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24-04-12, 06:24 PM
This is my collection of around 1200 backgrounds for the new interface 1280*800.90% of them is created by Silvie.Backgrounds for most of playable leagues are included,European competitions and international competitions.In this first part i'v packed 200 backgrounds and also pics.cfg file for all of 1200 backgrounds.I will upload all of them later tonight and tommorow.

Part 1 - http://www.champman0102.co.uk/downloads.php?do=file&id=100
Part 2 - http://www.champman0102.co.uk/downloads.php?do=file&id=101
Part 3 - http://www.champman0102.co.uk/downloads.php?do=file&id=102
Part 4 - http://www.champman0102.co.uk/downloads.php?do=file&id=103
Part 5 - http://www.champman0102.co.uk/downloads.php?do=file&id=104

24-04-12, 06:25 PM
any chance of a look at a few of them before i download a whole lot,

24-04-12, 06:26 PM
ok,just a minute...

24-04-12, 06:31 PM
thanks mate :ok:

24-04-12, 06:38 PM




Beez,this are most interesting for you i reckon...and they are packed in part 2 which i will upload tonight...will be ready for tommorow morning..

24-04-12, 06:42 PM
:lol: yeh hes gonna love seeing Celtic 5th :lol:

24-04-12, 06:42 PM
looks good mate :ok:
some more stadium shots would be good [not celtic :lol:]
thanks again

24-04-12, 06:45 PM
:lol: yeh hes gonna love seeing Celtic 5th :lol:

at least i can't be accused of updating bias :whistle:

might be the last time you see a SPL table with the gers in it :lol:

24-04-12, 06:49 PM
Beez,there are packs for stadium for most of the leagues,and also logo packs,and also there is a pack with players pictures.As i said,bassicaly,everything Silvie ever created for the new interface i'v downloaded.Still,i'v created many of them by myself.Now,i packed them by alphabetical order 200-300 per part.

24-04-12, 06:55 PM
ha ha...don't be that harsh over Gers...they are in the same situation as my Red Star Belgrade...huge,huge debts...but,imagine that on of the biggest matches on planet we don't watch next season?!
Personally,beside Belgrade derby,i don't miss watching Old Firm and also Liverpool-Man Utd...Real,pure football...everything else...like Spanish soaps Real vs Barca or Milan-Juve,dirty,uninteresting,boring...

at least i can't be accused of updating bias :whistle:

might be the last time you see a SPL table with the gers in it :lol:

24-04-12, 07:32 PM
wow. already downloaded it. looking forward to the 2nd part. plus a *pic* file that puts pics in order (like looking at the Juve page and not seeing auxerre logo background)

24-04-12, 07:49 PM
yeah excellent but yeah alfi is right needs a pic file.

24-04-12, 08:09 PM
Are you guys sure that the previous pics.cfg file was only Read Only and thus it didnt get overwritten? Best way to check is compare the pics.cfg in the Championship Manager 01-02\pictures folder against the unpacked pics.cfg in the download :ok:

24-04-12, 09:57 PM
pics.cfg file is included in zipped file...

24-04-12, 10:07 PM
it is included in the file. the only thing is that not all connections are made between photos and teams/players.
For example, if I go to Ajax, or Barcelona, or Arsenal, Liverpool or Daniel Agger screen, I always, ALWAYS, get a pic of the logo, or that team's fans, (or daniel Agger).

But if I go to a screen of man utd, I get a background pic of Amauri, and if I go to Juve, I get a photo of Nani or Man utd. The pic file has to be edited so that the each photo corresponds to a screen. I assume/hope that will follow with the second part of the file package. Looking forward.

24-04-12, 10:09 PM
that is because this is only PART1 of backgrounds with only 200 pictures...and in pics.cfg file there is connection for 1200 pictures...PART 2,3,4,5 will be uploaded tonight...if u read first post again you'll see that i already told that... :-)

24-04-12, 10:15 PM
cheers mate! =)

24-04-12, 10:17 PM
cheers mate! =)

you're welcome :-)

24-04-12, 11:26 PM
Added to the Downloads :ok:

25-04-12, 07:54 AM

25-04-12, 10:02 AM

The pics.cfg is in the folder

25-04-12, 10:15 AM
Oh, ok, sorry. I said "no" to "PART 2,3,4,5 will be uploaded tonight" and then "Added to the Downloads".
Is it the same pics.cfg file as yesterday? Or have you put in a new file, in which case I should download the whole thing again?

25-04-12, 10:22 AM
It's pretty straight forward.

Pack 1 has part 1 of the whole pack and the pics.cfg file

Djole will upload the rest of the packs that correspond to the pics.cfg in his own time i.e. the same pics.cfg is used for all parts

25-04-12, 10:32 AM
Derm,please move all links to download section


25-04-12, 10:45 AM
Downloads Added
OP Updated
Thread title updated

Good stuff getting all up djole :ok:

01-05-12, 12:39 PM
Hi guys. Question. I started a new season (ajax). I am playing with the March ODB update, tapani 2.19 patch, 1200x800. Not all background changes happen as they should (yes, i did download all the parts of the file). Juve, ajax, major clubs will load properly. but for example bologna (a team I also wanted to start a new season with) will not get its specific background. Any thoughts/ideas what i might be doing wrong?


01-05-12, 01:17 PM
Bologna doesn't match the database name in the pics.cfg file. Solution: Edit the pics.cfg to match the club long name in the Editor (don't validate if prompted)

16-05-12, 09:36 PM
i'v created a background pack for the 1280*800 interface containing 303 backgrounds from CM0304 for my own use...anyone interested,should i upload it?

Cam F
17-05-12, 07:23 AM
i'v created a background pack for the 1280*800 interface containing 303 backgrounds from CM0304 for my own use...anyone interested,should i upload it?

Sounds good. The more 1280*800 pics about the more people will be tempted to use it.

17-05-12, 09:57 AM
ok...will upload it today then... :-)

17-05-12, 07:11 PM

This is a my background pack with pictures from CM 0304.It contains 303 backgrounds in 1280*800 resolution (new interface).Also,pics.cfg file is includen in packed file.Hope u will enjoy.

p.s. can someone move this to download section please...thanks...

03-06-12, 11:42 AM
Fantastic work lads, they look great :ok:


03-06-12, 01:57 PM
Great job although I do have to wonder why and how a 40 year old virgin background found its way in there! :confused:

03-06-12, 06:27 PM
any screenies?

03-06-12, 10:48 PM
I've had a couple random ones too Elliot, like Superbad as pirates of the Caribbean....

03-06-12, 11:36 PM
there is a 40 or 50 movie backgrounds for 1280*800 resolution...i don't recall who created it,but i remember they were the first backgrounds for the new interface...

03-06-12, 11:42 PM
any screenies?




04-06-12, 08:02 AM
there is a 40 or 50 movie backgrounds for 1280*800 resolution...i don't recall who created it,but i remember they were the first backgrounds for the new interface...

Yeah I saw a few more. In the end it doesn't look bad or anything!

04-06-12, 05:39 PM
there is a 40 or 50 movie backgrounds for 1280*800 resolution...i don't recall who created it,but i remember they were the first backgrounds for the new interface...

