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12-05-20, 08:14 PM
If you have one active league and a small database the game absolutely flies along. If you are ok with only managing in one league and not being able to find a lot of 'freak' players its actually a lot of fun. You can run a few background leagues as well and it doesn't slow down at all.

What they improved from 01/02 was a deeper training mode, more immersive news stories, better match commentary, scouting notes and a better looking UI. Player instructions have more things to tweak as well. The 2D screen is a matter of personal preference, I like it but you can still play commentary only if you want. It is a lot easier to get players out on loan in 03/04 but just as hard (if not harder) to actually sell anyone who isn't a superstar.

What went backwards are little annoyances like never being told when a player recovers from injury and not being able to see the 'Future' ratings on a Scout search. Its also frustrating having to wait up to 5 or 6 minutes of game time to make a substitution sometimes, but I suppose you are waiting for a break in play. The starting finances are pretty out of whack as well, Real Madrid and Chelsea start with £198 million budgets, Barcelona have £100 million and only Deportivo and Bayern of the rest have over £50 million. Bordeaux have a bigger budget than Inter, Milan and Juventus combined and no club in Portugal has even £6 million to spend.

It really is impossible to play with a max database and/or more than 2 or 3 active leagues but I am really enjoying it in the stripped down version.

25-05-20, 02:36 PM
The main issue was it ran like *** and wasn't very optimized at the time for release to make use of modern machines even today you could have the quickest processor on the market but running all leagues on fm20 would still run x20 quicker than all leagues loaded on cm0304 (plus fm20 has so much more depth and things going on in the background compared to cm0304)

The 2d feature was great and I really enjoyed this version when it was released but it was far too easy even if not using a cheat formation like diablo you only needed a quick team and could go up all the divisions and win the prem first season with mainly the same players you had from the start (if they was very quick) I even remember just signing Leroy Lita and Samba for Ipswich won the prem on my first attempt just because my team was quick with both strikers getting around 50 goals each. They was my only signings as well

What would put this game on par with cm0102 if there was a speeder to make processing as quick as the cm3 series games or harder ai tactics which would crank up the difficulty level.

I get why some people still love this version there was a lot of cheat players and with cheat tactics you could rack up double digit scores most weeks lol

I agree with training, scouting and the interface as a whole it had some nice touches and with the introduction of youth teams as well it was great that you could really develop the young players.

This could of been an incredible improvement on cm0102 at the time but for one reason or another it never felt polished probably why the companies split after the release of 03/04 as championship manager 4 was broken on release and this version just tried to cover over all the cracks of the disaster of the CM4 release.

11-06-20, 12:15 AM
I have the cmspeeder exe for this game, which does help speed it up.

16-06-20, 09:09 PM
I have the cmspeeder exe for this game, which does help speed it up.

Does that work just for the match highlights? Its the background processing on a Large database that slows everything to a crawl.

24-06-20, 04:21 AM
It speeds up everything. The only downloads I found for it seem corrupted though with everything being illegible. Is that the case for the version you have Darkstarr?

25-06-20, 11:42 PM
you can use Cheat engine