View Full Version : Corono Network Games to fill the time

31-03-20, 06:12 PM
about 10 of us from the CM facebook group have had some cracking online World Cup games...

game paused at the start of the world cup..

each of us drawn a random team and we choose our squads and do a one nighter game of "just" the world cup..

on the ODB
really enjoyable...
introducing new people to CM online...
good way to pass the time...

weve done 2 so far...this week ....both times CPU Italy won!...LOL

more planned as we're not going anywhere for the forseble future!!..LOL

Contact Mikey (Offside Trap) for more info...

Offside Trap
04-04-20, 12:41 AM
So tomorrow, (sat 5/4/20) we have a Euro 2020 Nationals Challenge, its a first come first serve, anyone wishing to participate, thats already hooked up to hamachi, tune in on the FB Page, around 4pm, where you'll be assigned a number 1-16, given a country, and hey presto, with a few to start the game at 5pm (UK Time)