That was me :D

http://img826.imageshack.us/img826/3485/easycapture1w.jpg (http://img826.imageshack.us/i/easycapture1w.jpg/)

Just fancied something a bit different at the time :ok:

05-06-12, 08:10 PM
yeah...that was u... :-)
you should create more of them...

20-06-13, 05:54 PM
The player pictures don't work at all...

All the DOB's for players in the pics.cfg file seem to be the players actual DOB's whereas in the game (with a data update applied anyway) they're completely void as obviously all the DOB's have been changed. e.g. in the pics.cfg file you get "Jermain Defoe 7/10/1982: defoe.RGN" whereas in the data update, Defoe's DOB is actually 07/10/1971

Don't suppose there exists a pics.cfg file for these backgrounds which actually works for the data updates? Otherwise I'm assuming the only way of possibly having these player backgrounds actually match up correctly is by playing the game un-patched (or of course by going through the whole thing changing hundreds of DOBs manually)

Just seems a shame that so many people will have downloaded these backgrounds and the vast majority of them will never even appear in the game. (not having a go obviously, just raising the issue)

20-06-13, 06:02 PM
Post the whole players list here I'll change in excel for you

20-06-13, 06:43 PM
All the players in the pics.cfg gile:

Luca Toni 26/5/1977: lucatoni.RGN
José Manuel Reina 31/8/1982: reina.RGN
Steven Gerrard 30/5/1980: gerrard.RGN
Fernando Torres 20/3/1984: torres.RGN
Cesc Fŕbregas 4/5/1987: fabregas.RGN
Charlie Adam 11/12/1985: charlieadam.RGN
Roque Santa Cruz 16/8/1981: santacruz.RGN
Nicklas Bendtner 16/1/1988: bendtner.RGN
Abou Diaby 11/5/1986: diaby.RGN
Robin van Persie 6/8/1983: vanpersie.RGN
Samir Nasri 26/6/1986: nasri.RGN
Andrey Arshavin 29/5/1981: arshavin.RGN
Alexandre Song Bilong 9/9/1987: asong.RGN
Theo Walcott 16/3/1989: walcott.RGN
Aaron Ramsey 26/12/1990: ramsey.RGN
Jack Wilshere 1/1/1992: wilshere.RGN
Gaël Clichy 26/7/1985: clichy.RGN
Daniel Agger 12/12/1984: agger.RGN
Jamie Carragher 28/1/1978: carragher.RGN
Tom Huddlestone 28/12/1986: huddlestone.RGN
Joe Cole 8/11/1981: jcole.RGN
Glen Johnson 23/8/1984: gjohnson.RGN
Dirk Kuyt 23/7/1980: kuyt.RGN
Lucas Pezzini Leiva 9/1/1987: lucas.RGN
Maximiliano Rubén Rodríguez 2/1/1981: maxi.RGN
Martin Skrtel 15/12/1984: skrtel.RGN
Petr Cech 20/5/1982: cech.RGN
Ashley Cole 20/12/1980: acole.RGN
Nicolas Anelka 14/3/1979: anelka.RGN
Didier Drogba 11/3/1978: drogba.RGN
Michael Essien 3/12/1982: essien.RGN
Branislav Ivanovic 22/4/1984: ivanovic.RGN
Salomon Kalou 5/8/1985: kalou.RGN
Frank Lampard 20/6/1978: lampard.RGN
Florent Malouda 14/6/1980: malouda.RGN
John Obi Mikel 22/4/1987: mikel.RGN
Ramires Santos do Nascimento 24/3/1987: ramires.RGN
John Terry 7/12/1980: terry.RGN
Antonio Valencia 4/8/1985: avalencia.RGN
Dimitar Berbatov 30/1/1981: berbatov.RGN
Michael Carrick 28/7/1981: carrick.RGN
Javier Hernández 1/6/1988: chicharito.RGN
Darren Fletcher 1/2/1984: dfletcher.RGN
Patrice Evra 15/5/1981: evra.RGN
Ryan Giggs 29/11/1973: giggs.RGN
Owen Hargreaves 20/1/1981: hargreaves.RGN
Federico Macheda 22/8/1991: macheda.RGN
Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha 17/11/1986: nani.RGN
Rio Ferdinand 7/11/1978: rferdinand.RGN
Wayne Rooney 24/10/1985: rooney.RGN
Paul Scholes 16/11/1974: scholes.RGN
Edwin van der Sar 29/10/1970: vandersar.RGN
Nemanja Vidic 21/10/1981: vidic.RGN
Mark Schwarzer 6/10/1972: schwarzer.RGN
Aaron Hughes 8/11/1979: ahughes.RGN
Moussa Dembele 17/7/1987: dembele.RGN
Clint Dempsey 9/3/1983: dempsey.RGN
Damien Duff 2/3/1979: duff.RGN
Brede Hangeland 20/6/1981: hangeland.RGN
Diomansy Kamara 8/11/1980: kamara.RGN
Carlos Salcido 3/4/1980: salcido.RGN
Simon Davies 23/10/1979: sdavies.RGN
Bobby Zamora 16/1/1981: zamora.RGN
Aaron Lennon 16/4/1987: alennon.RGN
Gareth Bale 16/7/1989: bale.RGN
David Bentley 27/8/1984: bentley.RGN
Vedran Corluka 5/2/1986: corluka.RGN
Peter Crouch 30/1/1981: crouch.RGN
Michael Dawson 18/11/1983: dawson.RGN
Jermain Defoe 7/10/1982: defoe.RGN
Heurelho da Silva Gomes 15/2/1981: gomes.RGN
Jermaine Jenas 18/2/1983: jenas.RGN
Robbie Keane 8/7/1980: keane.RGN
Niko Kranjcar 13/8/1984: kranjcar.RGN
Ledley King 12/10/1980: lking.RGN
Luka Modric 9/9/1985: modric.RGN
Michael Owen 14/12/1979: owen.RGN
Roman Pavlyuchenko 15/12/1981: pavlo.RGN
Rafael van der Vaart 11/2/1983: vandervaart.RGN
Jonathan Woodgate 22/1/1980: woodgate.RGN
