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29-03-19, 04:27 PM
Hi guys, itís been a long time since I last posted anything here, but, I think I might be onto something. As pretty much all old members of the forum know Iím a Real Madrid fan, so while I have been playing mostly 3.68 since I havenít had much time to play, I did one season with the OCT 2018 DB.

As always, top notch work by the update team but I quickly moved away back to 3.68 because of one thing, the economics of the update. At first I thought it was a RM problem (as they always over spend and basically the checkbook always seems to be running out of paper) but in the era of PSG, MC, Chelsea (even though they seem a bit calmer these days) and even Juve entering the big-boy field, I noticed that pretty much every single big club had a big wage structure, so basically I was bleeding money as I kept playing without actually buying anybody (I didnít buy anybody as RM has enough good players to even sell).

So with this in mind I started to think about how can the economics of CM 01/02 could live up to the football economics of 2018/2019. The first thought was inflation, I went and tried to think about how to reflect the modern day economics of the sport to the economics of CM, and I came up empty handed as football doesnít do real world finances.

For example, all the way back in 01/02 clubs didnít have the income of clubs today (considering sponsorship deals and summer tours to America or places like Qatar), the thought of teams like PSG, MC, Chelsea, etc were unthinkable as the editor has a top of 149M.

And even expenditure isnít the same as a salary like CRís or Neymarís are beyond what the engine supports, this is enough to break the economic theory of the game.

So I moved on to replicate 2019 in 2001, please bear with me as this is strictly theory so I stared to make a ďscientificĒ formula:

Back in 2001 Zidane was the biggest transfer of its time with 75M and in 2017 Neymar left Barcelona for 198M (you can quickly see that inflation doesnít play in here, but Neymarís transfer raised the prices all across the board, you can even argue that Baleís 100M transfer might have set the bar for high transfers that the game canít do).

This was my first thought, if Neymar was transferred on 2001 he would have costed around 75M (with the mindset of the people who were working at the time on the game, not real life), so that would make a 41.6% difference in terms of money value of the transfer, leaving behind the consideration of inflation to work around the economics of the game.

With this in mind, I moved on to Google and tried to find out who has the biggest salary in the world and matched it with the highest wage in CM:

Messi Ė 61.4M yearly Ė 1.1M weekly (the game canít cope with this as it has a top of 130K)
Buffon Ė 6.76M yearly Ė 130K weekly (again, inflation canít even come close to real world numbers)

With this data I did a direct rule of three to see what percentage of difference was between the highest paid player in the world and the highest paid player in the game:

1.1M Ė 100%
130K Ė X
The result was: 11.8%

So I took Messií salary and reduced it to 11.8% of his real world salary: 129,800 weekly. This is accurate as Messi would still be the highest paid player in the world.

So far, so good. So I moved over to a Barcelona homegrown player like Sergi Roberto. In real life Sergi has a 70K salary and in game he has a 75K salary (he makes even more money in game, so what would a player like Sergi make with 11.8% of in game inflationÖ

8.2K Which is a fairly ok salary for a homegrown player in game and keeps the wage structure of the game at bay and the distance of a player like Messi and Sergi considering the value of such players (Messi in game makes 100K weekly)

With that in mind I edited the DB for RM, and took all the real life wages and took them down to 11.8% and Iím happy to inform that RMís finances are clear, the team never made a loss and it didnít make a huge profit either, at the end of the season considering 1 player bought and a few sold and only making it to quarter finals of the CL and won La Liga the club made a 2,9M profit which meant that I had more money to spend on wages (as the structure was cleared so I could end the season and go after someone big without having to worry about bankrupting the club in season 2).

The biggest problem to me is still the fact that mid level players (i.e Nacho Fernandez) or youngsters (Valverde) quickly want a new contracts considerably high (between 40K-70K p/w), I donít know if this could be worked out using the ambition and loyalty stats (in ODB and 3.68 I had the same issue with guys like Ivan Campo or Helguera demanding ďGalacticoĒ wages).

If you managed to make this farÖ Thank you! I hope my little reasoning is of any help to maybe workout finances for the game without having to give big clubs huge money just to survive the bleeding of the high wages and if I'm just talking nonsense I'm sorry for wasting your time :ohwell:

29-03-19, 05:46 PM
Nice analysis Kubz :ok:

We use market values from transfermarkt.com to generate World Rep and Wages. We did notice they were too high in October and were completely revamped for March 2019 DB. The old 100m value was WR200 and there was 19 players breaking that valuation. We've moved it to 200m and adjusted the levels down below it accordingly. There is a far better economy in the March db

The big issue with using a real wage scale versus is research time. Finding player salaries and then getting them into the database after calculation is a mammoth task. Plus you really only have data for a select few clubs. And even some big clubs have estimated wages as they are businesses now rather than clubs and thus don't need to give wage data to the public.

The reason for using World Rep to generate wages is two-fold. The main one being, it works to stop most players demanding hnew contracts (even Current Rep can be a big influence their too). The other is it gives us a simple way of mass of assigning wages across the database.

29-03-19, 07:13 PM
Hey Dermo, long time no see. Yeah I totally understand what you say. I thought about the annoyance of trying to find the wages for every team or player and didn't know about the revamping of the finance system, I'll give it a go.

Still, thanks for taking the time to read on my ramblings man! :bounce:

29-03-19, 08:14 PM
They are not ramblings at all mate. All analysis is welcomed. It certainly beats "wages are high", "can you give us a bit more detail", "......"

More like it is most helpful