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30-12-18, 02:12 PM
Coming back to the game for some nostalgia, and I’m bottom after 8 games with Newcastle! So I need help!

I’m using a downloaded wibwob tactic, 4-1-2-3 with the 2 midfielders and full backs running forward. The team is chiotis , victory, duff, lucic and Anderson at CB. Just activated okoronkwo’s release clause. DMC is rob lee but will be said shortly. MC are Justin Walker, Kim kallstrom (even though his position in FC?) or mark Kerr. dyer is just back to fitness too. Up top I have shearer, to madeira and samba, with David Colin and Michael dunwell in reserve. Minsk wouldn’t take 4m for Tsigalko. I’m bidding for bakircioglu too. Couldn’t pry tonton from derby, but I will. I’ll go for assane n’diaye in time too.

Is it my tactic? Are duff, victory, Walker good enough for that level? Are Colin and dunwell, even in reserve? Can you start samba and tonton straight away at that level?

Any more recommended signings for Newcastle?

Tried editing solano with Graeme Kelly’s editor to make him available at RB and it made him just a DRLC and took away his midfield roles? Others don’t change after editing. Anyone know how to edit positions?