Gabby Agbonlahor 13/10/1986: agbon.RGN
Ashley Young 9/7/1985: ashyoung.RGN
John Carew 5/9/1979: carew.RGN
Fabian Delph 21/11/1989: delph.RGN
Stewart Downing 22/7/1984: downing.RGN
Richard Dunne 21/9/1979: dunne.RGN
Brad Friedel 18/5/1971: friedel.RGN
Emile Heskey 11/1/1978: heskey.RGN
Nigel Reo-Coker 14/5/1984: reocoker.RGN
Stephen Ireland 22/8/1986: sireland.RGN
Stilian Petrov 5/7/1979: spetrov.RGN
Barry Ferguson 2/2/1978: bferguson.RGN
Lee Bowyer 3/1/1977: bowyer.RGN
Stephen Carr 28/8/1976: carr.RGN
Ben Foster 3/4/1983: foster.RGN
Alexandr Hleb 1/5/1981: hleb.RGN
Cameron Jerome 14/5/1985: jerome.RGN
James McFadden 14/4/1983: mcfadden.RGN
Kevin Phillips 25/7/1973: phillips.RGN
Liam Ridgewell 21/7/1984: ridgewell.RGN
Nikola Zigic 26/9/1980: zigic.RGN
Benjamin Mwaruwari 13/8/1978: benjani.RGN
Pascal Chimbonda 21/2/1979: chimbonda.RGN
David Dunn 27/12/1979: dunn.RGN
Johan Elmander 27/5/1981: elmander.RGN
Brett Emerton 22/2/1979: emerton.RGN
Gaël Givet 9/10/1981: givet.RGN
Stuart Holden 2/8/1985: holden.RGN
Jussi Jääskeläinen 19/4/1975: jussi.RGN
Kevin Davies 26/3/1977: kdavies.RGN
Martin Petrov 15/1/1979: mpetrov.RGN
Morten Gamst Pedersen 8/9/1981: pedersen.RGN
Paul Robinson 15/10/1979: robinson.RGN
Tim Cahill 6/12/1979: tcahill.RGN
Victor Anichebe 23/4/1988: anichebe.RGN
Mikel Arteta 26/3/1982: arteta.RGN
Leighton Baines 11/12/1984: baines.RGN
Jermaine Beckford 9/12/1983: beckford.RGN
Diniyar Bilyaletdinov 27/2/1985: bilya.RGN
Sylvain Distin 16/12/1977: distin.RGN
Marouane Fellaini 22/11/1987: fellaini.RGN
John Heitinga 15/11/1983: heitinga.RGN
Tim Howard 6/3/1979: howard.RGN
Phil Jagielka 17/8/1982: jagielka.RGN
Steven Pienaar 17/3/1982: pienaar.RGN
Phil Neville 21/1/1977: pneville.RGN
Jack Rodwell 11/3/1991: rodwell.RGN
Louis Saha 8/8/1978: saha.RGN
Yakubu Aiyegbeni 22/11/1982: yakubu.RGN
Joseph Yobo 6/9/1980: yobo.RGN
Emmanuel Adebayor 26/2/1984: adebayor.RGN
Adam Johnson 14/7/1987: ajohnson.RGN
Mario Balotelli 12/8/1990: balotelli.RGN
Gareth Barry 23/2/1981: barry.RGN
Jérôme Boateng 3/9/1988: boateng.RGN
Wayne Bridge 5/8/1980: bridge.RGN
Nigel de Jong 30/11/1984: dejong.RGN
Shay Given 20/4/1976: given.RGN
Joe Hart 19/4/1987: hart.RGN
Kolo Touré 19/3/1981: kolo.RGN
Vincent Kompany 10/4/1986: kompany.RGN
Joleon Lescott 16/8/1982: lescott.RGN
James Milner 4/1/1986: milner.RGN
Nedum Onuoha 12/11/1986: onuoha.RGN
Micah Richards 25/6/1988: richards.RGN
David Silva 8/1/1986: silva.RGN
Shaun Wright-Phillips 25/10/1981: swp.RGN
Carlos Tévez 5/2/1984: tevez.RGN
Yaya Touré 13/5/1983: yaya.RGN
Shola Ameobi 12/10/1981: ameobi.RGN
Joey Barton 2/9/1982: barton.RGN
Hatem Ben Arfa 7/3/1987: benarfa.RGN
Andy Carroll 6/1/1989: carroll.RGN
Dan Gosling 1/2/1990: gosling.RGN
Jonás Gutiérrez 5/7/1983: jonasg.RGN
Tamás Kádár 14/3/1990: kadar.RGN
Peter Lřvenkrands 30/1/1980: lovenkrands.RGN
Kevin Nolan 24/6/1982: nolan.RGN
Wayne Routledge 7/1/1984: routledge.RGN
Alan Smith 28/10/1980: asmith.RGN
Steven Taylor 23/1/1986: staylor.RGN
Rory Delap 6/7/1976: delap.RGN
Eidur Gudjohnsen 15/9/1978: eidur.RGN
Kenwyne Jones 11/5/1984: kenwyn.RGN
Ryan Shawcross 4/10/1987: shawcross.RGN
Thomas Sřrensen 12/6/1976: sorensen.RGN
Sanli Tuncay 16/1/1982: tuncay.RGN
Darren Bent 6/2/1984: bent.RGN
Lee Cattermole 21/3/1988: cattermole.RGN
Anton Ferdinand 18/12/1985: aferdinand.RGN
Craig Gordon 31/12/1982: gordon.RGN
Asamoah Gyan 23/11/1985: gyan.RGN
Steed Malbranque 6/1/1980: malbranque.RGN
Kieran Richardson 21/10/1984: richardson.RGN
Boudewijn Zenden 15/8/1976: zenden.RGN
Roman Bednar 26/3/1983: bednar.RGN
Scott Carson 3/9/1985: carson.RGN
Graham Dorrans 5/5/1987: dorrans.RGN
James Morrison 25/5/1986: morisson.RGN
Osaze Peter Odemwingie 15/7/1981: odemwin.RGN
Carlton Cole 12/10/1983: ccole.RGN
Kieron Dyer 29/12/1978: dyer.RGN
Robert Green 19/1/1980: rgreen.RGN
Victor Nsofor Obinna 27/3/1987: obinna.RGN
Scott Parker 13/10/1980: parker.RGN
Matthew Upson 18/4/1979: upson.RGN
Gary Caldwell 12/4/1982: gcaldwell.RGN
Chris Kirkland 2/5/1981: kirkland.RGN
Charles N'Zogbia 28/5/1986: nzogbia.RGN
Hugo Rodallega 25/7/1985: rodallega.RGN
Kevin Doyle 18/9/1983: doyle.RGN
Sylvan Ebanks-Blake 29/3/1986: ebanks.RGN
George Elokobi 31/1/1986: elokobi.RGN
Steven Fletcher 26/3/1987: sfletcher.RGN
Marcus Hahnemann 15/6/1972: hahn.RGN
Karl Henry 26/11/1982: khenry.RGN
Stephen Hunt 1/8/1981: shunt.RGN
Matty Jarvis 22/5/1986: jarvis.RGN
Michael Kightly 24/1/1986: kightly.RGN

Amauri Carvalho de Oliveira 3/6/1980: AMAURI.RGN
Mariano Andújar 30/7/1983: ANDUJAR.RGN
Dusan Basta 18/8/1984: BASTA.RGN
Valeri Bojinov 15/2/1986: BOJINOV.RGN
Gianluigi Buffon 28/1/1978: BUFFON.RGN
Nicolás Burdisso 12/4/1981: BURDISSO.RGN
Esteban Cambiasso 18/8/1980: CAMBIASSO.RGN
Edinson Cavani 14/2/1987: CAVANI.RGN
Giorgio Chiellini 14/8/1984: CHIELLINI.RGN
Cristian Chivu 26/10/1980: CHIVU.RGN
Giuseppe Colucci 24/8/1980: COLUCCI.RGN
Iván Córdoba 11/8/1976: CORDOBA.RGN
Hernán Crespo 5/7/1975: CRESPO.RGN
Gianluca Curci 12/7/1985: CURCI.RGN
Alessandro Del Piero 9/11/1974: DELPIERO.RGN
Daniele De Rossi 24/7/1983: DEROSSI.RGN
Antonio Di Natale 13/10/1977: DINATALE.RGN
Samuel Eto'o 10/3/1981: ETOO.RGN
Sebastien Frey 18/3/1980: FREY.RGN
Gennaro Gattuso 9/1/1978: GATTUSO.RGN
Alberto Gilardino 5/7/1982: GILARDINO.RGN
Sebastian Giovinco 26/1/1987: GIOVINCO.RGN
Fabio Grosso 28/11/1977: GROSSO.RGN
Marek Hamsik 27/7/1987: HAMSIK.RGN
Samir Handanovic 14/7/1984: HANDANOVIC.RGN
Anderson Hernanes de Carvalho Andrade Lima 29/5/1985: HERNANES.RGN
Juan Silveira dos Santos 1/2/1979: JUAN.RGN
Júlio César Soares Espíndola 3/9/1979: JULIOCESAR.RGN
Javier Zanetti 10/8/1973: JZANETTI.RGN
Júlio Sérgio Bertagnoli 8/11/1978: JULIOSERGIO.RGN
Milos Krasic 1/11/1984: KRASIC.RGN
Ezequiel Iván Lavezzi 3/5/1985: LAVEZZI.RGN
Cristian Ledesma 24/9/1982: LEDESMA.RGN
Lucimar da Silva Ferreira 8/5/1978: LUCIO.RGN
Maicon Douglas Sizenando 26/7/1981: MAICON.RGN
Stefano Mauri 7/1/1980: MAURI.RGN
Maximiliano López 3/4/1984: MAXILOPEZ.RGN
Jérémy Menez 7/5/1987: MENEZ.RGN
Philippe Mexčs 30/3/1982: MEXES.RGN
Fabrizio Miccoli 27/6/1979: MICCOLI.RGN
Diego Milito 12/6/1979: MILITO.RGN
Fernando Muslera 16/6/1986: MUSLERA.RGN
Adrian Mutu 8/1/1979: MUTU.RGN
Alessandro Nesta 19/3/1976: NESTA.RGN
Gabriel Paletta 15/2/1986: PALETTA.RGN
Angelo Palombo 25/9/1981: PALOMBO.RGN
Javier Pastore 20/6/1989: PASTORE.RGN
Alexandre Rodrigues da Silva 2/9/1989: PATO.RGN
Giampaolo Pazzini 2/8/1984: PAZZINI.RGN
Sergio Pellissier 12/4/1979: PELLISSIER.RGN
Simone Perrotta 17/9/1977: PERROTTA.RGN
David Marcelo Pizarro 10/9/1979: PIZZARO.RGN
Róbson de Souza 25/1/1984: ROBINHO.RGN
Tommaso Rocchi 19/9/1977: ROCCHI.RGN
Alexis Sanchez 19/12/1988: SANCHEZ.RGN
Clarence Seedorf 1/4/1976: SEEDORF.RGN
Wesley Sneijder 9/6/1984: SNEIJDER.RGN
Dejan Stankovic 11/9/1978: STANKOVIC.RGN
Rodrigo Taddei 6/3/1980: TADDEI.RGN
Thiago Silva 23/9/1984: THIAGOSILVA.RGN
Francesco Totti 27/9/1976: TOTTI.RGN
Walter Samuel 22/3/1978: SAMUEL.RGN
Mirko Vucinic 1/10/1983: VUCINIC.RGN
Mauro Zárate 18/3/1987: ZARATE.RGN
Zlatan Ibrahimovic 3/10/1981: ZLATAN.RGN
Riccardo Montolivo 18/1/1985: MONTOLIVO.RGN
Mario Santana 25/12/1981: SANTANA.RGN
Phillipe Coutinho 23/6/1992: COUTINHO.RGN
Davide Santon 2/1/1991: SANTON.RGN
Marco Materazzi 19/8/1973: MATERAZZI.RGN
Sulley Ali Muntari 27/8/1984: MUNTARI.RGN
Claudio Marchisio 19/1/1986: MARCHISIO.RGN
Paolo De Ceglie 17/9/1986: DECEGLIE.RGN
Vincenzo Iaquinta 21/11/1979: IAQUINTA.RGN
Felipe Melo de Carvalho 26/8/1983: MELO.RGN
Fabio Quagliarella 31/1/1983: QUAGLIARELLA.RGN
Stephan Lichtsteiner 16/1/1984: LICHSTEINER.RGN
Stefan Radu 22/10/1986: RADU.RGN
Guglielmo Stendardo 6/5/1981: STENDARDO.RGN
Massimo Ambrosini 29/5/1977: AMBROSINI.RGN
Massimo Oddo 14/6/1976: ODDO.RGN
Andrea Pirlo 19/5/1979: PIRLO.RGN
Gianluca Zambrotta 19/2/1977: ZAMBROTTA.RGN
Paolo Cannavaro 26/6/1981: PCANNAVARO.RGN
Michele Pazienza 5/8/1982: PAZIENZA.RGN
Walter Gargano 27/7/1984: GARGANO.RGN
Cesare Bovo 14/1/1983: BOVO.RGN
Dorin Goian 12/12/1980: GOIAN.RGN
Giulio Migliaccio 23/6/1981: MIGGLIACCIO.RGN
Marco Borriello 18/6/1982: BORRIELLO.RGN
Matteo Brighi 14/2/1981: BRIGHI.RGN
Marco Cassetti 29/5/1977: CASSETTI.RGN
John Arne Riise 24/9/1980: RIISE.RGN
Fábio Henrique Simplício 23/9/1979: SIMPLICIO.RGN
Stefano Guberti 6/11/1984: GUBERTI.RGN
Antonio Floro Flores 18/6/1983: FLOROFLORES.RGN
Cristian Zapata 30/9/1986: ZAPATA.RGN
Paulo Vitor Barreto De Souza 12/7/1985: BARRETTO.RGN
Davide Biondini 24/1/1983: BIONDINI.RGN
Marco Di Vaio 15/7/1976: DIVAIO.RGN
Federico Marchetti 7/2/1983: MARCHETTI.RGN
Antonio Mirante 8/7/1983: MIRANTE.RGN
Stefano Morrone 26/10/1978: MORRONE.RGN
Gaby Mudingayi 1/10/1981: MUDINGAYI.RGN
Rodrigo Palacio 5/8/1982: PALACIO.RGN
Alessandro Parisi 10/10/1978: PARISI.RGN
Ferreira da Silva 31/7/1983: REGINALDO.RGN
Stefano Sorrentino 28/3/1979: SORRENTINO.RGN
Stevan Jovetic 2/11/1989: JOVETIC.RGN
Alessandro Lucarelli 22/7/1977: ALUCARELLI.RGN
Alberto Aquilani 7/7/1984: AQUILANI.RGN
Federico Balzaretti 6/12/1981: BALZARETTI.RGN
Marco Biagianti 14/4/1984: BIAGIANTI.RGN
Giuseppe Biava 8/7/1975: BIAVA.RGN
Erijon Bogdani 14/4/1977: BOGDANI.RGN
Cristian Brocchi 30/1/1976: BROCCHI.RGN
Alessandro Budel 25/2/1981: BUDEL.RGN
Andrea Caracciolo 18/9/1981: CARACCIOLO.RGN
Cícero Joăo de Cézare 24/6/1980: CICINHO.RGN
Alessandro Diamanti 2/5/1983: DIAMANTI.RGN
Donieber Alexandre Marangăo 22/10/1979: DONI.RGN
Sergio Floccari 12/11/1981: FLOCCARI.RGN
Pasquale Foggia 3/6/1983: FOGGIA.RGN
Daniele Galloppa 14/5/1985: GALLOPPA.RGN
Alessandro Gamberini 27/8/1981: GAMBERINI.RGN
Gennaro Delvecchio 25/3/1978: DELVECCHIO.RGN
Leandro Greco 19/7/1986: GRECO.RGN
Josip Ilicic 29/1/1988: ILICIC.RGN
Fabio Liverani 29/4/1976: LIVERANI.RGN
Stefano Lucchini 2/10/1980: LUCCHINI.RGN
Massimo Maccarone 6/9/1979: MACCARONE.RGN
Andrea Mantovani 22/6/1984: MANTOVANI.RGN
Marco Motta 14/5/1986: MARCOMOTTA.RGN
Giuseppe Mascara 22/8/1979: MASCARA.RGN
Matuzalém Francelino da Silva 10/6/1980: MATUZALEM.RGN
Yuto Nagatomo 12/9/1986: NAGATOMO.RGN
Goran Pandev 27/7/1983: PANDEV.RGN
Mauricio Pinilla 4/2/1984: PINILLA.RGN
Matteo Sereni 11/2/1975: SERENI.RGN
Simone Inzaghi 5/4/1976: SINZAGHI.RGN
Stephen Appiah 24/12/1980: APPIAH.RGN
Juan Manuel Vargas 15/10/1983: VARGAS.RGN
Giampiero Ventura 14/1/1948: VENTURA.RGN
Alberto Malesani 5/6/1954: MALESANI.RGN
Marco Giampaolo 2/8/1967: GIAMPAOLI.RGN
Stefano Pioli 19/10/1965: PIOLI.RGN
Massimo Ficcadenti 6/11/1967: FICCADENTI.RGN
Sinisa Mihajlovic 20/2/1969: MIHAJLOVIC.RGN
Gian Piero Gasperini 26/1/1958: GASPERINI.RGN
Leonardo Nascimento de Araújo 5/9/1969: LEONARDO.RGN
Luigi Del Neri 23/8/1950: DELNERI.RGN
Edoardo Reja 10/10/1945: REJA.RGN
Massimiliano Allegri 11/8/1967: ALLEGRI.RGN
Roberto Donadoni 9/9/1963: DONADONI.RGN
Pasquale Marino 13/7/1962: MARINO.RGN
Claudio Ranieri 20/10/1951: RANIERI.RGN
Domenico Di Carlo 23/3/1964: DICARLO.RGN
Francesco Guidolin 3/10/1955: GUIDOLIN.RGN
Filippo Inzaghi 9/8/1973: FINZAGHI.RGN
Christian Abbiati 8/7/1977: ABBIATI.RGN
Jonathan Biabiany 28/4/1988: BIABIANY.RGN
Antonio Cassano 12/7/1982: CASSANO.RGN
Kevin-Prince Boateng 6/3/1987: PRINCEBOATENG.RGN
Mathieu Flamini 7/3/1984: FLAMINI.RGN
Marek Jankulovski 9/5/1977: JANKULOVSKI.RGN
Salvatore Sirigu 12/1/1987: SIRIGU.RGN
Bostjan Cesar 9/7/1982: BOSTJAN.RGN
Andrea Lazzari 3/12/1984: LAZZARI.RGN
Daniele Dessena 10/5/1987: DESSENA.RGN
Alessandro Matri 19/8/1984: MATRI.RGN
Abdelkader Ghezzal 5/12/1984: GHEZZAL.RGN

20-06-13, 08:12 PM
i'm currently doing a new 1280x800 megapack, hopefully should have it done by the end of the month

20-06-13, 08:45 PM
Christian Abbiati 8/7/66 ABBIATI.RGN
Ashley Cole 20/12/69 acole.RGN
Emmanuel Adebayor 26/2/73 adebayor.RGN
Anton Ferdinand 18/12/74 aferdinand.RGN
Gabby Agbonlahor 13/10/75 agbon.RGN
Daniel Agger 12/12/73 agger.RGN
Aaron Hughes 8/11/68 ahughes.RGN
Adam Johnson 14/7/76 ajohnson.RGN
Aaron Lennon 16/4/76 alennon.RGN
Massimiliano Allegri 11/8/56 ALLEGRI.RGN
Alessandro Lucarelli 22/7/66 ALUCARELLI.RGN
Massimo Ambrosini 29/5/66 AMBROSINI.RGN
Shola Ameobi 12/10/70 ameobi.RGN
Mariano Andújar 30/7/72 ANDUJAR.RGN
Nicolas Anelka 14/3/68 anelka.RGN
Victor Anichebe 23/4/77 anichebe.RGN
Stephen Appiah 24/12/69 APPIAH.RGN
Alberto Aquilani 7/7/73 AQUILANI.RGN
Andrey Arshavin 29/5/70 arshavin.RGN
Mikel Arteta 26/3/71 arteta.RGN
Ashley Young 9/7/74 ashyoung.RGN
Alan Smith 28/10/69 asmith.RGN
Alexandre Song Bilong 9/9/76 asong.RGN
Antonio Valencia 4/8/74 avalencia.RGN
Leighton Baines 11/12/73 baines.RGN
Gareth Bale 16/7/78 bale.RGN
Mario Balotelli 12/8/79 balotelli.RGN
Federico Balzaretti 6/12/70 BALZARETTI.RGN
Gareth Barry 23/2/70 barry.RGN
Joey Barton 2/9/71 barton.RGN
Dusan Basta 18/8/73 BASTA.RGN
Jermaine Beckford 9/12/72 beckford.RGN
Roman Bednar 26/3/72 bednar.RGN
Nicklas Bendtner 16/1/77 bendtner.RGN
Benjamin Mwaruwari 13/8/67 benjani.RGN
Darren Bent 6/2/73 bent.RGN
David Bentley 27/8/73 bentley.RGN
Dimitar Berbatov 30/1/70 berbatov.RGN
Barry Ferguson 2/2/67 bferguson.RGN
Jonathan Biabiany 28/4/77 BIABIANY.RGN
Marco Biagianti 14/4/73 BIAGIANTI.RGN
Giuseppe Biava 8/7/64 BIAVA.RGN
Diniyar Bilyaletdinov 27/2/74 bilya.RGN
Davide Biondini 24/1/72 BIONDINI.RGN
Jérôme Boateng 3/9/77 boateng.RGN
Erijon Bogdani 14/4/66 BOGDANI.RGN
Valeri Bojinov 15/2/75 BOJINOV.RGN
Marco Borriello 18/6/71 BORRIELLO.RGN
Bostjan Cesar 9/7/71 BOSTJAN.RGN
Cesare Bovo 14/1/72 BOVO.RGN
Lee Bowyer 3/1/66 bowyer.RGN
Wayne Bridge 5/8/69 bridge.RGN
Matteo Brighi 14/2/70 BRIGHI.RGN
Cristian Brocchi 30/1/65 BROCCHI.RGN
Alessandro Budel 25/2/70 BUDEL.RGN
Gianluigi Buffon 28/1/67 BUFFON.RGN
Nicolás Burdisso 12/4/70 BURDISSO.RGN
Esteban Cambiasso 18/8/69 CAMBIASSO.RGN
Andrea Caracciolo 18/9/70 CARACCIOLO.RGN
John Carew 5/9/68 carew.RGN
Stephen Carr 28/8/65 carr.RGN
Jamie Carragher 28/1/67 carragher.RGN
Michael Carrick 28/7/70 carrick.RGN
Andy Carroll 6/1/78 carroll.RGN
Scott Carson 3/9/74 carson.RGN
Antonio Cassano 12/7/71 CASSANO.RGN
Marco Cassetti 29/5/66 CASSETTI.RGN
Lee Cattermole 21/3/77 cattermole.RGN
Edinson Cavani 14/2/76 CAVANI.RGN
Carlton Cole 12/10/72 ccole.RGN
Petr Cech 20/5/71 cech.RGN
Charlie Adam 11/12/74 charlieadam.RGN
Javier Hernández 1/6/77 chicharito.RGN
Giorgio Chiellini 14/8/73 CHIELLINI.RGN
Pascal Chimbonda 21/2/68 chimbonda.RGN
Cristian Chivu 26/10/69 CHIVU.RGN
Gaël Clichy 26/7/74 clichy.RGN
Giuseppe Colucci 24/8/69 COLUCCI.RGN
Iván Córdoba 11/8/65 CORDOBA.RGN
Vedran Corluka 5/2/75 corluka.RGN
Phillipe Coutinho 23/6/81 COUTINHO.RGN
Hernán Crespo 5/7/64 CRESPO.RGN
Peter Crouch 30/1/70 crouch.RGN
Gianluca Curci 12/7/74 CURCI.RGN
Michael Dawson 18/11/72 dawson.RGN
Jermain Defoe 7/10/71 defoe.RGN
Rory Delap 6/7/65 delap.RGN
Fabian Delph 21/11/78 delph.RGN
Gennaro Delvecchio 25/3/67 DELVECCHIO.RGN
Moussa Dembele 17/7/76 dembele.RGN
Clint Dempsey 9/3/72 dempsey.RGN
Daniele Dessena 10/5/76 DESSENA.RGN
Darren Fletcher 1/2/73 dfletcher.RGN
Abou Diaby 11/5/75 diaby.RGN
Alessandro Diamanti 2/5/72 DIAMANTI.RGN
Sylvain Distin 16/12/66 distin.RGN
Roberto Donadoni 9/9/52 DONADONI.RGN
Graham Dorrans 5/5/76 dorrans.RGN
Stewart Downing 22/7/73 downing.RGN
Kevin Doyle 18/9/72 doyle.RGN
Didier Drogba 11/3/67 drogba.RGN
Damien Duff 2/3/68 duff.RGN
David Dunn 27/12/68 dunn.RGN
Richard Dunne 21/9/68 dunne.RGN
Kieron Dyer 29/12/67 dyer.RGN
Sylvan Ebanks-Blake 29/3/75 ebanks.RGN
Eidur Gudjohnsen 15/9/67 eidur.RGN
Johan Elmander 27/5/70 elmander.RGN
George Elokobi 31/1/75 elokobi.RGN
Brett Emerton 22/2/68 emerton.RGN
Michael Essien 3/12/71 essien.RGN
Samuel Eto'o 10/3/70 ETOO.RGN
Patrice Evra 15/5/70 evra.RGN
Cesc Fŕbregas 4/5/76 fabregas.RGN
Marouane Fellaini 22/11/76 fellaini.RGN
Massimo Ficcadenti 6/11/56 FICCADENTI.RGN
Filippo Inzaghi 9/8/62 FINZAGHI.RGN
Mathieu Flamini 7/3/73 FLAMINI.RGN
Sergio Floccari 12/11/70 FLOCCARI.RGN
Pasquale Foggia 3/6/72 FOGGIA.RGN
Ben Foster 3/4/72 foster.RGN
Sebastien Frey 18/3/69 FREY.RGN
Brad Friedel 18/5/60 friedel.RGN
Daniele Galloppa 14/5/74 GALLOPPA.RGN
