View Full Version : Speeding up the processing of cm9798 on windows 10

19-03-20, 12:08 PM
Is it possible?

I remember playing cm9798 on windows xp and windows 7 and it run so much quicker - lightening quick actually the processing speed of results on a Saturday was a millisecond compared to running it with dosbox and windows 10 as it runs ok but i know could be a lot quicker

Does anyone know tips or tricks to speed it up? i looked around online and most people seem to state it's limited as you are forced to use dosbox or ampshell to run it on windows 10 which slows it down.

Just fancied whizzing through 30 seasons as i got a few spare days of being a lazy blank :-)

23-03-20, 05:08 PM
I don't run Windows anymore, but I'm fairly certain that somewhere in properties there's a way of running it in W7 compatibility mode.

23-03-20, 08:25 PM
Unless you have a pc booted up with windows 98 there`s no way of running the game without Dosbox.

24-03-20, 03:01 AM
I remember it in on xp a few years back on a decent spec laptop for it's time and the game run lightening quick

Loading a new game took less than 30-40 secs and processing results was instantly quick compare it too using it now on dosbox with windows 10 and it runs pretty poorly.

The game currently runs like it is on a decent spec system from the early 00's not a modern machine that should eat up those processing and loading times in milliseconds for a older game like this

I am just thinking the game files i probably loaded for cm9798 on that old laptop xp must of been altered in some way to speed it up for a new system and it did use dosbox as well it just ran insanely quick which is what you would expect for an older game on a newer machine

Just thinking a speeder of some sort must of been used on that downloaded version

I have never been able to find those files again and when i looked on my older laptop it had been reformatted so all my older files are no longer there. All the modern downloads for cm9798 floating about on the net are the same files

I have tried editing all the speeds and different options through msdos box which has speeded up loading times slightly but the processing still remains slower than expected

15-10-20, 11:23 AM
you can change the memory allocated in the dos box settings. that seems to speed it up for me