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07-01-19, 10:46 AM
champman0102.co.uk Awards - 2018

Oh, yes! It's that time of the year again! Note: sorry it's late this year on account of my being ill/away.

Please put forward your nominations for each category via Private Message. Please only cast just ONE vote PER category by way of a Private Message.

Please send your ONE vote PER category to me via Private Message!

The voting will run up to 14th January and then I will tally up the votes and announce the results!

As last year, each winner of a category will win a one year subscription to all VIP privileges!.

The categories ARE:

Most Blatant Post Booster
Most Improved Poster
Best Thread
Best Thread Starter
Most Intelligent
Best Newbie
Funniest Poster
Member Of The Year
Best Staff
Best Foreigner
Post Of The Year
Moment Of The Year
Best Story

I will also choose the 'Hall of Fame Inductee' where the winner will be a permanent VIP!

Good luck to you all!


07-01-19, 05:19 PM
Take it Newbie is for members that joined in 2018? If so the below link may help, it's the members list filtered by join date with most recent first.


08-01-19, 01:56 AM

08-01-19, 10:02 AM
Will send my picks soon, may not have one for every category but should for most.

08-01-19, 10:07 AM
done yesterday.

08-01-19, 10:51 AM
Take it Newbie is for members that joined in 2018? If so the below link may help, it's the members list filtered by join date with most recent first.


Yeah, unless anyone joined prior but never posted regularly until now :ok:

08-01-19, 10:57 AM
Cheers bit hard to spot people who have done the latter (and probably not many).

10-01-19, 08:44 PM

Take it Newbie is for members that joined in 2018? If so the below link may help, it's the members list filtered by join date with most recent first.


I should have checked this before voting. Just listed by most posts.
My vote would have been different for Blatant Post Booster if I had! (I'm looking at you Redders!)
Although I'm surprised I've never been in the mix for it, the number of posts I've made.

11-01-19, 12:49 PM
Haven't had many votes so I will see how many come in over the weekend and potentially extend the deadline to next Friday.

13-01-19, 12:31 AM
My votes are incoming!

13-01-19, 09:45 AM
I'm not confident enough to put forward a vote for any of these as i only ever dip into a few threads.

I'm pretty confident that the post booster has to be won by Redders though :lol:

13-01-19, 09:49 PM
I'm not confident enough to put forward a vote for any of these as i only ever dip into a few threads.

I'm pretty confident that the post booster has to be won by Redders though :lol:

Think you've missed the new favourite for it in recent weeks :lol:

13-01-19, 10:17 PM
Gah, tried to answer as many as I could but there were so many I couldn't answer that I gave up, sorry!

22-01-19, 11:06 AM
Results of the awards will be announced tomorrow :ok: Had started writing it up on Friday but haven't got round to finishing it yet :ok:

23-01-19, 03:44 PM
champman0102.co.uk Awards - 2018

The time has come at long last... The www.champman0102.co.uk Awards for 2018!

First of all, thanks to all those who took the time to cast their votes for each category. A core group have gotten involved in the awards to put forward nominees and the extended deadline helped to get some clear winners. As always, thanks too to those who simply voted for themselves or their own threads in some of the categories :rolleyes: Needless to say, they have been discounted!

Reflecting on 2018, we've seen some highs and lows as always. Everyone who pulls together as a community in their various areas has helped in their own way to follow our motto which is simply - 'Keeping the Game Alive'. It's also that time of the year where I've started to look at statistics. Last year, the count of new members had gone down by 123 and the number of new posts did likewise by 5,743. The number of threads created did increase by 53 though and we'd also set a new record for the most amount of members online on the 12th December 2016 when 2,219 accounts had logged in!

This year though, we've seen an increase on newly registered accounts as it's gone up by 171 to 2,523! The count of new posts has also increased dramatically to 43,939, an increase of 3,029! The number of new threads has also gone up to 1,092 in comparison to 592 (+500 exactly). Such statistics is fantastic viewing given that another year has gone by where we're supporting a game that is now 18 years of age! On top of that, we've actually set a new record this year in terms of the most amount of users online though it was on the 11th January of this year, as 2,465 members had been online on the same day!

Without further ado, let's crack on and find out who has won our categories for the champman0102.co.uk awards - 2018!

Category 1 - Most Blatant Post Booster
Previous Winners: info0 (x2), Fods (x3), m0ri, Champman01/02, BeezerCeltic1967.

