View Full Version : Installing CM 99/00 on Windows 10?

16-03-19, 01:28 PM
Hello. I'm eager to play CM99/00 on my current Windows 10 Huawei Matebook Pro X laptop.

However, I've downloaded from the site and this is what I'm presented with when I try to launch the game/


What can I do to make the game run on my laptop?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


16-03-19, 01:46 PM
Try this https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=50&p=381371#post381371

16-03-19, 03:42 PM
Try this https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=50&p=381371#post381371

Thank you.

This has got the game working somewhat. Couldn't follow this advice "Try this, go to the Championship Manager 01-02 folder and run CM0102_GDI.exe (right click and select Run As Administrator first). This should allow you play in windowed mode. You can make a direct shortcut onto the desktop instead of the CM0102.exe shortcut" as it referred more to 01/02 and couldn't get it to work.

However, I adjusted the zoom setting down to 100% and it allowed me to open the game. I went back and changed this to my normal 200% zoom once the game was open and it worked in window mode.

Can I make the window mode a little bigger somehow?

Also I have only got the one background image of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer - is there a way to get more backgrounds in the game (I remember there were lots)?