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27-04-20, 05:14 PM
Hi guys, help required

Recently started a network game using an old laptop of mine (running Vista and using Radmin) and all is working fine between me and a mate

However we have one issue, we are running it in Windows mode with a resolution of 800x600 but those players who have long names do not show within the squad screen (just a blank name) and neither does assigning a player as AMC or when a player is classed as FGN etc

We have patched the game to increase the screen resolutions and convert images etc ... displays fine on my laptop as I am the host but cuts off parts of the screen on my mates

Any suggestions for an easy fix?

We can live with the issues as the game plays fine but it's a a tad annoying to not have everything display fine

Many thanks for your help in advance

27-04-20, 05:44 PM
add a nickname for players with long ass names. This also happens in solo mode, the name simply doesn't fit.

Offside Trap
28-04-20, 07:45 PM
This can be fixed with Nicks Patcher as you can customise your Screen Res, but tbh, I agree with #2, just set a nick name, for example, Trent Arnold, he doesnt fit, so I nickname 'T.Arnold'

04-05-20, 07:02 AM
I think I know what you're talking about, even a three letter position like amr or dmc doesn't show on the blue blocks...

I made a thread about that (https://champman0102.co.uk/showthread.php?t=14184) in graphics.

I had to reinstall to get rid of that.

edit:or get your mate to upscale his res to match, that would also work