We kick off with the 'Most Blatant Post Booster' award and let's be honest, I think 90% of us already know who is set to win this one. info0 has won this award twice and was nominated once again though he has not been as much of a poster as he has in the past. 316sregen was also nominated despite having had his account deleted (at his request) in 2017 and there was also a surprise nomination for evesham. But the winner is someone who started posting regularly in October and well, hasn't really stopped even in threads where he doesn't really need to comment. It's of course, jacobclear.

Category 2 - Most Improved Poster
Previous Winners: BobMem, Fabbs, Jesus, Dermotron, Lee, Brian, Fods (x2), GFRay.

This is always an interesting category. Previous winners have often been members who were part of the community but perhaps didn't contribute as much as when they first joined the site. Over time, they have improved and become a vital cog in the community. There were some worthy nominations made and some for members who have already contributed to the community for quite some time. With that in mind, it was a surprising to see Redknapp69 and CMCZ receive nominations. samsami too was put forward, as were two new faces in 2018 - dweatherston11 and MadScientist. However, the winner is someone who gets to keep the trophy as GFRay wins it for a second successive year!

Category 3 - Best Thread
Previous Winners: Screenshots, "Are you fuc@ing kidding me?", FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, BABES BABES BABES (x2), Albert Van Bevan and the great Nigerian scam, Auction Fantasy Football Premier League Discussion 2016/17, The Alphabet Game #3 - April 2017 Data Update.

A tough one for our members and usually one in which many cannot single one particular thread out for nomination. The 'Screenshots (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=578)' thread, a previous winner of this award, was put forth as a nomination as was two-time winner 'BABES BABES BABES', an odd choice given that it no longer exists. Redknapp69's 'Last Man Standing - Premier League (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=10296)', 'Twenty Questions - Part 2 (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=5877)', a thread dedicated to finding out more about our members, 'GFRay's FIFA World Cup 2018 Game (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=11011)', the Dream Team League (https://champman0102.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=178), the Road to Glory (https://champman0102.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=315), Jack to a King? A Swansea City story by Redknapp69 (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=9866) and saturn's Patch +v6 (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=11674) were all worthy nominations. The winner though is the CM Vipers (https://champman0102.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=229) which had reached 73 pages before an unfortunate incident!

Category 4 - Best Thread Starter
Previous Winners: Mark (x4), Bevchenko (x4), ZanSnake.

An eight year spell of the 'Best Thread Starter' being shared between Mark and Bevchenko had been broken last year when ZanSnake won the award. Unfortunately, ZanSnake has not kept up his efforts in 2018 to be worthy of a nomination so the spotlight has shone on three members instead. Bevchenko was put forward but in truth, it was a two way battle and unfortunately GFRay has missed out with Mark winning the award for a fifth time!

Category 5 - Most Intelligent
Previous Winners: JohnLocke (x3), Tapani, Alan (x2), saturn (x3).

A look at the previous winners of the 'Most Intelligent' award displays a list of well recognised and names that you'd be honoured to join. GFRay, Craig Forrest, Tapani and Andrea71 were given nominations for this one but with multiple nominations, it was between Dermotron, MadScientist and saturn. The knowledge of all three are of course incredibly valuable but after another year in which he has kept his version of patches going, saturn picks up the award for a fourth time and overtakes JohnLocke in the process!

Category 6 - Best Newbie
Previous Winners: Nikolayov, wato20, Topofthekop, Royce Gracie, Ruben, faz44, Papalzru, PilgrimPete, GFRay.

We have seen some fantastic names recognised as best newbies when exploding on the scene. GFRay had deservedly joined the ranks this time last year and for 2018, four names were put forward, one perhaps rather strangely. jacobclear, jokerjake7 and MadScientist were all in contention for the award but it goes to dweatherston11 who has integrated so very well into our community and can now be seen as part of the Official Challenges Team!

Category 7 - Funniest Poster
Previous Winners: ozRooster (x2), Haniel, GoofyZ, Lee, Alan, Fods, trunky (x3).

After winning the award for the past three years, can anybody take the mantle of 'Funniest Poster' away from trunky? It's certainly been a close one with AJ, Craig Forrest, Dermotron, CMCZ and ZanSnake being part of the pack. Erkifino too was handed a number of nominations but unfortunately not enough to stop trunky from once again picking it up. For a fourth year running, trunky truly has kept us entertained with anecdotes and sometimes going slightly off topic with his posts!

