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01-05-20, 09:21 AM
I was using 1280x800 res as it is in my view the best looking setup.
I butchered the attempt to resize the menubar so the menubar was blank, not a big issue, in fact i liked it like that with the image across the whole screen.

On deciding to get a network game going again i had to revert to 800x600 as no-one seems to play the higher res and display issues would make it nasty looking hwen different res are used by different players.

Nick's patch reverted all the backgrounds, no problem there but it looks like my menubar arear has stayed the same size as the 1280x800 setup. Would anyone know how to sort this out?

When i go into piced the menubar displays perfectly, but in the actual game, it looks like this:


Although in the match....


01-05-20, 12:40 PM
The menubar itself is the correct size. The problem here is that the buttons that go onto the menubar are too wide. Appears something has gone wrong in the resizing process (of the game, not the mbr files).
I wold suggest using the backup exe that you should have created before making any size adjustments.

01-05-20, 01:58 PM
I was thinking "wow Alan with a helpful comment and no snideyness"

but there it was right at the end. :lol:

Thanks, I'll probably have to scrap it and re-install :ok:

01-05-20, 03:05 PM
More fool you for not backing up! :lol: