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26-04-12, 09:15 AM
Each month, there will be a Member of the Month award in which the winner will receive a month's subscription to the VIP area as well as an extra 500 vCash to play with in the bookies. The award often focuses on a member who has been submitting posts of quality, rather than quantity throughout the forums in the past month. As a member of this website, you have the opportunity to vote for your own MotM to recognise the contribution that your fellow forum member has made in the past month. Add your nominees here and after 5 days a poll will be added.

Past Winners
July 2009 - Čmela
August 2009 - Kaizeler
September 2009 - Craig Forrest
October 2009 - djole2mcloud
November 2009 - fodster
December 2009 - shikaka
January 2010 - AK16
February 2010 - The Eejit
March 2010 - Sonic
April 2010 - AK16/The Eejit
May 2010 - fodster
June 2010 - GoofyZ/fodster
July 2010 - Mark
August 2010 - Tapani
September 2010 - Obinho
October 2010 - Tapani
November 2010 - Angelis
December 2010 - The Eejit/fodster
January 2011 - Dr.Football1 & Filthy_Monkey
February 2011 - fodster/ODB Team
March 2011 - Dermotron
April 2011 - Filthy_Monkey
May 2011- Fodster
June 2011 - JohnLocke
July 2011 - Airwick
August 2011 - Luis Russo
September 2011 - Dermotron
October 2011 - S.Nikiforenko
November 2011 - swedishcmgod
December 2011 - swedishcmgod
January 2012 - Dermotron
February 2012 - wato20/WelshRed
March 2012 - Patinoz

26-04-12, 09:24 AM

Dr.Football1 - doing absolutely amazing scouting work
Goofy - DTL Gaffer, doing a brilliant job for seasons

26-04-12, 09:24 AM
April perhaps? :lol:

26-04-12, 09:29 AM

fixed :D

26-04-12, 09:32 AM
Pasquale for me

26-04-12, 09:43 AM
Echo Pat about Dr.Football1
Aula has been incredible scouting too
Same with Topaztiger1983
AMC for PTP3 and general forum contribution

26-04-12, 10:16 AM
Goof - DTL

CF and Fod - CML

Pat - Moving over numerous threads including the two other PTP threads as well as helping me out a fair bit with them.

Derm - Winning the WCC on PTP3 so we could finally move on! Seriously though his work all over the forum that we all know about.

Airwick - FFL

Mark - Legends Project

26-04-12, 11:09 AM
Dr. Football, Pasquale & Aula - Great scouting

Dermo & Fodster - General Forum Stuff

Patinoz & Milo - Loads of updating

Baz - Testing

26-04-12, 12:04 PM
Meant to add shikaka too :ok:

26-04-12, 02:12 PM
all my choises have been nominated so i just say beezer cause i forgot him for the march selection :ok:

good luck mates :applause:

27-04-12, 01:28 AM
The rest that I would say are already there, so

Mark's legend db 2nd update due tomorrow (today?)

Tons of work going into that, reckon he is worth a nomination.

Great to see the CML kicking off also, well done lads :ok:

27-04-12, 09:43 AM
Goof - doing a grand job of DTL.

Wato - just for the fact that he sets a deadline on when the screenies will be up and rarely misses it. Same with Goofy there.

the rest are the usuals or already mentioned.

01-05-12, 02:41 PM
poll added, vote vote vote :ok:

01-05-12, 02:57 PM
Voted! :ok:

01-05-12, 03:00 PM
Fuck forgot to vote for Airwick, sorry mate!

01-05-12, 03:09 PM
Beezer for rarely mentioning Rangers financial mess :ok:


01-05-12, 05:16 PM

05-05-12, 12:46 AM
3,913 Active Users and only 16 voters (Not many people wanna vote for MotM) Always the same members each month too

05-05-12, 01:39 AM
Voted for everyone!

...except Fodster - :nana:

05-05-12, 08:44 AM
Vox populi, vox Dei.

Voted :P.

05-05-12, 03:56 PM
Voted for pati for saving my babies <3

06-05-12, 02:44 PM
Congrats! Pat

2 in a row (Only you and Swede have done that so far)

06-05-12, 03:08 PM
Congrats pati, and welcome to the club ;);)

06-05-12, 03:10 PM

thanks, very exclusive one :ok:

06-05-12, 03:13 PM
congrats pat, well deserved :ok: :ok:

12-05-12, 07:43 PM
I demand a re-count!

It was so frigging close :P

Congrats Pat,
unlucky Derm, Aula and Wato ;)