Category 8 - Member of the Year
Previous Winners: Mark, Fods (x2), Craig Forrest, Beezer,Celtic1967, Dermotron, saturn, Redknapp69 (x2).

'Member of the Year', a fine achievement where plenty of popular names have picked up the award in the past. Who has been a key man in the community in 2018? All the usual names have been put forward such as Redknapp69, ebfatz, Dermotron, saturn and CMCZ. But after being a relative newbie in 2017, it's amazing to see how quickly GFRay has picked things up and integrated into the community so well. Personally speaking, after years of running competitions alone, it's been great to see someone like GFRay come along and come up with his own ideas and run things too, allowing me to actually join in as a player! So it's with heartfelt thanks and congratulations that GFRay wins this one which ends a run of Redknapp69 winning it for the past two years.

Category 9 - Best Staff
Previous Winners: Dermotron (x4), Fodster, Mark (x2), FranzFerdinand, milo.

Who does our public appreciate as we look to honour someone as 'Best Staff'? This is where we can thank a number of individuals for their hard work over the past year, some of whom the main public won't be aware of as all their work goes on behind the scenes. For this reason, I found it bizarre and also disrespectful that jacobclear was nominated by a particular member but others thankfully took the category seriously and offered worthwhile nominations. bruebous, AMC, Redknapp69 and Dermotron all received multiple nominations but it's Mark who picks it up for a third time.

Category 10 - Best Foreigner
Previous Winners: info0, ozRooster, Patinoz, merkezekrem, Craig Forrest (x3), Kubano1984, AJ (x2).

This is always an interesting category given that you'd argue that this website is not really made up of members within the UK and Ireland. So who do we see as foreigners? I suppose it could be anybody! Certainly, it was interesting to see that AMC and Baz picked up nominations along with previous winners Craig Forrest and AJ. A worthy nomination was also made for scemoka and CMCZ but the winner is someone who has now won three awards, GFRay!

Category 11 - Post of the Year
Previous Winners: Insert Faces (Fods), Photoshopped Alan (Craig Forrest), Rant at Fods (Pasquale), Churky Makes Punishment (Pasquale), You may need some lube for that (colml), Gaffer's Alive (trunky), Patch 2.21.1+ v2 (saturn). ABBA's Penalties (Erkifino).

What was 'Post of the Year'? Based on previous winners, it is usually something humorous whilst it could also be something that had an effect on the site such as the first release of the saturn patch. We could have been down the humour road again with trunky's boast about Sam Fox and jacobclear's queries about Inter being so poor on the latest Data Update being nominations but there were also a heartfelt nomination for GFRay when outlining his reasons for stepping down from the Ultimate Managers League. The release of the October 2018 Data Update got a nomination but the winner was Jokerjake7 who took over the Road to Glory with a very well detailed write-up (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=10596&page=32&p=415739#post415739)!

Category 12 - Moment of the Year
Previous Winners: Return of Mark as the owner, WelshRed taking over the website, the split of the CM 01/02 Update Team, the Michael Jackson debate, the Return of Tapani, Saturn's Jobs Abroad Fix, Tribute To Chapecoense, Fods being banned permanently.[/

Well, we had a lot of nominations for this category which suggests we had an eventful 2018! The perma-banning of Fods was put forward but discounted given that it actually took place in 2017 (and won the 'Moment of the Year' award last time). One popular nomination was trunky's bragging of Sam Fox as was of course, the release of the saturn v6+ Patch and the October 2018 Data Update release. Another nomination was xeno's discovery of the offset that forces all players to load in the game and someone also found evesham's conspiracy theories amusing. However, the winner will be known for all the wrong reasons as the fifth season of CM Vipers had neared a close only for a fatal error to crash the game. CM Vipers has yet to restart but rest assured that it will be back!

Category 13 - Best Story
Previous Winners: Are You The Next - Series 4 (wato20), Are You The Next - Series 3 (wato2), A to Z (The Eejit), 25 Years of Hurt or Glory (Mark), Are You The Next - Series 5 (wato20), It's Fergie Time (The Eejit), The Pozzo Model (loyal_royal1), His Last Bow (samsami), The comeback of Samsami (samsami).

As ever, we have been entertained by numerous stories over the past year and five stories in particular have been put forth to win this category:

Jack to a King? A Swansea City Story (Redknapp69) (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=9866)
The World of Football Management - Chapter 7 - Global Attraction (Mark) (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=11075)
Intrinsically Valuable (Kenny Dalglish's Smile) (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=11601)
You Can't Win 'Em All (Kingsley) (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=11510)
The Return of the King (samsami) (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=10395)
The Nowhere Men No Longer (JayFlo) (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=10326)

Bizarrely, AJ mentioning the forums in his wedding vows also came up as a nomination but I think the nominee didn't realise what this particular category was about!

Believe it or not, all six nominations were tied in the voting which means I have the final say. In the end, it's a pretty easy choice for me given that there is just one that has been completed. That is of course, samsami's Blackburn Rovers story which is also the third time he has won an award based on writing a story!

Thank you to those who voted, congratulations to those who have won an award this year and of course, a huge thank you to the rest of you who have been involved in some way at champman0102.co.uk in the past year. Here's to seeing what 2019 has in store for us!

23-01-19, 03:53 PM
Congrats to all winners :clap: and thanks for the write-up, Mark!

Can't imagine how bad a poster GFRay started out as if he's been most improved twice :rofl:

23-01-19, 04:07 PM
Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who voted for me! :)

Personally I had a rollercoaster of a year so I feel extra honoured to be chosen Member of the Year. It's this amazing community that inspires me to do the stuff that I do on here as I do it for you guys. Also it's save for me to say that this community has pulled me through an incredible tough time in my life for which I'm really grateful. The amount of support I've received from so many of you has kept me on the sane side of things for sure so I'm really thankful for that. :love: :grouphug:

You can count on me to keep pulling my weight in 2019 and continue to deliver top notch content for you guys to enjoy! :ok:


23-01-19, 04:23 PM
Firstly - excellent write up Mark :hail:

A big :high5: to those that took the time to vote!

A HUGE congratulations to those who were nominated :clap:

And a MAHOOOSIVE :first: to all of the winners!

Lovely place this - let's keep it going! :grouphug: :ok:

Craig Forrest
23-01-19, 04:42 PM
Congrats to all the wieners :D

23-01-19, 04:43 PM
Congratulations to all winners, cheers for the nominations as well guys :ok:

I know some people from Liverpool say Scouse not English but last time I checked it's still part of the UK, so don't know how I got a best foreigner nomination :lol:

23-01-19, 05:00 PM
Congrats to all the wieners :DNicely done!

23-01-19, 05:03 PM
Great write up as always Mark and well done the winners.

Avoiding any personal wins again.

Slightly disappointed at not even a nomination in the story category. Maybe I'll just continue to write them for my own pleasure elsewhere.
The ones that did get nominations were all quality stories though.

23-01-19, 05:25 PM
Great write up Mark, and some well worthy winners! It was me who voted for 316'sregen as most blatant post booster, I told myself I would do so every year given how pissed off he was about it one time. No matter he went away I still vote for him! :D

Imagine how much GFRay will have to improve now to win that award again next year. I think myself, that start this year at a much lower level, is favorite over him to win that one, eh! :nod:

23-01-19, 06:49 PM
We caught up with trunky alongside a canal in Manchester in pitch darkness as he couldn't be arsed to turn up to the awards ceremony due to "hating all of them, especially that Ray bloke."

"Congratulations on your award trunky, the 4th time in a row that you have won ""funniest Poster". How do you feel?

"Can you shut up for a minute mate, I think there's someone coming."



Due to the darkness I couldn't see what happened next but there was a shout, a scream and what sounded like a man falling into the canal.

"Right, sorry about that, where were we?"

"The award?"

"Oh yes, it's a great honour. Very happy to have won it. Again. Very very happy. Now will you fuck off?"

"Sure, one last question, did you just push a jogger into the canal?"

"I didn't touch him mate, he fell in all by himself. It wasn't me, right?"

And with that trunky disappeared into the darkness.

23-01-19, 07:05 PM
shame on you all that voted for yourself :nono:
'Most Blatant Post Booster' there was also a surprise nomination for evesham :eek: 1750 posts in 6 1/2 years, really? really? :lol:
gratz to all the winners and good write up Mark
I just got back from my jog soaking as some A**hole pushed me in the canal

23-01-19, 07:55 PM
Congrats to all the winners, and deepest thoughts to the losers.

