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12-04-20, 01:19 AM
Just wanted to make a thread that people can find if they wonder about how they can make CM 99/00 work on Macbook with the catalina update etc. I have myself used alot of hours to find all the information i needed the first time (before catalina) and this time to make things work properly, so maybe this will make it easier for other people when they search with key words on google.

If you want an option that works 100%, and where you dont need to go through all the hazzle with free virtualbox, paralells etc that is often recommended (In my opinion Virtualbox and paralells is c... Paralells makes the macbook go super hot, and virtualbox is a mess + makes the mac work more) then just do this :

- Download Crossover V19. (A simple program that is very easy to handle for everyone and dosent mess anything up)
14 days Trial, after that you need to pay 40 dollars to own the current version. Crossover is up to date with Macbook catalina, i have tried it and play CM 99/00 and CM 01/02 without problems as we speak. :) I also used it before Catalina update.

- Download Daemon tools for free. Use this to mount the games.

A small guide:

Download the games from this forum or search on google for a free download of the games.

- Open daemon tools, Click on quick mount in down left corner.

- Choose the iso file (CM99/00_REL or CM 01/02.iso for example).

- When its mounted click the new image that popped up as a CD plate next to the quick mount symbol and + symbol.

- Find the CM exe setup file in the new window that popped up after clicking on the previous step, right click the file and choose open with Crossover program.

3. Crossover will open up.

- In the "Select an Application to install", just type inn for example CM 99/00 or whatever you wanna call it, your choise.

- Then under "select installer source" (next step), the correct file should be automatically chosen. (Setup_exe)

- Next is "select bottle. Choose Windows XP bottle 32 bit. (It says New windows XP bottle...).

- Then under "install and finish", just press install in the bottom right corner.

- Then install the game in a normal way, it pops up for you automatically.

If you get a problem later with the games saying " You dont have the CD" when you try to start a game (usually happens if you have rebootet the macbook or havent played the game for awhile after closing it), just do this :

- Open up Daemon tools
- Right click that CD plate you made before (next to the quick mount and + symbol) and choose unmount.
- Then on the same area, look up and u see the CM iso or REL on the NAME section, right click on the one you want, and choose MOUNT. Now you see that you get that CD plate back where it was before, mounted.

Now you can play as normal again. Its fast and easy.

Other things :

Download the file you find on this site or other sites, extract it with Keka program for example. https://www.keka.io/nb/o
You need to place the extracted files on the tactics folder that is hidden.
Go to your desktop (main screen on macbook), choose "GO" tab on top, hold down the ALT button (next to the CMD command button) on keyboard and you will see "library" pop up, and choose it.
Choose the Application support folder.
Choose the Crossover folder.
Choose the bottles folder.
Choose the CM 99/00 or the CM 01/02 folder.
Choose the drive C folder.
Choose the Program files folder.
Choose the Championship 99-00 or the CM 01/02 folder.
Then scroll down and find the Tactics folder.
This is where you place the tactics files you have extracted.

On CM 99/00 i find it best to use 4-1-3-2 formation. The three on center midfield got arrows pointing up. Hard tackling, offside trap and short passing (or direct). Its also recommended to customize the "with ball" and "without ball". I recommend watching this guide video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9uDxW_iRCs

I have also read that people recommend 4-4-2 on this game, but also using 1 or 3 strikers.. A formation with 4-1-3-1-1 can work with attacking wingbacks, same as 4-1-3-2, just that 1 striker is on AMC instead, the midfielders dont have arrows up (or maybe the two on the sides got arrows up) and the fullbacks are lifted up on the field on line with the Defensive center Midfielder.

There are some tactics you can download to this game, i think i have found all that works, but they are booring for me, not any fun to play with.. They got all players in center with arrows up and 2 defenders etc.

CM 01/02 tactics:

There are some big packs on this forum to download.
The tactic that has worked best for me, thats fun to play and makes you win, is the tactic TU-160M2 found in the RTL tactics pack : https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=10031

This is also a nice one.

Thats all i think. Have fun :)

14-04-20, 11:57 AM
Thanks Nurket, thatís really helpful from someone who isnít 100% confident in getting PC games to work on Macs.

I use playonmac for 01/02 and had a disk of 99/00 I used as well. Could I still use this as itís free or would you say crossover should be used?

I had a really good save going on 99/00 but after 2 seasons it said there wasnít any free disk space and deleted the save. Was gutted so Iím skeptical about trying again with the disk.

Is there a patch on here that would work for 99/00 that would stop this do you know?

Many thanks again, really appreciate it