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26-04-12, 07:08 PM
Just want to say hello! I'm Florian, a 26 year old German guy who lives in Dublin. I've been registered in the old forum already, though haven't been there for a while as I didn't play CM 01/02 for quite a while. But I still love the game, played it for so many years, tried then Football Manager, which is a nice game indeed, though very time consuming and only partially fun. I still appreciate the pace of CM 01/02 but also it's atmosphere and it gives me still the feeling to play a real football manger despite the age of the game...

Edit: Sorry, just posted the thread in the wrong category. :wha:

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26-04-12, 07:18 PM

Bayern was great last night. Well done. :ok:

26-04-12, 07:42 PM
Hi Roberto, hope you are enjoying your time in Ireland mate :ok:

Hard to since your native country is robbing us blind but how and ever, we'll drink enough to forget :lol:

26-04-12, 07:47 PM
excuse me?

hansa is going down unfortunately :(

26-04-12, 10:06 PM
:welcome: & enjoy

26-04-12, 11:41 PM
You are in the right place both here and Ireland !

Hope you enjoy both and get amongst the cm community!

Viva cm0102!

27-04-12, 11:04 AM
Thanks for the warm welcome lads!

28-04-12, 04:08 AM
A lot of new members lately, we'll be Dublin our numbers soon...... :rolleyes:

Welcome to the site dude :ok:.

28-04-12, 07:58 AM
I thanked the Berry one Oz. This one, not so much :lol:

Welcome Florian