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08-04-19, 12:11 PM
This will cover 2 areas:

1. How to convert user tactics

2. How to force the AI to use user created tactics

1. How to convert the tactics

To convert a users tactic for use by the AI in game, do the following:

Create a new tactic in game and save it. Or download one from the site and it to your 'tactics' folder.

https://i.postimg.cc/nccyZ0y0/demo-tactic.jpg (https://postimages.org/)

Download and install HxD from here (https://mh-nexus.de/en/downloads.php?product=HxD20)

In HxD click File > Open and load the tactic from C:\Program Files (x86)\Championship Manager 01-02\tactics

https://i.postimg.cc/8PKqCLDD/load-tct.jpg (https://postimages.org/)

Change the first 4 blocks of code to 73 B9 F4 07

https://i.postimg.cc/1XMbwqqG/hex-changes.jpg (https://postimages.org/)

Click File > Save As and change the file type from .tct to .pct

https://i.postimg.cc/L4VcrrbJ/save-as-pct.jpg (https://postimages.org/)

Copy and paste the new .pct file from the tactics folder to the Data folder

https://i.postimg.cc/RCbR6d3P/tactics-to-data.jpg (https://postimages.org/)

This will now be available as a tactic when you have Load Preset checked in the Editor

https://i.postimg.cc/zf5SZPMf/load-preset.jpg (https://postimages.org/)

2. How to force the AI to use user created tactics

The AI will use certain formations that are similar in shape and layout to the originals easily enough. Some it will use randomly. For the demo we are going to create a wib-wobbed 343 and have the AI use it.

Since we have created the .pct file above, the steps below just relate to getting the AI to use the formation above (or another similar alternative)

This is the current 343 available to the AI (both 343_default and 343_defensive are the same)

https://i.postimg.cc/C1xGdnwT/default-343.jpg (https://postimages.org/)

To have the AI use our version of 343 we simply delete the 343_default, 343_defensive and replace them with copies of your new version.

https://i.postimg.cc/SKFXw2n7/file-new-changes.jpg (https://postimages.org/)

Now if we start a new game the default version of 343 is our wib-wobbed version. All managers using 343 (under Types > preferred formation) will also use this version of the tactic

https://i.postimg.cc/0QL2Jh7G/user-default.jpg (https://postimages.org/)

Any additional queries can be made here (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=9484)