Alessandro Gamberini 27/8/70 GAMBERINI.RGN
Walter Gargano 27/7/73 GARGANO.RGN
Gennaro Gattuso 9/1/67 GATTUSO.RGN
Gary Caldwell 12/4/71 gcaldwell.RGN
Steven Gerrard 30/5/69 gerrard.RGN
Abdelkader Ghezzal 5/12/73 GHEZZAL.RGN
Marco Giampaolo 2/8/56 GIAMPAOLI.RGN
Ryan Giggs 29/11/62 giggs.RGN
Alberto Gilardino 5/7/71 GILARDINO.RGN
Sebastian Giovinco 26/1/76 GIOVINCO.RGN
Shay Given 20/4/65 given.RGN
Gaël Givet 9/10/70 givet.RGN
Glen Johnson 23/8/73 gjohnson.RGN
Dorin Goian 12/12/69 GOIAN.RGN
Craig Gordon 31/12/71 gordon.RGN
Dan Gosling 1/2/79 gosling.RGN
Leandro Greco 19/7/75 GRECO.RGN
Fabio Grosso 28/11/66 GROSSO.RGN
Stefano Guberti 6/11/73 GUBERTI.RGN
Francesco Guidolin 3/10/44 GUIDOLIN.RGN
Asamoah Gyan 23/11/74 gyan.RGN
Marcus Hahnemann 15/6/61 hahn.RGN
Marek Hamsik 27/7/76 HAMSIK.RGN
Samir Handanovic 14/7/73 HANDANOVIC.RGN
Brede Hangeland 20/6/70 hangeland.RGN
Owen Hargreaves 20/1/70 hargreaves.RGN
Joe Hart 19/4/76 hart.RGN
John Heitinga 15/11/72 heitinga.RGN
Anderson Hernanes de Carvalho Andrade Lima 29/5/74 HERNANES.RGN
Emile Heskey 11/1/67 heskey.RGN
Alexandr Hleb 1/5/70 hleb.RGN
Stuart Holden 2/8/74 holden.RGN
Tim Howard 6/3/68 howard.RGN
Tom Huddlestone 28/12/75 huddlestone.RGN
Vincenzo Iaquinta 21/11/68 IAQUINTA.RGN
Josip Ilicic 29/1/77 ILICIC.RGN
Branislav Ivanovic 22/4/73 ivanovic.RGN
Phil Jagielka 17/8/71 jagielka.RGN
Marek Jankulovski 9/5/66 JANKULOVSKI.RGN
Matty Jarvis 22/5/75 jarvis.RGN
Joe Cole 8/11/70 jcole.RGN
Jermaine Jenas 18/2/72 jenas.RGN
Cameron Jerome 14/5/74 jerome.RGN
Jonás Gutiérrez 5/7/72 jonasg.RGN
Stevan Jovetic 2/11/78 JOVETIC.RGN
Jussi Jääskeläinen 19/4/64 jussi.RGN
Javier Zanetti 10/8/62 JZANETTI.RGN
Tamás Kádár 14/3/79 kadar.RGN
Salomon Kalou 5/8/74 kalou.RGN
Diomansy Kamara 8/11/69 kamara.RGN
Kevin Davies 26/3/66 kdavies.RGN
Robbie Keane 8/7/69 keane.RGN
Kenwyne Jones 11/5/73 kenwyn.RGN
Karl Henry 26/11/71 khenry.RGN
Michael Kightly 24/1/75 kightly.RGN
Chris Kirkland 2/5/70 kirkland.RGN
Kolo Touré 19/3/70 kolo.RGN
Vincent Kompany 10/4/75 kompany.RGN
Niko Kranjcar 13/8/73 kranjcar.RGN
Milos Krasic 1/11/73 KRASIC.RGN
Dirk Kuyt 23/7/69 kuyt.RGN
Frank Lampard 20/6/67 lampard.RGN
Andrea Lazzari 3/12/73 LAZZARI.RGN
Cristian Ledesma 24/9/71 LEDESMA.RGN
Joleon Lescott 16/8/71 lescott.RGN
Stephan Lichtsteiner 16/1/73 LICHSTEINER.RGN
Fabio Liverani 29/4/65 LIVERANI.RGN
Ledley King 12/10/69 lking.RGN
Peter Lřvenkrands 30/1/69 lovenkrands.RGN
Luca Toni 26/5/66 lucatoni.RGN
Stefano Lucchini 2/10/69 LUCCHINI.RGN
Massimo Maccarone 6/9/68 MACCARONE.RGN
Federico Macheda 22/8/80 macheda.RGN
Steed Malbranque 6/1/69 malbranque.RGN
Alberto Malesani 5/6/43 MALESANI.RGN
Florent Malouda 14/6/69 malouda.RGN
Andrea Mantovani 22/6/73 MANTOVANI.RGN
Federico Marchetti 7/2/72 MARCHETTI.RGN
Claudio Marchisio 19/1/75 MARCHISIO.RGN
Marco Motta 14/5/75 MARCOMOTTA.RGN
Pasquale Marino 13/7/51 MARINO.RGN
Giuseppe Mascara 22/8/68 MASCARA.RGN
Marco Materazzi 19/8/62 MATERAZZI.RGN
Alessandro Matri 19/8/73 MATRI.RGN
Stefano Mauri 7/1/69 MAURI.RGN
Maximiliano López 3/4/73 MAXILOPEZ.RGN
James McFadden 14/4/72 mcfadden.RGN
Jérémy Menez 7/5/76 MENEZ.RGN
Philippe Mexčs 30/3/71 MEXES.RGN
Fabrizio Miccoli 27/6/68 MICCOLI.RGN
Giulio Migliaccio 23/6/70 MIGGLIACCIO.RGN
Sinisa Mihajlovic 20/2/58 MIHAJLOVIC.RGN
Diego Milito 12/6/68 MILITO.RGN
James Milner 4/1/75 milner.RGN
Antonio Mirante 8/7/72 MIRANTE.RGN
Luka Modric 9/9/74 modric.RGN
Riccardo Montolivo 18/1/74 MONTOLIVO.RGN
James Morrison 25/5/75 morisson.RGN
Stefano Morrone 26/10/67 MORRONE.RGN
Martin Petrov 15/1/68 mpetrov.RGN
Gaby Mudingayi 1/10/70 MUDINGAYI.RGN
Fernando Muslera 16/6/75 MUSLERA.RGN
Adrian Mutu 8/1/68 MUTU.RGN
Yuto Nagatomo 12/9/75 NAGATOMO.RGN
Samir Nasri 26/6/75 nasri.RGN
Alessandro Nesta 19/3/65 NESTA.RGN
Kevin Nolan 24/6/71 nolan.RGN
Charles N'Zogbia 28/5/75 nzogbia.RGN
Massimo Oddo 14/6/65 ODDO.RGN
Nedum Onuoha 12/11/75 onuoha.RGN
Michael Owen 14/12/68 owen.RGN
Rodrigo Palacio 5/8/71 PALACIO.RGN
Gabriel Paletta 15/2/75 PALETTA.RGN
Angelo Palombo 25/9/70 PALOMBO.RGN
Goran Pandev 27/7/72 PANDEV.RGN
Alessandro Parisi 10/10/67 PARISI.RGN
Scott Parker 13/10/69 parker.RGN
Javier Pastore 20/6/78 PASTORE.RGN
Alexandre Rodrigues da Silva 2/9/78 PATO.RGN
Roman Pavlyuchenko 15/12/70 pavlo.RGN
Michele Pazienza 5/8/71 PAZIENZA.RGN
Giampaolo Pazzini 2/8/73 PAZZINI.RGN
Paolo Cannavaro 26/6/70 PCANNAVARO.RGN
Sergio Pellissier 12/4/68 PELLISSIER.RGN
Simone Perrotta 17/9/66 PERROTTA.RGN
Kevin Phillips 25/7/62 phillips.RGN
Steven Pienaar 17/3/71 pienaar.RGN
