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17-04-20, 08:40 PM

Was wondering if anyone can help me, i have installed CM 03/04 on windows 7 having been on the editor and done a slight adjustment and saved the file but when i have loaded the game the adjustment or file do not show in the game
when i have loaded it up.

The information is still the original from when the game was created so does not reflect the adjustment, i have done all the back round checks that i can think of eg unpicking read box and the patches as far as i am aware are all updates
so really stumped.

Please can anyone help me its driving me crazy, i can load a new game up no problems and it works fine.

Thanks for anyone's time to reply.

Kind Regards


17-04-20, 10:29 PM
1 - ensure you run the editor as administrator otherwise it won't save changes

2 =- this is an 01/02 forum so if this is an 03/04 query then post in that section :ok:

17-04-20, 11:14 PM
Thank you for replying , sorry just registered on the website tonight so still feeling my way round the page i didnít realise they had separate pages

thanks again 😊👍🏻

18-04-20, 03:55 PM
so followed the advise given about running as admin done that and still not showing edited changes reflecting in the game

Could it be to maybe do with the patch thatís preventing it from working properly
all unread files as far as i am aware are unticked too.

the patch i have installed is 4.1.5 which is the latest version i think 🤔
having read notes in
the C folder it says the editor version needs to run on 4.1.4 could this maybe why no save and edited changes are reflecting when i load a new game up.

anyoneís help would be great thank you