-0, and we finished top of the group, with Croatia back in 2nd.

Onto the 2nd round, and a tough draw against Spain, runners up from the last European Championships. Despite a few tired legs we won the game 2-0, thanks to a brace from inform striker Regis Calheiros, now with 4 goals in the tournament from 2 games, and after the game former Spain star Iker Casillas tipped us for the tournament. Next up were South American rivals Argentina, who had overcome Sweden 1-0 in their 2nd round encounter. A first half strike from Wolfsburg midfielder Marco dos Santos put us one ahead, but we had to rely on some fine goalkeeping from Espanyol stopper Edmilson Humberto, who made some crucial saves before we put the game beyond doubt with a penalty 7 mins from time.

Mexico were our opponents in the semi final, who had beat Italy and Portugal in the two previous rounds. Player fatigue was beginning to worry me, but I had a strong squad at my disposal and my backups were fit and able, unfortunately though, top scorer Calheiros’s tournament was over as he picked up an injury in training, ruling him out for 10 days, 4 days after the final. We dominated the first half but fell a goal behind one minute before half time. With us the better side I decided to make no changes, confident we’d finally make the breakthrough. 8 mins into the 2nd half midfielder Souza levelled the scores, and 13 mins later we took the lead, captain Monteiro with the goal. 4 mins later Mexico were reduced to 10 men, and the result was academic, and we were through to the final.

Germany would be our opponents, after they squeezed past Ukraine in the semis on penalties. Another injury on the eve of the game ruled out right winger Filipe da Costa, and I could only name one attacking player on the bench, the rest of them defenders. Within the first quarter of an hour of the game we were 1-0 down, German striker Bierbaum with the goal. We pressed forward but when a blatant penalty claim was turned down midway through the second half I thought our chance had gone. Then in the 71st minute, striker Pereira Neves hit a speculative strike that fooled the German keeper and we were back level, and heading for extra time. With the 90 mins over I brought on some fresh legs, hoping to inject some new life into the game. Unfortunately, extra time was a drab affair and we would head for penalties. Germany never lose these do they? Despite getting the advantage after we scored our first and Germany missed, it was short lived, us missing our next and Hertha player Linke scoring. 3 of the next 6 pens were missed but it was us who would end up celebrating!


by AMC

21-04-12, 08:46 PM
When Lars Nielsen missed the decisive penalty in the World Cup Final, my mind was made up, I was going to resign as manager of the Brazilian National team on the highest of highs, and I announced my decision to the press moments after lifting the cup. My focus was now on Hertha Berlin, and to be precise the Champions League trophy.

The euphoria and elation was short lived however, when I landed back in Berlin. I was met by a rabid press pack, for what I expected to be about winning the world cup and my subsequent resignation, but that was not what they were here for. “What do you make of the decision?” one reporter asked, “Is your current squad good enough for the season ahead?” another enquired. Before I could ask what the hell they were talking about, my assistant Andre Buhler bundled me into the back of a waiting car, bound for the stadium.

AMC: “What they talking about Andre?”

Andre: “Have you not heard? We’ve been banned by FIFA!”

AMC: “Banned?! Banned for what?”

Andre: “We’ve been found guilty of tapping up players, and we can’t buy any new players for the next year”

AMC: “WHAT?! Fantastic, at least I have a decent enough squad as it is”

Andre: “That’s the other thing”


Andre: “Well while you were at the World Cup, it came out that captain Klaus Hoffmann’s wife had been getting rather friendly with a few other members of the squad, and when it all came out there was a split in the camp between the Germans and the non Germans.”

AMC: “So not only can I not bring in new players to strengthen the squad despite having over £500m in the bank, I now have a massive division right through the squad! And they expect me to win the Champions League?! Give me strength!


The unfaithful Mrs. Hoffmann

Just 13 days after the World Cup Final I was walking out my team again, in the semi final of the League Cup against St. Pauli. It was a makeshift team due to fitness, and the players in the best condition were picked, no matter how good they were. The team that took the field were good enough to edge out the team from Hamburg, as we won 1-0. The final would be against Bochum, and once again a patched up side was sent out to contest the game. Bochum took the lead after just 2 mins, and with fitness a real concern, the longer the game went on, the less likely it looked like we would score, and the game finished 1-0.

We had 11 days before the start of the league season, time used to bring the squad up to full fitness. A 4-0 win away at St. Pauli was a great start, and we followed it up with another comfortable win at home to Werder Bremen, this time 3-0. The European Super Cup would provide a real test for us, as we would play Champions League holders Barcelona, which could provide a good yard stick to how we would fair in the Champions League. It was a slow start but before the half time whistle we opened the scoring, and added another two after the break, as we made it consecutive 3-0 wins, and more importantly showed we could play with the big boys, and win! The German Cup 1st round saw us travel to Luneburg and a reserve side left it late in a 2-0 win, with both goals in the last 10 mins. 2 further wins followed, one over Stuttgart in the league, and one against Vllaznia in the CL Group stages, Real Madrid and Torino completing the group.

