View Full Version : My biggest downside/issue with CM3/CM98/99-Please help if possible?

23-07-19, 08:47 AM
This game is my favourite of the series (Probably due to nostalgia more than anything) and in the rare occasions I get time to pick it up and play I really enjoy it, the biggest problem with the game is the lack of historical stats being stored on individual players (Total appearances, Total goals scored in career, career assists, average rating over career etc...)

Even CM 97/98 recorded total appearences and goals over a career, its frustrating when you do a longer game and you can't see the total stats over a players time with you.

The question I wanted to ask to people more in the know than me (Cam?) was there an update which fixed this or a later fix on this site?, its crazy the developers could not put the basic appearences and goals totals in especially when it was on the game before.

Cam F
23-07-19, 10:44 AM
No idea but it was a major turn off for me as was the font but the database is the best of any CM3 series game IMO hence why I made a cm3 version for 0102 and 0001. My 0001 has lots of the missing histories added in.

25-07-19, 11:11 AM
Thanks Cam.