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06-05-20, 11:55 AM
Dear all,

For a game that's nearly 19 years old and counting, we will always appreciate volunteers to help with one of our many teams to 'Keep the Game Alive' and moderate certain areas of the website that are of interest to you.

We'll use this thread to make an announcement of any spots available as a moderator or as part of a team that we have on our site. Please do indicate if you would like to help us, as the leader of each team may love to have some additional help! This thread will also be kept up-to-date with the current members of each team.

These are the teams that we currently have on our website:

Awards Team
Responsible for moderating the 'Member Awards' forum, organising and hosting our monthly and yearly awards.

Community Team
Responsible for moderating the 'Community' forums, keeping topics outside of CM 01/02 alive and running our Soccer Manager game world.

Graphics Team
Responsible for moderating the 'Graphics' forum and creating/uploading background packs, colour schemes, fonts and menubars to the 'Downloads' forum.

Interactive Team
Responsible for moderating the 'Interactive' forums, and creating/managing/running games for our community to participate in.

Marketing Team
Responsible for our eBay account, replying to queries from potential buyers and ensuring they are kept informed when items have been dispatched, any follow up queries and providing feedback for the buyer.

Network Game Team
Responsible for moderating the 'Network Games' forum, organising network games between members of our community to participate in and providing support where necessary.

Official Challenge Team
Responsible for moderating the 'Official Challenges' forum, creating/uploading new official challenges to the 'Downloads' forum for the community to participate in and logging their results into a league table for each official challenge.

Patch Team
Responsible for moderating the 'Patches' forum, developing/uploading new official patches/leagues to the 'Downloads' area.

Social Media Team
Responsible for moderating our Facebook and Twitter accounts on behalf of the forum, raising awareness of new releases and any interesting information about the game or our website.

Stories Team
Responsible for moderating the 'Stories' forum, creating/following stories to encourage active participation in this area.

Tactics Team
Responsible for moderating the 'Tactics' forum, creating/uploading individual tactics to the 'Downloads' area, creating/uploading a 'Tactics Pack' for every 20 tactics that have been released and testing tactics in a 'Open Tactics League'.

Technical Support Team
Responsible for moderating the 'Technical Support' forum, testing each file that has been uploaded to the 'Downloads' area, creating installation instructions (step by step text instructions and a video) for each file, a FAQ for each file and providing technical support for members of the community where necessary.

Update Team
Responsible for moderating the 'Data Updates' forum, 'Scouting and Research' forums, the Update Teams private forums and the creating/uploading of official data updates to the 'Downloads 'area. The Update Team is broken up into four areas:
1) Update Team (Director) - These are the moderators of the Update Team, who will oversee all official decisions related to the database and will monitor the Update Team themselves.
2) Update Team (Coach) - These are the updaters of the Update Team, responsible for keeping the official database updated and actioning all feedback provided within the 'Scouting & Research' area.
3) Update Team (Scout) - These are the members who provide information within the forums to be inputted into the official database. Any new members of the Update Team will start as a Scout and may progress into a Coach if they wish to update the database.

Please note that we will understandably be a little wary of anyone volunteering to help who may have only just joined the website or have very few posts. It's advisable that you become a regular poster and show a keen interest in the areas you'd like to help with before you become a part of that team.


06-05-20, 11:57 AM
Hi all,

We will be launching a number of teams to help moderate our new website, but have decided to post this up here as well so that we get more volunteers to help get the new website ready for launch.

As it stands, I am aiming to go live in June but there is still quite a lot to do. Unfortunately, the pandemic we are currently experiencing has delayed things somewhat with time becoming limited for many of the current team who I had hoped would help me with the move.

If you have a particular interest in any of these teams, please just reply here and I will be in touch with you. For the time being, it will mostly be around setting up the respective forum/s on the new site but the more we do, the quicker the launch will be.


06-05-20, 12:23 PM
I would be interested in helping with the Network section :ok:

06-05-20, 12:45 PM
I put my name forward for the Interactive Team, if this gets enough interest:

If not, I'm willing to help out in either the Community/Challenge/Stories team, whichever (if any) will need help. :ok:

07-05-20, 12:10 AM
Hi I am a returning member from years ago I would like to help with Stories if possible

07-05-20, 11:07 AM
heya Mark,

I'll help out with the Awards and SM related threads, as agreed before!