Mauricio Pinilla 4/2/73 PINILLA.RGN
Stefano Pioli 19/10/54 PIOLI.RGN
Andrea Pirlo 19/5/68 PIRLO.RGN
Phil Neville 21/1/66 pneville.RGN
Kevin-Prince Boateng 6/3/76 PRINCEBOATENG.RGN
Fabio Quagliarella 31/1/72 QUAGLIARELLA.RGN
Stefan Radu 22/10/75 RADU.RGN
Aaron Ramsey 26/12/79 ramsey.RGN
Claudio Ranieri 20/10/40 RANIERI.RGN
Edoardo Reja 10/10/34 REJA.RGN
Nigel Reo-Coker 14/5/73 reocoker.RGN
Rio Ferdinand 7/11/67 rferdinand.RGN
Robert Green 19/1/69 rgreen.RGN
Micah Richards 25/6/77 richards.RGN
Kieran Richardson 21/10/73 richardson.RGN
Liam Ridgewell 21/7/73 ridgewell.RGN
Paul Robinson 15/10/68 robinson.RGN
Tommaso Rocchi 19/9/66 ROCCHI.RGN
Hugo Rodallega 25/7/74 rodallega.RGN
Jack Rodwell 11/3/80 rodwell.RGN
Wayne Rooney 24/10/74 rooney.RGN
Wayne Routledge 7/1/73 routledge.RGN
Louis Saha 8/8/67 saha.RGN
Carlos Salcido 3/4/69 salcido.RGN
Walter Samuel 22/3/67 SAMUEL.RGN
Alexis Sanchez 19/12/77 SANCHEZ.RGN
Mario Santana 25/12/70 SANTANA.RGN
Davide Santon 2/1/80 SANTON.RGN
Paul Scholes 16/11/63 scholes.RGN
Mark Schwarzer 6/10/61 schwarzer.RGN
Simon Davies 23/10/68 sdavies.RGN
Clarence Seedorf 1/4/65 SEEDORF.RGN
Matteo Sereni 11/2/64 SERENI.RGN
Steven Fletcher 26/3/76 sfletcher.RGN
Ryan Shawcross 4/10/76 shawcross.RGN
Stephen Hunt 1/8/70 shunt.RGN
David Silva 8/1/75 silva.RGN
Simone Inzaghi 5/4/65 SINZAGHI.RGN
Stephen Ireland 22/8/75 sireland.RGN
Salvatore Sirigu 12/1/76 SIRIGU.RGN
Martin Skrtel 15/12/73 skrtel.RGN
Wesley Sneijder 9/6/73 SNEIJDER.RGN
Thomas Sřrensen 12/6/65 sorensen.RGN
Stefano Sorrentino 28/3/68 SORRENTINO.RGN
Stilian Petrov 5/7/68 spetrov.RGN
Dejan Stankovic 11/9/67 STANKOVIC.RGN
Steven Taylor 23/1/75 staylor.RGN
Guglielmo Stendardo 6/5/70 STENDARDO.RGN
Shaun Wright-Phillips 25/10/70 swp.RGN
Rodrigo Taddei 6/3/69 TADDEI.RGN
Tim Cahill 6/12/68 tcahill.RGN
John Terry 7/12/69 terry.RGN
Carlos Tévez 5/2/73 tevez.RGN
Thiago Silva 23/9/73 THIAGOSILVA.RGN
Fernando Torres 20/3/73 torres.RGN
Francesco Totti 27/9/65 TOTTI.RGN
Sanli Tuncay 16/1/71 tuncay.RGN
Matthew Upson 18/4/68 upson.RGN
Giampiero Ventura 14/1/37 VENTURA.RGN
Nemanja Vidic 21/10/70 vidic.RGN
Mirko Vucinic 1/10/72 VUCINIC.RGN
Theo Walcott 16/3/78 walcott.RGN
Jack Wilshere 1/1/81 wilshere.RGN
Jonathan Woodgate 22/1/69 woodgate.RGN
Yakubu Aiyegbeni 22/11/71 yakubu.RGN
Yaya Touré 13/5/72 yaya.RGN
Joseph Yobo 6/9/69 yobo.RGN
Gianluca Zambrotta 19/2/66 ZAMBROTTA.RGN
Bobby Zamora 16/1/70 zamora.RGN
Cristian Zapata 30/9/75 ZAPATA.RGN
Mauro Zárate 18/3/76 ZARATE.RGN
Boudewijn Zenden 15/8/65 zenden.RGN
Nikola Zigic 26/9/69 zigic.RGN
Zlatan Ibrahimovic 3/10/70 ZLATAN.RGN
Luigi Del Neri 23/8/39 DELNERI.RGN
Gian Piero Gasperini 26/1/47 GASPERINI.RGN
Domenico Di Carlo 23/3/53 DICARLO.RGN
Leonardo Nascimento de Araújo 5/9/58 LEONARDO.RGN
Edwin van der Sar 29/10/59 vandersar.RGN
Alessandro Del Piero 9/11/63 DELPIERO.RGN
Marco Di Vaio 15/7/65 DIVAIO.RGN
Antonio Di Natale 13/10/66 DINATALE.RGN
Lucimar da Silva Ferreira 8/5/67 LUCIO.RGN
Júlio Sérgio Bertagnoli 8/11/67 JULIOSERGIO.RGN
Juan Silveira dos Santos 1/2/68 JUAN.RGN
Júlio César Soares Espíndola 3/9/68 JULIOCESAR.RGN
David Marcelo Pizarro 10/9/68 PIZZARO.RGN
Fábio Henrique Simplício 23/9/68 SIMPLICIO.RGN
Donieber Alexandre Marangăo 22/10/68 DONI.RGN
Amauri Carvalho de Oliveira 3/6/69 AMAURI.RGN
Matuzalém Francelino da Silva 10/6/69 MATUZALEM.RGN
Cícero Joăo de Cézare 24/6/69 CICINHO.RGN
John Arne Riise 24/9/69 RIISE.RGN
Maximiliano Rubén Rodríguez 2/1/70 maxi.RGN
Heurelho da Silva Gomes 15/2/70 gomes.RGN
Osaze Peter Odemwingie 15/7/70 odemwin.RGN
Maicon Douglas Sizenando 26/7/70 MAICON.RGN
Roque Santa Cruz 16/8/70 santacruz.RGN
Morten Gamst Pedersen 8/9/70 pedersen.RGN
José Manuel Reina 31/8/71 reina.RGN
Rafael van der Vaart 11/2/72 vandervaart.RGN
Antonio Floro Flores 18/6/72 FLOROFLORES.RGN
Daniele De Rossi 24/7/72 DEROSSI.RGN
Ferreira da Silva 31/7/72 REGINALDO.RGN
Robin van Persie 6/8/72 vanpersie.RGN
Felipe Melo de Carvalho 26/8/72 MELO.RGN
Juan Manuel Vargas 15/10/72 VARGAS.RGN
Róbson de Souza 25/1/73 ROBINHO.RGN
Sulley Ali Muntari 27/8/73 MUNTARI.RGN
Nigel de Jong 30/11/73 dejong.RGN
Ezequiel Iván Lavezzi 3/5/74 LAVEZZI.RGN
Paulo Vitor Barreto De Souza 12/7/74 BARRETTO.RGN
Paolo De Ceglie 17/9/75 DECEGLIE.RGN
Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha 17/11/75 nani.RGN
Lucas Pezzini Leiva 9/1/76 lucas.RGN
Hatem Ben Arfa 7/3/76 benarfa.RGN
Ramires Santos do Nascimento 24/3/76 ramires.RGN
Victor Nsofor Obinna 27/3/76 obinna.RGN
John Obi Mikel 22/4/76 mikel.RGN