From what was an encouraging start to the season, we soon hit a dip in form. Back-to-back away defeats in the league (both with last minute winners for FC Koln and 1860 Munich), combined with a close win at home to Mainz, was beginning to knock our confidence, but we were still performing in Europe, overcoming Real Madrid 1-0 away and Torino 2-0 at home. We were soon back to winning ways, with our only dropped points coming in a 0-0 draw away at Torino, this run also saw us hit top spot in the Bundesliga after 5 wins on the bounce, as well as qualify from the 1st group stage, with a 0-0 draw in our last game at home to Real Madrid enough to consolidate top spot in the group.


The draw for the 2nd group stage was a lot tougher, Anderlecht, Panathinaikos and former CMSG favourites Lazio making up the group, but we got off to a great start beating Panathinaikos 2-0 at home and Anderlecht 1-0 away. We were looking equally adept in the league, staying unbeaten till the winter break; our last defeat was to 1860 Munich in late September, and despite 3 draws in our last 4 games before the break we were still 6 pts clear with a game in hand over most of our challengers. Unfortunately, after beating Werder Bremen in the 2nd round of the cup, we lost the quarter final away at Bochum in extra time, after going down to 9 men in normal time.


Our good form continued in the new year with three wins and one draw from our 4 opening games, and we were in high spirits for the trip to former stomping ground the Olimpico. Spanish midfielder Diego Martinez Lopez gave the home side the lead after quarter an hour, but the resilience of our squad showed as we snatched a late equaliser through right midfielder Dusko Vasiljevic. Six days later and we defeated Lazio 2-0, but we had to wait for two weeks till our qualification to the quarter finals were confirmed, with a tight 2-1 away win against Panathinaikos, and another win over Anderlecht saw us finish top of the group.


Despite us concentrating on the Champions League, without the distractions of the German cup we could still focus on the league. We gained revenge over 1860 Munich with a 1-0 home win, but we couldn’t avenge our defeat to FC Koln, drawing the game 0-0 after dominating them throughout, but our advantage at the top was beginning to look insurmountable for the other sides. The quarter finals would see familiar opposition in Real Madrid, a team we had beaten away and drew at home to, a repeat would see us through to the semis. Despite going down to 10 men in the 1st leg at the Santiago Bernabeu after just 19 mins, we were soon 2-0 up by half time. Real pulled one back midway through the 2nd half, but we restored our two goal cushion late on, Thai striker Virat Meelapkij completing his brace. We completed the job in the 2nd leg, versatile player Andreas Martin with the goal, and we were through 4-1 on aggregate.

With such a big lead in the league I had the luxury of fielding a 2nd team for the last 7 or 8 games, resting my main team for the CL. The backups were clearly enjoying their chance to impress, as they kept up the undefeated run, including a fantastic 4-1 win over third placed Frankfurt. A 0-0 draw away at Rostock in our 5th to last game was enough for us to retain the Bundesliga. We even continued our unbeaten run to the end of the season, a full 8 months and 28 games since we went down 1-0 away at 1860 Munich.


Barcelona, Cadiz, Bochum and ourselves made up the semi final draw of the Champions League, and it came as no surprise as we drew La Liga and defending Champions League winners Barcelona, but seeing we had beaten them 3-0 in the European Super Cup earlier in the season, I was still in buoyant spirits. That all changed just after the hour mark at the Nou Camp as we found ourselves 2-0 down, and looking at a mammoth task to reach the final. Luckily, Dutch striker Ferry de Jung got us what could be a crucial away goal late one, and with a 2-1 deficit now to overcome in the 2nd leg, it weren’t looking so bad. I needn’t have worried as another brace from Meelapkij in a 2-0 win was enough to see us through to an all German final against Bochum.

We had experienced mixed emotions against Bochum this season, losing both the German League Cup Final and the German Cup quarter final to them, but at the same time we had beat them 1-0 and 3-2 in the league, and despite Bochum’s 11th place finish in the league table, it was really anybody’s match. We would be without left back Stewart Clarkson for the game but apart from that I could announce a first choice team, young German defender Daniel Roser would fill in at left back for the injured Anguillan.

With the stakes so high for both sides, the game took a while to come alive, with neither side giving much away, but that changed just after the half hour mark. Meelapkij had made his way into the area when he was taken down by the Bochum keeper Oliver Stock, the ref pulled out a card but it was only a yellow, a decision that enraged me, and things didn’t get much better when Stock then saved the resulting pen from Meelapkij. Spurred on by the penalty save we were actually lucky to make it to half time honours even, this time our keeper Anderson Luis Silva e Souza called into action. The 2nd half got underway and just like the first it was tight in the opening exchanges, but the deadlock was finally broken when Turkmenistani midfielder scored with a long rang shot after 77 mins to put us one ahead, a goal badly needed. I expected a fight back from Bochum, but the goal had actually subdued them, and we were unlucky not to add to our tally, Vasiljevic shooting just over when it looked easier to score. It didn’t matter though as after 4 mins of injury time the final whistle was blew, and we were Champions League winners!


My job here was done, and the following morning I was escorted out of the club by two familiar faces.


My search for a job was back on.


by AMC

21-04-12, 08:47 PM
Here's a screenshot of our final managerial record, please forgive the Ipswich menubar, it's for my Sir Bobby Robson story.