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28-03-20, 02:46 PM
Hi guys !

I'm new and I wonder to know if it's possible to start a network game with Hamachi between some of my friends on Mac, and some on Windows ?

And, if it's possible, do we all need to have the latest data patch to play with 2020 players, or just the host ? Because, correct me if I'm wrong, there is no data 2020 update for mac, right ?

And thanks a lot for all the wonderfull work did here for this game !

Offside Trap
28-03-20, 02:56 PM
So long as the host has the latest update, then you're good, weather or not they have the same database, as they will connect to the host. I'm not 100% sure on Mac Network Play, but at a guess, you've managed to get hamachi as per step, join a group, as per step, and hopefully, you can/should be able to join the host. Just ensure the other steps are actioned as per instructions

28-03-20, 03:07 PM
Thanks a lot !