View Full Version : Sometimes I feel my version is broken

06-02-19, 11:19 PM
Playing the latest patch release and played a season with wolves I was floating around in the play offs all season then got within 2 points of automatic promotion places then suddenly I could not win a game

Literally the whole remaining 12 games I missed chance after chance and lose 3 or 4 nil I tried everything possible checking players form, changing formation you name it but nothing worked I ended up 9th I just put it down as one of them things until...

I took over at Tranmere who had an awful team totally unbalanced and 300k to spend so I really put the work in in the transfer market I spent hours trawling players wheeling and dealing and played tough pre season games leading to an amazing start to the season where we were in 4th until xmas closing on the top then bang it happens again can't score, can't defend in 20 games we drew 8 lost 12!

I don't understand it at all I played this game as a kid and won everything or had bad seasons but never endless runs of bad results with no rhyme or reason its seriously frustrating has anyone heard of this happening?

07-02-19, 12:51 AM
Players knackered towards end of season?

If you chopped and changed a lot that surely can't help

11-02-19, 10:23 PM
i did keep an eye on condition and all looked ok as far as I remember and I did chop and change mostly due to injuries and players being off form

i guess my formation ideas just were not good enough i can't remember the ideal ones I used years ago but i wanted to go in blind just didnt expect such a sudden drop in results felt like a curse haha

thanks for the reply