22-06-13, 01:59 PM
Cheers for that dermotron, unfortunately though it hasn't worked...

I have however worked it out.
The date of birth in the pics.cfg file needs to match the DOB of the players in the game once it's started.

For example:
Aaron Ramsey's actual DOB is 26/12/1990
His DOB in the data update is 26/12/1979
However, once the 2.19 patch is applied (with the game starting in 2010) his DOB in the game becomes 26/12/1988. It's this date that needs to be in the pics.cfg file.

So basically, the players actual year of birth, minus two years.

On a side note, the list you posted wouldn't have worked either way (I don't think anyway), as when copied and pasted into notepad or any other word processing application, the formatting is all over the place:

I assume that's something to do with the fact you mentioned you'd be doing it in excel. Also, there needs to be a ':' after the DOB and just before the name of the image file
In order to specify a player follow these instructions:
# <firstname> <lastname> <Date of birth - d/m/yyyy>:

e.g. Aaron Ramsey 26/12/1988: ramsey.RGN

Anyway, shouldn't be too much hassle going through the original pics.cfg file myself and changing the year of birth by two.

Cheers for the effort once again though!

EDIT: I can post up the revised list once I've finished which will work with the march data update and 2.19 patch

22-06-13, 06:33 PM
Just play without the Tapani patch is the handiest :ok:

Bar the year change JohnLockes patches will do all the same changes :)