View Full Version : New game, any league?

01-09-19, 01:27 PM
Want to create a new game. Accept suggestions, and am willing to play any league (in europe please...champions league is relevant).

Do I have anyone interested?

Can do one of the weekend days, either saturday or sunday for a few hours.

Who's in? Miss this game very much

I have the march 2019 update installed bytheway.

Come one, any league...anyone interested? we can start a game by 14h

01-09-19, 01:58 PM
Delete my post please....can't bare the shame

Offside Trap
01-09-19, 02:04 PM
Thing thing, its your first post(s) ideally, you should introduce yourself first on a sub forum, interact, as oppose to asking for a game straight away, just advice to be honest.


You need to specify if you'd want Saturn Patch, or Nicks Patcher or neither

Have you a hamachi group ready, and suggest a pm to join it

01-09-19, 02:11 PM
After all the questions you raised, i did a little search am i am mesmerized how things have "evolved" just to play a simple online game. I used to do it with friends by sharing my IP....but i see there is a compatibility issue. Mean no harm, just like the game and wanted to play it.

Mario Afonso, Portuguese, 33 years old, like the game. That's basically it.

01-09-19, 03:03 PM
Ok, the plan is to create a game with the 3.9.68 version. I will create an hamachi group and shall disclose it's name and password for the interested people.

We can start next weekend, sunday around 18h and to be resumed on sunday's or saturday's depending on majority at 14h henceforth.

English league is fine by me and universally accepted, so that is cool. Start will be championship. Pick your teams. Minimum database to minimize extravaganzas. Pm me if interested, i'd like to get such a nice steady competitive game on.

Enjoy the game.

10-09-19, 07:50 PM
Hello everyone, just to say my post and league will go forward soon, not in the planned date, but better late than never. The game will have, Portuguese, Italian, English and Spanish league's active, and the plan is to start in the english 1st division(bellow championship) with a team of your choice who is planning to avoid relegation. Patch 3.9.68 version, again, minimum database.....not for the weak who wants the usual stars, and end up with the usual team.
Game to be played every sunday at 14h henceforth and maybe we can have the ocasional day during the week, depending on others...


Group: English King
Pass: letsgo