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03-09-19, 01:34 PM
What are your thoughts on physical stats when signing youth players or deciding on offering contracts to academy products? Do you skip on the players with low speed, jumping and strength?

For instance I get a decent looking amc through the ranks. His pace is 11 but acceleration and jumping are 1 (!). He is only 17 so I like to think it can be improved. However I have heard that you mostly improve stamina with fitness training.

03-09-19, 04:17 PM
So I decided to see how much I can improve his physical stats and have given him a training schedule of intensive fitness and skills. The rest are set to none. So far he ha improved 2 points in both acceleration and jumping in 3 months. I will continue this schedule as long as he continues to improve.



03-09-19, 04:35 PM
Stamina and strength and pace also +2
Agility also.

03-09-19, 09:48 PM
I just did a test with a young Ajax-talent (Naci Unuvar, 15 years old). I changed agility, pace, acceleration, stamina, jumping and strength to 1 in an editor, put him on general training (normal on everything) and went on holiday. His CA/PA was 78/183 at the start.

After half a year every att were still 1.

After 2.5 years every att had increased to 4, except stamina and strength which were both 9.

After 4.5 years every was still 4, except stamina 15 and strength 12. Then I put him on firness training (fitness intense, the rest light). At this point his CA = his PA.

After 5.5 years every was still 4, except stamina 16 and strength 14. Other important atts had dropped, finishing -3, long shots -3, teamwork -2, technique -2 and several others -2 and -1.

After 6 years no physical change, but other atts had continued to decrease.

03-09-19, 09:55 PM
Was this with a Tapani/saturn patch applied AA?

03-09-19, 10:00 PM
No. 3.9.68

03-09-19, 10:28 PM
I'm in October now and apart in a raise in the skills-related atts nothing has happened. So now I changed the program to the following:

fitness: medium
tactics: intensive
skills: medium

When I see the next raise in atts I will go back to the intensive fitness program.

I play the latest saturn update btw.

06-09-19, 08:51 AM
Now I'm in august the year after and nothing has improved. So my conclusion will be to pass on youngsters without sufficient pace, jumping and acceleration.