I personally want to say thank you for my funniest poster award nomination, especially as I've only been dipping in and out for the past year. Seriously have some commitment issues ;)

23-01-19, 10:08 PM

Feels good to come back to a positive. Internet on my phone buggered now (#cheapo) so probably won't be proving this award for a bit at least :heh:

Congrats to everybody, and especially to GF and Mark who collected more than one. Vipers was a deserved winner, I have a feeling that one wasn't a clear winner however. Most Intelligent, well I think that may have been obvious. saturn is one of the biggest parts of this forum and though he may not see this award, he deserves it.

God, for the 3 months I was posting, a lot happened. New update, new patch. Vipers crash. CML, UML, DTL, Road To Glory, Stories, new members, 20 Questions, Tactics, Good players........ if you came to me and told me you were bored here I'd book you into a doctor and request a checkup from the neck up.

I am excited to announce a few things I want to introduce to this community in the coming months, fingers crossed I can pull them together.

Cheers to everyone who nominated this bloody fool and here's to 2019 from Australia!

23-01-19, 10:20 PM
How in hell could these idiots get nominations for Most Intelligent Poster and not one for me. Congratz for the winners and thanks for my nominations.

23-01-19, 10:44 PM
How in hell could these idiots get nominations for Most Intelligent Poster and not one for me. Congratz for the winners and thanks for my nominations.

Already mate a verbal warning to the officials over that - must have been a fixed result! :heh:

Anyone here could have had that one without complaint, including you :)

24-01-19, 06:55 AM
Cheers guys. As a 32 year old cm0102 was life, and to join this and get a new lease of life in it and see how much work goes into it all from everyone has been excellent. Long may it continue.

Congrats to all.

And to ebfatz, I didn't know about story, I only followed new ones from when I joined. But started yours, and it's tough at Solihull so far!

24-01-19, 08:16 AM
Nice to get the award for best story again. Even if it was tied for first place with five other stories. :)

25-01-19, 03:13 PM
Who nominated me for best staff and why?

By the looks of it there has to be one person every year who acts like a complete imbecile when nominating - best moment was me not being concise (and probably tipsy)?

Probably don't need to go as far as saying that though Mark - it makes me look and feel bad. Technically I was a mod at one point though

25-01-19, 04:49 PM
Not me.

25-01-19, 07:07 PM
Congrats to all the winners :ok:


27-01-19, 07:55 PM
Who nominated me for best staff and why?

By the looks of it there has to be one person every year who acts like a complete imbecile when nominating - best moment was me not being concise (and probably tipsy)?

Probably don't need to go as far as saying that though Mark - it makes me look and feel bad. Technically I was a mod at one point though*waves

03-02-19, 12:29 PM
we'd also set a new record for the most amount of members online on the 12th December 2016 when 2,219 accounts had logged in!

The last couple of days, these statistics are looking some kind of cumulative. Are we safe?


03-02-19, 12:39 PM
Wow errrr - I mean.... I don't see why anything is wrong.

Personally I'm always superstitious of that - funny how most of them are looking at the chatbox. It also seems inaccurate because it doesn't register you're offline at first - can take up to 10m.

Possibly someone could prove that wrong but I'm just a smidge skeptical of those stats

For example

https://s15.directupload.net/images/190203/deebdnry.jpg (https://www.directupload.net) https://s15.directupload.net/images/190203/vboxkzts.jpg (https://www.directupload.net) https://s15.directupload.net/images/190203/44r4s6o4.jpg (https://www.directupload.net) https://s15.directupload.net/images/190203/bq4izgv5.jpg (https://www.directupload.net)

Edit - OK this is getting weirder

https://s15.directupload.net/images/190203/ixbnldew.jpg (https://www.directupload.net)

Edit. New record every minute now :)

Its strange because nothing has been released and its a weekend. Is this normal? Surely not....

This number continues to increase so I will take the opportunity to congratulate everyone on such an amazing feat as we approach 11,000 online.

Surely this isn't real?

04-02-19, 11:52 AM
They'll just be bots. Relax.

04-02-19, 11:55 AM
It was obscene though.

11-02-19, 01:42 PM
Just a quick note to say to the winners that you've all now been set up with a year's VIP along with 1,000 extra vCash to your stack :ok:

11-02-19, 01:47 PM
Oh I forgot about that! Cheers! Got no idea what to do with it though