View Full Version : Tutorial - Adding Backgrounds to your Game

17-05-12, 03:21 PM
by Kubz

P. How to add Backgrounds to your game.

S. Ok guys here's an illustrated guide to add backgrounds:

1) Find your Championship Manager 01/02 folder:

2) Open the folder and then open your Piced file:

3)Once it's open, load your .BMP files (if you're wondering how to change your files into .BMP use Paint open them in Paint and save them as .BMP):

4) Once your .BMP file is loaded proceed to save it in your Piced file (remember the name you put it it will be useful along the way) ... the Piced file will know exactly where to put the .RGN file so don't sweat it:

5) Ok, you're done saving your backgrounds ... now how to do it to assign them? easy ... go back to the CM 01/02 main folder and open the Pictures folder in it:

6) There you will find a file named pics.cfg ... before you open it make sure to open its properties (right click on the file):

7) Ok, you unlocked your pics.cfg file ... now open it in your notepad and assign your saved .RGN files ... here's a little help (to be sure that everything is well written so you can see them use your Editor to get the right data):

8) Ok now you're set to see your spanking brand-new backgrounds in your CM 01/02: